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Volume 2, Chapter 16 – The Heaven Sends Great Dangers in the Tower Full of Massacres (Part 1)


Ten days later, the diplomatic envoy to the Rainbow Stonefield Water State was ready to depart.


Including Zhang Yan, the envoy had more than 60 people, and was led by a Third Stage Radiant Qi Realm cultivator named Wu Zhen. The envoy would take the Flying Sunlight Tower to the Water State. The tower’s speed far surpassed ordinary flying ships, and it would take less than a month to reach their destination.


The Alchemy Pavilion sent a total of 12 Alchemy Masters; including Dou Ming. Previously, he already withdrew from this assignment, but he had never thought that Zhang Yan would pull him back. Moreover, he didn’t have the rights to manage anything and could only see Zhang Yan’s meaningful glance when Zhang Yan managed these duties. He didn’t even speak along the way, and somewhat lost face in front of everyone.


Zhang Yan also ignored him. But before he left, he received a letter with beautiful writings along with a jade pendant. From the characters’ writing style, he could see that it was the same person who had written the invitation letter to the full moon viewing party.


The letter said, “Because this lowly one has implicated Young Master willfully, this lowly one’s heart is very restless and disturbed. This lowly one could only offer this thing along with this letter to express regret and to apologize. Rough roads will be waiting for Young Master ahead, hope that Lord could treasure oneself.”


However, there was no name inscribed on the lower part of the letter.


Zhang Yan looked at the jade, and due to his books’ extensive reading, he immediately recognized the origin of this piece of jade. This jade was called “Self Moonheart Jade”, it was an auxiliary-type magical tool that could support one’s cultivation. It was said that under the moonlight, the person who was wearing this jade pendant would be able to stimulate his qi and make his speed and agility faster for several folds. This tool could also be considered as a treasure.


Zhang Yan then asked the female messenger who wrote the letter and sent him this jade as a gift, and he also asked as for how would he be “implicated” by her.


But the woman messenger seemed to have already been instructed and didn’t answer. Having sent her respectful blessing, she turned away and hurriedly left. Zhang Yan looked at her back and then let out a smile. Since he couldn’t guess this sender’s origin, then he wouldn’t give a care about it. On the cultivation path, to become immortal, one must follow his own resolution, so why would small matters have to make him anxious? If the heavens sent the opportunity to meet, everything would be revealed naturally.


He turned around, lifted his robe, and slowly strode into the tower.


When he entered the building, he was led by a warrior and headed straight to the arranged place for him beforehand. After going upstairs, he glanced around and he saw some familiar faces from the corner. His brows wrinkled as he couldn’t help but frown. That person was unmistakably Feng Ji!


How could this youth be here?


Zhang Yan immediately thought that this matter was a bit unusual.


He then looked around at the arrangement’s layout and found that his dwelling place was arranged on the fourth floor. This arrangement was very subtle, and when he glanced again, there were two warriors guarding the entrances and exits to the floor, as their vision swept at him from time to time.


After everyone had entered the tower, Wu Zhen, from the uppermost floor, pinched the tower’s Token Seal. The Tower slightly shook and then flew in a straight line toward the eastern direction of the Water State.


Zhang Yan moved around the floor and looked around as if he was strolling. He found that the Tower was divided into 7 floors which could hold 100 people with hexagonal corners, red lacquered pillars, rounded doors and windows, hanged golden bell, and mythological beasts’ carvings. Hanging on top of a square spire was a copper gourd to gather qi. As the pagoda soared to the sky along the red clouds at the base, it gave off a brilliant and auspicious haze, making anyone who gazed at it dazzled and stunned.


But when he came down and strolled around, he sensed that something was not to his likings. He attentively pondered for a while and finally realized where the problem was!


Amongst this group of people, he also saw a lot of ancient families’ disciples. But these disciples were usually visiting women warriors. This time’s journey to the Rainbow Stonefield Water State would at least take more than a year to go to and back. So, having quite a lot of these women warriors was quite reasonable. However, seeing as to how these people took along these women and drowned themselves with them was quite unexpected and was somewhat out of sense.


