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Volume 1, Chapter 27 – The Spirit Tool’s Master, Du Family’s Plan

The two jade rulers that fell to the ground almost lost their brilliant luster, and its spiritual qi nearly vanished. It was obvious that it was greatly damaged. Du You’s childish face was slightly twisted. He quickly reached out his hand into his sleeve and pulled out a jet-black ink stone as he then secretly mused, “Today, even if mother would scold me because of this, still, I must kill this Zhang Yan!”

“You-er, No! Stop!!!” When he was about to send his reckless strike, he suddenly heard a bright-clear voice shouting. A middle-aged man, clad in blue Daoist robes and wearing an ancient-style crown, came in. At the first step, he was seen in the courtyard, but as he stepped his second, all the onlookers could only see a faint flower illusion as he then arrived at Du You’s side in a flash, quickly grabbing his wrist and stopping his next move.

“His footsteps… ‘One Step to Separate the World’. This person is clearly an expert at the third phase of the Profound Light Stage. He is able to control profound lights to make the distance of several miles radius shrink into an inch.” Lin Yuan was quite knowledgeable and it only took him a glance to perceive how powerful this middle-aged man was.

Du You was very surprised seeing the person who came at him, “Uncle Bo?”

This middle-aged man didn’t pay attention to Du You. Instead to turned toward Zhang Yan and amiably spoke, “Zhang Yan, the matters today has nothing to do with you. You are innocent, so you can go back now.”

Du You’s mouth that was about to be opened was stopped by this man. He greatly suppressed his anger and endured patiently, while his eyes fiercely stared at Zhang Yan with a strong murderous intent.

Zhang Yan’s complexion instantly turned solemn. This middle-aged man’s aura gave him a tremendous oppression. Moreover, his pressuring aura was similar to Ning Chongxuan’s. This person was obviously an expert at the same realm as him.

But Ning Chongxuan’s aura was sharp and swift, and could only be sensed faintly. Moreover, it didn’t precisely aim at other people. But this middle-aged man had an aura like raging waves that beat against the shore, like gigantic tidal waves welling up and rushing toward him. Zhang Yan’s eyes could see that the whole scenery in the entire main hall was swaying and shaking as if the fury of the heavens had descended and turned into gigantic tidal waves sweeping the entire surrounding. He was now standing at a close distance facing such an expert. Had this person not recognize the master of this spirit tool and its origin, he would have never come out of this place alive.

However, treading on the path of cultivation, one sometimes had to brave himself to directly face the adversities. If one in the future were to shrink and back down when facing such a dangerous situation, then he would continue to find countless reasons to run away when he encountered other similar predicaments. If it were to happen once or twice, he may call it as fortunate. But once it was imprinted into his mind and mental state, his Dao heart would no longer be firm, because cowardice had taken a root in his soul, making him tough no longer.

Truly, the only fundamental way was give his best to constantly improve his cultivation!

Zhang Yan secretly resolved his determination in his heart, “Today, I am much weaker than this person, but it doesn’t mean that I will be inferior the next day. I may perhaps make this man and Ning Chongxuan as my goal today. But I’ll keep the humiliation I received today in my mind. I believe that someday I’ll whip him and personally settle this account at once!”

In the main hall, since Du You’s intention to deal with Zhang Yan had failed, he was unable to do anything anymore. Therefore, he had no face to establish his power and prestige amongst the various outer disciples. He hastily spoke some perfunctory words as he then quickly dismissed all disciples.

Du You then returned to the head disciple’s mansion and quickly complained to the middle-aged man, “Uncle Bo, why did you stop me before?”

This “Uncle Bo” named was Du Bo. Until this day, Du You had neither known about his father’s true identity nor did he know from which faction his father came from. He only knew that this man was assigned by his father to protect his family in secret. This man also didn’t tell him his true name, and instead, changed his surname into Du to cover his identity. All that the Du Family’s juniors knew was only that this man was a person that was responsible for managing the Du Family’s external affairs.

Du Bo shook his head and solemnly spoke, “If I’m not mistaken, the spirit tool Zhang Yan used a while ago was “Divine Shuttle”.

