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Volume 1, Chapter 26 – A Pair of Magical Rulers and Divine Shuttle

Manager Hao had already inquired about Zhang Yan’s cave mansion in advance. After receiving the order, he quickly brought along two other servants to accompany him and rushed toward Star Peak.

He had long been in the Du Family, and he once practiced a breathing method. However, due to his limited aptitude, he could not open his meridians. But if it was only to control and use magic weapons, he didn’t have any problem using it.

He had long been a servant of the Du Family. And this time, he accompanied his Young Master Du You to the Blue Ocean Sect’s Lower Court. He finally felt that the day he would raise his head had come, and now the golden opportunity had come to personally arrest an outer disciple by himself. His heart couldn’t help but feel proud.

He came all the way to the front of Zhang Yan’s cave mansion’s door and didn’t even give any notice or greetings but directly pushed the door open, quickly striding inside. He intentionally didn’t even try to peep in and look whether there was anyone in the cave or not, as he then pretentiously spoke, “Where is Zhang Yan?”

Zhang Yan originally was going to deal with Lin Tong, who was captured by Luo Xiao and stuffed into the cauldron. However, he suddenly saw Manager Hao uninhibitedly break into his cave. His complexion instantly turned cold, “Who are you?”

Manager Hao crossed his hands behind his back, held his head up and said, “Zhang Yan, I am the steward manager from the Lower Court. Today, the Lower Court’s head disciple Du You has summoned all outer disciples to convene in the Temple’s Main Hall to discuss some official proceedings. Everyone has gone, why are you the only who hasn’t gone yet? I’m now here on behalf of my Young Master especially to take you in for questioning. Why haven’t you quickly knelt down to accept your crime?”

Lower Court’s head disciple? Du You?

Zhang Yan was quite puzzled and had doubts. His vigilance instantly rose.

Had something happened in the Lower Court that changed the situation? He looked at the opposite party’s gesture, and he secretly sneered as he grimly said, “Guilty or innocent, I simply can put that aside for now. I’m an outer disciple and you are only a servant, you dare to come here to apprehend me?”

“Stop talking nonsense and making things more difficult. Tie up both of your hands, or are you waiting for me to do it?” Although Manager Hao was holding a magic weapon, Zhang Yan, after all, had a “notorious reputation” outside. His cultivation was far above his, and along with his majestic stature and manner, he couldn’t help but feel tense and anxious.

The moment Manager Hao held and activate the Seizing Ruler, Zhang Yan suddenly felt that his whole body became tense. Even the fine hairs on his body were instantly raised. He could sense an extremely dangerous vibe coming from that ruler. Merely from such a tremendous spiritual qi, he instantly recognized that this Dao tool had a formidable and powerful might.

Zhang Yan’s complexion instantly turned solemn, he quietly traced his palm into his sleeve and gripped an object which Ning Chongxuan had given him to protect himself. He didn’t know whether this item would be useful or not.

Manager Hao seeing that Zhang Yan was really refusing to give in, he secretly mused, “This is your own fault for committing suicide. Don’t blame me.” As he raised the Seizing Ruler and was about to beat him, who would have thought that before he had yet to move, his hand was suddenly empty.

The next moment, he was staring in bewilderment as he looked at the beautiful women who happily held the Seizing Ruler and enthusiastically played with it.

As Manager Hao fell into a trance-like state, it took a long while before he finally regained his consciousness. He couldn’t help but yell, “Return that magic weapon to me quickly!”

Luo Xiao let out a “pooh” voice as she spoke scornfully, “Such a crude refined tool, you also dare to falsely claim that this low-grade tool is a magic weapon?”

Manager Hao’s complexion was flustered and exasperated as he then ragingly shouted, “You cheap maid, I AM Du Family’s steward. Do you know Lady Du, Du…”

Zhang Yan shook his head. He didn’t want to waste his time dealing with him. He walked two steps forward and quickly seized Manager Hao’s hands, throwing his body outside.

Since there was only a plank passageway built along the cliff outside this cave mansion, Manager Hao was greatly overwhelmed with fear in an instant. But fortunately, Zhang Yan still had a sense of propriety and controlled his strength. He was so flustered before he finally managed to cling on the plank passageway. Otherwise, he perhaps would have fallen down and died horribly. The other two servants who followed him hurriedly rushed after seeing his condition, and hastily pulled him up.

After Manager Hao had suffered such a loss, how would he dare to stay here any longer? Immediately, he ran with fright and panic.

Zhang Yan’s complexion sank. Before he closed up, he had heard from Ai Zhongwen that Zheng Xun had been summoned back to the Zheng Family to open his meridians. And now, this Du You was claiming that he was the Lower Court’s current head disciple. It seemed that he must have been assigned to assume the vacant position left by Zheng Xun.

