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Volume 2, Chapter 17 – The Heaven Sends Great Dangers in the Tower Full of Massacres (Part 2)

The bright moonlight illuminated the vast sky, as if splashing waters washed it clean, causing bright radiance to shine over the horizon. The “Self Moonheart Jade Pendant” gently quivered on Zhang Yan’s chest as his qi circulation was stimulated two folds faster than usual. He secretly mused, ‘This time, the heavens have come to help me!’

The heaven sends great danger as the stars shifted over. The earth sends great danger, as dragons and snakes crawl to the shore. Human sends great danger, while the heaven and earth relapse over and over.” He stood on the railing side while his hands stroked the Divine Shuttle. The moment he flicked his fingers and snapped, lightning spark-like rays flashed over his eyes when he spoke, “Today is the day when you drink blood to the fullest.”

3 Sea Toppler Warriors at the floor corridor’s entrance kept staring him steadily. They didn’t hear what he was saying as they could only see Zhang Yan wave his sleeve, surfacing out a bright and brilliant azure light to the air as it circled over and shot through their face in a flash. They couldn’t even respond as their heads fell down while the azure light circled over in the air to erase their Primordial Souls. It then flashed forward to the other side of the corridor’s entrance, circling over in the air and finally flying back to his hand, leaving the dead on the other side without the chance to shout or breathe.

Zhang Yan lifted his sleeve as he calmly walked to the side rooms.

These were the rooms for the alchemy masters, however, these 11 people are all Dou Ming’s original trusted subordinates.

After the alchemists had opened their meridians, they needed to practice the “Three Opening Arts” for several decades, while there was not the slightest bit of Heaven and Earth spiritual qi within their body. At this moment, they were also sleeping and were very easy to deal with. However, Zhang Yan split open the door to begin the killing frenzy and easily exterminated their scattered Primordial Souls.

When he came to the last room, he shoved the door open and was surprised to see a person suddenly flip from the bed and stab him with the sword in his hand without even uttering a word. Zhang Yan coldly snorted as a surge of white gas spouted out from his nose and shot to the center of that man’s cheek. The man let out a screeching scream as if he was hit by a hammer while his body was sent flying back down to the couch with a muffled sound.

Zhang Yan walked as he looked down, his eyes could clearly see in the dark night as if it was in the daytime even without candlelight. He could recognize that this person was Dou Ming, who at the moment covered his bleeding eyes. He shouted while shrinking, “Zhang Yan, this journey to the Water Country, you still need me to concoct pills. I, I’m still useful…”

Zhang Yan only sighed and said, “You’re more harmful than useful.” He stepped forward and patted his Dou Ming, directly killing him. The next moment, he hit again and extinguished his Primordial Soul.

He strode out the door and slowly walked to the fifth floor.

However, he could sense many qi fluctuations from more than 20 people, and it seemed that some people had realized that something had happened on this floor because some Sea Toppler Warriors hurriedly rushed to the stairs. However, they felt that someone was blocking the way and quickly lifted their head to see. Founding that someone’s shadow was standing ahead, they shouted in surprise, “You…”

Zhang Yan let out a shout as he emitted out a strand of impure qi as it pierced through this person’s head then kicked his chest. His corpse then rolled over along the stairs all the way down.

Noises instantly clamored upstairs.

“Who is it?”

“Boss Ding has been killed!”

“Zhao Er, quickly pull the alarm bell!”

“Ah… what? Okay!“

There were a total of 23 River Flipper Warriors on the fifth floor, their strength was a level higher compared to the Sea Toppler Warriors. However, they didn’t know about the plan to kill Zhang Yan beforehand. The azure bright light at this moment shot across the bells’ ropes and cut it off. Because Zhang Yan had killed their leader, the situation became chaotic instantly.

They were greatly startled when Zhang Yan slowly walked upstairs as soulless and blank expressions emerged on their faces. They didn’t know what happened, so they could only guess that Ding Wu had made this cultivator angry, and finally killed him.

Zhang Yan ignored them and waved his hand. The Divine Shuttle suddenly circled around in the air killing all people on the fifth floor and extinguished their Primordial Souls. After that, he walked upstairs to the sixth floor.

In the sixth floor, a cultivator that was sitting on a meditation mat suddenly opened his eyes as his shadow flashed and arrived before Zhang Yan.

