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Volume 2, Chapter 13 – Adding Fuel to the Fire, Using Someone Else’s Hand to Kill


The Jade Command Token contained a strand of Primordial Soul and Blood Essence taken from each warrior in it, and the instant it was put out, 6 Sea Toppler Warriors immediately dashed into the hall.


The moment Feng Ji heard Zhang Yan shout his identity, he stared blankly for a moment. However, when he saw that there were only a few Sea Toppler Warriors, his courage was raised while his eyes drifted over with disdain. Regardless of whether or not the other party only sprouted out empty words or intimidation, as long as he could obtain the concocted pills, it didn’t mean that he had no means. Since he could just make his way out by killing or seizing this person. Not only had he no fear, but instead became excited and exclaimed, “Fellow Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers, this person dares to insult our Six Rivers’ Four Islands. Don’t worry! Senior Brother Su will take the responsibility to protect us had something bad happens. Let’s take the concocted pills and then leave!”

These 20 people were also not afraid to stir up trouble, as they stood up and shouted loudly. Various magic tools and flying swords quickly appeared, turned and shot toward the Sea Toppler Warriors.


A Sea Toppler Warrior’s strength was equal to a Second Stage Radiant Qi Realm cultivator, and their body was completely altered with their True Qi deep into their bones, making their body as strong as a steel hammer. Such ordinary flying swords or spiritual qi could never injure them. However, their strength was a level lower than the Mountain Seizer Warriors, and were unable to directly block these magical tools. Shortly after three people had fallen, their life or death was unknown.

There were many people that began to hit them, and there were even a few magical tools that attacked Zhang Yan at the same time, but after those magical tools were broken by his fingertips, it made them distressed, as they didn’t dare to strike at him again.


At this moment, nobody noticed that a faint trace of ridicule and mockery was drawn on Zhang Yan’s face


He could have called the Mountain Seizer Warriors, but he intentionally called out 6 Sea Toppler Warriors. It was precisely to give opportunity for the other party to revolt and resist.


In his view, how could Feng Ji even have any value? This boy was just a small ant, he didn’t have the intention to drag the whole Six Rivers Four Islands into the sewer, but he at least must drag the Feng Family into the mire as to give them a taste of their medicine and let them taste how good it was to be schemed by others.


The assassination attempts toward true disciples and coupled with besieging him in the light despite knowing his identity. By regards of the Sect’s rules, these actions simply will create a huge disturbance, it was equivalent to revolting against the Sect.


Thus, the bigger the trouble this matter caused, the better for his advantages.


Looking at the Sea Toppler Warriors that had almost died, Zhang Yan felt that the opportunity had come. He quickly summoned 3 Mountain Seizer Warriors with the Jade Command Token. They fearlessly greeted those magical tools’ bombardments with their body as they moved forward and knocked down these juveniles one by one. In an instant, those 20 juveniles were fully subdued.

Having collected the magical tools, they tied up this group of juveniles and threw all of them into a room under the hall whilst unceasingly spitting out curses. Zhang Yan then ordered some people to wrap their mouth as he then walked near the table and took a pen and paper. He quickly wrote a short and brief letter, called a warrior and gave him a flying boat, ordering him to send this letter to Ning Chongxuan by all means.


After the warrior had taken his letter and left the gate, he glanced at those juveniles who looked at him with resentment. He couldn’t help but coldly smile and secretly mused, “Senior Brother Ning, I have set up this bridge for you to play. I’ll look forward as to how you use the stage for your song.”


After Zhang Yan had entered the Upper Court, Ning Chongxuan had clearly favored him. And since he had a true disciple status, once he got the approval to accept him to his apprenticeship branch, he could see that in the foreseeable future, he could become the backbone of his branch. However, because Feng Shang stretched out his hand and meddled in this matter, he was thrown out and became Zhou Chongju’s apprentice, causing all of Ning Chongxuan’s plans and efforts to amount to nothing.


It could be said that Ning Chongxuan and his apprenticeship branch couldn’t even take any actions although they were angry, the only thing was that they were unable to work out any justifiable excuses to vent their anger. Thus, the charges for this assassination attempt, plus besieging true disciples, were absolutely sufficient for their uses.


In the previous battle for the Shellfish Field, Ning Chongxuan only sat and watched when five disciples from the ancient families were being killed, and then he failed to capture Luo Xiao. Therefore the Du, Zheng, and several other families joined together to launch some pressure on the Sect Master.


At that time, the Shellfish Field in the Three Lakes Demon’s territory was only just seized and the shares’ distributions for all factions were still undecided. Many ancient families attempted to seize more shares, and each one had their own secret plan as the others also tried to catch up with the other. Upon seeing the escalated conflicts, the apprenticeship branch took decisive actions as to let the Du Family use the Spirit Shellfish King’s spiritual dews to open Du You’s meridians. They also had to make the arrangements as to let the Zheng Family’s junior open his meridians and enter the Upper Court ahead of time. Under several secret negotiations between them, they were finally able to appease these two families and quickly settle the escalated issues. But still, some losses were inevitable.