He could also roughly guess Du You’s idea with this play. It seemed that he needed to establish his status and strength to intimidate everyone with such an improper act.

This thing given by Ning Chongxuan, it seemed like he didn’t have to use it today.

Luo Xiao picked up the “Seizing Ruler” and observed it several times. Her eyes rolled as she then let out a small “hehe” laugh as if she was thinking about some wicked scheme. She walked towards the cauldron and pulled up the unconscious Lin Tong from the inside. She then inserted the ruler into Lin Tong’s sleeves.

Zhang Yan looked at her, “What are you doing?”

Luo Xiao clapped her hands, proudly saying, “If my guess is correct, this ruler should be one in a pair. You just sit and enjoy the show!”

Du You had been waiting bitterly in the main hall for two hours and was somewhat impatient. When Manager Hao came back and entered the Main Hall, he then immediately knelt down on the floor while sobbing, “Young Master, please appease your anger. This old servant has failed the job and caused the magic weapon to be taken by Zhang Yan. Please punish me.”

Du You’s mouth instantly opened as he instantly became furious. He pointed at Manager Hao, cursing, “Shut up! Zhang Yan is but only a Primordial Qi Condensation cultivator. Nobody under the Radiant Qi Stage should able to escape from my magic weapon. How could he take it away?”

Manager Hao showed a sorrowful expression, “Although the magic weapon is very powerful, however, this old servant didn’t have a chance to use it since it was quickly taken away by Zhang Yan…” He wanted to say that it was seized by the maid. But, due to the fear of losing his face, the words that had been on the tip of his tongue quickly vanished, as he then immediately changed his words.

Du You secretly cursed, “Trash!!!”  He perhaps had brought along Manager Hao from the Du Family, but it was only to comply with Lady Du’s wishes. He was not his personal servant. The more he thought about it, the more he felt repugnant. His face sank, “You lost that magic weapon, then what use are you now!”

Manager Hao’s body violently trembled. He was well aware of Du You’s temper and knew perfectly well what he was going to do, so he quickly spoke, “Young master, forgive…”

Before he could even finish his words, a white light flashed, and a “puff” sound resounded in the Main Hall. His head was broken apart as he instantly died at the scene.

Du You stretched his hand to gently summon the magical tool back. A fluorescent and translucent jade ruler, as thin as cicada’s wing, flew back to his palm.

Lin Yuan’s eyelids twitched as he saw the scene from the side. This… Du You had more than one magic weapon?

Du You was frowning. He had been pinching his fingers and performed some technique back and forth several times. However, that magical weapon didn’t even respond. It’s likely that his treasure was being held and suppressed by someone, and was unable to come back.

A man can die, but that magic weapon must never be lost!

He sneered, “Zhang Yan, do you really believe that my magic weapon is so easy to take?”

At this moment, the magic weapon in his hand was called “Executor Ruler”, and was a pair with the “Seizing Ruler”. One was the main-ruler. As for the other, it was the vice-ruler. These rulers were a pair and could attract each other.

Du You recited a spell and meditated for a moment as he then immediately spoke, “Go!” A white light flew from his hand and instantly pierced out from the Main Hall.

Shortly after, two white lights flew back to the Main Hall at the same time, they firmly fell into his hand. It was the pair of foot-sized jade rulers.

He silently observed the magic weapon. He knew that the “Executor Ruler” had taken someone’s life. His lips slightly curled upward as he then turned around to the two warriors behind him, “The two of you now go and bring Zhang Yan’s corpse here!”

The two warriors shouted complying words and then asked to be excused.

Du You looked around everyone in the surroundings, casually saying, “Fellow Junior Brothers, please wait for a moment. Zhang Yan was very stubborn. But I, as the Lower Court’s head disciple, will naturally give you a satisfying result.”

Lin Yuan, as well as the other twenty-eight disciples, were sitting quietly and looked indifferent. No one was even speaking.

Du You also didn’t pay any attention. He just needed to wait for Zhang Yan’s corpse to be brought here and these people would naturally know what he really was capable of.

The two warriors speed was extremely fast. About half an hour later, they had come back and reported the completion of their task.

Du You was unable to control himself as he then hurriedly asked, “Where is Zhang Yan?”

One warrior quickly replied, “Zhang Yan is outside, in the hall’s courtyard.”

Du You nodded in satisfaction, “Come! Bring the corpse here!”

That warrior slightly hesitated for a second before he and the other carried a bloody corpse, which was still dripping with blood, inside. The corpse’s head had been cracked to pieces, causing its appearance to be slightly blurred.

