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Volume 1, Chapter 28 – Seizing the Opportunity and Fly to the Vast Bright Sky

(Change: Cangwu Mountain >>>> Azurewood Mountain, Blue Ocean Sect >>>> Azure Ocean Sect.)  


In the afternoon, a small golden sword gently fluttered and buzzed into Zhang Yan’s cave mansion.

Zhang Yan stretched his hand out to catch the golden sword and opened the letter brought by the sword. His complexion was quite astonished as he spoke, “He wants me to get out from Star Peak and move my practicing cave mansion to Moon Peak?”

He gently smiled and flicked his finger to throw the letter.


Zhang Yan perfectly understood Du You’s intention. This was meant to root him out of his foothold on Azurewood Mountain and leave him no face to live here. He didn’t even care about the letter a bit but played with the small golden sword in his hand instead.

This should be the legendary Golden Whistle Sword!

At the beginning of the Profound Mnemonics Convention, Ai Zhongwen had once proposed to Zheng Xun to use this Golden Whistle Sword to summon Zhang Yan from his cave mansion. However, Zheng Xun and the other disciples refused to use it, because Zhang Yan was only from an ordinary background origin, and was not worth inviting with this Golden Sword.

But now, ever since Zheng Xun had gone to the Upper Court, Du You became the Lower Court’s head disciple, and easily used the Golden Whistle Sword to send a message to Zhang Yan. That he must leave from his current cave mansion and move to another Peak. Although the purpose was different, it was enough to see that Zhang Yan already cannot be treated like in the past. Which meant that he had the same status as the other disciples from the ancient families.

In just a few months’ time, he had been promoted from a nameless novice disciple into an outer disciple in one fell swoop, taking the advantages from the Dao Convention. Even Du You, from such a powerful ancient family, from the last disputes, didn’t dare to frontally face him and was concerned with his possible big background. He then used his head disciple status as a form of disguise to force him down.

Zhang Yan felt that for each step he had experienced, although it was seemingly dangerous, it actually hid another opportunity and never really turned into a dead end.

“Golden Sword, ah… this Golden Sword. You didn’t come that day, but in the end, you eventually came into contact with this Zhang Yan’s hand a little later.”

Zhang Yan also knew that Ai Zhongwen once proposed to use this Golden Sword to Zheng Xun to invite him. Seeing that this thing was now used to inform him, making him realize that something that was destined to be and would never escape from his grasp. Sooner or later, those destined things would eventually fall into his hands.

As for the Upper Court’s “bestowing gift”, he didn’t even care about it. Ever since he had been cultivating here from the beginning to present, had the Upper Court ever helped him with even the slightest thing?

The only thing he was thinking about right now, was that if he continuously did shocking feats, it would not be a good thing.

However, he had the intention to go with Luo Xiao to that Spirit Shellfish King’s cavern and open his meridians there. However, it was very difficult for an outer disciple to descend from the mountain, and he was worried that he couldn’t find an excuse. Since this matter had arisen, Du You’s message simply came at the right time. Thus, he can avoid everyone’s sight and attention, giving him a perfectly justifiable excuse.

It’s really obvious that humans’ affairs were not absolute and not set in stone. All good things could turn into bad, and all the bad things could also turn into good things.

Had he succeeded in opening his meridians, his status would have a tremendous change along with it. He could simply ignore everyone’s complexion in the Lower Court at that time.

After making up his mind, he took the small Golden Sword with his hand and spoke, “Fellow Daoist Luo, it seems that I must go and descend the mountain.”

Luo Xiao turned her head and showed a miserable and sorrowful face, as well as a delicate and charming expression, “Your slave is now a homeless girl, so I ask Young Master to take pity on me. Please don’t abandon your slave…” She was crying in such a desolate voice with teary red eyes. Had one only known her slightly, she would’ve been able to fool them.

Zhang Yan laughed, “Fellow Daoist Luo, you really have such a unique way to touch people’s hearts. Could it be that Fellow Daoist Luo thought that I was forced to descend the mountain? This is only to deceive everyone. This Zhang has been painstakingly researching this profound manual’s secret. And I believe that I have thoroughly comprehended it. So now, I can go to find that Spirit Shellfish King to open my meridians.”

Luo Xiao quickly let out a “Huh!” word while sobbing as her surprised eyes then stared at him, “But it seems like Fellow Daoist Zhang doesn’t look depressed…”

Zhang Yan laughed, “Why should I be depressed? Instead, I should laugh loudly! The Lower Court is but only a transit point for my cultivation path. Why should I stay here? Now, the path before me is only opening my meridians. The Upper Court is waiting for me, and by the time I come back here again, the Upper Court’s door should be opened for me!”

