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Volume 1, Chapter 35 – Evading Heavenly Tribulation and Finding Reason to Cover the Loopholes

The “Exquisite Records of the Inner Qi Profound Origins Manual” was a peerless cultivation law to help one open the meridians, and an authentic profound Taoism manual from ancient times. However, successfully practicing this manual incurred the heaven’s wrath. Should one successfully practice the technique, the heavenly tribulation thunders would descend and hit his body. Not only would it injure his soul, but his heart would also be shaken and break his spirit. Even the sounds of thunder and its shockwave would damage the five elements of the internal organs, shaking his foundation and finally blocking his path to ascend to the heavens.


If one were too slow to escape, all previous efforts would come to naught, and the worst thing that could happen was that he would never be able to cultivate again.


However, the heaven and earth were really marvelous and would naturally have a covert and subtle means to leave a slight chance of survival. Before the heavenly thunder tribulation descended, the one who would have it always had a significant premonition, and should they have the methods to deal with it, they could quickly avoid the tribulation, finally completing the profound cultivation laws.


Luo Xiao had revealed this mystery to Zhang Yan. And at this time, the world’s situation changed, he could sense it in advance that the heavenly thunder tribulation would soon be approaching, and would ruin his cultivation efforts.


“Fellow Daoist, quickly avoid it!”


Luo Xiao’s complexion was also greatly terrified, she and Zhang Yan had been interlinked with the Soulblood Contract. It could also affect her, causing her to die in an instant. Once the line connected to Zhang Yan’s soul was destroyed, she could no longer hope to become an immortal anymore. Her life would only remain for at most a hundred years. So how could she feel at ease about it? With the imminent heavenly thunder tribulation, she quickly used her black-colored profound light and swept the ground to immediately dig a shallow hole the size of a person in the cavern’s ground.


Zhang Yan no longer hesitated. He quickly sealed his five senses with his True Primordial Qi and shut off all of his conscious; he let his body get buried by Luo Xiao, who quickly used the rubble and soil to bury his body.


After all, this had been completely finished, the sounds of thunder clapped in the horizon, as lighting and the rumbling thunder made Luo Xiao’s heart tremble.

This thunder’s might was extremely terrifying and was entirely different with common thunders. Moreover, the burst of the thunderbolts’ sound actually penetrated the layers of the caverns and soil, and eventually went straight into the cavern, resounding in one’s ears as if the thunder was very close.

Fortunately, it was only the sound that penetrated without the lightning falling down here. However, Luo Xiao was a demon cultivator and had an instinctive fear of these kinds of heavenly thunders…


At this point, she remembered, that it was no wonder that the two Spirit Shellfish Kings had already left. It seemed that it also could induce that the heavenly thunder was approaching, so it quickly searched for a place to hide. This grade of terrifyingly powerful thunder even made her feel restless, much less the two spirit beasts that had yet to develop their own sentience and wisdom.


After seven days, the thunders finally receded.


Zhang Yan didn’t wait for Luo Xiao as he pushed on the surface soil to then jump out from underground. At that moment, he suddenly felt that his body was very light as if some heavy burdens being put on by someone on his shoulders had finally left. He could faintly feel that deep inside his body there was a different kind of energy that was multiplying and it felt that all the myriads of things were being germinated. Of which, neither could he resist nor prevent as it moved together along with him.


Up until this time, all his previous works could be considered to have achieved perfection, the first bridge to the path of the Great Dao.


At this time, he had a feeling, so he turned his head and then saw that the two Spirit Shellfish Kings had unknowingly come back, and were now lying down at the cavern’s exit while letting out chirped crying sounds. They obviously knew that the Black Pearl had been lost. Although they were not injured in the fight against Du Bo, however, the loss of their offspring in the Black Pearl, coupled with the frightening heavenly thunders, made them dispirited as well as feeble and weak.


Luo Xiao’s eyes turned over at them and said, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, why don’t we take this opportunity to take these two Spirit Shellfish Kings and find another cavern to put them in to create another Shellfish Field in a one or two years later. It could perhaps produce another Black Pearl.”


Zhang Yan shook his head and said, “We can’t do that, this Yin Spirit Shellfish King belongs to the Azure Ocean Sect’s patriarch. If I take it, it wouldn’t only be the Du Family, but even the Azure Ocean Sect would investigate this matter thoroughly, and that would implicate many problems.” He then paused before continuing, “This Yang Spirit Shellfish King, on the other hand, has created a channel to this cavern and is extremely conspicuous. When the Du Family and the Azure Ocean Sect investigate this, they would surely discover this. Not only would they find out that this Spirit Shellfish Field is unsafe, they would even find out about the Black Pearl, so we need to find countermeasures to be on the safe side.