This cultivator was at Second Stage Radiant Qi Realm, but he didn’t anxiously attack and instead was asking, “Zhang Yan? I have listened to Young Master Feng repeatedly talk about you. Today, I really want to see what ability you really have.”

Zhang Yan’s eyebrows pricked and said, “Feng Ji? Where is he?”

“Young Master Feng is upstairs, but can you even still live to go there?” This man sneered and continued, “I have been cultivating for 23 years, and practice the Riverwood Secret Art. I have 24 strands of Pure and Impure Qi in my chest, far better than the average of 16 strands of the others’. You’re not my match, I advise to tie yourself and surrender.”

Two other silhouettes flashed, and the both of them were the First Stage Radiant Qi Realm cultivators. They each positioned Themselves ate left and right side of this person. This man couldn’t help but become anxious, while his heart was also throbbing a from moment ago. How many Sea Toppler Warriors had Zhang Yan killed when he was on the fifth floor? Could his strength be easy to deal with? Therefore, he first intimidated Zhang Yan with words and waited for his companions to be prepared. But he really didn’t expect that the opponent could also be fooled like this.

One must know that the more amount strands of qi one had, the more techniques one could cast out, the more powerful cultivator would be. In fact, where would he have 24 strands of pure and impure qi? He only had 16!

Zhang Yan calmly and lightly spoke, “Good, you all have come, let’s finish this!”


The two Radiant Qi Realm cultivators didn’t have the qualification to learn any battle techniques and could only rely on their flying swords. At this moment, they shouted and released their flying swords to strike at Zhang Yan!

As for that Second Stage Radiant Qi Realm cultivator, he retracted backward and released all 16 strands of pure and impure qi from his nose and mouth, as it circled and hovered in the air as if it were dancing. A yellow light flashed as the man cast his magical arts. But suddenly, an azure light shot through as the two cultivators screamed with their heads falling down to their feet. The two flying swords that were striking at Zhang Yan instantly lost its spiritual energy as Zhang Yan lifted his hand and pulled them out.

Upon seeing the 16 strands of pure and impure qi that would soon be released by the magical arts, a ridiculing smile emerged from Zhang Yan’s mouth. He quickly released the Fate Decree Pen as it then revolved around and brushed over that man’s spiritual qi. The man’s body was greatly shaken, and couldn’t even react when the Fate Decree Pen shot through his forehead, wiping out his Primordial Soul and blood essence in an instant. An empty shell corpse then straightly fell down.

Zhang Yan suddenly sensed something as his eyes quickly skimmed to the corner toward the corridor’s entrance to the seventh floor. A cultivator had just come down. At the same time that he saw Zhang Yan easily killing 3 Radiant Qi Realm cultivators as easy as killing chickens, it instantly scared him, so where would he dare to join the fight? He tumbled and turned around to run away back upstairs.

Zhang Yan calmly walked without hurry and got onto the last floor.

He glanced ahead and found that Feng Ji was in the middle of 5 First Stage Radiant Qi Realm warriors and was carrying a jade bottle. Upon seeing that Zhang Yan had come up, he then completely drank the liquor on the jade bottle. After which, he crossed his hands behind his back, shook his head and said, “Zhang Yan, you’re a little too impatient, the day when I see you again now is the day you will die.”

He quickly walked back behind everyone as he turned around and waved his hand with high spirit and shouted, “Kill him!”

In a split second, all of them released magical tools and flying swords in their hands to the air. Never did they expect that on top of their heads something dark was coming down. The moment they looked up, a huge ink-stone came crashing down at them with a rumbling sound, shaking the entire seventh floor of the tower. Instantly, Feng Ji, with his 5 bodyguards, along with their magical tools and flying swords were crushed into pieces.

Grabbing and receiving the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone back, Zhang Yan swept around quickly with a wooden expression as he continued forward to the upper layer. Along with each step he was treading on, a dense fog gradually spread out from his feet, causing every spot he passed through to become filled with a thick mist that enveloped the air.

At the moment, on the seventh floor of the tower, the restless Wu Zhen sighed, “Junior Brother Su, this time I’m really dragged into your troubles. Our original agreement was that you will take me and recommend me to Senior Brother Su, so I can learn something from him. But how could it change that I must kill this person now?”

