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Volume 1, Chapter 33 – Secretly Scheming to Kill the Profound Light Cultivator (Part 2)

***Magical weapons >>> magical tools or Dao tools, I use magical tools here.***

In the past few days, Zhang Yan had repeatedly delayed time twice as to constantly exhaust Du Bo’s strength. Luo Xiao used the Spirit Shellfish King’s spirit dew in the cavern as well as the ‘Great Prime Pills’ she robbed from Du You to recuperate and recover her strength. Her strength had now been restored to 40-50%.


However, since they would soon fight with Du Bo, Luo Xiao couldn’t help but feel tense and chilly; she didn’t dare to be careless. She secretly pondered, once they moved and started to act, she must pull out all her magical tools and weapons lightning fast, and struck to kill with everything she had. Otherwise, the enemy would quickly respond and would be able to resist; to guarantee it wouldn’t happen, there should be plans for it.


Her eyes wandered, but when she actually saw the calm and casual expression Zhang Yan had on at the side, she couldn’t help but feel angry. Snapping, she said, “Du You said that Du Bo still has magical tools in his hand. Fellow Daoist Zhang’s wisdom is excellent, do you have the means to make Du Bo obediently give his magical weapons up?”


Originally, she wanted to use words to irritate Zhang Yan, but she didn’t expect Zhang Yan to only nod and solemnly say, “I have been thinking about it carefully for these two days and I have a plan that I want to discuss with Fellow Daoist Luo. Please come here.”


Luo Xiao pursed her cherry lips and stared at Zhang Yan as she didn’t know what he would say. Did this person really have some wonderful plan?


She approached with half-believing half-doubting looks and then listened to Zhang Yan’s whispers. In seconds, the more she heard, the brighter her beautiful eyes gradually shone. Although she had never used this idea, but she thought that it was very feasible.


Zhang Yan suddenly sensed Du Bo’s qi fluctuate and become unstable. He turned his head to look, and couldn’t help but smile, “Fellow Daoist Luo, we must take care of Du Bo first, I think he can’t bear it much longer.”


Luo Xiao let out an “ah” sound before she shouted loudly to the outside, “Du Bo, we’re holding Du You hostage now. If you let loose the Spirit Shellfish Kings now, then we will go, otherwise, Du You will die. Can you think clearly?”


Du Bo was greatly startled, he really had to think it over carefully.


When he recalled Du You’s replies and carefully analyzed his tone before, it was not clear and indistinct. Seemingly, it was not caused by the problem in refining the Black Pearl, but rather, he was under the coercion of others. But even though he deeply thought about this, he didn’t even have the means to handle this.


Furthermore, his strength was nearly exhausted, and he gradually could not suppress the Spirit Shellfish Kings anymore… thus, he was planning to give up. He got up to find out about it, but upon hearing these words now, he didn’t dare to recklessly act, so he asked in a deep tone, “Who is Your Excellency?”


“Du Bo, why ask for something you already know, the patriarch has given the permission for you to use the spiritual essence dews to open his meridians. But you actually secretly robbed the Black Pearl. How would your Du Family give this confession to the patriarch?”


As these words came out, it was as if he saw a ray of light in the dense fog, Du Bo immediately understood several points.


This was the leader of some people who launched an attack on the Du Family!


All factions were engaged in a mutual strife in the sect, and infighting and struggling hadn’t occurred just once or twice. Apprenticeship arteries’ disciples had always been in a hostile relationship with the disciples from ancient families because they didn’t need to fight in battle and could just sit idly while still enjoying various privileges bestowed by the sect; which caused these hostilities. To secretly start this kind of matter… it was likely to be carried out by those people.


In particular, the mass killing and death of several true disciples from the Du Family had created a big fuss, and they accused Ning Chongxuan who deliberately didn’t aid them. Several ancient families then joined together to exert pressure on the sect’s patriarch. And in order to appease these families, the patriarch reluctantly agreed to allow Du You to use the Spirit Shellfish King in the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field to open his meridians.


Thus, it could clearly be concluded that this matter led to the dissatisfaction of the apprenticeship arteries’ leader.


Especially now in the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field, he really couldn’t think of anyone besides some prominent figures from the apprenticeship arteries that could get in here.


Moreover, the most peculiar thing was that the other party was a female cultivator!


Much to public knowledge, the patriarch had always been partial to use female cultivators. Not only can he use marriage to win over the disciples with outstanding talent, female cultivators would sometimes neither create many scruples nor rebel. Therefore, he could only estimate with 80% assurance that the opposite party’s identity was from these people.


He pondered for a while. He thought that this matter in any case cannot be shifted to the Du Family, so it seemed that he had to shoulder this problem.


