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Volume 2, Chapter 19 – Su Yiang Submitted, He Fang Perished

Zhang Yan went out to the railing and saw that a scarlet light was trailing behind the tower. It was clearly a Profound Light Realm cultivator. Moreover, judging from the golden light that was emitted once in awhile from the red light that was repeatedly slamming against the tower’s restrictive seal, he could see that it was a superior-grade magical weapon. In a few hits, the extraordinary luster the tower previously had was slightly dimmed by several points. It was obvious that if it were to continue, it wouldn’t even take 2 hours for the restrictive seal to thoroughly collapse.

Zhang Yan let out a sneer and spoke, “I originally wanted to let Luo Xiao handle this, but it seems you are the one who came knocking to do the duty instead, but nevertheless, it doesn’t bug me though!” He took the tower’s Token Seal and controlled the tower to fly toward a direction with his will and didn’t pay any attention to this person’s action.

If some people were maintaining this tower’s restriction seal, even if that man had magical weapons, it wasn’t necessarily true that he would be able to break the seal. However, Zhang Yan was afraid that if this man realized that he couldn’t break the seal, he would go back and call for reinforcement. If that happened, he might not be able to resist them and survive.

Dealing with one man was better than dealing with a group of people. So he only needed to entice this person and allow him to break layer upon layer of restrictive seal divine lights without even taking any action.

The cultivator’s eyes could clearly see this tower’s interiors from dozens of miles away. Upon seeing that the tower’s direction suddenly changed, He Fang, who was gradually approaching it, suspected that there should be some problems in the tower as he then flew forward to catch up.

However, since he was in the middle of flying, it was inconvenient for him to speak and could only repeatedly use his hammer to probe. When he saw that the tower not only not stopped but instead changed direction and continued to fly elsewhere, he became more certain of his own judgments before.

It was because there was Su Yihong’s younger brother in the tower, and this task from Su Yihong could be regarded as his first “heavy responsibility”, causing him to be unwilling to mess this up. He became impatient and was unable not restrain himself again as he then used the hammer to ram the qi gathering bottle gourd on the peak of the tower with all of his might. If this bottle gourd was damaged, then half of the tower’s restrictive seal would also vanish.

Zhang Yan calmly returned back to the tower with a composed expression. He searched the Universe Pouch again and again and took out a lot of things conveniently. He also tried to search Su Yiang’s headless corpse. In a short while, he found a piece of rounded jade.

He secretly mused, “Could it be that this is the thing that consecutively blocked the Divine Shuttle and the Fate Decree Pen?”

He looked at it several times and found that its luster was quite dim and similar to a layer of fog. It could be seen that this magical tool was not damaged from the fight before, and became like this because the master of this treasure had died, so the original blood’s essence had vanished. When he was still looking at it, he suddenly thought of something and quickly reached his sleeve, taking the bronze mirror and started examined it. He couldn’t help but nod afterward.

Every magical tool and weapon had its own spiritual imprint after it was refined by its master’s blood essence. It also must be enclosed with his spiritual qi in order to be able to be controlled freely. Su Yiang seemed to have obtained this treasure recently and had yet to refine it. Otherwise, the fight before couldn’t have been ended easily.

At this time, Zhang Yan unintentionally glanced toward a spot. He showed a faint smile. Taking out a fine jade from his Universe Pouch, he threw it to the ground and spoke, “Junior Brother Su, don’t hide. If you don’t want your soul to scatter, your Primordial Soul can enter this fine jade.”

It didn’t take long after he finished speaking, as a transparent and sparkling Primordial Soul fluttered from the corner and flew toward the fine jade and drilled into it.This was Su Yiang’s Primordial Soul. Zhang Yan only chased down and killed Wu Zhen and was unable to thoroughly extinguish Su Yiang. However, at present, this person actually still had some uses. He took the fine jade in his hand and he could see that this man was unlikely to be a nasty and vile character. But Su Yiang’s appearance was actually without any change. The only thing was that at the moment, he looked at him with an incomparably apprehensive expression. Zhang Yan smiled and took this piece of jade and walked toward the tower’s railing. He pointed upwards and spoke, “I want to ask you, do you know who this person is? If you lie even half a word, I will directly erase your soul.”

Su Yiang had lost his mortal body, and if there was no sustenance of energy to his Primordial Soul, even if he was a cultivator, he could only last for 7 or 8 days. Much less that the person in front of him could erase his presence in this world at any time. Therefore, he glanced over and then honestly replied, “I don’t know well about that man. But looking at his facial features, he has a splitting resemblance to my eldest brother’s subordinate—He Guo. Then he should be his younger brother—He Fang. I heard that this man is at the First Stage of Profound Light Realm. But I don’t know about his actual cultivation base right now.”

Zhang Yan pointed at the line of golden light that unceasingly bombarded the tower and asked, “What is that magical weapon?”

