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Volume 1, Chapter 32 _ Secretly Scheming to Kill the Profound Light Cultivator (Part 1)

“Since Fellow Daoist Zhang’s immortal meridians had already opened, we can leave now.” Luo Xiao leaned her head out, trying to listen to the sounds from outside. As she then found no one over there. She was certain that this was the opportunity to leave quietly.


However, Zhang Yan actually stood still and firmly shook his head, “We can’t go now.”


Luo Xiao was stunned and said, “Why?”


Zhang Yan’s complexion turned solemn as he spoke coldly, “Du You’s efforts to open his meridians has failed. When he goes back, he would surely find the culprit. If he knew that this Zhang had succeeded in opening his meridians, then I would become the suspect. Under such meticulous scrutiny, the whole matter will be brought to light…” His voice turned icy, “We must never let anyone come out from this place… we must exterminate them all!”


Upon hearing his words full of murderous intent, Luo Xiao’s heart instantly became cold. But then, she thought that what Zhang Yan said was unrealistic, so she sighed and advised, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, although what you said is true, trying to eliminate them is too risky and our chance is too slim. There’s not only Du Bo here, but there are also ten warriors on his side, plus two Radiant Qi Stage cultivators. These people are not ones the two of us can handle.”


Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed, “What if we only have to face Du Bo alone?”


Luo Xiao was suddenly dazed. Frowning, she thought for a while before musing, “If it’s only Du Bo alone… at this time, his magical force is greatly consumed and is in a weak condition. I don’t know about the remaining fighting power he still has, but if he still wasted his energy in these two days. Relying on these two new magical tools in my hands, we could have a chance. But unfortunately, there are still twelve other people to help him…”


She shook her head as she felt that it was hopeless.


Hearing this, Zhang Yan showed a faint smile as he gently applauded, “In my opinion, we could directly ignore these 12 people.”


Luo Xiao sighed and spoke sternly to Zhang Yan, “Although Fellow Daoist has broken the restriction of the mortals and successfully opened your meridians, these 12 people are neither chickens nor dogs. How would they be easily killed? Especially those two Radiant Qi Stage cultivators, their cultivation is still above Fellow Daoist’s. We have no chance of winning!”


Zhang Yan faintly smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Luo can be at ease, I have some measures. We don’t need to frontally face them, we can use Du Bo’s hand to exterminate them!”


Luo Xiao didn’t believe him in the slightest, but when she saw Zhang Yan let out a very confident smile, she couldn’t help but say, “Care to say it to me?


Zhang Yan spoke, “Can Fellow Daoist lend me your ears.”


Luo Xiao stared at him as she then stroked her hair to reveal a smooth jade-like ear to listen before Zhang Yan’s face.


Zhang Yan whispered a few words to her. Luo Xiao’s looks were initially normal, but they gradually turned into a hesitant expression before finally frowning, and eventually turning speechless. She could not ascertain whether this Zhang Yan’s method could be carried out or not.


But Zhang Yan confidently spoke, “Fellow Daoist, if you can do it according to what I’ve planned, it will never go wrong.”


Upon seeing Zhang Yan’s confidence in grasping the victory, Luo Xiao bit her lower lip, stomped her feet and said, “I’ll believe you this once. At the worst, I will only die with you, and suffer the same fate like a happily married couple!”


Zhang Yan laughed and said, “Fellow Daoist Luo, you used to reluctantly call me ‘fellow’, but now, it actually sounds true and full of passion.”


Luo Xiao couldn’t help but give him a fierce glare.


Zhang Yan looked relaxed as he spoke, “Although becoming a happily married couple is good, but how can there be a rambling happy immortal? Fellow Daoist, relax. Could this Zhang plan to harm oneself?”


Luo Xiao let out crooning voice before she walked to Du You’s side. Sealing his acupoints’ gate and vital veins and other veins gate, she then pressed the Black Gold Martial dagger against his neck.


After having fallen into a deep slumber lethargically for two days, Du You finally woke up. When he just opened his eyes, he quickly grasped that something bad has happened as he became perfectly aware of his current situation.


Threatened with the black gold dagger by his throat and not being able to see the other’s face, made his whole body suddenly shake like a sieve as he was dead stiff and spoke in a frightened tone, “This one is the junior from the Du family, I don’t know who your Excellency is and what words would be told to this one. But this one will definitely satisfy your Excellency’s demands.”