In his view, he must create false evidence and appearance at this scene, that it was Du Bo who killed these people here. But for the specific reasons, it naturally didn’t need to be vividly clear for the people who would come to investigate the scene; it would be best to give them a headache.


If the Black Pearl were to be disclosed one day, the target inevitably would change directions. Then, the scope would also narrow greatly; this would be disastrous for him. Therefore, not only did they must take away the Yang Spirit Shellfish King, but they also had to take everything related to this Yang Spirit Shellfish King away from this place.


“It’s easy to solve this matter. Unlike the Yin Spirit Shellfish King, the Yang Spirit Shellfish King likes to move lairs; it will find another place to live in.” Apparently, in Luo Xiao’s view, producing the Black Pearl was very rare even in centuries. Should they take away the Yang Spirit Shellfish King, nobody would be able to associate this matter. And as for these spirit shellfishes, since she had a Universe Pouch in her hand, it also wouldn’t be too much trouble.


The most important key point was that those twelve people were really killed by Du Bo’s hand. So in any case, he would be the first suspect should the Du Family and the Azure Ocean Sect come.


But this person had died, moreover, after a cultivator had opened their meridians and stepped half a foot onto the Great Dao, their whereabouts couldn’t be traced by any deduction techniques. Therefore, this matter would likely pass without any problems for him.


As for Zhang Yan, his current strength would not even make him related to this matter. He was just a mere cultivator who had yet to open his meridians. Even if someone said that he did it, it will only be treated as a joke.


After the two had finished their discussion, they quickly headed straight for the Yang Spirit Shellfish King’s cavern. The Universe Pouch could hold at most 40 thousand to 50 thousand Spirit Shellfishes in one go, so Luo Xiao had to go back and forth several times to properly deal with it. As for the Yang Spirit Shellfish King, taking advantage of its weakened state, she took it away and placed it in a cavern several thousand miles away from this place.


However, since this Yang Spirit Shellfish King can migrate through underground passages, it was unable to contain it for a long term. Therefore, she left a trace of her blood’s essence on it, so no matter where it ran to later, she could rely on her blood’s essence to find it. At present, this was only the preventive measure to prevent the Yang Spirit Shellfish King from finding the Yin Spirit Shellfish King.


After properly processing everything here, Zhang Yan didn’t immediately return to the sect as there were still an important thing for him to do. That was to find a justifiable reason to explain the would be future question about his opened meridians.


There was no high-quality Flower Jade Essence Spring left in this world. Even if there was one, it’s likely to be secretly hidden in various prominent ancient families.


However, opening the meridians was inseparable from the use of the Flower Jade Essence, and judging from the masters’ treatments of him in the sect as well as Zhang Yan’s origin, which was not from an ancient family background, how could he successfully open his meridians only after descending the mountain once? The cultivation law he could explain that it was given by the masters. Others might perhaps be unable to practice it, but he was able to do it unimpeded. Even others would be unable to refute and he can only say that this was his chance.


But this Jade Flower Essence, in this case, cannot be left out. Therefore, he must find a safe way to cover this loophole, otherwise, anyone could see his flaws.


However, Zhang Yan had prepared something in advance for this matter.


When Princess Cao Ying sent him a thousand pound of Divine Sands, she said that the North Star Sect’s disciple who had been pestering her actually heard that Cao Ying had become Zhang Yan’s follower. His attitude then changed greatly and became extremely polite to her, and also asked Cao Ying to create an opportunity for him be able to meet Zhang Yan personally.

The North Star Sect might be a second-rate sect and was naturally unable to be compared to such a colossus as the Azure Ocean Sect. But, for this sect to be able to provide a cave mansion for those who would be immortals, they would also have some foundations. This was Zhang Yan’s plan since this person had fallen into his hand.


Moreover, since this man was eager to find him and create connections with him, then, he must also have something else to ask behind. If Zhang Yan were to ask him to come and search for him a Flower Jade Essence, he wouldn’t dare to shirk.