Su Yiang replied, “It should the Purple Heart Core Hammer. This treasure belongs to He Fang’s eldest brother. It’s specifically used to destroy flying swords.”

Zhang Yan glanced at him and suddenly said, “Suppose that I use your soul for hostage and ask this person to retreat, do you think he would agree?”

Su Yiang was suddenly panicked and frightened, “You must not! You must absolutely not do it!”

It’s just like in his earlier expectation… Zhang Yan faintly smiled, “Oh? Why?”

“It’s because of me. He Fang is someone who’s unable to make good decisions. He will return back to tell my eldest brother. But once my eldest brother finds out that only my Primordial Soul survived, not only will he have compassion for my demise, but he will surely have the idea to throw me into a death trap. One thing in his mind is that my Su Family’s secrets must not be leaked. And since I have failed the assignment for this major plan, according to the clan’s custom, I must be exterminated.”

Su Yiang kowtowed again and again in the jade as he begged, “Now, I’m already in the Primordial Soul state, a remnant soul. I hope that Senior Brother gives me leeway. If Senior Brother has any questions, I will honestly tell you the truth.”

Although his cultivation base was higher than Zhang Yan’s, but he was sober and clear-headed, and clearly understood what situation he was in. Had it been for others, they could have impatiently declared their useful values. Moreover, he also didn’t think that Zhang Yan would put him back since it was without a doubt only a fool’s dream.

Zhang Yan laughed heartily and said, “So to say, should I die now, then you couldn’t live also?”

Su Yiang thought a second and replied in dejected expression, “Exactly.”

Zhang Yan nodded and shifted the subject, “What kind of jade pendant was attached to your body?”

Su Yiang quickly replied, “That is the ‘Fate Guardian Jade Tablet’. It’s a gift from my eldest brother, it can resist any magical treasures for three times. After being used for three times, it needs to be painstakingly refined again using one’s soul and blood essence into jade essence liquid for 81 days before it can be used again.”

Zhang Yan only let out an “Oh!” and didn’t say anything afterward..

A while after, Su Yiang secretly glanced at Zhang Yan and carefully spoke, “There is something that I think would need Senior Brother’s insight.”

Zhang Yan looked at him and said, “Tell me.”

Su Yiang carefully picked his words and put on a very humble attitude, “Although He Fang is still following me this time, but if he suddenly turns around and returns back to report to my eldest brother impulsively, it would be a perilous situation for you, Senior Brother.”

Feeling that he must be useful to Zhang Yan, he might as well better show his value right now and not after being used to then to be removed later.

Zhang Yan approved his idea, “However, this indeed a matter that I have to prevent, but I will probe this man’s temperament first and then do the haggling later.”

Astonishment was carved in Su Yiang expression as he then spoke, “Oh, I don’t know what and how Senior Brother would try?”

Zhang Yan smiled and said, “You’re about to see me my method.”

Then, he strode all the way to the lowest floor of the tower and used the tower’s Token Seal. The 7 restrictive seals suddenly dispersed as he then took out a piece of jade from his sleeve pouch and threw it.

He Fang originally thought to try to break the restrictive seal. But when he saw the restrictive seals were shut down, he couldn’t help but slightly pause as he saw that someone he wasn’t familiar with was standing there. That cultivator also threw something to him as he fiercely reacted and wielded the Purple Heart Core Hammer to attack that man.

Zhang Yan waved his hand and the restrictive seals activated again. The tower shook, but he was unscathed.

He Fang was quite puzzled. He didn’t know why would that man brave the danger to throw something to him. He hesitated for a bit and quickly dodged the light that was shot at him. He turned around and pulled that thing with his profound light only to find out that it was only a worthless piece of jade. His brows wrinkled and frowned, quickly throwing it.

He didn’t expect that the restrictive layers would shut down again even though he had yet to approach the tower. Zhang Yan smiled at him and threw another thing.

He Fang was quite suspicious, what was that? Was that man just playing with him? Hovering back and forth in the air for a while, he clenched his teeth and then turned around to catch that thing and took a look at it. It was the very same useless jade again. This time he was unable to restrain his anger anymore, even giving him the impulse to tear that man.

Having flown along the way for a later while, Zhang Yan always used that small time gap to throw something, causing He Fang to clench his teeth and speak, “There’s a saying from the art of war from the world of mortals, ‘illusion is but a reality, however reality is in fact the true illusion’. Surely, you have a purpose, but I will make it impossible for you!”

Therefore, in this way, each time he wanted to fly forward, this annoying pattern continued as he turned around to take a look at what things exactly Zhang Yan had thrown out were. Not even one was missed from his examination.

Having done it for about a dozen times, Zhang Yan returned to the tower and spoke while smiling, “Now I know this He Fang’s temperament, this person is quite over suspicious with little things and also stubborn. If he has yet to hit the wall, he would never look back, so we don’t need to worry.”