Unless they simply didn’t think that they would go to a very far place!


Thinking about how Feng Ji was here, he couldn’t help but squint his eyes. As early before the departure, he had realized that someone would strike at him. However, he thought that they would at least endure until they reached the Rainbow Stonefield Water State’s boundary to begin. However, from the present situation, it seemed that some people even planned that he would not live to arrive there.


While carefully recalling the people that had entered the tower, Wu Zhen’s cultivation base, was without a doubt, the most powerful and would be the most difficult person to deal with. However, it didn’t mean that he could cast aside the other cultivators, so he must be fully prepared against them.


Had it been in the Sect, everyone would be forced under the Sect’s rules and regulations and could only scheme secretly. But now they were outside, everything was relying on one’s strength. The strong is strong and the weak is weak. Any machinations and conspiracies were not applicable here.


Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed. He returned back to his tower’s room and began to summon Luo Xiao.


With the Soulblood Contract in their body, even if they were separated by thousands of miles, they could feel each other’s position as well as able to sense each other’s situation and safety. As early as 10 days ago, he had also done this, but there was no response. And this time, shortly after he felt the throbbing in his heart, he couldn’t help but feel happy, since he knew that Luo Xiao at the moment was rapidly catching up with him.


He eased his mind and decided to seize the time to meditate and practice the breathing method, taking this period of time to refine a few Impure Yin spiritual qis again, which could also add more force to protect himself.


Having spent more than 10 days, he smoothly refined a strand of Impure Yin spiritual qi, and at the same time, he also sensed that Luo Xiao was getting closer.


There was not the slightest movement in the tower these days. However, he didn’t put his vigilance down as he was always prepared with 3 magical tools in hand against any turbulent changes that could appear at anytime.


But, he didn’t know where this place was?


He opened the door and went out to look. His brows knitted as he secretly mused, “This direction, isn’t it the directions toward the Surging Waves Lake?”


The Surging Waves Lake was one of the Three Anchor Lakes and was lorded over by Qu Yue—a Spirit Carp who had been cultivating for more than 1000 years. After the Three Anchor Lakes’ Demons and the Azure Ocean Sect decided to have an armistice, he was the first one who ceased raising force. Although the Water State also could be reached from this Demon’s territory, but in fact, the distance was not reduced and instead was a bit too provocative.


This was not right!


Today, he saw that many warriors were suddenly coming out with a faint restless expression. With his keen eyes and acute sense of foreboding dangers, Zhang Yan could instinctively sense that dangers would soon come to him. Perhaps, the moment before they arrived at the Surging Waves Lake would be the time that they began to move!


He sneered while murderous intent surged up and filled his eyes. He gripped the Divine Shuttle in his sleeve, and although Luo Xiao had not yet arrived, but rather than waiting, it would be better for him to preemptively attack to kill the enemies and caught them unprepared!


At this time, a thousand miles away from the Surging Waves Lake, a large Flying Palace hovered miles above the clouds.


A man was sitting in the center of a high platform in the middle of the hall with a big nose, wide forehead, eagle-like eyes, and wide chin which was like a broad pillar seat. He was wearing a purple gold crown with tassels that hung from his ears to his shoulders. He also wore a black gold Flood Dragon Armor covered with a majestic overcoat made of a mythical bird—Peng’s feather. Black crow cloud boots were covering his feet, while his build was big and tall at two times bigger than an ordinary person’s. All in all, his imposing manner was extremely terrifying.


This man was the Qin Yang’s Su Family’s eldest son and the direct line successor for this generation—Su Yihong. At this moment, his spiritual sense covered the four directions while his eyes looked to the north and saw a dozen bands of lights flying toward the palace as it then floated down on the stairs to the flying palace. Each person from these dozen of people was all in the Profound Light Realm, while the leader was at the Third Stage of the Profound Light Realm. He came forward and then cupped his hands, “He Guo has seen Senior Brother Su.”


Su Yihong asked with a solemn tone, “How’s the situation?”

