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Volume 2, Chapter 18 – The Heaven Sends Great Danger in the Tower Full of Massacres (Part 3)

This voice made the two of them surprised, and almost at the same time, a flash azure light pierced through the wooden wall, suddenly flying in front of Su Yiang. His eyes opened wide with fright and panic all over his complexion since he couldn’t avoid it. Suddenly, a white light flew and “BANG”. Not only the Divine Shuttle was blocked but its luster and spiritual qi was also dispersed a bit as it hung motionless and flew back.

Su Yiang quickly got his composure back as he barked wildly, “It’s Zhang Yan!”


Ever since he was born, he was only responsible for managing internal affairs in the family and never did he throw himself to fight with anyone. That thing was probably the legendary Divine Shuttle, and he knew that he was on the brink to the gates of hell, causing him to instinctively cover his head and dash toward a thick wooden pillar and hide behind it.

Thick fog dissipated everywhere at this moment and instantly turned the surroundings into a vast expanse of whiteness.

Even though he was hiding behind the pillar, Su Yiang was greatly shocked. Since Zhang Yan suddenly appeared at this place, where were those people he had arranged downstairs? How could there be no movements and sounds!


Right! He patted his forehead, perhaps that magical treasures given by his eldest brother could stop Zhang Yan!


He searched his sleeve for a while and finally gripped something, but suddenly, a dangerous feeling made the muscles in his body tighten.


The corner of his eyes suddenly saw something that made him palpitate as a brilliant azure light flew once again toward him, carrying along an astonishing, pressing aura, which even this thick fog was unable to conceal. Although Su Yiang was panicked at the moment, he still had the confidence since he still had this magical treasure in his hand. He closed his eyes and stiffly released it.


The moment this magical tool flew to the air, a brilliant light shone down and revealed its true shape. It was a beautiful and eye-catching bronze mirror. The mirror quickly flipped over and emitted a line of dazzling lights as it pierced through the thick fog as if the fog did not exist. The dazzling light unexpectedly passed through the thick wooden pillar and hit the Divine Shuttle. After fierce struggling, the Divine Shuttle was firmly restrained.

Su Yiang snuck his head over the wooden pillar to probe, and he saw that the Divine Shuttle was restrained and bound by the light. Although he was still not safely out from danger, but his previous tense expression was slightly eased. His derisive laugh passed through the thick fog as he shouted, “Zhang Yan, I already expected that you had a valuable and powerful treasure, and it’s indeed the Divine Shuttle, but I have this mirror…”

His words had yet to finish when he felt the hairs on his body suddenly rose as a cloud patterned, vermillion-colored pen brush penetrated through the fog. He couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with horror as his mouth opened wide. He was stranded in a daze because the pen was seemingly aimed at his nose.

The moment Zhang Yan saw that the Divine Shuttle was unable to return and was being restrained by an unknown treasure, and upon seeing that its spiritual force was even scattered after it was restricted, he immediately realized that it was a treasure that perfectly countered his. Therefore, this time he executed his next hidden plan. On the surface, he was using the Divine Shuttle to attract that treasure, while he actually used the Fate Decree Pen in secret to claim Su Yiang’s life.

However, since his cultivation base was not sufficient to simultaneously control two magical treasures, therefore, everything was quite different in practice, causing the effect to be a bit worse.

Upon seeing that the Fate Decree Pen was soon to hit him, Su Yiang’s body shook and released a speck of light as it flew out from his body and automatically shot out. The two treasures collided, hindering the Fate Decree Pen to be unable to strike through, scattering its divine light and finally returning back to Zhang Yan’s hand.

He had been struck at 2 times, and although he was shocked, Su Yiang was still safe. However, infinite fear had filled his heart now. This treasure was a gift given by his eldest brother Su Yihong. It was said that it could withstand 3 strikes from any magical treasures, but after it got struck for every 3 times, it must be replenished using life and blood essence and refined with spirit liquid before it can be used again.

