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Volume 1, Chapter 22 – The Outer Disciple Status, The Empire Princess Comes to Consecrate

“I am severely injured now, and all my pills had been lost on the way here. Can you help find some medicinal herbs? It will also benefit you.”

Although Luo Xiao just helped him in advance to avoid the catastrophe, Zhang Yang still flatly refused, “You can’t go out now. Ning Chongxuan is still tracking and hunting you down. This Zhang believes that he is still close by in the vicinity. He even might be waiting for you at this time.”

Luo Xiao’s body was trembling. Thinking that what Zhang Yan said was reasonable, it angrily cursed, “That Ning Chongxuan is a damn bastard. When I was on the way here, he had the opportunity to save those disciples, but he only stayed still when he saw me kill them. It was obvious that he had an evil intention.”

Zhang Yan shook his head. The Blue Ocean Sect’s Lower Court’s waters already had such a depth, let alone the Upper Court? However, before he opened his meridians, these matters were too distant. He didn’t want to think about it for now.

The irritated Luo Xiao had been slithering and circling the cauldron’s edge for several times. It suddenly recalled something, “Hey, you are the Lower Court’s disciple in this Blue Ocean Sect, which outer disciple do you have a good relationship with?”

“Outer disciples?” Zhang Yan smiled lightly, “This Zhang Yan is an outer disciple.”

Luo Xiao was taken aback before it angrily snapped, “You are an outer disciple? Then you must be from an ancient family. How come you lack concocted pills? Is it that you don’t want to give it to me? I had revealed the cultivation secret to help you practice in vain. Had I known it beforehand, I might as well have died with you!”

Zhang Yan had never thought that Luo Xiao’s reaction would be this intense. To avoid further misunderstanding, he immediately explained, “This one is not from an ancient family. Besides, I just got promoted to an outer disciple three days ago.”

“You are not from an ancient family?” Luo Xiao was greatly surprised. But after knowing the whole story, its eyes were suddenly filled with astonishment. Having no prominent family background and yet being able to become the Blue Ocean Sect Lower Court’s disciple? This fact was too unbelievable for Luo Xiao.  After a long while, it sighed, “There is an easy way.”

“What easy way?” Zhang Yan was puzzled.

Luo Xiao let out a small laugh, “You are the Blue Ocean Sect Lower Court’s outer disciple. You don’t know how many kings, princes, or nobles will seek a favor from you. What say you?”

Zhang Yang couldn’t help but feel surprised. But when he was about to ask something, somebody was speaking outside the door, “Is Senior Brother Zhang inside? This old friend Zhao Yuan has come to visit you.”

“Is it really Senior Brother Zhao?”

From the man’s voice, Zhang Yan was actually able to distinguish that the guest was Zhao Yuan. He gave an eye signal to Luo Xiao, of which immediately entered the cauldron. Zhang Yan then covered the cauldron with the lid and tidied up his robe before he walked toward the door and opened it.

The guest outside was exactly Zhao Yuan. But the moment he faced Zhang Yan, his complexion and manners became overcautious. He cupped his hands and respectfully greeted, “Senior Brother Zhang, let me respect you.”

Zhang Yan’s face showed a big smile, “Senior Brother Zhao, it’s been a long time since you have visited this Younger Brother!”

He carefully observed Zhao Yuan’s condition. He could see that Zhao Yuan still hadn’t condensed his Primordial Qi. Moreover, his cheek slightly fell, eyes were dull, and had many grey hairs on his temples. It seemed that his anxiousness to rashly improve his cultivation had damaged his foundation. It’s likely that he has no hope to advance any further for a lifetime. Zhang Yan secretly regretted his misfortune.

Upon seeing Zhang Yan’s attitude was still the same like before, Zhao Yuan felt slightly relieved. A happy expression was drawn on his complexion, “The last time I visited, Fellow Daoist Zhang was in reclusion and continued closed up until now. Since I was afraid that you were trying to comprehend superior Dao laws, I didn’t dare to disturb you back then.”