Numerous disciples secretly shook their heads. Although they all looked down upon Zhang Yan’s origin, they were also well aware that Zhang Yan’s personality was outstanding and had done a meritorious deed for the sect, of which made them secretly admire him. They had never thought that today, he unexpectedly died under the hand of an arrogant young master. This could only be blamed on his own bad luck.

Du You glanced around at the crowd. Seeing that everyone’s eyes seemed to have some scared expression, he couldn’t help but feel proud and satisfied. He pointed his finger at the corpse, and proudly spoke, “Is this Zhang Yan?”

Originally, nobody was willing to answer these words. Even the warriors who brought the corpse also showed a slight trace of hesitation, “Thi… this man seems to be that Zhang Yan…”

“He’s only someone resembling Zhang Yan?!!” Du You abruptly turned his head and suddenly stared at that warrior.

That warrior was greatly frightened. He was also present when Manager Hao was killed a short while ago. He couldn’t help but be afraid to say more as he then anxiously replied, “There is someone waiting outside, claiming that he is Zhang Yan…”

Du You was completely furious as he pointed at the corpse, “This man is Zhang Yan, that person is also Zhang Yan. How many Zhang Yan’s does this Lower Court have?”

A clear and bright voice sounded from outside, “The man who died there is Senior Brother Lin Yuan’s younger cousin, Lin Tong!”

“What?!!” Lin Yuan was greatly startled and immediately whispered, “Zhang Yan? How do you…”

A tall figure’s shadow walked into the main hall under the everyone’s gaze. Who was it, if not Zhang Yan himself?

Lin Yuan’s heart was violently thumping. Then… that dead man… Was it really Lin Tong?

Zhang Yan walked toward the Main Hall’s center and stood there firmly with a calm and composed complexion. He cupped his hand toward the crowds first before speaking, “I was just in my cave mansion and had a happy conversation with Junior Brother Lin Tong a short while ago, but suddenly a wicked slave came over and shouted that he must arrest me. Junior Brother Lin was very angry and had argued with that slave. Who would have thought that that wicked slave wanted to hurt him, so Junior Brother Lin seized the jade ruler in that wicked slave’s hand and put it into his bosom, saying that the ruler will be returned back to his master by himself. After that wicked slave left, shortly after, another foot-sized ruler suddenly flew fast and hit Junior Brother Lin’s head, causing him to die a horrible death.”

Zhang Yan then sighed. Although he wasn’t sobbing, he continued to speak in a bitter tone, “Junior brother Lin and I have always been on good terms. I admire his manner. I never thought that he would unexpectedly die under the hand of some wicked villain. It’s really unfortunate…”

Lin Yuan’s complexion turned sour and unsightly. He knew perfectly well about his younger cousin, Lin Tong’s, character. What Zhang Yan said was most definitely not the truth. However, now, he could only tacitly acquiesce to Zhang Yan’s statement. Could he even speak that Lin Tong was planning to steal that treasure? And finally bring about one’s own destruction?

Whatever the reason was, there was nothing to say anymore. Lin Tong was his younger cousin. And now he was killed for no reason. But to preserve his reputation, he must step forward to defend Zhang Yan’s statement.

When he thought about this, his heart immediately eased a bit.

“Are you Zhang Yan?” After failing for two consecutive shots, Du You felt that he had lost a great deal of face in front of all disciples. He was also satirized by Zhang Yan as a “villain”. He had long been furious that it almost made him crazy. He shouted as he turned his bloodshot eyes and looked at Zhang. Two bright lights then flew from his hand and shot out toward Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan’s eyes quickly focused his vision; he could see that two foot-sized rulers were flying down, coming right at his head. As he quickly waved his hand, an azure light flashed out of his sleeve. A “bang” suddenly sounded in the air, like the sound of a collision between a stone tablet and metal. The two bright lights turned into the two jade rulers and fell down at the same time.

Lin Yuan, seeing that scene, unconsciously shouted, “Spirit tool?”

All disciples were greatly shocked. This was an intelligent spirit tool and could freely move only by one’s intent. Its power was far beyond other magical tools that could only move after the holder performed some chants, seals, or techniques.

Today, Du You continuously put out magical tools to beat people, which made everyone sigh and exclaim in awe of Lady Du’s power. They simply had never thought how Zhang Yan could also have a spirit tool?

In the end, where did Zhang Yan come from after all?

They recalled that Ai Zhongwen had once said that this person’s background was extraordinary. Speaking of which, could it be that he truly came from a hidden ancient family that deliberately let their juniors cultivate by themselves?

Instantly, everyone’s vision and thoughts about Zhang Yan immediately became more complex and complicated.



Udeze’s note:

The story is now getting more interesting XD. We have reached chapter 26, which mean that there are only 10 chapters left in volume 1. Zhang Yan’s real story has just begun.

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