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Volume 1, Chapter 17 – Heavenly Sect’s Contention at the Clear Sky Peak (Part 8)

Shen Jingyue quietly took a bottle of compounded pills out of his sleeve, swallowing a pill without any of his fellow disciples noticing, before he walked onto the stage.

The pill was called ‘Life Force Congregator’. The pill could stimulate one’s brain in a short period of time and maximize the brain’s power greatly. However, taking this drug was like putting a powerful poison time-bomb into anyone who took it. Such a drug could stimulate one’s potential and overdraft one’s potential for a short time, and even if it didn’t seem to cause any aftereffects in the future, it would actually reduce one’s own lifespan greatly.

However, since this third session was too important for the Vast Origin Sect, Shen Jingyue decided to choose to sacrifice his lifespan for a small chance of winning.

He sorted out his clothes and cupped his hands over to Wen Jun, “Brother, I will go!”

Wen Jun felt an ominous feeling hearing Shen Jingyue’s words. He couldn’t help but frown as he then comforted, “Brother, you don’t need to worry about anything, just give your best!”

Shen Jingyue let out a faint smile as he then slowly walked onto the stage.

He once again was facing Zhang Yan. There were no needless words to say anymore as he then greeted Zhang Yan with cupped hands.

Shen Jingyue was still standing motionlessly. He looked at Zhang Yan and spoke in a deep tone, “Junior brother Zhang, I truly underestimated you!” He faintly smiled, “However, I have to say, I still have to try my best!”

Zhang Yan also didn’t delay for long as he directly replied, “Senior Shen, please!”

Shen Jingyue calmly walked for several steps before he sat down on the previously arranged mat. His eyes quickly swept over the Star Stele. Previously, those texts were like messed up characters engraved on the stele. However now, he could see those characters clearly. Even if he didn’t use bamboo tokens to calculate to decipher the text, it was as if he could understand it with one glance.

He calmly spread the paper out, took up a pen, and started to write.

Uproar suddenly buzzed out from the audience under the stage. Previously, they were greatly shocked because they saw Zhang Yan deduce the Star Stele without the bamboo tokens’ aid. They didn’t expect that Shen Jingyue was also hiding his true ability as he unexpectedly did the same thing!

Zhang Yan frowned. He had calculated Shen Jingyue’s ability before. But, he never thought that this person was even more formidable than Mo Yuan.

However, he had expected that this third session would be a bitter struggle for him. Even if he wanted to whine, it would be useless. Moreover, the Vast Origin Sect surely had sent disciples who excelled in both martial arts and Eclipse codes’ interpretation. But, as long as he won this session, it meant he had total victory. He faintly smiled, held up his lower robe and quickly sat down. His sight then shifted to the third stele as he began to write.

Meanwhile, while the two people were busy interpreting the text, on the mountain passageway not far from the stage, the Blue Ocean Sect’s Lower Court’s outer disciples were gathered there.

“This Zhang Yan, once he wins the showdown with those Vast Origin Sect’s disciples, it is likely that he will be promoted to an outer disciple. This… surely will hinder my plans and other important matters…”

A cold and cloudy expression flashed from Lin Yuan’s eyes as he then muttered a few words with a fierce expression on his face, “This person must be removed quickly!”

The Lower Court’s disciples had their own privileges and benefits. The Lower Court granted those disciples compounded pills, cultivation manuals, and other things. However, the amount of resources given to them depended on the quota set by the Upper Court. During the past decade, there were battles to compete over the resources within the Three Lake’s demons territory. The attacks and killings occurred constantly these past years and it became fiercer and frequent lately. This was why the quota given to the outer disciples was being reduced every year. The resources bestowed to the Lower Court were distributed to 28 disciples. If another disciple were to be promoted into their ranks, the already low resources they received would be reduced once again.

But this was not the key reason. Once Zhang Yan had crossed the threshold and his cultivation broke through into the higher realm, it was very likely that he would also be able to open his acupoints’ gates and directly become their rival. At that point, trying to suppress Zhang Yan would be almost impossible.

The way of how the resources were being distributed made these disciples formed small interest groups. Moreover, several families were also pulling their strings and arranging for their family members to be in this circle. If another person came and joined their ranks, the balance and those families’ arrangements would be disrupted, making the previous arrangement useless.

Lin Yuan looked at Chen Lan’s and Hu Shengyu’s complexion as he said, “What do the two younger brothers think about this?”

Chen Lan’s complexion was full of disbelief, “Will our Lower Court’s masters receive Zhang Yan as an outer disciple?” He was only a trivial novice disciple. He didn’t even come from a prominent family. Could the Lower Court’s masters rashly accept this kind of disciple?