Upon seeing how Zhang Yan threw the bait to probe out someone’s character, a trace of admiration couldn’t help but rise in his heart as his expression became more flattering toward him.

Zhang Yan glanced at him lightly and said, “Junior Brother Su, if you’re willing to help me removing this person with my plan, in the future, I will choose a superior mortal body for you, how about it?”

Su Yiang replied without hesitating, “I’m willing to help you, Senior Brother!” He nevertheless wanted to make this clear also and didn’t talk about Zhang Yan’s promise. Since he was now at the other’s mercy, bargaining would only provoke the other’s dissatisfaction, only by cooperating well would he have a slim chance of survival.

“Good, I’ll tell you, you will have to do this…” Zhang Yan whispered a few words.

The next moment, Su Yiang pondered for a while, he found that although the risk was great, but the possibility of success was also very high. Besides, he had no room to refuse. He clenched his teeth and bowed immediately before he spoke, “I’ll listen to Senior Brother’s instructions.”

At this time, the unceasing bombardments had lasted for two hours and the tower’s restrictive seal gradually dispersed, unable to withstand any longer.

Upon seeing this, He Fang was overjoyed and calmly used the Core Hammer to hit again. A “boom” sound was heard followed with bursting buzzing noises as the tower lost all of its protection. Everything in tower collapsed as the main wooden pillar turned into sawdust while bestial coppers, tiles, and bricks fell from the air one after another.

However, Zhang Yan’s expression was still calm and composed as he fluttered in the air and slowly approached.

He Fang hurriedly flew forward and continuously struck with his magical treasure in the air! Having been bombarded for 2 hours, despite how deep and powerful this tower’s spiritual energy was, it was completely exhausted at this moment. He stared at Zhang Yan and recognized that this was precisely the person that had been playing tricks on him. He was unable to hold the surging fury from his heart as he then shouted, “Brat, give me your life now!” Looking at the golden light that came at him, Zhang Yan threw something and shouted loudly, “This is Su Yiang’s Primordial Soul. Big Brother He absolutely needs to properly receive this!”

Su Yiang shouted from the jade, “Senior Brother He, rescue me quickly!”

He Fang greatly startled and hurriedly formed a seal to retract back the magical tool. But how could it be so easy to do? However, he absolutely couldn’t take the responsibility to extinguish Su Yiang’s Primordial Soul. Driven by his great restlessness, he shouted loudly and a profound light was emitted out from his body, flapping over toward the red light and meeting head on with the Purple Heart Core Hammer, stopping it. Even though he didn’t block the hammer with his own body, he still spurted out blood immediately while his eyes turned blood-red.

After seeing this situation, Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed as he quickly flung his sleeves and released the Divine Shuttle. With the whizzing sounds, it flew out.

He Fang suddenly felt a chilling coldness burst out from his entire body, and upon seeing an azure light flying toward him, he immediately recognized that this thing’s origin was extraordinary. He hurriedly stimulated all the profound lights in his body to keep it off. For a moment, a magnificent red light bursted out and finally blocked the Divine Shuttle.

He had yet to gain his composure and recovered when the light from the sky above his head was obscured and was seemingly being obstructed by something. He looked up and couldn’t help but involuntarily shout in alarm, “The Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone?”

He fully realized the formidable might this precious ink-stone had. Under his anxiousness, he didn’t even think about anything anymore, as he quickly retracted back and focused his profound light to his fists upwards as a “Boom!” and “Bang!” sounds followed. Unexpectedly, even this chunk of ink-stone was hit and bounced back.

Right in the middle of displaying all of his might, suddenly two black needles’ light silently pierced through from his back. His complexion suddenly turned stiff as his eyes opened wide and instantly understood. The fine jade opened and flashed through before his eyes as a black-colored profound light rotating around his body, piercing through his chest, stomach, and half of his body. His internal organs splintered as his blood splattered and splashed in midair.

His mouth opened wide as if he wanted to say something. But that line of black-colored profound light didn’t let him go as it coiled around his body just like a serpent, squeezing and grinding him within, cleaning off his remaining flesh and blood, as well as his Primordial Soul.

Then, a moment after, a delicate and snow white hand gently caught He Fang’s Purple Heart Core Hammer as an enchanting and alluring woman stood on top of a black-colored cloud with blushing red cheeks and plaintive eyes as she faced Zhang Yan and spoke, “This servant has come to reply to Young Master’s summons. Perhaps this slave’s wish to dissolve the Soulblood Contract is truly hopeless for this slave’s lifetime.”

Zhang Yan burst into laughter and replied loudly, “Fellow Daoist Luo, might you once hear that ‘when a man achieves enlightenment, his poultries and dogs also would ascend right to Heaven’, yes? If in the future, I have reached the Dao, I really must not lose you.”

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