Luo Xiao icily replied, “Oh, you can satisfy my demands? Then I ask you, doesn’t the Du Family have some secret supplementary manual for opening meridians?”


Du You’s body trembled, he couldn’t help but hesitate. Although the secret supplementary manual was not a cultivation law to open the meridians, however, it was actually given by his family’s great master and could help smooth the cultivation law for opening the meridians. This secret method was his family’s foundation, which could never be revealed to outsiders.


Luo Xiao, upon seeing him not speak, pressed the black gold dagger on his neck and blood immediately dripped down. Du You was greatly scared, he was after all just a teenager, and had never experienced such a situation. He always thought of living forever to become immortal, so how would he be willing to cheaply lose his life? He hurriedly spoke, “Don’t move, don’t move, I’ll speak, I’ll speak…”


“If you don’t say the truth, you know the consequences!”


Would Du You even dare to lie? Immediately, everything he knew about it was blurted out from the beginning to end without holding anything back.


Luo Xiao was simply executing all of Zhang Yan’s prior exhortation, asking aimlessly about many problems. Du You was completely clueless about his kidnapper’s purpose, and since he didn’t know about the other party’s identity, he didn’t dare to say even the slightest bit of lies.


After she asked almost everything, Luo Xiao palmed Du You, making him faint. She turned around and gazed at Zhang Yan’s eyes, silently asking for another advice.


“It seems that this little bastard really covets life and fears death. His will is not firm and can be easily used by me.” Seeing such an unbearable attitude from Du You, Zhang Yan also felt that his plan’s odds had increased by several points. His eyes squinted as he said, “Then, let’s see how long Du Bo can endure.”


Two days later.


Du Bo took out the last bottle of concocted pills from his sleeves and poured it all into his mouth. The previously dimmed and bleak azure light covering his whole body became bright again in a few minutes. He was on watch for 4 days without rest and sleep, but the two Spirit Shellfish Kings were still struggling as if its energy and strength’s consumption could last forever.


Du Bo didn’t even dare to have a second to relax. Once these two Spirit Shellfish Kings escaped, it would definitely disturb Du You who was still refining the Black Pearl. If that happened, being possessed by a heart’s demon of obsession would only be a small matter, but if his life force was damaged, then it would be a big matter.


Now, the one that who could restrain these two Spirit Shellfish Kings is in fact only him. Although those ten warriors could take turns to rest, they were unable to persist long like him. Their legs were unstable and looked dispirited.


The two Radiant Qi Stage disciples had been aided with concocted pills and looked slightly better, but they seemingly could not hold for any longer.


He originally estimated that Du You would need at least three days to absorb the Black Pearl. But now was the fourth day, and not even a sound could be heard, of which made Du Bo faintly restless.


And after waiting until midnight, he couldn’t bear and loudly shouted, “Good nephew, are you alright?”


Before long, a mourning-like sound transmitted from inside the cavern, “Uncle Bo, my cheeks is fiery hot right now. My legs are stiff and I cannot move. I don’t know why.”


Upon hearing Du You’s voice, Du Bo felt slightly relaxed, but he immediately frowned, “Good nephew, this should because the Black Pearl’s efficacy has flowed into the legs. Resulting in your qi being unable to flow downward and empty air has blocked the body’s liquid, causing your body’s inner heat to be unable to flush out. Just recall and use your Du Family’s qi controlling method. Strange, hasn’t your mother told you about that?”


After a while, Du You’s voice came, “Mother once had mentioned it, it’s little nephew’s fault for not carefully hear it, and only vaguely remembering some. I don’t know what is wrong…” Then, he loudly recited the method’s lines, but after reading to half of it, his voice became intermittent, seemingly not being able to remember.


Du Bo was silent for a moment, and then deeply spoke, “Good nephew, don’t worry. Uncle Bo will tell you another method, and it’s the supplementary secret method your father has. Be sure to memorize it correctly. You must carefully listen and never mistake even a single word!”


He immediately recited every single word of the phrase of the secret origin law and spoke it loudly until he finished.


