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Volume 1, Chapter 13 – Heavenly Sect’s Contention at the Clear Sky Peak (Part 4)

That night, the Vast Origin’s Sect and the Great Southern Sect’s disciples were resting in the Guest Hall at the Clear Sky Peak mountain foot. Although it was already dark, since most of them ignited their lanterns, the light illuminated the room and made it seem like it was daytime.

Five outer disciple elites sent by Vast Origin Sect to the convention at Cangwu Mountain were gathered together in the big main hall.

The first disciple, Wen Jun sat in the front on left seat. He had a refined and scholarly look with a magnificently long beard that reached his chest, giving off an elderly demeanor. The second disciple, Shen Jingyue sat on his left. He took the advisor role and was the most handsome amongst these five disciples. He wore a white Daoist robe and gave off the impression that his body was emitting a divine aura.

On Wen Jun’s right side, the third disciple Zhang Zhen and the fourth Jiang Yue sat in that respective order.

The last of them, the fifth disciple, Qi Xuan, was walking back and forth in the middle of this big hall with a  complexion that was crimson-red angry. He pointed at the two disciples who were injured by Zhang Yan and were now lying on the couch, cursing, “You!!! How many times have you boasted your ability, that your martial arts were very good? Which, even if Chen Feng dared to strike, you could beat him? Why were the two of you so stupid and useless today?”

The two disciples were extremely ashamed. But, since they were severely injured, they couldn’t talk back. The other disciple who was still in a good condition only stood frozen because of fear.

Shen Jingyue gently smiled, “Junior Brother Qi, don’t worry, I have sent out someone to inquire about that person, gathering information about the actual situation. You don’t need to haggle over it again.”

Shen Jingyue’s father was one of the Vast Origin Sect’s Five Elders and Qi Xuan had a deep respect for him. Listening to his words, he didn’t dare to say anything as he then waved and let the servants bring the two disciples out. He then walked to his seat and sat down.

Wen Jun stroke his long beard took a deep breath and sighed, “Unfortunately, although Lin had promised me and gave other conditions, this Zheng Xun’s character may look weak but he’s actually quite remarkable. He actually gathered all the elite disciples inside their temple’s hall. Now it is hard for us to gather precise news.”

Shen Jingyue nodded, “Those Blue Ocean Sect’s elite disciples really live up to their name. Senior brother let us wait patiently, I believe that we will receive some news shortly.”

Half an hour later, the disciple who was responsible for inquiring news finally came back.

“Reporting to Senior brothers, we have found out that the passageway is being blocked by a disciple named Zhang Yan. He is a novice disciple from the Profound Virtue Temple of the Blue Ocean Sect’s Lower Court. It is said that this person’s ability in deciphering the Eclipse codes is quite amazing.”

Wen Jun was astonished, but he quickly recovered, “Zhang Yan? I have never heard about this person!” He turned his head toward the third disciple, Zhang Zhen, who was still sitting, “Junior Brother Zhang, is he one of your Zhang Family members?”

Zhang Zhen’s body was extremely fat and had a rounded, black-skinned face. When he heard Wen Jun’s question, he quickly stood up and replied, “I’m confident that I know all the people from the three generations of my Zhang Family, there is no one named like this person amongst the Zhang’s younger generation.”

Weng Jun nodded after he pondered for a while, as he mused, “Many Blue Ocean Sect’s outer and inner disciples were not seen and disappeared, but they actually sent an unknown novice disciple to handle this? What are they up to?”

Shen Jingyue faintly smiled, “There’s nothing surprising here. It seems that they are planning a 4-team horse, of which the weakest horse would be sacrificed to attack first and divert the attention. Whereas the stronger one would give the finishing blow later. This should be their plan.”

Wen Jun nodded. The other three disciples also shouted in agreement, “Brother Shen is right.”

Shen Jingyue shifted his sight to the scouting novice disciple. He seemed hesitant to inquire for more information first, but he finally spoke, “Do you have anything else to report?”

That disciple hesitantly replied, “I… have heard that this Zhang Yan does not only excel in deciphering the Eclipse codes but he also never uses a bamboo token when he interprets the text. I don’t know whether this information is true or false…”

Shen Jingyue was immediately lost in his thoughts after he heard the news. He turned around and looked at the beautiful enchanting woman beside him, “Junior Sister Jiang, what do you think?”

Jiang Yue replied in a faint voice, “This should be baselessly asserted information, it’s only a bluff.”