Lin Yuan grunted, “You two also have seen this Zhang Yan’s abilities. He alone facing and suppressing the Vast Origin Sect’s disciples. How could it be that our masters would cast him aside?”

As if to add more persuasive power to his words, he went on, “Zhang Yan’s interpretation method is very mysterious and of unknown origins. He didn’t reveal it before at the mountain. But it seems that a certain master has taken a liking for him. But what really confuses me is that he didn’t even try to reveal his abilities even a bit before. And his actions today surely had garnered a lot of attention and reputation. Now, I want to ask you brothers, what we should we do about him?”

Chen Lan’s face turned fierce and cold. Lin Yuan’s reasoning was perhaps a little forced. However, when he carefully thought about it, it was indeed possible for Zhang Yan to be promoted into the Lower Court’s inner circle. So the most secure way to cope with this matter was to remove him as quickly as possible. With a fierce and hideous expression, Chen Lan replied, “If so, we must eliminate this Zhang Yan!”

“Good!” Lin Yuan was overjoyed. But he quickly turned his head and spoke to Hu Shengyu who was silent the whole time, “Senior brother Hu, what say you?”

Hu Shengyu replied in an indifferent tone, “He’s only a novice disciple. If we must kill him then kill him!” Zhang Yan was not an outer disciple. And relying on their families’ influence, even if they were to be found out as the murderer, the Blue Ocean Sect’s Lower Courts could do nothing to them.

Chen Lan suddenly thought about something and reminded, “The only hurdle is that Zhang Yan and Ai Zhongwen’s relation is very close. And Ai Zhongwen comes from the Ai Family, it would be very troublesome.”

Hun Shengyu replied coldly, “It’s easy, I’ll take care of him!”

“Since Senior brother Hu Shengyu has agreed to act, it will be alright.”

Hu Shengyu had always been arrogant and conceited. Since he had promised, then he absolutely will not back down. Lin Yuan immediately felt relieved, “At this rate, we must start quickly. If Zhang Yan wins this fight and is recruited, we could only desperately find another solution to expel him from the Blue Ocean Sect.”

At this moment, above the stage, everyone didn’t expect that the Eclipse codes’ interpretation contention had unexpectedly soared into an unprecedented intensity. Many people repeatedly exclaimed to their astonishment. They couldn’t estimate the two people’s limit anymore.

And for the record, the Star Steles’ inscription was the subject to interpret, all six steles were already here.

At this time, even Zhang Yan also felt that the pressure was gradually turning heavier. He no longer experienced his Qi revolving again as he was completely immersed in interpreting the Eclipse codes. His consciousness had long been divided into two places. One was to control his avatar in the Broken Jade’s space and the other was controlling his true body, writing his interpretation on the white paper.

Shen Jingyue was also in a similar condition. With the pill’s effect gradually wearing off, his brain was undergoing a heavy load and pressure, the pill even started to inflict a backlash on his brain’s condition. Using drugs to forcefully enhance his brain’s power and stimulating it to the extreme finally took its toll. The longer he insisted, the heavier the burden he had to bear. There was no single moment that he could feel relaxed.

After a little while, a hazy and blurry sensation filled his eyes and made it difficult for him to focus. His Qi became very chaotic as he suddenly spat out blood, which quickly sprayed on the white paper. He didn’t even care about his condition after vomiting his own blood, as he only looked at the white paper stained with his blood with regrets.

At this moment, he could not stop. He slightly straightened up his body and quickly sat back down. He forcefully swallowed the blood which was about to spurt from his mouth and kept writing like before.

After having completed interpreting a chapter, Zhang Yan took a moment to observe Shen Jingyue’s condition. He found that there was a trace of blood dripping from Shen Jingyue’s lips. His face turned pale and some of the hairs near his temple suddenly turned white. Seeing his appearance like this, Zhang Yan roughly figured out that Shen Jingyue couldn’t hold much longer anymore.

He shook his head, and sighed, “Brother, why are you so desperate to go all out like this?”

Shen Jingyue barely had the power to answer him as his blood suddenly burst out from his throat. His vision turned black, and finally, a few mouthfuls of blood sprayed out from his mouth. His body quickly fell down to the side.


Wen Jun hastily called his name from under the stage. He hurriedly ran onto the stage and took Shen Jingyue’s wrist. His complexion instantly darkened.

Shen Jingyue’s condition was extremely bad. His Qi was very chaotic and had scattered to his internal organs. He probably had swallowed a double-edged pill, which caused his heart to become weak. His spiritual and mental force had also been greatly consumed and was severely damaged. If he didn’t get immediate medication and quickly recuperated, not only would his cultivation be destroyed, but he could also become an idiot and live a sorrowful life afterward.

