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Volume 2, Chapter 14 – The Sea of Qi Transformation, the First Stage of Radiant Qi Realm

“Granduncle, is Zhang Yan insane? He dares to arrest 20 people, who are true disciples’ relatives from the Six Rivers Four Islands? How could he not be afraid of offending these true disciples, and not fear the people behind these ancient families?”


When he first heard of Zhang Yan’s actions, Feng Zhen almost suspected that he perceived it wrong. Although the Six Rivers Four Islands was not a big and powerful ancient family, but their united strength was also a force that had to be reckoned with. Moreover, he even caught one of the Feng Family’s direct descendants’ disciples. Zhang Yan’s move this time was really too bold and absolutely unrestrained.


Feng Shang was only swaying his fan as he then spoke with a light and indifferent expression, “Ah, Zhen’er, you’re still unable to neither see nor understand it. In this matter, Zhang Yan has put himself as the handle holder to lever open the battle between apprenticeship branches and our ancient families. Of which, the winner between both has yet to be decided. The apprenticeship branches absolutely will guarantee his safety, and who would dare to raise ones’ head this time? He seems to have fallen into insanity, but he’s actually safe and sound.”


Feng Zhen was quite relentless but puzzled, “And after that? Isn’t he staying in the Azure Ocean Sect? Could it be that he isn’t afraid that in the future, the Feng Family or the Six Rivers Four Islands would come to get him?”


Using both hands as a pillow behind his head, Feng Shang laid down. With half-squinted eyes, he spoke, “That would be a matter that could only happen after a year or so, with the situation at that time… hehehe, who could accurately predict what would happen then?”


“A year or so?” Feng Zhen was startled and said, “How could it be that long? I heard that several ancient families who are on good terms are uniting to send pressure toward the apprenticeship branches. Besides, the Sect Master is also seemingly taking no actions…”


Feng Shang only sneered and spoke in a ridiculing tone, “He would be extremely stupid to believe if the apprenticeship branches could draw a bow without shooting and think that they would take our ancient families’ power? Don’t tell me that the meat is too few and it’s not enough for them to eat! What the Sect Master precisely wants is not to wait for them to jump one by one, and instead cleanly sweep the whole lot to fall into the dragnet!”


Feng Zhen was greatly shocked, “Don’t we, the ancient families, have mutual solidarity, and would advance and retreat together? Why would the Sect Master do such an act, could it be that he isn’t afraid to cause public anger?”


Feng Shang repeatedly shook his head, “The apprenticeship branches are now holding just reasons and only aims for the Six Rivers Four Islands, especially for our Feng Family. They fundamentally haven’t harassed the ancient families’ interests. The others with discerning eyes absolutely won’t come to accompany us to die. They maybe even hope and are waiting for us to weaken, so they could follow us and then divide part of the shares.”


Ancient families were not a piece of iron, and instead, there have been layers of severe contradictions among each other. Only when their common interests were at stake or they were losing to the apprenticeship branches would they rise up to act and fight. Such as the previous scene when Ning Chongxuan was only sitting idly when 5 true disciples were killed, which caused a common panic and dissatisfaction.


But this time was actually different, the apprenticeship branches were obviously aiming at the Feng Family and the Six Rivers Four Islands only. Since they had nothing to do with this matter and were not even dragging them on, why should they enter this turbid water? Not getting bitten was already a good result.


“Besieging a true disciple is not a small charge. Not only did he not think to repent, but he also attempted to attract pressure from the apprenticeship branches to get down. All I can see is that this time the Feng Family’s strength could be damaged severely.” Feng Shang’s eyes flashed as he then spoke in a solemn tone, “Zhang Yan’s idea is truly sinister. With a flip of a hand, not only did he seize the opportunity to wrap them tightly, but also took the advantage to drag the Feng Family down. He’s really a good opponent.”


Upon finding that there was still a chance for the Feng Family to fight back even though they were still in a precarious crisis, Feng Zhen quickly downed from his seat, bent down to his knees and respectfully bowed, “Grandnephew wants to ask Granduncle, how should we proceed in resolving this matter?”

Feng Shang glanced at him, and with an indifferent expression, he spoke, “Naturally, there is still a way.