Suddenly, one of the two Radian Qi disciples who was standing on the side seemed as if he thought about something at this time. His complexion changed, he suddenly and unknowingly turned into a madman. He no longer suppressed the Spirit Shellfish Kings but turned around to dash wildly toward the cavern’s exit.


However, he had yet to run for two steps when an azure-colored profound light overtook him from the back in a flash and shot completely through his back, instantly killing him.


The rest of the people looked indifferent, some were perplexed, some felt surprised and bewildered, and some were terrified. With countless thoughts fluctuating in their minds.


Du Bo couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, ‘Originally, I wanted to let you off and wait for a while until we meet again with my good nephew. It wouldn’t be late to deal with all of you later. But now… alright, killing one is a murder, killing ten people is also a murder, then it’s best to kill you all!’


His eyes turned fierce as the azure-colored profound light abruptly closed up and everyone’s breath in the surroundings stagnated. They could only feel that their heads were hit by something. Screams reverberated, as these people’s head cracked and fell to the ground, all were dead.


The unceasingly struggling Spirit Shellfish Kings suddenly felt that the pressure on their bodies was loosened. As they were about to thump up, the azure-colored profound light quickly encircled them and once again tightly pressed them to the ground.


Du Bo’s chest fiercely moved up and down as he heavily panted and breathed. Obviously, his last move greatly consumed his strength. Moreover, he also lost all his helpers now. Suppressing the two Spirit Shellfish Kings increasingly became more difficult, and if he had to act like that again and prolong the time, it would be likely that his foundation would be damaged. He couldn’t help but ask, “Good Nephew, about that supplementary secret method I had said, have you memorized it clearly?”


Du You didn’t give any reply.


“Good nephew?” Du Bo asked again.


After waiting for a long while and hearing nothing, it made him feel quite restless. Finally, Du You spoke again, “Uncle Bo, I still haven’t absorbed the Black Pearl’s efficacy…”


Du Bo hardly suppressed the blood in his throat that was about to surge up into his mouth. He thought for a second, and bitterly spoke, “One more day, you cannot drag on any longer!”


“One day is too short, Uncle Bo please be at ease and wait calmly, at most it would take only two days!”


Upon hearing the unexpected bargain and cease of conversion, Du Bo almost bursted out a mouthful of blood. A forced and bitter smile was drawn on his face, it seemed that this time when he returned, even with the aid of concocted pills, it would take him 2-3 years of recuperation to restore his vitality.


But at this time, in the deepest part of the cavern, Luo Xiao could hear the screams outside. Confirming that those people were really killed by Du Bo. With an unbelievable face, she asked, “It really worked?”


Zhang Yan had actually expected what the result would be. He waved both of his sleeves as he said, “Of course, it worked!”


The supplementary secret law was the sects or families’ foundation. Zhang Yan also knew that those warriors and Radiant Qi Stage cultivators heard about it. This secret method had never been passed to a third person, so he used Du You to his advantage and deliberately let these people hear about the technique.


The most essential point is that even if these people wanted to leave, they were unable to do so.


Because Du Bo wouldn’t allow them!


Du You originally came here to take advantage of the Spirit Shellfish Kings’ aid in opening his meridians, while the Black Pearl was only a joyful accidental occurrence. He calculated that this should be the property of the Azure Ocean Sect’s patriarch. And since they were stealing this out of selfishness and robbed it nonchalantly, they must do everything possible to cover it up and never let this matter come to light. Therefore, these people who came with them must be silenced. How could Du Bo allow these people go unchecked after they took everything here?


Should these people have disloyalty in their hearts and speak to the Azure Ocean Sect’s disciples, what would they do to handle the aftermath?


Zhang Yan finally said, “What I did is but only use someone else’s hand to do things for me, making Du Bo do something and yet act one step ahead of him.”


Although he said that, he really forced Du Bo’s hands to kill these people, and didn’t even use his own strength to do it.


Luo Xiao was greatly startled, and at the same time, admired him. Today, she had experienced how masterful Zhang Yan was in scheming and strategy. She unconsciously had a little more confidence in him, and couldn’t help but ask, “When would Fellow Daoist be ready to act?”


Zhang Yan’s eyes slightly flashed as he smiled and said, “No worries, let’s grind and rub this person more.”


For the next three days, whenever Du Bo was asked a question, Du You always replied with many reasons to shirk.


Finally, Du Bo found that something was wrong.

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