But now he had been struck 2 times, and Zhang Yan seemed to have more magical treasures aside from these two. Regardless which one of them Zhang Yan used to strike again, at least one of these 2 treasures could kill him. The thought of running away immediately crossed his mind. However, he was only a First Stage Radiant Qi Realm while this gold-ceramic bronze mirror also must be constantly supported with his True Primordial Qi, making him unable to move. The moment the Divine Shuttle was freed, he would instantly die.

In this crucial time of life and death, there was no shame to cast aside any refined demeanor, so he hysterically shouted, “Senior Brother Wu, Senior Brother Wu! Where are you? Why don’t you move quickly? If I died, my Su Family will never let you off!”


In a split second, the thick fog diffused as Wu Zhen rushed and receded to the corner. His face was extremely dignified. Zhang Yan could silently climb to the seventh floor of the tower. This was enough to explain that this person was truly extraordinary. So would he even dare to not be careful and respond to the shout? After having retreated to the corner, his heart was somewhat slightly determined.


The moment he heard Su Yiang suddenly began yelling, he couldn’t help but frown while a trace of disgust flashed in his eyes. In this split second, his volition to submit to the Su Family was shaken.


However, since there wasn’t much time right now, coupled with the fact that he had just vowed allegiance to the Su Family, he couldn’t let him get killed at present. Quickly, he pinched his fingers, releasing his pure and impure qi and cast his family’s secret art, it formed the “dissolve” character seal. In an instant, the fog in front of him was seemingly burst and swayed, as it suddenly thinned greatly, enabling his eyes to clearly distinguish the vague scenery.

The next second, a shadow suddenly rushed in front of him. Wu Zhen’s eyes flashed, and unwilling to miss this opportunity, he let out a loud shout and released his flying sword, thrusting straight at that shadow.


Although Su Yiang was only at the First Stage of Radiant Qi Realm, however, he was the Su Family’s descendant. It was no wonder that he had formidable magical treasures. Zhang Yan indeed previously thought of dealing with him lightning fast. But he didn’t expect that his Divine Shuttle could be restrained by this man and was even able to keep off his Fate Decree Pen.

But he also knew that such a protective talisman that flew out to protect its host was only a type of magical tool that only responded to other magical tools’ attacks. Therefore, he decided to move forward and strike kill this man in close combat.

However, he only dashed forward for a few steps when the fog was dispersing and he sensed a qi fluctuation. He looked back and saw that a flying sword was flying toward him. This flying sword rapidly shot at him without any obstruction and arrived in front of him in a flash, giving him no time to release the Fate Decree Pen. And in this critical time, Zhang Yan opened his mouth as a strand of Impure Yin spiritual qi was spat out.


A “bang” sounded in the next second as the flying sword slightly paused.

The first strand of impure qi didn’t even dissipate when Zhang Yan quickly sprayed out the second strand as it hit the flying sword once again and finally slanted its flight trajectory, twisting it to the side. When he retracted back his 2 strands of impure qi to his chest, these 2 strands of impure qi had been reduced to half of its original force and couldn’t be moved again.


Seeing that the flying sword was still hovering in the air and seemingly would fly at him again, Zhang Yan had staked everything in one throw and was quite desperate. He then released the third impure qi that he had yet to fully refine. This strand of qi was actually still mixed with a heavy Evil Qi, and the originally black-colored Evil Qi that was being spat out had now become a reddish-black color.


But he didn’t expect that this time he accidentally succeeded as a high pitched-sharp piercing sound then followed. The flying swords’ bright luster turned dark instantly as if it was drunk, since it was shaken and swayed in the air.


Wu Zhen’s facial expression greatly changed as he roared, “You dare to smear my Law Sword.”


He quickly formed a seal with his fingers and his flying sword returned back to its original luster and power again as it shot at Zhang Yan once again. This time, Zhang Yan was unable to avoid it as the flying sword pierced through his right shoulder. However, it could only penetrate less than a half an inch since he quickly grabbed the sword blade with his left hand. Using this small time gap, his right hand quickly formed a round shape as a black ink-stone directly soared straight toward Wu Zhen. However, he didn’t see the result as he turned and dashed straight toward Su Yiang.


