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Volume 1, Chapter 20 – Chongxuan Guided a Demon Serpent to the Cave Mansion (First)

As Chen Lan hastily ran to Lin Yuan’s residence, he happily reported, “Senior Brother Lin, I heard Grandmaster Shi Shoujing had sent that ‘Impurity Purification Cauldron’ to Zhang Yan.”

“Oh, seriously?” Lin Yuan suddenly stood with a doubtful expression. After he saw the seriousness on Chen Lan’s complexion he looked up to the sky and laughed loudly, “Our worry was only for nothing!”

Sending the ‘Impurity Purification Cauldron’ to Zhang Yan was pretty much obvious. This was a hidden message to Zhang Yan, forcing him to accept the decree to become the sect’s warrior. Zhang Yan would not receive concocted pills and manuals. As the matter stands, the resource distribution for the outer disciples would not change and they would still receive their current income.

However, a slight regret was drawn on Chen Lan’s complexion as he said, “It’s a pity that he got the cauldron. I had heard that Grandmaster Shi Shoujing is also an Alchemist. Many years ago he used the cauldron to concoct pills and refine ingredients for alchemy. Its effect is also on par with other tools. To think that such a rare tool was given to Zhang Yan, it’s like throwing a pearl to a swine.”


“It’s alright. The others and I are not interested in alchemy and pill concocting. We will not become the sect’s goons after all. Besides, even if he has the cauldron, it’s no use. Could he even use that to concoct pills?”

Lin Yuan was in a great mood. He naturally didn’t care about this trifling matter. He was quite disagreeable with Chen Lan’s view. What worth did that big Daoist tool have? Had he opened his meridians and entered the Upper Court, would he be lacking Radiant Cloud Shellfish liquid, concocted pills, and enchanted weapons to use?

He sat down again, picked up the teacup and leisurely sipped the tea. He looked at Chen Lan and let out a loud laughter, “Junior Brother Chen, have you heard that Senior Brother Zheng recently returned to the Zheng Family two days ago?”

Chen Lan was startled as he hesitatingly replied, “Senior Brother Zheng… Is he preparing to open his meridians?”

“He is.”

“Why would he choose this time?” Chen Lan felt somewhat puzzled.

Aside from Zhang Yan, the Lower Courts had 28 outer disciples. All of them were at the Primordial Qi Establishment. However, only five of them had truly reached the True Primordial Qi Establishment, being only a step away from opening their meridians.

These disciples were respectively—Zheng Xun, Lin Yuan, Chen Lan, Zhen Lun, and Hu Shengyu.

Should the ancient families’ juniors want to open their meridians, not only did they get support and protection from their elders, but they also must take a massive amount of concocted pills and cleanse their meridians with Radiant Cloud Shellfish liquid.

However, those ancient families’ juniors from the beginning started to cultivate in the sect until they were ready to open their meridians and would need approximately sixteen years in average to hone their mental state and consolidate their foundation.

Chen Lan knew that Zheng Xun had been only in the sect for ten years, why would he be able to open his meridians now? This… there was something strange on this matter!

Li Yuan proudly smiled, “Of course there is a reason for this.”

“Oh, Has Senior Brother Lin heard something?” Chen Lan’s complexion changed. He knew that Lin Yuan has a senior who became an elder in the Blue Ocean Sect. He always heard some secret and unknown information.

Lin Yuan leaned forward and whispered his story, “I heard that the Upper Court had won a small victory over the Three Lake’s demons. They finally seized the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field there, but they also suffered heavy casualties. Six true disciples seniors at the Radiant Qi Stage from the Upper Court were even killed when they encountered a Striped Demon Serpent.”

“True disciples died?” Chen Lan was speechless, “Was it really that bad?”

Many Upper Court’s disciples originated from ancient families, and since they entered the sect to cultivate, they could be regarded as the sect’s backbone.

Should they be able to open their meridians, they can directly become a true disciple. The sect would grant them manuals, concocted pills, Divine Sands, Spirit Shellfish and other resources. It was not like the constant and fierce competition amongst disciples with lower status who had to strive hard in the outside world to do some service for the sect. Those true disciples didn’t need to struggle hard in the frontlines like before. They just needed to sit idly and enjoy the cake being baked by others for free due to their achievements.

Such powerful disciples were killed? Chen Lan was dumbfounded when he heard the news. The Three Lake’s demons had killed the Blue Ocean Sect’s disciples?

