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Volume 2, Chapter 24 – Dark Yin Heavy Water, Two Yin and Yang Poisonous Pills

“These two are Pill Masters from the Azure Ocean Sect, so they naturally have a preserved mansion to lodge in.” The Post’s officer’s complexion remained unchanged as he slowly explained. He had long been in charge of this post and had met countless types of people, so he naturally was unlikely to be frightened with this kind of intimidating words from others.

“The Azure Ocean Sect?” The young cultivator’s face slightly changed. But when he saw that Zhang Yan’s group only consisted of 2 people, and hearing that they were ‘Pill Masters’, his expression eased as he sneered in a stern and fierce expression, “What’s with the Azure Ocean Sect? Don’t tell me that you don’t have to abide by the rules that, the first to come should be the first one to get the service?”

He stood in front of Zhang Yan while his hand lifted the tempered law sword and said, “Since we have no dwelling place, what if we talk with our swords. If you lose, you give me this pavilion, how about it?”


The post’s officer only looked at the side as if he was only a bystander, and didn’t even speak a word to prevent it.


This youth’s cultivation base was only just opened his meridians and probably had yet to enter the First Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm. But the tempered law sword in his hand was somewhat emitting a bright halo. However, Zhang Yan only glanced at him and ignored him with unenthusiastic expression, while sending out orders to the servants using his Token Seal to quickly guide and led the way.


How would these servants dare to go against his command? They took the Token Seal and walked in the front to lead the way. Zhang Yan swung his sleeve and also walked outside.




Having been ignored like this by Zhang Yan, this youth’s complexion turned furious and flushed red thoroughly, making his whole body tremble. When he saw that Zhang Yan was about to step out of the post’s door, he loudly yelled, “Rise up!” With a “clang” sound, the sword flew from its sheath and cut toward Zhang Yan’s back.


Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed. He turned his head and opened his lips to blow out the Impure Qi that was mixed with heavy Evil Qi as it shot out to meet the flying sword. With a “puff” sound, the spiritual qi enveloping the flying sword almost vanished in instant and fell down as the Impure Qi’s force didn’t even reduce speed and continued to shoot straight, giving off the feeling that it would even able to pierce through the stone and metal. The youth’s complexion couldn’t help but greatly change.


At this time, someone then shouted, “Fellow Daoist, please have mercy!”


A talisman suddenly appeared out of nowhere; as it flew in the air and emitted rays of light, trying to keep off this Impure Qi. Flapping sounds were heard as the Impure Qi unexpectedly easily penetrated it. That person let out a surprised shout and quickly threw a full moon silver bangle from her hand, hitting that Impure Qi.


This silver-colored ring’s spiritual qi was very powerful and emitted dazzling lights, it could be recognized that it was a precious treasure in a glance. Zhang Yan’s face frowned as his chest and stomach quickly contracted to retract the Impure Qi back into his chest. He quickly looked and saw that a garish and beautiful woman was standing and holding a sword, as she raised her hand and took back the silver-colored bangle into her wrist.


The woman’s appearance was beautiful and bewitching with a cold expression. With only a glance, it could be seen that she was also a true disciple from a profound sect, and was seemingly at the First Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm. She was a human cultivator, but when she saw Zhang Yang, her complexion instantly changed, “Zhang Yan, it’s unexpectedly you!”

Zhang Yan’s eyebrows slanted as he spoke, “Fellow Daoist, have we ever met?”

The woman sneered twice and replied, “You naturally won’t remember me, but under that Clear Sky Peak, you might remember about Senior Brother Shen Jingyue, do you?”


“Hmmm?” Zhang Yan’s eyes turned focused and looked at her once again. He nodded and said, “Actually it’s a Fellow Daoist from the Great Southern Sect. Is Senior Brother Shen is alright right now?”


The young cultivator, who was a moment ago really frightened, whose complexion had even turned pale, barely managed to come out and speak, “Senior Sister Jiang, do you know him?”


The woman spoke with an icy expression, “It’s truly thanks to Fellow Daoist’s blessing. Senior Brother Shen, as early as 6 months ago, had died.”


Zhang Yan’s expression didn’t even flinch. That day, Shen Jingyue forced himself to decipher the Eclipse Codes, and painstakingly had made himself exhausted. This outcome was not unexpected, but Zhang Yan really didn’t have any malice toward him.