After opening his meridians, Zhang Yan was actually not anxious. Moreover, Luo Xiao was a demon cultivator and could control her profound light to leave anytime. In this deep mountain wilderness, he could simply ignore the possibility that anyone would peep, so he simply stayed in the nearby vicinity as he sent a messenger to deliver a letter to the place where Cao Ying’s family resided.


That North Star Sect’s disciple then hurriedly caught up in less than several days.


This man’s name was Yan Zhenping. His age was approximately 34 to 35-years-old. He kept a cluster of short, fine beard on his chin. He was clad in a crimson damask silk robe, a turban kerchief, and a pair of black boots. His appearance was looked simply like a prince or nobility rather than a cultivator.

He looked at Zhang Yan with a face full of flattering, as when Zhang Yan told his purpose to ask him here, he didn’t ask for the reasons but straightly spoke, “My North Star Sect also has such a Jade Flower Essence Spring, even some declining ancient families in this Yongtong County has several of them. I will seek some from several Senior Brothers and then offer it to Fellow Daoist.”


Zhang Yan lightly spoke, “This one doesn’t need that many.”


Yan Zhenping’s mind was quite fast, as he immediately understood it, “Then, I will quickly find and satisfy Fellow Daoist’s wants.”


About ten days later, Yan Zhenping came back and brought along with him a middle-aged man, who looked like an old farmer, to see Zhang Yan.


He knew tacitly with a greater understanding that he should not listen nor ask. As when he brought this middle-aged man, he quickly took the initiative to be excused. Seeing him being so tactful, Zhang Yan secretly nodded and thought that this person could actually be trusted.


“I’m the Azure Ocean Sect’s Lower Court’s disciple; I’m in need of your family’s Flower Jade Essence Spring.”


Upon hearing Zhang Yan’s exalted identity, that middle-aged man was startled first and then became more respectful, but a hint of anxiety could be seen from his face, “If Immortal Master wishes to borrow it, how could this ordinary mortal dare not to comply? Master could use it as you wish, it’s just… ”


When Yan Zhenping had come to him, he thought that this guest was really great. But he didn’t even expect that this person came from the Azure Ocean Sect, one of the great sects amongst the 16 great factions in the Great Eastern Continent. This person was a Lower Court’s disciple, and surely came from one of the prominent ancient families, and would be the backbone of the sect. So how could he even dare to offend him? Even the North Star Sect’s disciple who took him over was also able to send him to destroy his whole family as easy as turning his palm.


Seeing his hesitation, Zhang Yan asked, “Do you have any difficulties?


The middle-aged man did not dare to raise his head and whispered, “My Han family was once a prominent family with many experts. And since our ancestor broke the void and ascended, he had left us a first-grade Flower Jade Spring Essence and some other things. However, our family hasn’t produced even one True Primordial Qi Establishment cultivator down to this generation. Henceforth, the spring has been downgraded to the fourth grade. I don’t know if the Immortal Master could still use it or not?”


Zhang Yan actually paid no attention, “It’s alright, I can still use it. This time I will borrow your family’s Flower Jade Essence Spring, and if you have anything to ask, you can ask me freely and I will help you one time.”


It took hundreds of years to nurture a Flower Jade Essence Spring, or even thousands of years to cultivate to then promote its grade step by step. This man said that only took a hundred years for it to be downgraded to the fourth-grade. However, he really didn’t care about it, since this time he only need to put up a pretext to create justifiable reasons for his opened meridians.


The middle-aged man hesitated for a few times before he finally braved himself and spoke, “I have a junior in my family. If in the future he is suitable to take the cultivation path. I would love for the Immortal Master to help him.” Even after saying it, he couldn’t help but feel disturbed, he didn’t know whether Zhang Yan would be angry or not.


Zhang Yan glanced at him. This middle-aged man was quite clever. If in the future his cultivation path was very successful, this family would have one cultivator to cultivate. They only needed his words to let his family’s junior to enter the Azure Ocean Sect to cultivate there. It could be said that they can reach the sky in one single step, this was really quite a benefit for them.


“Good!” Zhang Yan immediately agreed down, “Alright, I can promise you 120 years as the limit. That if one of your family’s juniors has crossed the threshold to cultivate, I will help him. As well as for his fortune for cultivation, it would only depend on his fortunes and luck.”


The middle-aged man greatly rejoiced as he then solemnly bowed, “Thank you, Immortal Master.” After that, he got up and said, “This one asks the Immortal Master to step in now, as the Flower Jade Essence Spring is deep in the mountain, about two days away.”

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