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Volume 1, Chapter 30 – The Yin Yang Shellfish Kings, Who Will Be the Black Pearl’s Owner? (Part 2)

“Yes! It must be the Yin Spirit Shellfish which ran from the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field.” While still hiding his body behind the cavern, Zhang Yan was still analyzing the unfolding scene, “Du Bo’s true intention is for Du You to open his meridians here.”

“What is Fellow Daoist’s plan?” Luo Xiao beautiful eyes fluttered at Zhang Yan, “Your slave has just observed that man. He is a Third Phase Profound Light Stage expert and must be a cultivator who has the “Profound Light Strike” ability. His cultivation level is not under Ning Chongxuan’s. If this man could seize the Black Pearl, Fellow Daoist Zhang wouldn’t have any chance to obtain it. According to your slave, maybe it’s better to retreat due to this reason.”

“Retreat?” Zhang Yan quickly shook his head as he firmly spoke, “I must obtain this thing!”

Luo Xiao’s brow twitched and sighed, “If your slave was in her peak condition, I might be able to deal with Du Bo, but actually… at this moment…” She shook her head and her complexion showed that she didn’t have any confidence to do it.

“Why should we seize it by force? Why don’t we let them fight with the Black Pearl’s mother to the death?” Zhang Yan pointed at the cavern’s ground with a fearless expression, “Now the Yin and Yang Spirit Shellfish Kings are here. They would absolutely protect that Black Pearl, even if it costs them their life. Although Du Bo is very powerful, and beating him is very difficult, but this is our only chance!”

Luo Xiao refuted him, “Although the Spirit Shellfish King has some intelligence, it’s still only a spirit beast that has yet to open its spiritual wisdom. With this man’s ability, he could just execute some smart plan and it would be easy for him to kill them. Fellow Daoist, your words are just wishful thinking!”

Zhang Yang let out a confident smile as he spoke in a very convincing tone, “Du Bo can never kill them.”

“Why?” Luo Xiao’s eyes flashed as a trace of puzzlement was drawn on her face.

Zhang Yan patted the cavern’s wall, smiled and said, “Could it be that Fellow Daoist Luo has forgotten? This is the Azure Ocean Sect’s Shellfish Field. How would this Shellfish Field be preserved if the Spirit Shellfish King is killed? Du Bo would absolutely not dare to kill it and could only capture it instead. Isn’t it more difficult than to kill a Spirit Shellfish King?”

Luo Xiao quickly nodded and said, “You are right! This way, we really have some odds to win!”

Zhang Yan looked over at the two Spirit Shellfish Kings behind the cavern and secretly muttered, “With such a big opportunity before my eyes, why should I flinch and back down? Although there are dangers in front of me if I don’t even try, how could I be contented with it?”

For him, as long as there was still a small chance, it was impossible to give up.

He stared at the glassy crystal under the two Spirit Shellfish Kings before he suddenly turned his head and said, “Fellow Daoist Luo, do you know some ways to deal with these Spirit Shellfish Kings?”

“My knowledge is not too deep, but I might know some”

Zhang Yan cupped his hands, “Please tell me.”

Luo Xiao nodded and didn’t ask anything else as she then told Zhang Yan everything she knew about it. And this time, she also really wanted to see what means Zhang Yan would use to seize that Black Pearl.

Zhang Yan closed his eyes and quickly immersed himself in deep thought. And after a while, a hidden brilliant spark flashed when his eyes opened.

From the methods told by Luo Xiao to deal with the Spirit Shellfish King, he realized that he didn’t even have any chance at all. However, there would be sometimes that the opportunity should arise as long as he could utilize it.


In another cavern, Du Bo returned with an overjoyed expression and told Du You about the situation with the two Spirit Shellfish Kings. Du You immediately fell into ecstasy and repeatedly applauded.

“All of you listen well! One of the Spirit Shellfish Kings here is pregnant and will give birth to a Black Pearl, we inevitably must go all out. But be sure to remember, you can only restrain them and never hurt them because this place is the patriarch’s private property!”

Du Bo firmly exhorted everyone before he turned around and led those people into the cavern.

Originally, the two Shellfish Kings were somewhat already disturbed before. Then, it immediately sensed something bad and the body of one of the Spirit Shellfish Kings spread out like a sheet of paper as if it was going to flop up.