Lin Yuan let out a cold and disdaining smile, “It’s their own fault for courting their own death. Do you know what those true disciples seniors did? They heard that the old Demon Serpent Luo Mengze had a daughter known as Luo Zhenzhen. Her appearance is otherworldly stunning, she could even captivate every living being with her beauty. Those stupid disciples wanted to look at her real face, which turned out to be that Striped Demon Serpent. In the end, it cost them their lives.”

When Chen Lan heard this, a contempt-filled expression was drawn on his face, “Every cultivator painstakingly seeks the path to immortality, but they actually became so corrupted with their lust over a mere demoness beauty? Moreover, they also died because of that demoness. They really died a worthless death, but… what does this have to do with Senior Brother Zheng?”

“One of those dead true disciples was originally a junior from the Zhang Family, Zheng Xunchuan. This is precisely why Senior Brother Zheng is being called back to inherit and take over Zheng Xunchuan’s wealth and position.” Lin Yuan’s voice carried along a trace of envy while he continued speaking.

Chen Lan let out a “hum” voice twice, “That’s true, for Senior Brother Zheng Xun, his family member had died a well-deserved death, hadn’t he?”

He knew that Lin Yuan had two older brothers in the Upper Court. As he looked at Lin Yuan’s expression now, he couldn’t help but secretly make some conjectures. After thinking about it for a moment, he immediately stood and bowed to Lin Yuan respectfully, “Since Senior Brother Zheng Xun has left, then Senior Brother Lin should become the outer disciples’ head in the Lower Court. This Junior Brother has to rely on Senior Brother’s kindness in the upcoming future.”

Lin Yuan loudly laughed with a happy expression. He helped Chen Lan up with his hand, “Junior Brother, you don’t have to be like this. You and I have a good relationship compared to others.”

The two people exchanged several flatterings and courtesies before sitting down again. Chen Lan then casually asked, “About this Serpent Demoness that killed our sect’s disciples, what happened to her?”

“I heard that the sect had sent Ning Chongxuan to track down and kill that Demon Serpent. However, I haven’t heard any other news about it anymore.”

“Ning Chongxuan?” Chen Lan thought for a moment to recall his memory about this person, “Rumors said that this person is outstandingly talented. He reached the Profound Light Stage at the age of 40, and only missed a step to get to the Dan Transformation Realm. Are these rumors reliable?”

Lin Yuan snorted, rebutting, “This person, although he is powerful, he has no influential background. The sect’s core positions only belong to me and other ancient families’ disciples!”


At this time, near the Cangwu Mountain, two shadows flashed like lightning, as one shadow was chasing the other.

The black shadow ahead was a mysterious big striped serpent, which crazily rushed forward as the other white shadow was riding a flying sword chasing it. The white shadow turned out to be a young looking Daoist with sharp eyes and a solemn expression. The youth coldly shouted, “Before this Ning Chongxuan, you dare to act so nonchalantly and hide in the clouds?”

A blue light shot out and separated from the youth’s sword as brushing sounds exuded when it shot through the cloud in front. The light traversed back and forth several times and dispersed the clouds. Suddenly, the mysterious serpent howled miserably as a few drops of thick blood splashed over its body. The black light membrane covering its body instantly became thinner.

After being severely hit, this serpent knew that it had no choice but to descend from the cloud. Its big mouth spat out a black ominous fog to protect and cover itself as pitch black darkness enveloped its body, quickly shrouding the mountain peak in front of it.

“You also dare to show off such a small and weak technique?”

Ning Chongxuan coldly smiled. His spiritual qi condensed in his eyes as two strands of golden light then shot out from his eyes. This profound bright light shot through the protective black membrane, and as the light penetrated the black ominous fog, the cloud melted like melting snow and was swept away!

Upon seeing this, the Demon Serpent opened its mouth and cursed in the human language, “Pah, this Ning Chongxuan has only been cultivating for less than 40 years, but he has already entered the Piercing Profound Light. To think that I, Luo Xiao, could only reach the Bright Primal Spirit Level after cultivating for almost 200 years… how could the heavenly laws be this unfair?”

It planned to temporarily hide and evade, but as of now, it had received a heavy blow, making its speed slower. It could only keep using its Qi to unceasingly spit out the black ominous fog and attempt to hide its true body. However, Ning Chongxuan immediately used those bright profound lights, making it unable to hide.

The Demon Serpent was greatly panicked as it was unable to quickly pick the correct direction to run. It quickly fled to the mountain passageway separating the forest and the rocky area. It could hear a running water sound from the mountain range ahead. As the Demon Serpent faintly saw a chance to keep its life, it hastily rushed over to that place.