Qi Xuan, with a disdaining expression, continued with a ridiculing tone, “If he is really good, he could have beat Junior Brother Mo in the first place, why spend more effort and waste more time? Senior Sister Jiang is right, this person’s ability should be exaggerated.”

Shen Jingyue’s complexion turned solemn, “That would not be entirely true, if this person excels in deciphering the text and is not from an ancient family, then he could be a disciple that was newly accepted by a master from the Three Great Schools and became a direct disciple. That would mean that he has an extremely outstanding talent. Although there are no disciples from the Blue Ocean Sect who can exceed Junior Brother Mo for the time being, don’t forget one thing Brother. Even if this person is inferior to Junior Brother Mo, he would also not be far behind, you cannot underestimate him.”

Qi Xuan quickly opened his mouth, “Then, why don’t we call Junior Brother Mo back…?”

Shen Jingyue sharply rejected, “No, if the Blue Ocean Sect is making such a plan and Junior Brother Mo left his position, then nobody can take the role to block the passageway. I will personally climb to the peak now.”

Seeing Jiang Yue’s complexion show a dissatisfaction towards this action of his, Qi Xuan suddenly blushed with shame, knowing that his idea was very silly.

At this time, footsteps could be heard from outside. Five people then entered the hall together carrying the injured Liang Dong as they propped him up. Liang Dong’s complexion was slightly anxious and restless.

Shen Jingyue stood up from his seat, quickly prevent Liang Dong’s salute and spoke in a deep tone, “Junior Brother Liang Dong, I will ask you two questions concerning that person. First, when you actually fought Zhang Yan, what did you think about his martial arts prowess and strength?”

Liang Dong pondered for a moment, “Senior Brother Shen, according to my observation, Zhang Yan has powerful strength but lacks stamina. If anyone can block his first three moves, I’m quite confident that he can be defeated quickly!”

Shen Jingyue nodded, then continued asking, “Is there anyone who helped him?”

Liang Dong shook his head and quickly answered, “I didn’t see anyone.”

“Good, Junior Brother, you rest well and recuperate your wounds first. Don’t worry about this setback or getting frustrated because of this.”

After Shen Jingyue spoke some comforting words, he waved his hands and made Liang Dong’s disturbed heart settle down.

Shen Jingyue walked back and forth in the middle of the hall. Everybody in the hall also knew that he was planning some countermeasures and didn’t dare to make noises to disturb him.

After a short while, he stopped and firmly stood still. He looked up and said, “Zhang Yan, this person is obviously very skilled in deciphering the text. However, he actually showed off his ability in the martial arts. Obviously, he hopes that he could fight us in interpreting the text, if it is his plan then we cannot make his wish fruitful…”

He turned around and said, “Junior Brother Qi, you go to the Great Southern Sect’s Guest Hall and quickly invite them. And arrange for Junior Brother Wang to go to the peak and issue a challenge. Tell him that we’ll move to fight and defeat the enemy tonight.”

Qi Xuan’s face instantly became excited and loudly replied, “Good, Senior Brother, I’ll arrange it.” He left in high spirits. Zhang Zhen and Jiang Yue looked at each other as they also excused themselves to go out.

After the three people left, Wen Jun suddenly sighed. His complexion was no longer calm and confident as he then spoke listlessly, “I don’t know if thoroughly offending the Blue Ocean Sect right now would be a wise move or not?”

Shen Jingyue smiled wryly, “Our Vast Origin Sect originally was only a small sect. The Great Southern Sect only regards us as their pawn. Today, if the other disciples and I were useful, the Great Southern Sect would regard us as their honorable subordinates, but if we were useless and failed, they would abandon and tread on us. The Great Southern Sect had relayed a message a moment ago, that we had two days to resolve this personally and to clear the way to climb to Clear Sky Peak. Our sect is in a peril situation right now and really needs the Great Southern Sect’s protection. Even if the Blue Ocean Sect is very powerful, I cannot care much about it at this time.”

Wen Jun’s complexion was very dejected and full of sadness. He was well aware of the reason as to why Shen Jingyue said that the Vast Origin Sect was only a small sect and can only seek asylum under the Great Southern Sect to survive.

The most powerful cultivators in their sect were only two elders who were at the Dan Transformation Realm. Last month, the Vast Origin Sect sent an expedition party to Shellfish Lake to obtain and fight over the precious Aurora Jade. The expedition was disastrous and they suffered heavy casualties. 12 disciples at the Radiant Qi Stage died in succession. Even though 3 disciples at the Profound Light Stage successfully obtained the Aurora Jade from the bottom of the lake, their bodies were severely injured and that greatly weakened their cultivation. It could be said that their sect’s foundation was severely damaged. If the sect’s elders didn’t have a good relationship with the Great Southern Sect, their sect would have been annexed and destroyed.