He secretly sighed before speaking, “Your Excellency’s warning is very clear, this time’s action is all Du Bo’s idea and responsibility. Du You is still naïve and ignorant, and only listens to my wrong advice, and it has nothing to do with the Du Family either. Much less, this Du Bo is not from the Du Family, I’m just…”


He had yet to finish his words, but he was abruptly interrupted by a snort from the opposite party, “Humph, do you think that you not being from the Du Family or other families would hold much importance to me? Laughable!“


Du Bo knitted his brows. Listening to the others’ words, it could be that they wouldn’t give him anyway out. Anger couldn’t help but fill his heart, so he coldly spoke, “If that’s the case, then why do we need to talk about so much nonsense? Your Excellency, do you think the Du Family is so easy to bully? Why not come out and show your face, Your Excellency and I will decide the victory and defeat with our means!”


Listening to Du Bo’s voice which was seemingly ready to attack, the other’s let out a giggling voice, “Du Bo, to tell you the truth. At the moment, there is more than one person with a cultivation level more powerful than you in this the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field. Moreover, Du You is also in our hands. I advise you not to have any ill thoughts. If you move now, we will immediately kill you here, and then take Du You back to the sect. Nevertheless, it’s precisely our several Senior Brothers’ original intention though!”


Du Bo, upon hearing this, suddenly felt scared and frightened. There were other Azure Ocean Sect’s disciples in collusion in this Shellfish Field. But, it was actually possible. Otherwise, the opposite party couldn’t possibly come here.


As the opposite party said, if this incident were to be brought to light, that they secretly seized the Black Pearl. Even if he dared to attack, it would become a just reason for the other party to kill him. Moreover, in the end, he couldn’t protect Du You. He would perhaps become the target of Du Family’s anger later and die in vain.


After thinking up to there, that there were strong connections between these people, he immediately cast out his previous idea to take a risk as he softly said, “What does Your Excellency want?”


The opposite party’s voice passed on in leisure tone, “What I want depends on Lord Du’s goodwill.”


Du Bo couldn’t help but wonder… if the other party wanted to harm him, they would have already acted. But why didn’t they still not move? Was the other’s cultivation weaker than his? It didn’t make sense since they would likely walk away. And since they had taken Du You, it was also the same with making him obedient.




His mind revolved for hundreds of times, thinking hard to connect the hidden meaning behind this sentence. Then, he finally understood why.


Originally, the opposite party had this goal!


As the matters stands, it should explain everything through this way of speaking.


Having thought that he could clearly read the other’s mind, he didn’t fluster and said, “Does Your Excellency care to negotiate?”


“Do tell.”


Du Bo attempted to probe, “We are people who seek to become immortal to reach the truth of origins, why should we fight to the bitter end of life and death? Moreover, since the Black Pearl has been swallowed by my good nephew, I would offer you some of the benefits. How would you see this way out?”


The opposite party was silent. And after a while, she replied, “What are the benefits?”


These words made Du Bo happy. His heart became assured by several points, “I have exhausted my concocted pills, but I have a lot of Spirit Shellfishes. If Your Excellency lets us go, I’m willing to offer it to you, how would you see it?”


The opposite party sneered, “Du Bo, you’re underestimating us. It’s just a mere Spirit Shellfishes, does it even have any value?”


Du Bo’s complexion was still the same, as long as the others were willing to bargain, it was not a problem.


“I’m willing to pledge the Law Oath. Should you let us go, we will certainly send Your Excellency a generous reward.”


“Although pledging the Oath is good, it cannot be used to face with Lord Du in the future. So in my opinion, those which are too far away, or anything that I cannot touch and see, are not worth mentioning.” [1]


Zhang Yan faintly smiled and glanced at Luo Xiao. He hadn’t thought that she would use the original version of the previous words he used to force Luo Xiao before. Having her say it also gave off quite an overbearing imposing manner.


It was as if she seemed to recall about her pitiful situation that day, Luo Xiao also glared at him maliciously.


Du Bo replied, “Then, Your Excellency’s meaning is?”


Luo Xiao calmly spoke, “I heard that Lord Du Bo has the Brokenheart Arrow, in addition, you also have the Blackbird Shield. These two magical weapons, one is to attack and the other was to defend. Of which, complement each other. If you can give those out, I will certainly let you and Du You go free.”


Du Bo was silent for a while. Apparently, he was carefully considering the other party’s proposal.


Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao were not anxious. The more things got delayed, the more Du Bo’s strength was sapped.


They were not worried that some people from the surface would come down and inspect here. One must know that opening the meridians with the aid of Flower Jade Essence Spring or spiritual essence dews would similarly take some time, which was almost a month. At least within half a month, no one would disturb them.


Having waited for a long while, Du Bo slowly spoke, “Coming here this time, I only brought the Blackbird Shield, while the Brokenheart Arrow’s spiritual force had been damaged after fighting with my archenemy last month. I haven’t built its duplicate.”


