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Volume 2, Chapter 12 – The Spirit Beast Inciting Troubles, Zhang Yan Setting Up Traps


Preparing the plan for their next steps in the future, Zhang Yan and Zhou Chongju stayed in the secret chamber for a long time. And due to some other considerations, Zhou Chongju explained to him the forces’ constellation within the Sect in detail, as well as in addition, comprehensively telling him the important events in the recent years.


This was similar to opening the general picture in front of Zhang Yan, so as revealing all the Azure Ocean Sect’s records that were emerging on top of the picture.


In the past, he was confined due to his limited status and was restrained by it. The things he could see were only in a small scope. Even if he obtained some valuable information, it was like seeing flowers within the fog. But now, his understanding of the Sect’s circumstances had changed greatly.


For safety reasons, Zhou Chongju suggested that Zhang Yan should live in the Alchemy Pavilion, so as to avoid be targeted and suffer from the Feng Family’s actions. As well as to wait for the limelight to die down before he could return to his Immortal Cave again. Zhang Yan accepted the suggestion since he thought that Feng Shang should have sent someone to secretly pry into his actions. Which indeed was quite inconvenient for him to go back to his Immortal Cave immediately, because it would arouse that old fox’s suspicion.


However, he also found that this place was not suitable to practice his cultivation law.


Although the spiritual qi around the Alchemy Pavilion was abundant, it was actually being contained with a Formation Array so as to manipulate all the spiritual qi in this place toward the underground, nourishing those medicinal and spiritual herbs.


On the other hand, the pills’ concocting techniques were one of the most difficult to practice, and even though he was without prospects in cultivation, it would be unlikely that he would take this path. Therefore, the Immortal Cave in this place mostly only looked good but was useless. It could perhaps be useful for an ordinary cultivator. However, in Zhang Yan’s view, he was disinclined to even put it in his eyes.


Since he had nothing to do, Zhang Yan gave a try to read the pills’ concocting manuals Zhou Chongju had given him. The instant he read it, he became fascinated and immediately entered the Broken Jade.


Having read it, he couldn’t help but sigh. It was no wonder the Senior that day directed him to come to seek refuge with Zhou Chongju. This person’s alchemical ability was truly extraordinary. The originally “Three Opening Arts”, with his meticulous improvement, had been transformed into the “Inner Opening Arts”.”


One must know that the “Three Opening Arts” was mainly to temper one’s tongue, nose, and eyes. To practice their identification ability, heat control, efficacy, and effectiveness of furnace devices, which basically were the foundation that made one eligible to be called as Pills Concocting Master or Alchemy Master.


However, this “Inner Opening Arts”, although it was a derivation from the original ‘Three Opening Arts’, it was a whole level higher. He could specifically contain his qi inside his body’s orifices, and then swallow several special concocted pills. The condensated qi that was being contained in these orifices was not inferior to the ones that were aided by inserting some drugs by means of some instruments with acupuncture arts. He would simply extract the qi from the contained qi in his orifices after circulating it for three times. He then would be able to replace the original Three Opening Arts. Not only would this method greatly shorten the practice time, but also had low requirements from a cultivator’s aptitude. The most essential point in this method was that, as long as there were those special concocted pills, anyone could practice it.


Should this method spread out, it would absolutely change the present constellation (situation) of the 16 Great Factions.


Zhang Yan was immediately aware of the value of this pill concocting method and carefully put it away in his Universe Pouch as he prepared to find a few concocted pills to try this method by himself. After thinking up to there, he dressed up and went outside. He threw out his flying boat and flew straight toward the Hardwood Kind Pavilion.


By the rules, nobody was allowed to ride a flying ship in the Alchemy Pavilion’s vicinity. However, Zhou Chongju gave him a supervisory role, which he could conveniently use to monitor various affairs and departments in the pavilion.


This position’s privileges were quite wide and gave him the rights to monitor and take action for any irregularities that happened under the Alchemy Pavilion. Nobody had any objection to his job’s arrangement.


In the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Yan was now Zhou Chongju’s successor—a true direct disciple—and his most trusted person, a person that mustn’t be offended. There were thousands of things and complicated matters in the Alchemy Pavilion, while Zhang Yan was only a new person with an unknown ability. In alchemy, he had neither the knowledge in medicinal herbs’ identification nor could he tell the quality of concocted pills. Even if some people cheated him in secret, he wouldn’t be able to see it. Thus, even the other two Vice Masters of the Alchemy Pavilion gave their acquiescence.