Last time, from Zhou Chongju, he heard that the shares and benefits had already been divided appropriately to all factions while the apprenticeship branches’ hands and feet were slowed down. After which, they would absolutely try to find a chance to get back at them. And today, Zhang Yan had sent such a big handle to their door, they didn’t have any reason to refuse his offer.


To put it shortly, had the apprenticeship branches really ignored this matter, his next best step was to kill this Feng Ji. It could be calculated as having some revenge against Feng Shang’s scheme.


In any case, in this matter, he was the true winner.


Zhang Yan smiled and prepared to order this group of juveniles to be thrown into the dungeon. However, a person suddenly broke into the great hall as he shouted at him with a flustered and exasperated expression, “Who tied them up! Who tied them up! Release them!”


Zhang Yan glanced at this man, and immediately recognized the origin of this person. He was the second man after Zhou Chongju in the Alchemy Pavilion—Dou Ming. Therefore, he spoke calmly, “Vice Master Dou, why should you yell? I’m the one who ordered them to be tied up!”


“You’re… Zhang, Junior Brother Zhang?”


Dou Ming frowned, he was barely able to suppress his anger as he pointed to the ground and said, “Younger Brother Zhang, do you know the origin of these people?”


Zhang Yan calmly replied, “Naturally, I know them. They are the true disciples’ families from the Six Rivers Four Islands.”


Dou Ming then angrily snapped, “Since you know their origin, why don’t you release them? Do you want to court disaster to our pavilion?”


Zhang Yan couldn’t help but sneer and said, “Courting disaster for the Pavilion? They just dared to attack and assassinate me. The way I see it, aren’t they the ones who incited troubles for the Pavilion?”


Upon hearing this explanation, Dou Ming was greatly startled as he immediately coughed and spoke in a more moderate tone, “Younger Brother Zhang, it’s only a small matter, why should you take it in mind? They are true disciples’ relatives, how could they really intend to injure someone from the same Sect? This should be a misunderstanding, and since you have taught them a lesson, I suggest that we should release them.”


Zhang Yan’s eyebrows knitted and said, “It’s truly strange, Vice Master Dou is afraid of the Six Rivers Four Islands’ true disciples, could it be that you’re not afraid of my true disciple status?”


Vice Master Dou suddenly become speechless, and in his eyes, Zhang Yan was really not as good as these people. Wasn’t the reasons of him “to be sent to the penal service” to the Alchemy Pavilion showed what his future would be?


But to offend Zhang Yan… he couldn’t afford to offend him. He was aware that the Hardwood Kind Pavilion was directly under his jurisdiction, and doing this will inevitably court troubles for him in the future. He calculated again in his heart as he stepped forward and whispered, “Younger Brother Zhang, do you know whose spirit beast that is? That’s the spirit beast raised by Su Yiang! He’s a junior from one of the 5 Great Clans.”


Zhang Yan lightly replied, “There is a saying from the mortal world, should the princes and common people violate the laws, their sins are equal. Is it just because he is the Su Family’s junior then, that he can be above the Sect’s rules and gives you the rights to arbitrarily attack true disciples?”


Upon seeing that the Su disciple’s identity didn’t even make Zhang Yan flinch, Dou Ming then spoke in an anxious tone, “How would Su Yiang not be affable? He’s Su Yihong’s younger blood brother. Younger Brother Zhang should also have heard that this person has the habit to cover up for any mishaps. If you offend his younger blood brother, maybe he will come after you in the future. When that time comes, Younger Brother would be unable to hide anymore.”


“Su Yihong?”


Zhang Yan also recalled that this Su Yihong indeed had a very big reputation, Ai Zhongwen had repeatedly mentioned his name when he was still in the Lower Court.


It was said that he was nourished with spiritual liquid when he was still in his mother’s womb, which was refined from Jade Flower medicinal herbs. His mother also consumed her own blood’s essence every day and night to nurture the fetus until giving birth to him 16 years later. When he was born, divine light was assembled around his body and his meridians had already been opened, and the grade was the highest grade of Small Yang type. And now, he had cultivated for 38 years and had already entered the Dan Transformation Realm. When he was still in the Profound Light Realm, he was able to kill a Dan Transformation Realm cultivator. With this achievement, he was indeed not a simple figure.


But how could someone this powerful be permitted to compare his strength with someone much less powerful than him?


Zhang Yan only sneered. Was he someone that could be compared with these families’ strength and influence? Today, didn’t everyone have formidable patrons behind their backs?


Since he dared to do so, he naturally had the confidence to do so!