Let Feng Ji suffer to death and kill him by means of ‘cleaning the house’ and send someone to appease Zhang Yan. As the matter stands, if we could cut off this matter in advance, it won’t leave any chance for the apprenticeship branches to strike.”

With eyes opened wide, Feng Zhen then asked, “This way, wouldn’t a Feng Family’s member still lose a life? And greatly damage our Feng Family’s reputation?”

Looking at him, Feng Shang scoffed, “Under the overturned nest, how can there be eggs there? Saving a human in exchange for wealth or saving the wealth and lose the human. In my opinion, losing Feng Ji’s life to be exempted of the loss would cause the Family to be better. You must know that Zhang Yan’s idea is to fight poison with poison. Regardless of how this matter would result, since the Feng Family has been slapped, we will still lose face, why don’t we let go of one death?”

Feng Zhen, on the floor, bowed again, “Thank you, for Granduncle’s instruction. I will go back and report this to the elders of the family to clear up this matter. I hope they can quickly make a decision.”


Feng Shang slowly shook his head, but he didn’t say anything.


Feng Zhen hesitated a bit, and then spoke with hatred, “Zhang Yan is truly excessive and hateful, I don’t know whether Granduncle has a method to move him?”


Feng Shang paused, then moved his big fan as light glinted from his eyes, “Previously, I led Zhang Yan to be forced into entering the Alchemy Pavilion, so how would I have no subsequent plan? But to execute it, we have to wait for the opportunity to come.”


“This… Could Granduncle disclose one or two hints?”


Feng Shang only smiled but he didn’t answer. But as when he saw that Feng Zhen seemingly wanted to ask other questions, he then laid down on the couch and covered his face with the fan, “I’m going to sleep, sleep.”

Feng Zhen could only feel helpless as he then respectfully bowed and withdrew.


5 months later.


Black clouds were billowing on Spirit Leaf Island as the spiritual qi from the Golden Phoenix Blazing Inferno whirled around strongly, it was even several folds more powerful than the usual qi in the past.


At this time, Zhang Yan had refined 80 strands of Pure Yang spiritual qi, and it took only one step to leap forward into the ‘Sea of Qi Transformation’ stage. Such a quick progress was also aided by the concocted pills taken from the Wang Family, coupled with his discoveries when he explored the Billows Cloud pure qi’s manipulation and refining method.


However, he had been trying to condense the last strand of this spiritual qi for 7 days and nights and had yet to produce any results from his efforts.


Finally, he simply abandoned his refinement of more Billow Cloud pure qi and switched over to the qi extraction method, as he then controlled the 80 strands of the Pure Yang spiritual qi together and attempted to draw out the pure qi from his True Primordial Qi.


But he didn’t expect that these 80 strands of pure qi could only be refined by a half of the last strands of qi. To his surprise, he didn’t know why this qi was responding with the Evil Qi from the depth of the earth’s vein’s abyss, causing the two golden fires to constantly rage and billow upwards.


This heavy Evil Qi was far more powerful that the usual Evil Qi, and at this moment, it was as if it was aware that he was about to succeed. Becoming extremely chaotic and rushing over him, sending the burning fire and smoke, which seemed to drill and cover the five main holes in his body, as if it would crush him and destroy his foundation at this time.


The moment the 80 strands of pure qi were flushed by this heavy Evil Qi, it instantly became chaotic. If he wasn’t careful enough, these already refined pure qi could have been completely contaminated.


In this critical juncture, Zhang Yan didn’t fall into panic as he firmly guarded his core orifices and firmly defended his state of mind without even a trace of being disrupted as he controlled and pooled the 80 strands of pure spiritual qi one by one. He chanted the law from the “Taiyi Golden Manual” in his heart and slowly moved his True Primordial. Patiently, he cleansed and refined the Evil Qi that seeped into his pores one after another.


Having passed another 3 days, the last strands of pure qi were just like a chicken that just hatched from its broken shell. It was only a wisp and had yet to be fully refined. At this time, Zhang Yan’s eyes suddenly opened with his body unconsciously trembling, as if something would soon burst out from his body.


All the strands of Pure Yang spiritual qi suddenly surged out and couldn’t be controlled as it vigorously drilled into his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, as lucid and bright lights emitted out from his five senses. Zhang Yan carefully looked again at his core and saw that the glowing ripples of the 81 strands of pure qi, which were split over, resembled the waves in water. And at this moment, he had officially entered the First Stage of The Radiant Qi Realm—the “Sea of Qi Transformation” stage!