The Alchemy Pavilion occupied ​​a vast area, which was located outside the landmass where the Upper Court resided. Most of the island’s soil was covered with fields of spiritual and medicinal herbs. Even all the island’s shore along the Great Lake was planted with a variety of aquatic spiritual herbs. Zhang Yan flew all the way and found many warriors in every place, the ‘Sea Toppler’ warriors, the ‘River Flipper’ warriors, and the ‘Mountain Seizer’ warriors, who were seen patrolling back and forth on the mountain.


He couldn’t help but feel quite astonished as he then traced his sleeve to pinch the Jade Command Token which had been imprinted with those warriors’ Soulblood. He then issued an order to 30 ‘Sea Toppler’ warriors and 5 ‘Mountain Seizer’ warriors to come along with him.


At this moment, he looked at the faintly seen Hardwood Kind Pavilion that was located on the summit’s eaves when he suddenly heard a “BOOM” sound as a strand of light whistled in the air. He could see that it shot toward his position. As he quickly steered the flying ship to avoid it, some people were shouting at him, “Get out!”


He saw a strand of red light shoot forward and was about to hit him. Zhang Yan’s eyes then flashed and he decisively abandoned his flying ship. In the next second, he only heard a “cracking” sound as his flying ship was then cut into two parts. He quickly circulated his Pure Qi and slowly floated down. The man on the white light shouted in surprise as the red light then circled around and shot toward Zhang Yan as if it would try to cut him down.

Zhang Yan’s complexion sank as his hand reached into his sleeves. When he was about to act, he then heard the man on the white light spoke, “Don’t play here, a young life is more important.”


The man hovering in midair laughed then loudly spoke, “It’s very convenient for you.” The white light then turned around and descended toward the Hardwood Kind Pavilion’s courtyard.


After Zhang Yan gently landed on the ground, he then looked up and found that not all of these white lights had stopped. There were a total of 20 strands of light rushing into the Hardwood Kind Pavilion. He then patted his robes as he squinted his eyes to look what happened ahead. He let out a grim smile and walked over there.


When he arrived at the courtyard, he found that the lights turned out to be all kinds of odd and strange-shaped flying ships while there were 20 people that had landed here. It seemed that almost all of them were 13 or 14-years-old boys and girls, while the oldest ones were only 15-years-old. A teenager who acted like a leader with his hand embracing a kind of spirit animal, patted the cabinet case and shouted, “This is Senior Brother Su’s Red Fur Spirit Mole which was accidentally injured by a Flying Bear Demon. Old man Chao, quickly give me a ‘Flower Tranquilizer Pill’ so I can heal it.”


The Hardwood Kind Pavilion’s manager was surnamed Chao and had always been handling most matters with a smooth and slick manner, never easily offending people. At the moment, he could only reply with a bitter face, “Young ancestor, we only produce 3 furnaces of Flower Tranquilizer Pills in a year, and it also must be distributed to the hands of an Immortal Master. It’s very fortunate if this one could take a grain out, so where would this one find one for you…”


The teenager seemed a little impatient and scolded, “Don’t waste any words, there has to be some of it here!” The other boys and girls behind him also let out some curses. But this manager Chao didn’t dare to talk back. He repeatedly nodded even though he didn’t move a single step. He only signaled to a steward beside him, prompting the steward to run away immediately.


Zhang Yan stood in the doorway and observed the spirit beast that looked like a hybrid from a dog and sheep. There was a four-angle plate on its head as its body was covered in a flame-colored fur. It seemed that it was suffocating and dying at the moment, and seemingly had been severely injured. At this time, the running away steward passed across him as he quickly grabbed the steward and then pointed to inner hall, “I am Zhang Yan, what are these people’s origins?”


The steward was originally anxious and rushed toward the manager’s courtyard. He actually didn’t want to be stopped by Zhang Yan and was going to attack him. But as when heard this “Zhang Yan” name, his body shivered and immediately became submissive as he replied in a docile manner, “Reporting to Martial Uncle Zhang. They are all true disciples’ families from the Six Rivers’ Four Islands.”


The so-called Six Rivers’ Four Islands were the names of superior grade Immortal Caves. However, those places were different from Spirit Leaf Island which had dangerous qi veins. Those Immortal Caves could truly be called a Blessed Land. Not only did it have an abundant spiritual qi, it also had beautiful scenery. Those 10 Blessed Lands were linked up into a single stretch just like a chess boards’ pieces. And the true disciples from these places were mutually in good relationship with each other and formed an alliance, which was a formidable force in the Sect.