He was a true disciple, and this group of juveniles had repeatedly attacked him. Then, where was the legal and just principle? Where was the Sect’s rule? Where was the line between the upper and lower, the Seniors and Juniors?


Unless the Azure Ocean Sect was being disbanded today; otherwise, since this case was in the light, he must stay true to this principle as to uphold the authority of the just and legal constituted laws. Had this precedence been let off, anyone who became true disciples could have been targeted and killed by everyone. With this in mind, how could the Sects have survived for such a long time?


Today, he had seized the just position and coerced this huge momentum. He was precisely riding on the mighty, powerful, and irresistible tsunami. Anyone who was against this momentum would perish. Regardless of how powerful Su Yihong was, how could he struggle against the mighty tsunami behind him?

If this person still had the awareness to realize his own limitation he would give in. Otherwise, he would be crushed and fall down to meet his cruel death. In either case, he would still run into situations that would make him badly beaten.


Thus, despite whatever Dou Ming tried to persuade him with, Zhang Yan completely ignored him.


Upon seeing his persuasions were unable to convince Zhang Yan, Dou Ming finally gave up this plan. He then cynically spoke in a cold tone, “Since Younger Brother Zhang refuses to listen to any admonishments, I cannot stop you. I hope I can still see your body and bones still intact when that time comes! I hope what your eyes can’t see, won’t make your heart grieve over it! Farewell!”


Zhang Yan cupped his hands over and said, “Senior Brother Dou, bon voyage, I will not send you off!”


After Dou Ming left, Zhang Yan slammed the table and stood up, “All warriors, use the Cloud Yang Golden Lock to completely tie up these people and throw them into the dungeon. Shut off the dungeon tightly, and don’t let anyone escape from there!”


Zhang Yan stroked his sleeves and headed straight toward the Hardwood Kind Pavilion’s front door. He drove the flying ship and flew toward Zhou Chongju’s dwelling place.


Less than half an hour, he then ran into a fishing boat and saw Zhou Chongju was on it. He then told him everything regarding the matter’s whole sequence.


Having heard his report, Zhou Chongju pondered for a moment and quickly understood his intentions slightly as he quickly laughed and said, “Although Younger Brother’s move is aimed toward the Feng Family, but you actually want drag down those Six Rivers Four Islands families into the water. Else the target is too small, causing the Apprenticeship Branches to be unable to seize enough advantages. But I have to ask you, how much assurance do you have for this plan?”


Zhang Yan thought for a second and said, “60%.”


“60%, hmm, it’s quite good. But I’m afraid that the pressuring degree and the maturity of the plan still lack some ingredients. The success or failure degree of this plan would be up and down along with the force we add on it. Alright, I’ll help you!” Zhou Chongju caressed his beard and said, “The Sect Master recently had something that needs my assistance, so I’ll come forward to seek justice for you. He would surely push the boat with the current, taking advantage as to give me some face. So we could at least have 80% assurances for the plan.”


Zhang Yan’s complexion moved as he cupped his hands over and spoke, “If so, I will rely upon Senior Brother.”


Zhou Chongju warmly replied, “Younger Brother, why must you be this polite? Anyways, do you want to go back to your Immortal Cave today?”


Zhang Yan nodded and said, “Originally, I was planning to put on some acts, but since today I’ve literally torn the Feng Family’s face, why should I stay here? Besides, they also have to busy themselves to handle this matter, right?”


Zhou Chongju also agreed, “You are right, the Sect forbids private fights amongst its disciples. For this matter, nobody would make things difficult for you this time. Even if those juniors are not aware of these issues, however, could those old fogies be unable to understand it? This time is precisely the most suitable time for you to go back, you need to take your time to improve your cultivation. After all, that’s the most fundamental basis.”


“Senior Brother is correct.” Zhang Yan paused for a moment and then continued, “Two days ago, I’ve read Senior Brother’s essay, and I found that Senior Brother’s alchemy’s techniques are truly wonderful and do not have any side effects. Also, I’ve conducted a deep study on it, and I think that I can obtain limitless benefits from it.”


Upon hearing Zhang Yan’s words, Zhou Chongyu couldn’t help but feel elated, as he quickly replied in happy expression, “That you are interested is enough, it is already great. I was afraid you didn’t care about this path I have been treading on. Right, you wait a moment.” He then turned around and left to the back side, and after he came out, a bottle concocted pills was in his hand as he then spoke, “These are the concocted pills I’ve refined with my alchemy’s method. You take it!”


Zhang Yan took the concocted pills, nodded to express his thanks and then bid farewell to Zhou Chongju.


After he left the fishing boat, he looked up to the sky, and secretly muttered, “Feng Shang, I have made my move, how will you respond?” He let out a faint smile and formed a secret technique’s seal. In an instant, the flying ship soared into the sky, turned around, and flew toward Spirit Leaf Island.

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