Hearing Zhang Yan’s high-spirited words, Luo Xiao quickly put aside the previous miserable-sorrowful acting and earnestly spoke, “Fellow Daoist Zhang really has a firm heart and great courage! You have spoken the truest truth. All external objects, variables, or problems, even though disturbing, are just like passing clouds and mist. Such blind tenacity or perseverance would only confuse one’s mind, making one lose one’s wisdom, leading to frustration. One would only be able to disperse the fog and see the truth if he upholds his firm and resolute heart.”

Upon listening to Luo Xiao’s profound words, Zhang Yan couldn’t help but think of her words and what Ning Chongxuan had said recently. Although they sounded different, they actually had similar implicit meanings as well as confirming each other. He couldn’t help but feel that these two people seemed to faintly point out something. Could it be that they pointed out the possibilities he might have to face in opening his meridians?

However, since these two didn’t speak clearly, thinking of it too much now would also be useless, and would only make him more anxious. As long as his mind, heart, and spirit were strong, he could simply cast it aside.

“I have completely memorized the path toward that Shellfish Field from Fellow Daoist Luo, but I still need Fellow Daoist Luo’s guidance.” Zhang Yan recalled that the Shellfish Field found by Luo Xiao seemed to be in the vicinity of the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field.

That day, the Azure Ocean Sect had not completely occupied the Shellfish Field. Zhang Yan presumed that it would be in lax control. However, the circumstances at present must be very different from the last time. They would very likely encounter many Azure Ocean Sect’s disciples, who would be guarding that site along the journey that they were about to take.

Zhang Yan’s concerns and his request for her help made Luo Xiao very proud as she then waved her hand and spoke confidently, “You don’t need to worry about it. I perfectly memorized that cave’s location as well as the vast lake in front of it. If there are any Azure Ocean Sect’s disciples guarding the place, we could sneak in from the waterway and you can enter it through the big lake. They would never find out. That very day, I was in a hurry to chase those Upper Court’s disciples. The reason why I didn’t have any difficulties finding that cave is that I had dropped one drop of my blood’s essence in there. It wouldn’t be too difficult to sense it if I have to find that cave again.”

As she spoke up to there, she slightly frowned, “The only concern I have is the Spirit Shellfish King. Although the longer that Spirit Shellfish King cultivate, the stronger the spiritual qi essence would gather and give greater benefits to opening the meridians. However, this Spirit Shellfish King is very tyrannical and is easily awoken, of which, could create turbulence and a hole in the field. I’m afraid that it will attract the Azure Ocean Sect’s disciples’ attention.”

Zhang Yan laughed, “Since I haven’t seen this Spirit Shellfish King, I don’t want to guess anything. Let’s just think about it later after we enter the cavern. We’ll make our plan after we find that Spirit Shellfish King.”

Luo Xiao nodded, “That would also work.”

Zhang Yan also asked, “How many days would it take to travel to that Shellfish Field from Azurewood Mountain?”

“Why do you need to walk? Fellow Daoist Zhang, you really underestimate this girl.” Luo Xiao’s hand gently waved as a trace of a proud expression was drawn on her beautiful face, “This girl will use the profound light to carry you.”

Zhang Yan carefully looked at Luo Xiao’s complexion, smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Luo’s injury has yet to fully recover, as I, on the other hand, have a plenty of time. I don’t want to trouble you too much.”

Luo Xiao gently snorted, “Although my injury has not convalesced, but I’m a Profound Light cultivator. Flying for two or three hours every day wouldn’t be difficult. The faster we get there, the faster I can also heal my injury with the aid of the Spirit Shellfish King’s spiritual qi essence.”

After that, Luo Xiao sighed. She then stood from the meditation mat and walked toward the Dragonstar Sand Cauldron. After walking around it several times, she spoke in a regretting tone, “I really think that leaving this precious cauldron here is too much of a waste. Had I not been injured, taking this cauldron wouldn’t be a hassle. What a pity now that I lack the ability to carry it. This cauldron is the best grade magic tool. Had its size been easy to carry, I would have taken it without much thought.”

Zhang Yan could see through her intention, but he indifferently replied, “Let’s find a valley in this mountain and bury this cauldron. We can take it back when we get back.”