But after a long time of searching, it couldn’t find a burrow to hide in. It could feel that its spiritual qi was gradually running out and realized that once Ning Chongxuan’s sword qi shot out, its body would absolutely be split into pieces. Desperation and hopelessness suddenly filled its eyes, “No!!! This is really bad!!! There is nothing here to hide in… there is no cave… will I, Luo Xiao, die here?”

At this moment its eyes shifted to the mountain’s wall as it saw a creek, which seemingly led to a crevice or cave. It didn’t think much longer as it immediately used its remaining spiritual qi to transform its body. The previously thirty-feet-long body instantly shrunk into a foot-size as it then flew forward toward the river, swimming through the river channel and drilling deep into the mountain’s body.

The flying sword hovered the mountain peak in a circle for several times and then descended. Ning Chongxuan then stood firmly on the peak.

Ning Chongxuan’s eyebrows twitched several times, frowning. That Demon Serpent suddenly vanished. It must have drilled deep into the ground. Unless he split open this entire mountain peak, he didn’t have other means to find that Demon Serpent quickly. But even if he had this ability, it was impossible for him to wantonly destroy this mountain peak, because this was the territory of the Blue Ocean Sect’s Lower Courts.

He walked down the mountain passageway and couldn’t find the slightest trace of that Demon Serpent. But at this time, he suddenly sensed someone’s True Qi aura. He couldn’t help but feel surprised, “Huh? This peak should have long been deserted. Why would a Lower Court’s disciple practice here?”

He traced that True Qi aura and walked toward the source’s direction. It took only a short while till he saw a young disciple sitting in deep meditation on a small rock platform.

The young cultivator looked like he also sensed that someone was walking behind him. But he didn’t abruptly stop his meditation but only calmly turned around.

Ning Chongxuan nodded, a hint of appreciation slightly flashed from his face, “Who are you?”

The young cultivator carefully scrutinized Ning Chongxuan before he cupped his hands, answering, “Myself is a Lower Court’s outer disciple of the Blue Ocean Sect. May I know Senior’s venerable name?”

“I’m the Upper Court’s disciple, Ning Chongxuan. I’m currently chasing down a Demon Serpent to this place. This demon had even killed several Upper Court’s true disciples. Have you seen something unusual?”

Zhang Yan shook his head, “No, I have seen nothing.”

Ning Chongxuan continued asking, “Are you the only person living in this peak’s vicinity?”

“Myself is the Lower Court’s outer disciple, so I have the privilege to live alone in this peak.”

Zhang Yan didn’t forcefully drive out the previous inhabitants in this peak. But it was their own initiative to leave this peak because nobody dared to live here and share the peak with him after he became an outer disciple. They then moved to another place to live. In addition, this Star Peak was originally remote, of which made him the sole inhabitant in this peak right now. As the matter stands, he simply didn’t need to shut himself in his cave mansion, so he chose to meditate on the mountainside.

Ning Chongxuan hearing his status instantly frowned. He then spoke in a cold and desolate tone, “Are you really an outer disciple?”

“I am.”

A detested and loathsome expression was seen on Ning Chongxuan’s complexion. Most outer disciples came from ancient families. Not only did these disciples monopolize the cave mansion after they entered the Upper Court, but they also had the privilege to stay idly in the sect and enjoy other people’s hard work. But Ning Chongxuan was only a disciple with no prominent background. All the concocted pills he ever received, except for some, of which were occasionally bestowed by his teacher, were obtained by himself after he put his life on the stake through bitter struggles and battles. Thus, he particularly loathed these people.

Even if he had other words to say, he was disinclined to spit it out. He coldly snorted and quickly used his flying sword to soar to the sky, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

A slight envy and longing expression flashed in Zhang Yan’s eyes. He secretly mused, when will I be able to reach this level?

However, the thought immediately vanished from his mind.

He had his own path. Others would also have their own path. What meaning would it have to envy others? As long as his heart and mind stayed firm and resolute, as long as he persevered in advancing forward, one day he will also have the ability to fly into the sky!

Zhang Yan looked at the vast, boundless night sky. He faintly smiled, turned around, and walked down the mountain.

He calmly walked over the plank passageway built along the mountain cliff all the way back to his cave mansion. It felt like it had been a long time since he last returned to his cave mansion. But, when he was about to open his cave’s door, he abruptly stopped.

Ever since the day he interpreted the Star Stele’s inscriptions, his senses had become very keen and he had always been very sensitive to any subtle changes in the spiritual qi in the surroundings. Even if the changes in the environment were very faint, he was able to sense it. This time, he could vaguely sense that there was a peculiar spiritual qi hiding in his cave mansion. He carefully looked around before his eyes finally stopped at the bronze cauldron.

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