However, these strands of pure qi floated up and into his Dantian, resembling the raging and rippling waves of the rivers and oceans. This energy seemed to be unwilling to be stopped by him, and seemingly hinted at him to not stop stimulating and using the cultivation method.


Quickly, Zhang Yan became aware as he opened his mouth and sucked the heavy Evil Qi in front of him and swallowed it, wrapping it with his pure qi and refining it with his True Primordial Qi.


After one day and night, the heavy Evil Qi began to wear away as black and bluish colored sweat was secreted out from the pores all over his body unceasingly.




His exhaled out a long breath as black and grayish colored air was exuded from his mouth, just like the cinder smoke that was being spouted out from his mouth and nose.


When he looked again inside, he found that aside from the 81 strands of pure qi in his Dantian, there was also some foul air that was condensed into a group of black gas mass.


Instantly, Zhang Yan was unable to restrain his happiness, he didn’t expect that he just only took the opportunity and unexpectedly was able to gather his first Impure Yin spiritual qi? Wasn’t it equal to saving him several months of cultivating time?


“Great, it’s truly wonderful, the difficulties for this second step is far more than the first one. How would I know that the Taiyi Golden Manual could be this wonderful? Extreme Yang would produce Yin, and extreme Yin would create Yang. And to my surprise, breaking into one would create the other one in succession. Truly, the good fortunes and misfortunes are accompanying each other continually. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would’ve never been able to find this.”


Having such a great fortune and fate would always be burdened with deep and dark followings. The Heavenly Laws had always been holding the whips up high, which could fall anytime, and he mustn’t have the slightest bit of lenience.


But wasn’t this exactly just like what he always said? Treading on the cultivation path was naturally just like sailing a boat against the current. He could never retreat and could only move forward, giving his best to reach the highest in the sky and become unstoppable. Should his will not be firm, if he shrunk back for even one step, the Heavenly Laws would have discarded him at this very moment.


At this time, Zhang Yan could see that the 81 strands of Pure Yang spiritual qi in his body were in the middle of being gathered, while some were scattered as it moved randomly within. However, the Impure qi was only slowly sinking and lying quietly in the deep sea of qi. He tried to move it with his mind and opened his mouth to spit this impure qi from his chest. He then heard a “puff-crack” sound as a stone wall was then pierced through deeply, leaving 2 finger-sized holes on it.

Then, he took a deep breath again, retracting the impure qi back into his chest and analyzed it. He found that this impure qi wasn’t even damaged. It was very obvious that this was not the limit of this impure qi. He secretly nodded, “It’s no surprise that the Taiyi Golden Manual said that, when the cultivation level has reached the Profound Light Realm, even metals could be melted. Judging from this impure qi’s might, it seems that it’s not exaggerated.”


Zhang Yan knew that this time, he just rushed his breakthrough in the past few days. And it seemed that he would be unable to do the previous step again to improve his cultivation base, and later, he had to slowly temper himself step by step according to the prescribed order.


For the moment, he calculated that it would at least take 6 months before he could break through into the Second Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm—the “Red Cloud Summoning”—and at that time, when his pure and impure qi were in balance, he would be able to summon clouds and rain. He would be able to harness and control the clouds, of which, exempted the need of a flying ship when he had to fly.


As for the flying technique for escape, only cultivators at the Third Stage of Radiant Qi Realm were able to do so, since their particular profound light’s seed had been cultivated inside their body. Only then would they be able to draw the profound light’s support to integrate with their flying swords and attach their body to the sword. Should they finally enter the First Stage of the Profound Light Realm—the “Essential Spirit Light Radiance”—they would then be able to directly use the profound light to envelop their body and travel back and forth through the void.




Zhang Yan suddenly heard a high-pitched and sharp sound transmitted from outside his Immortal Cave, and he could immediately recognize that this was the Golden Whistle Sword’s sound.


Who sent him a letter?


He immediately took his Token Seal to de-activate the restrictive seal and then opened his Immortal Cave’s door. He then raised his hand to receive the sword and quickly opened the letter and read it. The letter was informing him that 10 days later, all true disciples would gather to enjoy the full moon scenery. The letter invited him to attend the meeting.

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