“Divine Shuttle?” Du You was quite puzzled. He felt like that he had heard about this name, but he suddenly couldn’t recall it.

Du Bo’s next sentence reminded him, “If you don’t remember this Divine Shuttle, don’t you always hear your Yin nephew’s words about the “Twelve Heavenly Shuttles”?”

Du You was greatly startled as he turned instantly speechless. He then asked, “Twelve Heavenly Shuttles… Isn’t it a magic weapon always used by Young Patriarch Shi?”

“Yes, this Divine Shuttle is an imitation from the Twelve Heavenly Shuttles. It was forged by Elder Sun Zhiyan. Elder Sun is the patriarch’s ninth disciple, a direct disciple’s backbone in apprenticeship artery. Zhang Yan being able to get one of these Divine Shuttles means that his relationship with the patriarch is not shallow. Although your status is also special, but killing him at this moment is inappropriate.”

Du Bo firmly explained the advantages and disadvantages and pointed out the possible background Zhang Yan could have. This meant that Du You must not kill this Zhang Yan, even if had the chance to do it.

Anyone that had a deep relationship with the patriarch of the Blue Ocean Sect meant that this person was not someone that could be easily offended. Du You also had to think about the consequences of the problem. He was born in the Du Family and was carefully raised as he started to cultivate since childhood in order to become the future backbone of this prominent family. Du You was also perfectly aware of this truth and principle.

But in the end, he was only just a young boy. Zhang Yan was an outer disciple without an ancient family background, and the feeling that he couldn’t even suppress someone like him made him really aggrieved. He then coldly mused with hatred, “As long as I am still the head disciple, the Upper Court will still bestow concocted pills, Flower Spring, and Dao manuals through me. Zhang Yan could never dream to take away even one of them from me!”

The only thing he could do right now was only to deprive Zhang Yan by confiscating his resources’ quota. With this privilege, he was able to vent a bit of his anger.

Du Bo’s complexion showed his disapproval and he quickly rebuked, “Nephew, don’t forget that you are only borrowing this Lower Court’s head disciple position for the time being in order to justifiably receive and use the Spirit Shellfish. If you can use the Spirit Shellfish King to successfully open your meridians and have the best grade meridian type, isn’t it better than becoming the Lower Court’s head disciple? How can you attach such importance to this matter?”

Hearing Du Bo reprimand him, Du You wasn’t angry, but his face instantly turned bright instead. He couldn’t help but quickly stand as he then hurriedly asked in an anxious tone, “Uncle Bo, about borrowing this Spirit Shellfish King, has the patriarch given his consent?”

“This is actually the reason I came to you today.” Du Bo smiled and made a gesture for Du You to sit down. But after seeing that he was reluctant to sit because of anxiousness, he slowly told the whole story.

“Two months ago, our Blue Ocean Sect had seized a Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field. Our Du Family had fought valiantly in this battle and a lot of Du Family’s juniors were killed. The patriarch then promised to give compensation to our Du Family, that we could use the Spirit Shellfish King for a month to help you open your meridians. This was arranged in order to not cause dissatisfaction amongst various families. Our family also has paid much after a lot of fierce bargaining. This matter has been arranged and set before you arrived here. But since I was afraid that you could not hold your temper and excitement, I didn’t tell you before.”

Du You, hearing this news, was originally unable to restrain his joy. Had Du Bo not been present here, he would have jumped and loudly shouted several times.

It was public knowledge that opening one’s meridians with the aid of a Spirit Shellfish King would result in the best grade meridian’s type. And coupled with his family’s secret superior method to open meridians, don’t even mention average or good grade meridians’ type, even the above average or even the highest grade meridians’ type of legend could also be achieved.

Du Bo, seeing that he somewhat overlooked something, quickly added, “Now, although every family seems to have accepted my gifts for this arrangement, they would still be watching secretly. So we must be prudent and be more careful for the time being. That Zhang Yan is somehow linked to the patriarch to a certain degree, so I advise you to not make this matter become more complicated, so as to avoid giving ways for various families to stretch their hands and feet and causing other variables to pop-up.”