The woman took a few steps forward, and stood in front of the youth, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, today my Junior Brother has made mistakes and offended you. I will bring him back and punish him. I hope Fellow Daoist Zhang is generous enough as to give us some face.”


Zhang Yan let out a faint smile and replied, “This is the Water State’s territory, I naturally couldn’t make things difficult for you.”


The woman relaxed, but she would never have thought that Zhang Yan would then turn his head and speak to the post’s official, “I heard that Royal Sovereign Ji has set rules and laws in the Water State for all cultivators’ etiquettes, as not to act just like mortals from the mundane world, nor acts like barbarians. But today, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. When I see your superior, I will ask him, where are those laws and regulations?”


With that said, he didn’t look at those two people again, as he turned around and walked out along with Luo Xiao.


The woman’s and the official’s complexion turned pale.


The official walked toward the woman with a cold expression, “Fellow Daoist Jiang, please explain this matter to me!”


Even though Zhang Yan only spoke a simple sentence, but it actually pressed the office to take charge and handle this matter. This made the originally very small matter get out of hands, it would be beyond redemption. It caused the woman to suddenly become furious and helpless, since she had no means.


The youth seemed to have realized that he had courted a disaster as he then spoke, “Senior Sister, I’m the one who is responsible for this, I…”


The woman stopped his words, took a deep breath and then consoled him, “Junior Brother, don’t worry. Senior Brother Shen has a very strong relationship with the Lotus Clan from the Water State. This might be not as bad as you think. Let’s see Senior Brother first before we do anything else.”


While seeing Zhang Yan departing, her elegant eyebrows knitted tightly as she bit her lower lip and thought, “I heard that Zhang Yan was not even a Lower Court disciple back then. But judging from that Impure Qi, it’s very obvious that he’s already in the Second Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm, and perhaps only a step away from the Third Stage. I thought that, after obtaining Master’s Moon Bangle, I could use its ability to help me break through the First Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm in six months, it could be considered that my cultivation speed was very fast. But I didn’t expect that this Zhang Yan was even faster than me. Could it be that he’s really a godly genius? I don’t know when I will be able to get revenge for Senior Brother Shen…”

When Zhang Yan just stepped out from the guardhouse, he saw a cultivator come in from the opposite direction as they looked at each other. His gaze paused slightly on Zhang Yang’s body, but he sized up Luo Xiao for a few times before he brushed past them.


“What’s this man’s cultivation base?” Zhang Yan asked in a deep tone. He faintly recalled that the man somewhat resembled Shen Jingyue. Moreover, he and those 2 Great Southern Sect’s disciples just now were wearing the same attire. This man surely also came from the Great Southern Sect, but he couldn’t see through this man’s cultivation.


“That man’s cultivation is the same as me, the Second Stage.” After Luo Xiao borrowed the spirit dew from the Spirit Shellfish King, she looked for a place to heal her wounds and quickly broke through into a higher stage. And now, her cultivation was at the Second Stage of Profound Light Realm—the “Shining Night as Daylight’ stage. She then turned her head and looked at that man as she spoke, “Young Master, what’s wrong with that man?”


Zhang Yan lightly shook his head and thought, “If I recalled that woman’s words just now, Shen Jingyue has died. This man’s looks resembles Shen Jingyue, and it seems that he’s closely related to Shen Jingyue. Someday, I’ll encounter with him again in the future, and a dispute would be inevitable. I really need to quickly improve my cultivation.”


As for that young cultivator, he simply ignored him, since he could exterminate him at anytime. Besides, he could also use the Water State’s hand to dispose him, although he was also disinclined to ask for it.


The Bluish Green Cloud Pavilion was located in the eastern part of the South Palace on an independent island in the center of the lake, as half of the pavilion was built on the island’s waterside. The bright moon in the sky reflected the swaying trees’ shadows in the night, as the shallow waters and tidelands above were just like hoar frost spreading out on the floor, as the waves from distant place reflected elegant and bewitching lights and shadows.

After the guardhouse’s servants led Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao here, they gave him the restrictive seal’s Token Seal and then departed.


Zhang Yan took 2 steps on the island and faintly sensed volumes of qi fluctuation, which moved his heart. He then secretly thought, “This is Frost Yin, and the water energy is very abundant here and suits my need to condense the Dark Yin Heavy Water.”