This was the main reason why these disciples acted as the vanguard for the Great Southern Sect.

Shen Jingyue sighed deeply before he spoke, “Since Chen Feng defeated the Great Southern Sect and the Vast Origin Sect’s disciples three years ago, it made many ancient families uncomfortable in sending their juniors to enter our sect. And as for this convention, the Great Southern Sect sent San Youxian along with 7 other elite disciples and 16 novice disciples as observers. The Blue Ocean Sect also sent at least 28 disciples to this convention. And ridiculously, our Vast Origin Sect only has 5 outer disciples, of which all gathered here today…”

Speaking up to here, he coughed again for several times. His previously rosy face turned pale.

Wen Jun looked at him with a worried expression, “Junior Brother Shen, you just recovered from your injury, don’t make yourself too tired.”

Shen Jingyue ignored his words and continued speaking, “Junior Brother Mo is a rarely seen genius to have ever enrolled to our sect in the last one hundred years. However, he alone braved the danger to block numerous Blue Ocean Sect’s disciples this time to bring honor to our sect. His actions may perhaps look impressive, but in fact, he faces hidden threats there. But…”

He suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Wen Jun’s wrist, “Even if the Blue Ocean Sect is strong, we have to raise our spirit and unyieldingly hit them. We also have to teach the Great Southern Sect to not easily undermine our sect. In this way, our sect can continue to survive, even if I have to go down.

Wen Jun slowly nodded as his eyes flashed with determination and resoluteness.


2 AM, at the Clear Sky Peak gate.

As Zhang Yan was still immersing himself in meditation on top of the boulder, he suddenly opened his eyes. He saw a person walking quickly on the mountain passageway towards his position. After arriving at the boulder, that man folded his arms and asked, “Are you Blue Ocean Sect’s disciple, Brother Zhang Yan? Myself is Wang Lie, a Vast Origin Sect’s disciple. I wanted to climb to the peak, and especially came to Brother Zhang for advice.”

Zhang Yan carefully observed him. He could see that this person’s breath was very steady as if it was completely in harmony with his whole body. He had a calm demeanor and firmly stood with confidence. With only a glance, Zhang Yan knew that this person was not ordinary. He leaped up from his boulder. Cupping his hands, he greeted him, “Please!”

Their voices alerted Ai Zhongwen, who was meditating in the small temple near the mountain pass. He hastily got up and quickly exited through the temple’s door, as he then looked at Wang Lie’s eyes. Ai Zhongwen’s complexion instantly changed as he seemed to recall something. But he didn’t have a chance to remind Zhang Yan, as that person quickly rushed and attacked him.

Zhang Yan could only see a shadow flash before him. Wang Lie’s large body had already gotten very close and entered a proximal range. A powerful wave instantly pressed towards him, making it difficult for him to breathe.

He took a deep breath, quickly gathering his Qi and swiftly punching his fist, a *bang* sounded twice and both sides hit each other’s chest almost at the same time. Both of them retreated backward a step and couldn’t help looking at each other.

Wang Lie’s complexion slightly changed, he was astonished. He obviously moved and stroke first, but Zhang Yan unexpectedly hit him faster in a single step, making him forcefully retreated and denying his punch. Zhang Yan’s fighting senses, acute eyesight, and his fluid movements were simply not what could be achieved by a cultivator from the Primordial Qi Condensation Realm.

A fierce and dignified look flashed in Zhang Yan’s eyes. He could faintly feel a particular force from the exchange a moment ago. That powerful force was like a tidal wave, which suddenly burst out from his opponent’s body. After his fist connected, it was bounced back, creating a tingling and numbing sensation. It was very fortunate that he could sense it in advance and had quickly decided to boldly counter the punch. Otherwise, that fist would have made him instantly injured.

At this time, Ai Zhongwen who stood nearby shouted, “Brother Zhang, be careful! This Senior Brother Wang Lie has great strength and he’s a ‘tripod lifter’!” [1]


Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed. He instantly swept Wang Lie’s body carefully from top to bottom. Is this the great strength from ‘tripod lifter’?



[1] Tripod Lifter: someone who’s able to lift a huge tripod with his hands onto his shoulder. The author will explain this in the upcoming chapters in volume 1.

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