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Volume 1, Chapter 34 – Secretly Scheming to Kill the Profound Light Cultivator (Part 3)

“Du Bo, we also don’t want to make things difficult for you. We’ll leave Du You here and you can take him away, farewell.” When the words ended, a black-colored light flashed from the depths of the cavern; it seemed that some people had passed.


Hearing that the opposite party had fulfilled the agreement, Du Bo was slightly relieved. But he still didn’t dare to be careless as he carefully listened to the sounds from outside. But, aside from a weak and faint breath, there were no other sounds.


It seemed as if those people had really left!


Du Bo slightly relaxed, his eyes moved to the two Spirit Shellfish Kings that were being suppressed with his profound light. Then, he took a deep breath as his chest was thumping fast and his breaths were quite loud and heavy. A “Puff” sound was heard as he pulled the two Yin and Yang Spirit Shellfish Kings in front of him. His two palms simultaneously clapped on their hard shells. He didn’t wait for them to fall as he quickly branched out a strand of profound light, he threw them out flying at the same time.


After executing this move, his strength seemed to have been fully expended. His hands were trembling as his vitality was dropping greatly. An azure-colored light then suddenly rose and propped his body.


The Spirit Shellfish Kings’ shells were very hard. Even if his two palms could make their internal organs vibrate for a moment, they could quickly restore and come back to this place. And since his True Primordial Qi was almost exhausted, he could only choose to leave this cavern with Du You as early as possible.


After flying out of the cavern’s exit, he saw that Du You was lying on the ground from far away, he couldn’t help but feel surprised as he then quickly caught up and took a closer look. But, after he found that Du You was only completely covered with spirit dews and dirt, he only seemed to look dispirited and didn’t have any injuries, so he was quite sure about his previous conjectures as he secretly mused, “Eventually, those people don’t dare to offend the Du Family.”


He easily opened Du You’s acupoints’ gates and breathing veins by patting him. As he was about to take him away, who knew that after Du You woke up and saw Du Bo, he then yelled loudly, “Uncle Bo, quickly, quickly, it’s Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan has taken the Black Pearl, he also robbed my magic tools… Uncle Bo quickly snatch it back!”


“Zhang Yan?”


Du Bo was greatly startled as countless thoughts filled his mind in an instant. An inexplicable bad feeling rose in his heart as he solemnly spoke, “Good nephew, you don’t need to say it again, we’ll think about it later and get out of here first.”


When he was about to get up and fly away, someone loudly spoke, “Why would Lord Du be so anxious to leave? Stay here obediently!”


The previously glimmering light inside the cavern suddenly turned dark. Du Bo looked up and saw a jet black ink-stone suddenly appear on top of his head. At first, it was only the size of a palm, but in the blink of an eye, it was expanded to a hundred feet radius. Carrying along with it an overbearing pressuring that was immeasurably imposing, it would soon fall down toward him.


“Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone!”


Du Bo eyebrows twitched. He knew that Du You brought some of his family’s treasures for this journey, but he never thought that it was actually this magic tool!


This inkstone’s origin was not simple; it was originally refined by the Du Family’s Dan Transformation Realm expert—Du De. Once it hit someone, it would immediately shock his soul and constrain his True Primordial Qi, sealing up his body and rendering him unable to move even the slightest bit. He could only wait for his death afterward.


By using this ink-stone, it was no doubt that the enemy really wanted to end his life here.


At this time, he finally realized that previously, he had reacted according to Zhang Yan’s scheme. Anger then suddenly filled his heart.


But now, not only was his True Primordial Qi dried up, but he also had lost most of his profound light. He was not afraid of Zhang Yan but was actually worried about the Profound Light Stage cultivator who was hiding in the dark. Once this person acted, it would be extremely difficult for him to resist. He couldn’t afford to get entangled at this point, and the only way out now was to leave this cavern quickly and make other plans when they safely returned back to the Du Family!