The “Billows Cloud Secret Manual” described that, after one was at the Second Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm, they could use 16 strands of Pure Impure Qi to condense the Dark Yin Heavy Water.


One drop of Dark Yin Heavy Water was equal to the strength of 30,000 pounds in weight, and it was very difficult to block it. 10 drops of this Heavy Water would leave a few good rivals in the same generation. 100 drops could easily route an army of thousands soldiers. While 1,000 drops could make a waterfall reverse its current and even change the rivers and streams’ course.


However, there was a weak point in this cultivation law. Firstly, it needed 16 strands of Pure Impure Qi to be pooled in the chest, while also having to absorb chilling water from the abyss of the Earth’s veins from 9 to 11 PM every day. And after circulating it for 108 times in the Heavenly Circuit, only then was one able to condense a drop of it. And in the refining processes, one must not be disturbed or use it against enemies, otherwise, all the effort would come to naught.


Moreover, after these 16 strands of Impure Qi successfully condensed into a drop of Dark Yin Heavy Water, they would be consumed, and they had to be refined again. Thus, it would delay the cultivation advancement to break through into the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm.

This “Billows Cloud Secret Manual” was, in fact, a manual that was set to the “Law Path”, since it particularly emphasizes condensing and transforming spiritual qi, while the progress speed for cultivation advancement was not regarded as important.

However, if one was to walk on the “Qi Path”, for example, practicing the “Extreme Pureness Golden Manual”, one had to temper themselves on this profound cultivation method within it, and would have to abandon everything else.

However, Zhang Yan also thought that, although he possessed a lot of magical treasures, it never meant that he disliked having more methods to face his enemies.

From the Alchemy Competition in the 9th month, if within 6 months he could break through into the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm, he could have 81 strands of spiritual qi, and practicing the Dark Yin Heavy Water after he broke thorough would save a lot of time and trouble.

After firmly deciding, Zhang Yan then spoke to Luo Xiao, “Within these 3 months, I must close up and cultivate. Unless Royal Sovereign Ji sends someone to summon me, reject all guests.”

Luo Xiao firmly nodded and replied, “Young Master, you can be relieved, this servant will wait outside. You can calmly immerse yourself in your cultivation.”

Zhang Yan strode into the waterside pavilion and waved the Token Seal in his hands as he opened the Bluish Green Cloud Pavilion’s restrictive seals. The formation array moved, and without its master’s permission, even a Dan Transformation Realm cultivator would never be able to break in.

Having sat cross-legged in the quiet room, Zhang Yan didn’t immediately practice, but took out three Longevity Augment Pills from his Universe Pouch. Examining them for a few seconds, he then quickly swallowed one. As soon as it entered his stomach, he quickly wrapped the pill with spiritual qi as to prevent its poison from flaring up. Shortly after, he executed the method in the cultivation law and slowly refined and stored the energy within the pill into the qi opening in his chest.

Having finished refining the first pill, he quickly swallowed the second pill into his stomach and executed the same method again.

He waited these 2 Yin and Yang poisonous pills to be fully refined first, and then took out a flying sword with powerful spiritual qi from his sleeve’s Universe Pouch and carefully examined it. He opened his mouth and spat a strand of Impure Qi above the sword blade. The bright halo on the flying sword was rapidly smeared and corroded, and in an instant, it become an ordinary sword; even molten traces came out from the sword blade.

Zhang Yan nodded with satisfaction. His idea was truly feasible.


Solidly wrapping and mixing Heavy Evil Qi into his Impure Qi could indeed corrode flying swords, however, the effect was seemingly insufficient.


For example, if he was facing Wu Zhen, if he could smear and corrode his flying sword with his Heavy Evil Qi, it still can be used, and finally strike and make him injured. But if he mixed in the Yin and Yang poison into his Impure Qi, the effect significantly improves by several folds.


And now, as long as the enemy has yet to condense out his Profound Light Seed, but comes at him with a flying sword, he could spit out a strand of his qi, and use the corroding spiritual qi to face the enemies’ spiritual qi, Using corroding foul qi to face enemies’ qi. If he, himself, had to face such method like this from others, perhaps if he didn’t have equally powerful magical treasures, he would be unable to resist the enemy.

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