Zhao Yuan was older than Zhang Yan, but he called him ‘Fellow Daoist’. Zhang Yan also didn’t deliberately correct this remark. Their status had changed, he was now an outer disciple. How could Zhao Yuan dare to call him as ‘Fellow Brother’? Thus, Zhao Yuan avoided the previous address he used to call Zhang Yan.

“I was exactly closing up for practice before. I never thought I actually neglected Senior Brother Zhao.” Zhang Yan stepped to the side, “Senior Brother, please come in and speak inside.”

Zhao Yuan went into the cave mansion. When he sat in what was supposed to be called the guest room, he looked and sighed, “It’s very peaceful and quiet here. But Senior Brother’s status is different now. You should find some people to take care of your worldly trivial matters.”

“I’ve only been an outer disciple for only three days and barely had time to find some servants. Besides, I’m totally immersing myself in cultivation, so I cannot pay any attention to these trivial matters.”

Outer disciples usually showed their status by gathering servants to let them manage all their needs and their families’ trivial matters. Usually, they brought these servants from their family, so they can trust them. However, Zhang Yan didn’t have any background, how could he hire unknown people to become his servants?

Zhang Xi was actually a good choice, but he was too old. Moreover, the Lower Court’s situation was treacherous and Zhang Yan was well aware that his promotion to outer disciple had caused some dissatisfaction from the other outer disciples. They may avoid directly hitting him, but it didn’t mean that they would do the same with the people at his side. So he didn’t have this plan for the time being.

“Senior Brother Zhao, how do you have free time to visit me today?”

Zhao Yuan sighed, an apologetic expression was drawn on his complexion as he quickly got up and said, “Previously, my Younger Sister had caused many inconveniences for you Senior Brother…”

He hadn’t finished saying what he wanted to say when Zhang Yan’s hand stretched out to press him down. Smiling, he said, “For that trivial matter, why should Senior Brother Zhao feel bothered? Had it not been because of Sister Ying, I might also have been unable to reach to this step.”

This remark was also correct. If it were not for Zhao Ying who had stirred up the disturbance before, maybe Bian Qiao would never come forward to challenge him at the Thousand Rock Pavilion, and Ai Zhongwen would never have visited him at his own initiative. The changes in a human life’s affair were truly mysterious, mortals were simply unable to predict it.

Zhao Yuan unexpectedly only lightly sighed, “That is the opportunity given to you Senior Brother.”

Zhang Yan frowned. He couldn’t figure out why Zhao Yuan said this ‘opportunity’ word. But, since Zhao Yuan’s cultivation path was likely to be hopeless, Zhang Yan didn’t say anything and intentionally changed the topic, “The last time I saw your younger sister was at Clear Sky Peak when I deduced the Eclipse codes. I don’t know which master she is studying under?”

Zhao Yuan shook his head, “I don’t know about my younger sister’s affair either, Junior Brother. The only thing I know is that she left home to study under a female Daoist master in the Great Tranquility Temple. However, I’ve never seen her teacher too.”

Cultivators were divided into two classes. One originated from family heritage, and the other was becoming a direct disciple of a certain master. However, in the Great Eastern Continent, most sects were under control of the ancient families. So, from what Zhao Yuan had said, it seemed that Zhao Ying was likely a direct disciple.

That Daoist nun seemed to be Zhao Ying’s elder. Zhang Yan had always remembered the favor he had received from others, so he had the intention to pay it back. And Zhao Yuan’s cultivation path looked to have been halted. It seemed that he had to look for another opportunity to help him in the future.

At this time, Zhao Yuan coughed. With a slightly embarrassed expression, he said, “Senior Brother Zhang…”

“Senior Brother Zhao, if you have something to say, please feel free to say it.”