Thinking up to there, a ball of light condensed in his finger, and a white light then shot out. This was a treasure bestowed from the Du Family the “Jade Protector”, no matter what magic tool, it could give some resistance for a period of time.


After the jade pendant flew out, it then hit the ink-stone and held back the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone in midair; but after a moment, the boundless force suddenly crushed down with a “BOOM” sound to the ground, crashing along without any signs of weakening.


However, this resistance had actually given a slight time gap for Du Bo to use his azure-colored profound light to wrap him and Du You so that they could escape from this cavern.


Upon seeing this, Luo Xiao, who was hiding behind the wall, was impatient. Although the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone’s might was really powerful, however, it couldn’t be used easily as it had a slow maneuver, and she couldn’t control it completely with her present strength. Since she couldn’t quickly take it back, she could only shout loudly, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, don’t let him escape!”


Seeing that these two were about to fly out of the cavern, an azure-colored light flashed and chased behind them. Du Bo suddenly felt a cold feeling as he quickly moved to the side at the critical moment, and the light barely scratched his body as he escaped at the key point.


A “Buzz” sound was heard as the azure-colored light suddenly turned back and hit his left chest. Du You’s arm was immediately let loose as he then let out a shrieking scream.


Du Bo’s body was stiff. As he hovered motionlessly in midair, the profound light emitted from his body was like a candle light in the wind that could be extinguished in any moment. But the azure-colored light in the air turned in half circles as it then turned around back and flashed toward his head.


“The Divine Shuttle?”


Du Bo could only smile bitterly, he knew perfectly well about the Divine Shuttle’s might. Even if he was at his peak, it would be difficult for him to cope with it, so how he could have the courage to block it? In desperation, he could only retreat back into the cavern in front of him.


Seeing that Du Bo had been blocked, Luo Xiao didn’t relax as she then sent a reminder, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, although the Divine Shuttle is powerful, but this person has blended his True Primordial Qi with his profound light. As long as his profound light hasn’t dispersed, he can still keep his life. Don’t be careless.”


Zhang Yan, who stood motionlessly at the cavern’s exit, smiled and said, “It’s alright, but it’s still enough to cope with the beast trapped inside.”


Luo Xiao quickly performed a technique and shouted as she dropped the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone again. This time, Du Bo didn’t even have the chance to avoid it. He then crazily shouted as his stretched muscles could be seen faintly under his clothes. He quickly blocked upward with his own initiative as his profound light suddenly emanated with a “whish” sound and condensed into a palm, protecting his body.




The Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone smashed toward Du Bo’s shoulder. But, although his condensed profound light was seemingly very thin, it was very flexible and hard to break; like water. The profound light was like a protection barrier that always protected his upper body; it continued protecting him, causing the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone to be unable to directly contact his body. Du Bo himself didn’t say a word, he only kneeled on the ground as he pushed with all his might upward; The ink-stone unexpectedly moved upward.


Luo Xiao let out a “Hey” shout, but she was neither surprised nor startled, Du Bo seemed very tenacious and didn’t fall. He was actually like a tiger in a cage or a water dragon in shallow water, the strong struggle he was showing right now was but only a desperate, last-ditch struggle.


She secretly mused, “So, it seems that I must add on more fire to send you off as quickly as possible!”


She waved her hand and threw another treasure midair. It was a cloud pattern, the scarlet Fate Decree Pen brush, full with golden lacquer in its body. It then flew to the air with its tip swinging up and down like a nodding head; it instantly enveloped Du Bo with its force.


“Fate Decree Pen?” Du Bo shouted in alarm before turning speechless.


At this point, he really hated Du You to the bone. These magic tools were all the treasures given to Du You, but they hadn’t once been used by him, and they actually caused trouble for them instead.


On the verge of a life and death situation, he could only exert another desperate strike as he flicked his wrist and sent out a small silver arrow into his palm. Raising his palm, he shot it out toward Luo Xiao.


The small arrow arrived in front of Luo Xiao in a flash as her complexion greatly changed. When the small arrow had almost hit her body, two bird’s wings suddenly flew out and formed a shield before her body, as a “bang” sound then exploded. The small arrow and the shield then fell to the ground at the same time.