Luo Xiao immediately replied, “This is not my business, if there is only the ‘Blackbird Shield’, it’s not enough.”


These words were very clear, there was more than one person who came here and one magical weapon was simply not enough.


Du Bo was silent for a while, then sighed, “Fine, I have a Violet Plume Cloak here, weaved from Pure Radiance Silk; it can block any ordinary magical flying sword. This was originally to be given to my nephew as a token of congratulations, this would be offered to Fellow Daoist. How is it?”


Luo Xiao was about to speak, but Zhang Yan, who was at her side, whispered the next words to her.


Luo Xiao was startled, her complexion looked strange as she glanced at Zhang Yan as she coughed and said, “This way is also good, but my companion doesn’t need magical tools. We just simply dislike your Du Family’s countenance. Originally, we just wanted to prevent Du You from opening his meridians. However, we didn’t expect this boy would have such a great harvest. It made him so furious that he wanted to vent his anger by breaking Du You’s four limbs. But he’s clearly aware that Du You is but only a youngster and he doesn’t want to lose his pride doing it. He demands that Lord Du Bo offer the pair of treasure and break both of your legs, then he will let this matter go.”


They did not expect that Du Bo would unexpectedly give an amiable response, “Why should we wait until later? I can give my words to Your Excellency now!”


*Crack* sounds sounded twice as he lifted his palm to beat his legs, and asked again, “This is one, are you satisfied?”


It was neither because he was crazy nor a masochist, but this matter was really nothing for him. As a Profound Light Stage cultivator, he was able to control the profound light to carry his body and escape by flying. Although his remaining profound light qi was almost spent, but if he meditated and used his breathing technique for a while, it would only take less than an hour to mend his broken legs.


But he could never expect that he would regret it later.


“Good, if Lord Du believes in us, you can now cancel your Soulblood imprint on the shield and send it to us.”


“Hold on, how I can believe you?”


“Lord Du, I can make an Oath to Heaven and Earth. Had anyone amongst us leaked out even the slightest things, we will be struck by the heavenly thunder and the body would be burnt by the earthly fire calamity, what say you?”


When Du Bo heard this, he thought that the opposite party was also very sincere. The oaths of Daoist cultivators were witnessed by the heavenly laws, and could never allow any falsity. Therefore, he immediately agreed.


Luo Xiao then swore an oath, which was very simple and straightforward that she would never disclose these matters outside.


When the opposite party had taken the vow, Du Bo felt immediately relieved. He took out the magical weapon and gritted his teeth to cancel his Soulblood imprint. He couldn’t help but feel bitter. He then took out the cloak and used a strand of profound light to throw the shield and the cloak into the cavern.


He also had some hidden intentions since he wanted to see who this person was. Therefore, he threw the two magical tools near the cavern’s exit. Who would have thought that when those tools had yet to land, he saw a black-colored profound light flash and take the Blackbird Shield and Violet Plume Cloak inside.


His heart chilled, the opposite party was also a Profound Light Stage cultivator!


Immediately, his heart was slightly relieved. It seemed that the opposite party really didn’t have other intentions and just wanted to demand some benefits. Because, judging from the other’s cultivation level, it would be very easy to kill him.


Up until now, he hadn’t realized that he had fallen step by step into the other’s scheme.


After successfully obtaining the two treasures, Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao glanced at each other and particularly understood each other’s thought.


With his magical tools gone, Du Bo was just like a tiger that had lost its tooth, causing his strength to diminish greatly.


The key point of this scheme was taking advantages of using someone else’s strength to oppress others and let Du Bo mistakenly believe that they were from the apprenticeship artery. And since he couldn’t resist with only his strength, he could only choose to compromise to solve it.


Originally, in ​​Zhang Yan’s tentative plan, had Du Bo insisted and refused to give in, then they could only fight with all the magical tools in their hands. And if it was not enough and they lost, it wouldn’t be too late for them to use Luo Xiao’s profound light to flee.


Certainly, this plan was considered for the worst case.


That day, judging from Du Bo’s attitude on Azurewood Mountain, Zhang Yan felt that Du Bo was not a hot-blooded, reckless, and easy to rage person. This person’s character tends to be conservative, therefore, he somewhat grasped the scheme to contain him.


Firstly, he needed to get rid of the people around Du Bo. Secondly, deceive him to obtain the magical tools he had, to then coerce him to break his legs on his own initiative. Now with the hard shell mostly gone, and since the lackeys had died, that meant that the claws and fangs were also lost. Then, it was a good time to take out the meat and extract the marrow!


Zhang Yan stretched his body and got up. Then, he spoke in a deep tone, “Fellow Daoist Luo, if we don’t act now, never would be a good time.”



[1] You can read these lines when Zhang Yan forced Luo Xiao to sign a Soulblood Contract in the cauldron >>> See chapter 19.

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