Zhao Yuan’s complexion was slightly anxious as he slowly said, “My Zhao Family is only a merchant family, and a certain Palace Court’s lady has taken care of my family since my grandfather’s generation. And now, this Lady’s family member wants to get acquainted with Senior Brother Zhang, I don’t know if…”

When he said these words, his heart was unavoidably perturbed and secretly observed Zhang Yan’s expression, for fear that Zhang Yan would be displeased and unhappy. His original intention to come here was also to ask for Zhang Yan’s help. But still, Zhang Yan had helped him previously, only to find Zhao Ying returning the favor with troubles. For this reason, he couldn’t help but speak in a courteous manner, rather than using casual words like before.

But since the Zhao Family really owed a great favor to this certain noble, he thickened his face to come here and asked for Zhang Yan’s help.

Zhang Yan lightly smiled, “Such small things, the next time Senior Brother Zhao needs my assistance, you don’t have to personally come here. You can send me a letter.”

Zhao Yuan was instantly stunned. He never thought that Zhang Yan would be this amiable. His complexion suddenly looked bright and excited, “This honored person has been waiting at the mountain foot. If Junior Brother gives permission, I’ll call her up now.”

Then, he looked at Zhang Yan anxiously, for fear that he would refuse.


Zhang Yan couldn’t help but feel astonished. From what he could infer from Zhao Yuan’s words, the status of this ‘certain noble person’ should not be low. Why would this ‘noble person’ be asking for his permission and was even waiting at the mountain foot?

In fact, Zhang Yan was quite clueless that he had belittled himself.

He was an outer disciple of the Blue Ocean Sect’s Lower Court. This status alone was enough to make the people from mortal world frown and respect him.

What place was the Lower Court? This was a sacred place, a school to nurture talented bloods who will become the future backbone for the sect. In the future, some leaders, experts, and elders in the Blue Ocean Sect might sprout out from these people. Many ordinary people would also be eager to befriend these outer disciples.

An Outer disciple who was promoted to the Upper Court would be bestowed a heavenly immortal dwelling place. They could also pick several people from the Lower Court to go along with them to the Upper Court, to manage most secondary roles and matters.

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Yan was destined to become one of the true disciples in the Blue Ocean Sect. Should he successfully open his meridians, he would even be able to marry a princess from one of the ancient families. Even if he stayed idly in his heavenly dwelling and continued closing up afterward, the sect would still grant him Dao manuals, concocted pills, and spirit magical weapons that would ensure his cultivation to constantly advance. Such a person would not casually be able to seek favor from him in the future. Had Zhang Yan given certain people a chance to befriend him, those people would be able to lord over the mortal world in the future.

But, since Zhang Yan had walked on this cultivation world, almost everyone said that his aptitude was not high. Even though Zhang Yan denied thinking alike, but in fact, being able to practice to his current cultivation level, was one in a million case. The number of people able to cultivate to this step like him was indeed very few.

In the Great Eastern Continent, aside from the sixteen Great Sects, there were also countless small sects. Some small sects even had to spend massive amounts of wealth and resources only to support one person to open his meridians. Even so, they were able to take command and lord over a state or country, taking the most honorable place.

Zhang Yan was curious and couldn’t help but suddenly ask, “What’s this person’s status?”

Zhao Yuan answered, “This person is the daughter of the Wei Imperial Family of the Song Kingdom, Princess Cao Ying. She especially came here to visit Senior Brother Zhang.”

Upon hearing this ‘noble person’s’ status, Zhang Yan didn’t pay much attention anymore. He was a cultivator. Those warlords, kings, or emperors could only lord over ordinary mortals, but not him. As long as a person was not cultivator, the status meant nothing to him.

Zhao Yuan hurriedly rushed downhill. Zhang Yan may perhaps not care about this female status. But Zhao Yuan was only an ordinary mortal, he couldn’t break the wall, and must personally meet up to tell her.

In the next two hours, at almost noon, Zhao Yuan came along with a female dressed in a man’s attire.

The woman was about 27 or 28-years-old, with a slim and tall stature, phoenix eyes, and long eyebrows. A faint majestic aura was emitted from her gaze, coupled with a hundred and ten imperial guards and servants following behind, is was enough for people to know her distinguished status and grandeur—This was Princess Cao Ying.

“Everyone of you wait here. If you’re not summoned, you cannot come forward at will, so as to avoid angering the Immortal Master!”