When the Shellfish King was in its lair, it would rely on its spirit dews to spit out a powerful thread of silk and make its power several folds stronger. However, when it was outside, its strength would be suppressed by half. But because this Spirit Shellfish King was about to give birth, it would enter its lair to use the earth vein’s spiritual essence to nurture its offspring. After that, they had no other choice but leave the cavern.

Du Bo calmly walked forward, a strand of azure-colored water light flashed from his hands which exuded “brushing” sounds that then quickly restrained the two Shellfish Kings, making them unable to move for a while. According to the previous plan, the ten warriors, and two Radiant Qi disciples immediately rushed forward and tightly encircled the two Yin and Yang Spirit Shellfish Kings, then firmly grasping them alive.

Du You was greatly overjoyed and couldn’t wait any longer, as he hurriedly rushed forward into the cavern.

The two Spirit Shellfish Kings were anxiously screeching and desperately struggling to break from the restrains. Even the azure-colored water could not suppress it for a long time.

Suddenly, a force wave powerfully gushed out and made the ten warriors quickly fall and roll like a gourd. Although the two Radiant Qi disciples had yet to act, their bodies had also been stirred up and down, causing their qi and blood to become chaotic.

Du Bo frowned and shouted loudly as he then shot out another strand of profound light which exuded a rushing water sound. The previously launched azure-colored light then instantly became thicker and stronger like strong sea waves as it then turned into ring-shaped light, firmly grasping the two Spirit Shellfish Kings and finally pressing them on the ground.

Du You was about a few steps away before he entered the cavern, when suddenly the outer shell of one of the Spirit Shellfish Kings slightly opened up, exposing a cheek-like shape.

Indescribable hissing sounds quickly spread out in all directions as the two Radiant Qi disciples’ complexions instantly turned pale as they suddenly lost their strength. The ten warriors’ footsteps were shaken and they lost their footing as dizziness and a nausea feeling gushed out from the bottom of their heart. Not only were they unable to act, but they also couldn’t move.

Du You could only hear a “splash” sound and fell straight to the ground. He was still clearly conscious but it felt like his body didn’t belong to him as he couldn’t move a bit.

“Spirit Shellfish Enchanting Melody?”

Upon seeing this, Du Bo quickly took out a mouthful of pills, chewed it, and swallowed it down. Shortly after, the originally azure-colored light gradually transformed into a dark blue color as if it was condensed and was being cemented with spiritual qi essence. At this time, green veins protruded on his complexion while his skin gradually turned scarlet. Complemented with the dark blue light, his skin looked like a purple-colored floating membrane.

He shouted loudly, “All of you listen well, when I drag these Shellfish Kings to the deepest part of this cavern, you must follow me to block the pathway to the cavern afterward.”

He turned around to Du You who was lying on the ground, comforting him, “Good nephew, you don’t need to panic, this ‘Spirit Shellfish Enchanting Melody’ can only make people unable to move but it will not cause any injuries. Its sound can transmit twenty or thirty feet away, so you stay here and wait for me and the others to drag these Spirit Shellfish Kings away. By then, you must immediately rush to swallow that Black Pearl.”

After he finished talking, he took a step back as two blue lights then tightly restrained the two Spirit Shellfish Kings like two big hands and dragged them along with him.

At this time, Luo Xiao, who was on top of the cavern and observed the fight, couldn’t help but feel greatly startled, praising, “This man is really powerful! Even though he’s using profound light to restrain the enemy, he can still shout loudly. He clearly has reached the peak of the Profound Light Stage, the Light and Matters Absorption. Soon, he will breakthrough into the Dan Transformation Realm. A human cultivators’ cultivation progress is indeed ten folds faster compared to my demon race!”

She couldn’t help but take a glance at Zhang Yan as she secretly thought, Zhang Yan was the first human she knew that had a firm heart, but she didn’t know to what heights would he reach?

At this time, Zhang Yan was also observing the cavern below. Upon seeing the other party’s actions, he felt that the opportunity he was longing for should appear any moment.

Beads of sweats flowed down from Du Bo’s forehand. Coping with these Spirit Shellfish Kings gave him quite the strenuous pressure. But he was still extremely calm as pulled the two Spirit Shellfish Kings like a cattle pulling the plow on its back as he moved toward the deepest part of the cavern. Although these two Spirit Shellfish Kings were constantly struggling, they still couldn’t break free.