Originally, Luo Xiao also wanted to bring along this cauldron for concocting pills, but it seemed that she had to give up for now.

The two of them had packed up and finished preparing. They first looked for a hidden place on Star Peak to bury this precious cauldron and took the remaining concocted pills. And without being seen by anyone, they quietly descended down the mountain at night.

For the next ten days, they didn’t dare to fly, so as to avoid being detected by the disciples from the Azure Ocean Sect’s Upper Court. When they had arrived at the Vast Dawn province, and out of the Great Wei Empire boundary, only when it was very far away from the Azure Mountain’s influence, did they finally feel relieved.

“From here, it’s probably only six days away. We’ll follow this canal branch and reach the main river. From there, we will be able to straightly go to the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field.”

Luo Xiao let out a charming and enchanting smile at Zhang Yan, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, please hug your slave and don’t open your eyes when you are being carried with the profound light.”

Zhang Yan didn’t hesitate as he then quickly hugged Luo Xiao’s waist. He could feel her warm, delicate, and soft body.

Luo Xiao’s eyes flashed, revealing a tender and charming expression as she glanced at Zhang Yan, before she finally spoke, “Fly.”

A profound light soared into the sky, and flew straight to the north lightning fast!

Half a month after Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao went down the mountain, Du You also received a letter from his family that he must go as quickly as possible to the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field to open his meridians. His family also sent a flying ship, the “Cloud Rider Ship”, for him to ride.

This flying ship was refined by a Du Family’s cultivator, who was also a master refiner. Not only could this flying ship carry 100 people, this flying ship could also withstand a cultivator’s flying sword’s attack. Its speed was far beyond any ordinary cultivators’. This precious flying ship was also given to him to help him in his endeavor.

Du You was not alone in this journey. Not only was he accompanied by Du Bo at his side, but the Du Family was also sending two Radiant Qi Stage cultivators to protect him along with ten warrior guards, as well as more than fifty servants to follow him.

The clouds lingering on the mountain peak receded from Du You’s sight lightning fast as he looked at both sides of the ship. His complexion unconsciously showed a prideful expression as he then patted the flying ship’s wall, “I heard that the Spirit Shellfish Field is called Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field. This Cloud Rider Ship is really awesome. Doesn’t it mean that the Spirit Shellfish King is already mine?”

Du Bo glanced at him and showed a faint smile before he quickly sat motionlessly on top of the cabin’s floor in this comfortable Cloud Rider Ship.

After flying for a day and a night, Du You felt slightly bored and started to talk, “This time, Uncle Bo accompanied me to subdue this Spirit Shellfish King and to help me absorb it’s spiritual qi essence. But I don’t know how powerful this Spirit Shellfish King is?”

Du Bo laughed loudly before replying, “This Spirit Shellfish King, the higher its cultivation the better its spiritual qi essence, and the higher the chance for you to be able to condense your meridians and achieve the best grade meridian’s type. Your Uncle Bo really hopes that this Spirit Shellfish King won’t disappoint me.”

Du You asked curiously, “Uncle Bo, although you are an expert at the third phase of Profound Light Stage, but I heard that the Spirit Shellfish King is very powerful. Not to mention that it could fully exert its powerful strength while hiding in its cavern. Even a pair of flying swords attacking it continually couldn’t damage its hard shell. How would Uncle Bo deal with it?”

Du Bo only smiled, “Good nephew, you don’t know that this Spirit Shellfish King is a glutton. It is especially very fond of the water creature named “Silver Tear Fish”. We only need to capture some of these fishes beforehand and place it in front of its cavern. When the fishes’ smell fills the air, the Spirit Shellfish King would come out and leave its cavern. It then would never have the chance to hide, and could only wait for me and the others to get butcher it.”

“Really?” Du You was puzzled, “I heard all the rumors about the Spirit Shellfish King from my mother. How could I have never heard about this matter? She only said that every time the Upper Court’s head disciple would open their meridians, they must invite a Dan Transformation Realm expert to force out this Spirit Shellfish King and capture it.”

Du Bo chuckled, “Ah, my good nephew. The Spirit Shellfish Field is formed because the Spirit Shellfish King is constantly absorbing the spiritual qi essence from the earth’s vein. Although this Spirit Shellfish King has some intelligence, it’s still lower than a human’s wisdom. And this method could only be used once because it could no longer be fooled again. But the Spirit Shellfish King in this Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field has never experienced this method. So you don’t need to worry about it. Having only me to cope with it is enough!”

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