They bowed down together and saluted. Even if they were not ordered to do so, they would never dare to act nonchalantly either.

“Princess, please come with me.” Zhao Yuan led the way ahead.

Cao Ying’s complexion was slightly reserved as she nodded and said, “Sorry for troubling you, Mr. Zhao.”

After treading along the plank passageway built along the mountain cliff, Cao Ying finally entered the cave mansion. When she saw Zhang Yan was still sitting on the meditation mat, she stepped forward and offered the most courteous salute, “This mortal woman, Cao Ying, has seen Zhang Immortal Master.”

Zhang Yang didn’t pay attention to her first, but turned to Zhao Yuan, saying, “Senior Brother Zhao, come here and sit with me.”

Cao Ying’s heart was greatly startled, it seemed that Zhao Yuan’s status in the eyes of Zhang Yan far surpassed her imagination. Later on in the future, she must give Zhao Yuan different treatment.

Zhao Yuan anxiously replied that he didn’t dare. But after being persuaded by Cao Ying, he reluctantly stood next to Zhang Yan, refusing to sit down.

Zhang Yan didn’t force him. He shifted his gaze and looked straightly at Cao Ying, “You are Cao Ying?”

Cao Ying gave her respects again, “This woman is.”

As a Kingdom’s princess, she usually stood aloof in the palace. Even if there were many princes and nobles, she would never spare a glance at them. But, before Zhang Yan, she was very cautious, as to avoid doing the usual attitude she had.

She also knew about Zhang Yan’s status. He single-handedly defeated three Lower Court’s outer disciples from Vast Origin Sect in succession at the Clear Sky Peak, causing that sect to greatly lose reputation and leave the Dao Convention ahead of time. Judging only from this feat, what other capabilities did this person have?

In her eyes, the Vast Origin Sect had always been a big sect, a sacred place for celestial beings. As for the Blue Ocean Sect, it was unattainable. As for Zhang Yan, sooner or later, he would become a true disciple in the Upper Court. She was unexpectedly able to be acquainted with him through Zhao Yuan, it could be said that it was her great luck.

Zhang Yan slightly nodded and said, “What’s your intention of looking for me?”

Cao Ying raised her head, answering, “I heard Zhang Immortal Master has been promoted to an Outer disciple, so this mortal woman would like to offer a thousand pounds of Five Elements Divine Sand and consecrate it to Zhang Immortal.”



Volume 1 consists of 36 chapters, and I have carefully read the novel’s raws ahead, up until chapter 100+. I can assure you that the novel is really good. But the author uses many complicated characters, even old/archaic words, of which gave me a hard time into figuring out the English words that would be suitable to convey the meanings.

I have to admit that maybe I’m not for the challenge in translating GDC. Firstly, English and Chinese are not my main language. Secondly, I presume that I could only translate GDC up to 70-80% accuracy. Many poems are hard to translate, and although I tried hard to convey the meanings to the best I could, but somehow I also felt that it’s lacking something. Lastly, I also got occupied with jobs and paperwork IRL, and cannot fully concentrate on translating.

For people who can read Chinese fluently, and you think you are able to give the novel a better translation, please do take over GDC. Because I thought that this novel deserves to get a better publication. However, I couldn’t help but feel that I’m not decent enough for the time being.

Anyways, I will continue translating GDC until someone pops up to take over this novel. And… lastly… have fun reading this…

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  1. I haven’t read the raws, so idk if the TL is fully accurate or not – but from binge reading till this chapter just now, I’d say your work is pretty high quality. Glad that you’re planning to continue, and I really hope if anyone else takes it over they can maintain this quality level.

  2. I really hope he doesnt waste time on stupid romance since hes pretyy much a blood thirsty killer who survived on a battlefield against beasts and now hes on the path of grand dao. He aint got time for those distractions

  3. Man, this note is hard in hindsight, i would love to keep reading this novel but i know the translation stopped
    Yes, i can see some flaws here and there even as a non native myself, but its still good enough

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