A 30-year-old cultivator in front of him laughed and said, “Senior Brother, do you really think that I—Su Yiang—would go to the war just because of my spirit pet? I’m not really interested regarding this Zhang Yan. The only thing I need from him is his true disciple status, of which, will be used for my eldest brother’s important plan. Even if I had no enmity with him, I would still kill him.”

Wu Zhen’s expression turned more restless and said, “Junior Brother, you are playing with fire. What kind of identity is a true disciple? Should this news be leaked out, not to mention to your Senior Brother, perhaps your entire Su Family would also be unable to withstand the thunderous aftermath later, wouldn’t it?”

Su Yiang smiled with a trace of mysterious meaning and said, “How can this be leaked out? At that time, we would have been already ‘dead’.”

“You!” Wu Zhen was greatly startled even he stood up. He then looked at Su Yiang’s faint smile, and after he pondered in a moment, he immediately understood the meaning of the other’s words. He slumped down again with dejected expression, shook his head and spoke with a wry smile, “But then, I cannot go back to the Azure Ocean Sect.”

Su Yiang laughed and said, “So what? Senior Brother Wu is but only of ‘the Waning List’ origin. Your main clan has long been declining. It isn’t worth it for you to go back. My Su Family intends to recruit many talents with outstanding abilities from the mortal world, unlike other families who only care about someone’s origins. As long as one is talented, they are able to enter my Su Family’s door. Senior Brother Wu has been cultivating for almost 35 years, and you’re now at the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm. You’re even more talented compared to some other high and bright people. My Su Family cannot miss having such a talented person like you.”

Upon listening to Su Yiang’s meaning to recruit him, Wu Zhen hesitated and thought for a moment. Suddenly, he felt Su Yiang’s eyes was falling on his face. He was quite startled and secretly thought, “Su Yiang also led along with him a few Radiant Qi Realm cultivators. Although their cultivation is under mine, but judging from his family’s background, he should have brought powerful magical weapons. If I don’t comply, today I can really lose my life.”

With this thought, where he dared to hesitate any longer? He then got up from the chair and then bowed, “Then, this Wu Zhen still has hopes and is willing to listen to Second Young Master’s commands.” He pledged the vow without delay.

A trace of happiness covered Su Yiang’s expression while secretly musing that this man really could see a good road. He hurriedly helped him to sit again in order to win over his heart. He then let out a mysterious smile and said, “Since Senior Brother Wu has become our people now, then I also want to tell you something. Do you know why would my eldest brother want to capture the Deep Ford Gorge?”

Wu Zhen replied, “Please, dispel my doubts, Second Young Master.”

Su Yiang smiled mysteriously and whispered, “My Su Family’s ancestor in the past had found a secret place in the Deep Ford Gorge under the Nine Twisted Stream Palace. In that place, the Azure Dragon had left its exuviae after cultivating for tens of thousands of years. The place is also a genuine Dragon’s den. That Old Carp Qu Yue has been occupying this place for hundreds of years to find the entrance to this place. But since he doesn’t know the proper method, therefore, his efforts have yet to succeed. Once my Su Family occupies this place, we will have a greater chance to refine this tens of thousands of years old Azure Dragon’s exuviae and resurrect it. This place also will become our Su Family’s main base!”

Upon hearing this information, Wu Zhen was greatly shocked and shaken, it made him dumbfounded. He immediately understood the meaning of Su Yiang’s words. With a shocked expression, he muttered in a hoarse voice, “The Su Family… has the intention to declare independence?”

Su Yiang stood up and looked out through the window and gazed at the bright moon, he then spoke with a proud expression, “My Su Family has a bold vision, we have the ambition to rule over the 9 continents and all lands under the heavens. So how would a trivial Sect in one continent accommodate us?”

Wu Zhen took a deep breath, with a depressed mood filling his chest. Although Su Yiang’s remarks were a bit too much, but considering the thousands of years of the Su Family’s development from a trivial family into one of the great clans, they indeed had the rights to feel proud of their tremendous power. He immediately stood up and cupped his hands over, “Second Young Master’s ambition is truly soaring to the clouds. I, Wu Zhen, am willing to follow your lead.”

But at this time, a clear and sonorous voice sounded from the entrance, “A lump of lowly lives also dare to speak absurdly to seize the heavens?”

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