Du You seriously nodded, “Uncle Bo, I’ll make sure to remember your words,” But he also let out a grunt, “Humph, this Zhang Yan can cheaply get out of this easily.”

“Letting him off easily?” Du Bo chuckled and smiled, “Zhang Yan has already received some internal injuries under my Profound Light oppression before. I just gave him a taste of some bitter medicine.”

“Oh! Why not directly…” Du You was puzzled. Since Du Bo obviously could silently hit Zhang Yan, he thought that if Du Bo could also kill him in secret, why not take the chance to do it?

Du Bo shook his head, “Should I really take his life, that Divine Shuttle will certainly fly back to its true master, then I would also have to destroy this treasure to restrain it. But this shuttle is spiritually connected with its master. Had it been damaged, it would absolutely alarm its master. Offending such a person only for a Zhang Yan is extremely not worth it.”

It was precisely because of these reasons and concerns that Du Bo let Zhang Yan leave safely before.

“Furthermore nephew, you don’t need to anxiously rush to deal with Zhang Yan at present.” Du Bo gave his advice earnestly, “For cultivators like us, improving our cultivation is the most important thing. Just wait until you obtain the Spirit Shellfish King and successfully condense a high-grade meridian type. Under our Du Family’s support behind you, wouldn’t it be so easy to gain your reputation back? Between the insignificant Lower Court’s disciples and the true disciples, isn’t it clear for you that the Upper Court is the starting place for various immortals?”

Du You gave his consent and promised.

His juvenile character could only think of simple exchanges. Should one shame his honor, he would also retaliate directly in person, since he didn’t like beating around the bush. But since Du Bo had said so, even if he was unwilling, he could only listen to his exhortation.

Du Bo, as if he could see through his thoughts, smiled and said, “Alright, if nephew can calm down your heart, I will teach you a method. You don’t need to do it yourself, but you will still be able to cut Zhang Yan’s roots and make him unable to gain a foothold on this mountain.”

Du You’s eyes shined as he then jumped up and said, “With what means? Uncle Bo, please teach me quickly!”

“The cave mansion on the Star Peak is originally the property of the Lower Court. You are now the head disciple, and one of your duties is arranging a dwelling placement for every disciple to close up and practice. I heard that Zhang Yan is taking one peak and living alone there. You may give orders to take the Star Peak back and say that you have another arrangement for him. And then you can give further orders to Zhang Yan to take over the Moon Peak and live there. However, the Lower Court’s disciples living there have different backgrounds than him. Should he brazenly go there, those outer disciples would certainly push him aside. He would neither have onset nor could he retreat. However, I have observed Zhang Yan, he is a proud person and prefers death to humiliation. If you took his dwelling place, he will have no face to stay on the mountain again. This way, you don’t need to move your feet. You can then catch him when he descends the mountain. You don’t even need to see the process with your own eyes. Later, when you want to find him again, it wouldn’t be too troublesome.”

Zhang Yan was an outer disciple. Issuing a decree for him to move to the cave dwelling on the Moon Peak was very reasonable. It wouldn’t be viewed as unfair no matter what he chose later. On the contrary, the disciples that didn’t know the whole truth would also praise Du You as the head disciple for his understanding and sympathy for his junior brothers. Should Zhang Yan refuse to leave from the Star Peak, that would be his downfall, and he could have a just excuse to deal with him.

After being driven out from his original dwelling place, would he still have the face to continue living on this mountain? Should he insist to still practice here, he wouldn’t even have a cave mansion to practice in anymore. Could he practice with ease outside?

Du Bo’s idea could be said to be fully measured, like fully removing a plant root from under the pot.

“Great idea, great idea! Uncle Bo please wait a moment. I will immediately pass this command to the servants to execute it.” Du You truly believed that this method was very profound as he quickly ran outside to arrange this plan with a complexion full of joy and expectation.



Udeze notes:

This is the beginning of the new short arc… which lasts until the end of volume 1.

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