The moment the ink-stone flew to the air, its size enlarged to 5-feet-wide, and rapidly and powerfully crashed down onto Wu Zhen’s head.


“Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone?”


Wu Zhen’s complexion greatly changed as he looked up and opened his mouth. A surge of turbulent white gas mixed with a faint reddish-gold colored light quickly bursted out. His hands swiftly formed seals as the light flashed and transformed into a faint shade tortoise-like form as it blocked and kept off the menace from above.


“BOOM!” The light shade shattered as he let out a depressing groan. He was then forced backward for 7 or 8 steps as dozens of bricks were broken to pieces when he continuously stepped backward before he finally reached the wall. Then, creaking sounds just like crunching teeth sounded as his body forcibly pressed toward the wall’s pillar and pushed him against it. Only then did his body stop, leaving a hole shaped like his body, while his mouth letting out curses of anger.


At this time, Su Yiang, who was looking at the front, was greatly panicked, because he saw Zhang Yan dashing toward him even though his shoulder was pierced by the flying sword as if it was nothing. His courage instantly evaporated. He shouted in panic and was unable to even remember to restrain the Divine Shuttle as he turned around to run away. Zhang Yan, behind his back, swiftly jumped and forcefully pulled the flying sword from his shoulder as he slashed it at him. Su Yiang’s head flew to the air and hit the wooden wall ahead, as it then bounced back to the floor and rolled. His headless corpse still ran forward for several steps before it finally fell down to the floor.


The moment Su Yiang died, the bronze mirror in midair lost its host and its divine light suddenly blurred and fell down. Zhang Yan quickly grabbed it, and the previously restrained Divine Shuttle also flew back to his hand.


Wu Zhen was still numb, and his blood was surging up after he was hit by the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone a moment ago. His spirit and state of mind was shaken. Even though he was rejoicing, but fear had sprouted in his heart. He knew that this Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone belonged to Du De and was a very powerful magical tool. If he was truly hit by it, he could have died immediately as his corporeal body rotted.


He could block it once, but would he be able to withstand it the second time?


As Zhang Yan kept releasing magical treasures one after another, he lost the will to fight him. The thought to run away suddenly sprouted in his heart. And now, upon seeing that Su Yiang was killed, how would he even dare to stay here? He didn’t hesitate anymore as he turned around and smashed open the wall. He quickly attached his profound light seed to attach his body to the flying sword. The moment the sword was wrapped by the rainbow-colored profound light, his body rose and then flew away.

However, he had yet to get out from the tower when he heard a cold snort in his ear as an azure light flashed behind him and then struck his rainbow light. The light shuttled back and forth for two times. Wu Zhen let out a scream and then lost his life as his body fell down from the air. The Divine Shuttle winded around and extinguished his Primordial Soul before it was summoned back.


At this moment, everyone in the entire tower had been cleanly killed by Zhang Yan.


He tore down his sleeves and wrapped his shoulder with an expressionless face. Then, he took out a few medicinal pills from his Universe Pouch and swallowed them. The flying sword was able to penetrate and injure him when his spiritual force was nearly spent, but he believed that his injury could be completely recovered after he recuperated for 1 or 2 days.

The only thing that he didn’t expect was that the final strand of that impure qi which mixed with the heavy Evil Qi was unexpectedly able to corrupt the enemy’s flying sword. He didn’t know why it could be like that. However, at this moment he couldn’t think clearly to analyze this question and had to put it aside for now.

He walked forward and turned Wu Zhen’s corpse over as he needed to take the Tower’s Token Seal to control its restrictive seal. As soon as he waved his hand, the tower’s flight direction immediately changed, causing his heart to feel relieved.

Having searched the 2 corpses carefully, apart from some concocted pills, he found no other necessities on Wu Zhen’s body, but actually found a Universe Pouch on Su Yiang’s body. When he was about to examine the things inside it, the entire tower shook and rumbled loudly as if something had hit it.

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