He Guo laughed heartily, “That old carp Qu Yue is still completely in the dark right now. He wouldn’t find out about it. Just enough to make things easier for us to hit him.”

“Good!” Su Yihong slapped the table and stood up as his eyes shifted over and swept down, “This important matter today is related to the plan for our entire life in the future. Which one amongst you wants to quit?”


With such impressive and outstanding might emitting out from his eyes, these dozen cultivators’ complexion turned apprehensive as He Guo then took the lead to bow with everyone and shouted, “We will follow Senior Brother’s every command.”


Su Yihong nodded in satisfaction as he then slowly sat down. Grabbing the roaring lion head arm crest, he said, “That year, several elders from the Sect had promised me that as long as I could conquer the Deep Ford Gorge, they will allow me to set up my own sect in this place. For years, I have long been campaigning outside to attack the gate of Nine Twisted Stream Palace of that Demon Carp—Qu Jue. I’m only one step away from achieving this wish of mine, but at this time, why must some people make peace with the Water State. This time, I decided that I cannot let them have their hope!”

He Guo loudly spoke, “Senior Brother, please feel free to command us anything, these fellow brothers will definitely think and act just like yours.”


Su Yihong said, “The Second Young Master has been embarked 12 days ago on the flying Sunlight Tower. By calculating the time, they should be at least one day away. Once the Second Young Master calls us to take on the true disciple Zhang Yan, kill him and take his head. We can use the death of a true disciple as an excuse to break into the Nine Twisted Stream Palace and capture it, sweeping over the Deep Ford Gorge in one fell swoop, then kill that old carp Qu Yue later. We’ll occupy this Water State’s government office as our base. At that time, when that Demon Fish Qu Yue returns, would he be able to endure it?”

Some of them spoke, “I have heard about this Zhang Yan, previously he had killed the Second Young Master’s spirit pet, but also arrested a lot of his fellow apprentices and greatly truncated the Second Young Master’s face, this time his retribution has come.”

Su Yihong nodded as he turned his head to speak to a young cultivator behind He Guo, “He Fang, you personally aid the Second Young Master, for safety’s sake. After taking on Zhang Yan, kill everyone there. If the Second Young Master stops you, tell him that it’s my command.”


He threw something and said, “I’ll give you this Tablet Seal, you can capture and seal Zhang Yan’s Primordial Soul within this tablet. At that time, find any spirit beast and erase its Primordial Soul, and then attach his Primordial soul to that spirit beast body, this will teach him to live forever as an animal.”

His words instantly made everyone in the surroundings become drenched in cold sweat, and none dared to even breathe.


He Fang was greatly excited, he stepped forward to receive the Tablet Seal as he patted his chest and said, “Senior Brother, please feel relieved and wait for a moment for me to return with the Second Young Master along with Zhang Yan’s head.”


He turned around and strode down the palace’s pavilion. When he was just about to fly, he felt that his arm was being pulled by someone. He looked back to see that his brother He Guo chased him here. He couldn’t help but ask with astonishment, “Big Brother, what is it?”


He Guo looked at him and then spoke, “It is said that Zhang Yan is very cunning and is a good schemer. Second Younger Brother, you must be very careful this time, and you must never be negligent. You must know if you made even the smallest mistake, you must not by any means hinder Senior Brother Su’s important plan.”


He Fang immediately became discontented and said, “Big Brother, you’re underestimating me. Zhang Yan’s cultivation base is not even in the Radiant Qi Realm, while I am the Second Stage Profound Light Realm. So why should I fear him?” He shrugged off his arm and turned around to leave. But He Guo tightly grabbed his arm and firmly stuffed something to him, “Take this! Senior Brother Su has granted me this last time, it’s the ‘Purple Heart Core Hammer’, you take it.”


He Fang pretended to refuse while his heart mused, ‘Big Brother is also looking down on me.’


But since He Guo still insisted, he had no choice but to accept while also muttering several words. He then strode over to the stairs and used his profound light on his feet. Instantly, he flew in a flash as a scarlet ray, as he flew to the sky.

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