Du Bo’s figure slowly moved to the deepest part of the cavern, and when he was about twenty steps away, the ten warriors and two Radiant Qi disciples didn’t dare to delay as they quickly rushed into the cavern and completely blocked the hole’s pathway that led into the Spirit Shellfish King’s lair.

Du Bo’s voice then sounded from deeper within the cavern, “Good nephew, why don’t you hurry? What are you waiting for?”

Du You clearly felt that at this time, the strange singular pressure had disappeared. He exerted all of his strength to stand up as he then stumbled/strode forward into the Shellfish King’s cavern.

At this moment, Du You was the only person left in front of the lair, while the rest had entered the other cavern and suppressed the two Spirit Shellfish Kings. Luo Xiao and Zhang Yan quickly looked at each other as a happy and surprised expression flashed in their eyes.

A chance!

They quickly jumped at the same time, and tightly tailed Du You in a flash as he rushed into the cavern. Because everyone’s attention was fully concentrated on suppressing the Spirit Shellfish Kings, nobody noticed them.

Du You broke open a semi-solid spirit dew resin that covered the cavern’s wall and saw the Black Pearl motionlessly hanging under the stalactite as silvery lights were circulating and blinking blurredly from it. Under an extreme ecstasy, he quickly stepped forward to grab it and loudly shouted, “Uncle Bo, I have found the Black Pearl!”

A faint and vague voice passed on from outside, “Good, the spirit dews in that cavern also cannot be wasted. Nephew! Quickly swallow that Black Pearl and refine its spiritual qi to open your meridians. Your Uncle Bo can still insist for three days. You must finish absorbing its power in these three days.”

Du You no longer hesitated as he then sent the Black Pearl into his mouth. But when he was about to swallow it, he suddenly felt that a hand stretched out beside him and he didn’t have the chance to block it. A heavy blow hit his head as his sight instantly turned dark and he fell to the ground.

The Black Pearl rolled out from his loosened hand. Zhang Yan quickly rushed to catch it and a burst of energy suddenly made his heart and spleen warm.

Luo Xiao hurriedly spoke, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, since we have successfully obtained the Black Pearl, let’s quickly retreat!”

Zhang Yan faintly smiled, “Why do we need to retreat?”

He stared at the shining Black Pearl in his hand and leisurely spoke, “There is a Third Phase Profound Light Stage expert guarding this place outside. This place is full of spiritual qi essence and I have the Black Pearl. This place is clearly the best place to open my meridians.”

“Fellow Daoist, are you saying…”

Zhang Yan pointed to the fainted Du You on the ground and said, “If this person doesn’t exit on the first day, Du Bo also wouldn’t dare to let loose his restraint on the Spirit Shellfish Kings. He said that he can insist for three days, so we might as well as let him stand guard there for a few more days and let him grind and rub his anger.”

Luo Xiao pondered for a while before speaking, “Although Fellow Daoist’s idea is really wonderful, but if Du Bo becomes suspicious and sends people to check this place, wouldn’t it become bad?”

“Nothing wrong should happen for the first three days. Besides, we still have Du You in our hands. When he wakes up, we can force him to lie as to deceive Du Bo. If he doesn’t want to do that, it wouldn’t be too late to kill him later either.”

Zhang Yang had long been thinking about this plan. Du You could be said to be an extremely rare good in his hand, so why shouldn’t he use him perfectly to his plans as well?

Luo Xiao thought that this plan was acceptable, “It would also work, but I also want Fellow Daoist Zhang to quickly swallow that Black Pearl and refine it. Your slave will stand guard to protect you.”

Zhang Yan nodded, “I’m really sorry for troubling Fellow Daoist Luo.”

He no longer hesitated as he opened his mouth and quickly swallowed down the Black Pearl.



Udeze Notes:


I was thinking to quit one of my two jobs irl… the one that I want to quit is my job as a past master in community development for my government. I’ll still keep the other job as a manager for my boarding school though.


It’s kinda stressful for having two jobs, and I barely have much time for my hobbies (such as reading/ translating). I also want to have more time for my family (I’m a father of two sons, btw)


As of now I usually translate 6-12 chapters/week in my meal time, or about 2-4 hrs everyday. I’m also planning to focus on one novel, so I can give the novel full attention, while I also have more time to be with my two kids.


I might make a poll later for readers to voice their opinion and pick the novel that I should give full attention to. And since I have officially dropped Demon God, then there are only The Lame Daoist Priest and Great Dao Commander as the option to pick.

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