Zhang Yan was quite taken aback and pondered for a while. Since these people were true disciples’ relatives and had destroyed his flying boat, by his status, he should have taken the initiative to find these people and directly talk about it. But he didn’t want to lower himself to the same level with these children, so as to avoid become other’s jokes.


Having thought of this, he was just about to leave, but he stopped abruptly when he heard the steward’s next words, “The one who takes the lead there is called Feng Ji, and the one in the red robe is called Zheng…”


Zhang Yan suddenly stopped and said, “Wait a minute! Did you say that the one who takes the lead is surnamed Feng?”


“Yes, he’s precisely from the Feng Family, one of the 12 Great Mansions.”


Zhang Yan’s mind calculated faster as he carefully analyzed a lot of variables from all angles. He immediately changed his previous intention and secretly sneered in his mind, “Feng Shang, Feng Shang… now your Feng Family’s juniors had violated some rules and have fallen to my hand today. You can only blame yourself for your own bad luck.”


He was eager to look for any opportunity to ignite some troubles with the Feng Family, but feared that he wouldn’t have good opportunities even in the next several years. However, since Feng Ji had sent it to his door today, how he could let off this golden opportunity?


Besides, he had brewed some plans, and as long as he could execute it perfectly, he might perhaps be able to drag the whole line of these ancient families’ disciples into the sewer.


Zhang Yan released the steward and then strode straight into the hall as he pointed at the spirit beast on the ground and spoke in solemn expression, “Manager Chao, what’s all this about?”


Since Manager Chao had yet to know him, he couldn’t help but startle, while the previous steward then ran back and hurriedly whispered to him. His complexion slightly changed as he saluted and spoke, “It’s originally Martial Uncle Zhang, please sit inside.”


Zhang Yan quickly waved and said, “I asked you, what’s all this about?”


Manager Chao could only let out an “oh, alas” words, but he suppressed it and didn’t say anything.


Even though he didn’t say anything, Zhang Yan was not anxious and calmly stood there with an indifferent expression.


Feng Ji, who was waiting at one side became very impatient and yelled out, “My family’s little pet was injured by a demon, I want your pavilion’s Flower Tranquilizer Pill to eradicate its baleful qi. How many words should be said again? Old bastard Chao, why don’t you quickly take the medicine out?”


Upon hearing these words, Manager Chao’s complexion instantly turned dark.

By rights, this concocted pill was not to be given to a spirit beast. However, this was not absolute and could be temporarily exempted for some particular excuses. As long as true disciples were in urgent need of this pill, this rule could be exempted and be put aside. However, it was absolutely not under his rights to permit this. Otherwise, after this issue was investigated, he could be in a big trouble. Not to mention these ancient families’ juniors had always been handling matters with ferociousness and were running amok. So how would he be able to even think about any means to get out from this?

Zhang Yan didn’t pay any attention to Feng Ji as he coldly spoke to Manager Chao, “Only a human can take this medicine, how could we give it to some worthless livestock?”


“You, you dare not to give it to me?” Feng Ji turned around and glared angrily at Zhang Yan.


Zhang Yan didn’t even look at him and seemingly regarded that he didn’t even exist. He only looked at Manager Chao and spoke, “Manager Chao, all concocted pills have a fixed distribution quota for each and every house and pavilions. If it’s less and missing, you will have to take the responsibilities for this.”


Having said that, he flicked his sleeves and left.


“Don’t you dare to leave!” Feng Ji shouted and quickly raised his hand as a red light then shot at Zhang Yan’s back.


Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed, and the instant his sleeve swung out, an azure light flew. Everyone couldn’t see clearly what was it as the red light then fell down, which turned out to be a small scarlet-colored hatchet that had already bleak and lost its luster.


Joy and happiness filled Zhang Yan’s heart. This Feng Ji was only 13 or 14-years-old and was open and candid, he was easily dragged into his scheme. He only needed to dig a pit and let this boy jump inside on his own.


However, Zhang Yan on the surface, pretended to be furious as he put out and pinched the Jade Command Token and yelled, “The Sect’s rules has been set, if anybody tries to attack true disciples without proper reasons, then he must be killed directly with no pardon! Where are all Sea Topler Warriors? Why don’t you quickly arrest him?”

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