“The Blackbird Shield?”


Seeing the enemy block his strike with his previous treasure, Du Bo was barely able to hold his anger as his vision turned black; he was unable to suppress the blood that was about to surge out from his throat as he then spurted blood out of his mouth.


At this point, the Fate Decree Pen circled around his body and suddenly cut off the azure-colored profound light layer, it then circled around him again. Du Bo’s complexion greatly changed. He looked dispirited while seeing his profound light quickly thinning. His body was similar to being broken, and he only had a trace of his True Primordial Qi left. He knew that this time he didn’t have any chance to escape anymore.


As he thought about it, he immediately made a decision and sighed. He quickly grabbed Du You’s shoulder and secretly muttered, “This time, I can only hope that your mother understands my pain!”


He stretched his hands and pushed as large part of his profound light that previously enveloped his body pressed into Du You. Then, a light flashed as the azure-colored light wrapped Du You and took him out to escape.

After completing this move, blood seeped out from all orifices of Du Bo’s body. He had completely given up his resistance. As long as he could save Du You’s life, he could also keep his family safe. He could only hope that the Du Family would avenge him.


Along with the circling movements of the Fate Decree Pen, the last layer of Du Bo’s profound light had finally been cut off.


At this point, the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone crashed down without any obstruction. As a “Boom” sound exploded, Du Bo’s body was then smashed into a pulp. Not even a trace of his Primordial Soul was able to escape.


Du You, who was originally wrapped by a profound light and was escaping, thought that he could finally escape, but who would have thought that the Divine Shuttle then pursued and finally caught up. As it then shot at his chest and stomach. He let out a shrill scream as blood spurted out crazily and he fell down from midair.


Seeing the Divine Shuttle hover in a circle to fall down on him, Du You looked frightened and shouted in a terrified voice, “Zhang Yan, if you kill me, my Du Family will kill you without even a shred of your soul left. But if you let me go today, I will speak to the Azure Ocean Sect’s patriarch and recommend you to be the Lower Court’s head disciple so you can use as many magical tools and concocted pills as you like…”


Zhang Yan completely ignored his blabbering nonsense as he used his mind to direct the Divine Shuttle. It directly flashed through Du You’s neck. His head then rolled down as the Divine Shuttle circled once again to strike at his Primordial Soul, destroying it.


Hence, Du Bo and Du You no longer existed in this world.


The enemies had been removed and Zhang Yan’s mind was slightly relaxed. Since these two people had died, there was no one in the world who knew that he had swallowed the Black Pearl, so now he could go back to the sect feeling relieved.


He exhaled slowly and looked at the corpses under his foot, and then turned around to ask Luo Xiao, who was behind the wall, “Fellow Daoist Luo, are there any ways to get rid of these two corpses without leaving any traces?”


As Luo Xiao thought for a moment, her eyes then lit up as she then clapped her palms, “There’s one.”


She walked for two steps to pick up a package of medicinal powder that was scattered on the ground. She took the package into her hand and said, “This is Evil Breaker Salt, you just need to pour a little of this salt into the water, and you can make a deep mark, hole, or even destroy a stone tablet and bronze. This could be appropriately used to destroy the corpses and will leave no traces.”


“Okay, destroy Du Bo and Du You’s body, but we can leave those 12 people’s corpse behind.”


Luo Xiao chuckled, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, your method actually gives Du Bo a bad name after he’s dead.”


Zhang Yan showed a faint smile. As he was about to speak, his complexion suddenly changed greatly. He faintly sensed the throbbing fluctuation of heaven and earth’s energy. His eyes congealed as he solemnly spoke, “The Heavenly Thunder Tribulation is coming!”

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    1. actually i hope she does keep them…it sounds more logical and also breaks away from the silliness of mc’s always taking everything for themselves and only giving scraps to their allies and friends
      to start with she was the one that got them in the first place

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