Shen Jingyue slightly opened his eyes and quickly struggled to grab Wen Jun’s wrist, “Big brother, if I die, please tell my brother to not look for Zhang Yan for revenge. This person has an outstanding ability. If there is an opportunity and we are able to invite him, he will be able to expand our Vast Origin Sect.”

He still had a dream to have Zhang Yan join his sect. It was not just because he could personally see Zhang Yan’s abilities, of which he decided to sacrifice his own life to win him as he previously planned. However, when he was interpreting the Star Steles’ Eclipse codes, he accidentally had a glimpse of a heavenly revelation. He faintly saw Zhang Yan’s great destiny.

Wen Jun’s eyes became hot and teary, he choked, “Junior Brother…” He knew that Shen Jingyue was the second son in his family. His older brother, Shen Juefeng was an expert at the Profound Light Stage and had a bad temperament. He was violent and was very hard to communicate with. He never thought that even in this extremely bad condition, Shen Jingyue was still thinking about the sect. As the head disciple, he felt ashamed and hated his own weakness.

Wen Jun quickly carried Shen Jingyue down and handed him over to Qi Xuan. He quickly stepped down the stage and walked toward the Blue Ocean Sect’s head disciple, Zheng Xun. He bowed deeply and said, “My Junior brother Mo Yuan is still young and ignorant if he has made disturbances these past days, please forgive him.”

Everyone understood. Such remarks represented that the Vast Origin Sect had officially admitted defeat.

Zheng Xun quickly returned the courtesy to Wen Jun. The other was a head disciple, and with his humble attitude and lowering himself, he couldn’t help but return the same courtesy. Otherwise, he would get the reputation of a narrow-minded person. Therefore, he replied to Wen Jun, “Brother Wen, Junior brother Mo is still young and still loves to play. How could I care about his jokes and mannerism? In light of this matter, our two schools will also have some relationship and will meet again in the future.”

Wen Jun exposed a forced, bitter smile. In this Profound Mnemonics Convention, his sect was considered to have lost. What really made him bitterly disappointed was that nobody from the Great Southern Sect stepped forward to even support them. He secretly sighed. After sending several people to pick Mo Yuan up, the Vast Origin Sect’s disciples quietly left.

But on the other side, Lin Yuan and other three disciples appeared near the stage and shouted loudly to Zhang Yan, “Zhang Yan, you, come here!!!”

Ai Zhongwen quickly moved and grabbed Zhang Yan’s sleeves. He quietly reminded, “This is Brother Lin, you must be very careful!”

Zhang Yan slightly nodded. He had heard about Lin Yuan’s reputation. He knew that this guy had a malicious intent toward him. He slowly stepped forward and approached Lin Yuan, cupping his hand, he spoke, “Seeing Senior brother Lin.”

Lin Yuan sneered, he snapped, “Zhang Yan, do you know your crime?”

Zhang Yan’s complexion was still reserved, replied, “What crime had this Zhang Yan done?”

Lin Yuan put a grim face, “You had provoked the other cultivators, fighting in secret and created a feud between two sects. Deceiving numerous fellow disciples in our sect and instigating countless people to only watch you play. This crime must be punished!”

He believed that his words and reasoning could make Zhang Yan fall into a panicked state. But he didn’t expect that Zhang Yan would still be calm and instead reply in a light tone, “Senior brother Lin, Mo Yuan had blocked the passageway, and for almost three days no one could climb up to the peak. Myself only thought that although I’m only a novice disciple, but I know the meaning behind the word of shame. Our Blue Ocean Sect could not be humiliated much more than this. If I were not to block those Vast Origin Sect’s disciples, our sect’s reputation would be thoroughly destroyed.”

Ling Yuan roared, “Shut your mouth!!! All the brothers here have made the plan to act to counter that! How could such a trivial junior like you mess things up? Brothers, take and subdue this person!”

Ai Zhongwen’s face turned red, burning with anger. He tried to speak, however, he felt his body was rigid and could not move. It turned out that Hu Shengyu had seized his wrist and pressed his acupoints gate, making him unable to move completely. He even could not open his mouth and coupled with the anger and the inability to even struggle, this made his face instantly turn crimson red.

Zhang Yan’s eyes swept the surrounding outer disciples who had encircled him. He didn’t know when, but dozens of disciples had already blocked the mountain passageway to seal his way out. He secretly sneered, and prepared to move…

At this time, a clear and melodious bell, and sounds of a drum sounded from the Clear Sky Peak. All the onlookers quickly shifted their gaze to the peak.

A child servant wearing makeup and carrying a jade token appeared near the boulder. He shouted, “Where is Zhang Yan? Master Shi Shoujing, Master He Shouxuan and Master Zhen Shouzhong issued an order that the Profound Virtue Temple’s disciple Zhang Yan should go to the Lower Court Hall to have an interview with the venerable masters!!!”

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