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Volume 1, Chapter 12 – Heavenly Sect’s Contention at the Clear Sky Peak (Part 3)

Liang Dong took the pen in front of the ‘earth’ gate. He wrote his name, family, and sect on the gate’s post list. He let out a sneer and walked through the gate in big steps.

Three other people followed behind him and did the same as they walked along with him and strode directly through the gate together.

The Great Southern Sect sent 57 people in total, of which consisted of 7 outer disciples, while the rest were novice disciples and their servants. The Vast Origin Sect, on the other hand, sent 42 people, including 5 outer disciples. Nearly a hundred horses were now galloping to climb the mountain passageway, giving off a powerful imposing manner.

However, these people didn’t continue riding through the passageway but instead sent Liang Dong and the other disciples to climb the mountain first. They intended to test the Blue Ocean Sect’s attitude toward them.

If they could pass through without obstruction, the two sects’ disciples planned that they would straightly sweep the Blue Ocean Sect’s reputation in one breath thoroughly. But, if someone blocked Liang Dong along with the other disciples, they could also detect it in advance, to avoid being thrown into a panic and disgracing themselves later.

Liang Dong strode through the gate and walked along an empty mountain passageway. It seemed like this road had long been deserted, since as far as he could see, not even a person’s shadow could be seen. It was different compared to the bustling and noisy ‘earth’ gate, where various sects’ disciples had gathered in front.

Seeing such a situation made him let out a loud laugh, “The report is really true! This time is our Vast Origin Sect’s turn to send back all the humiliations we got, and throw it at the Blue Ocean Sect’s. The shame we had suffered three years ago will be paid off now!”

Several disciples behind him excitedly nodded and replied in agreement.

As Liang Dong felt more elated, he waved his robe’s sleeves and sent out an order, “You, Junior Brother, you come along with me to climb to the peak! Senior Brother Wen Jun is waiting for us to clear the road ahead for him!”

He believed that no one would be here to block them so he spoke in a loud voice, which then reverberated all over the mountain road. At this time a chilly cold voice sounded from a big boulder near their location, “Fellow Daoist, are you all disciples from the Vast Origin Sect?”

Liang Dong was startled. He looked up and saw a person sitting atop the big boulder, looking at him with a commanding presence and possessing an imposing aura.

The feeling of being overlooked from above made him greatly unhappy, as he then coldly replied: “It is, who are you?”

That person stood up, and spoke in desolate voice, “Myself is Zhang Yan, a disciple from Blue Ocean Sect”

Liang Dong unconsciously stepped back, and because the other party’s back was toward the sun’s direction, he couldn’t see that person’s appearance. He squinted his eyes and said, “What do you want from us?”

Zhang Yan smiled, “I don’t want anything. I just want to challenge all of you!”

Liang Dong hesitated for a moment, “Deducing the text or by comparing martial arts?”

Deducing the text was like Mo Yuan’s challenge, which generally compared one’s attainment in interpreting the Eclipse codes. As for comparing martial arts, it was simply to have a duel or fight with their martial arts prowess.

After successfully condensing their Primordial Qi, most cultivators should have 500kg of arms strength and would be able to fight a lion or tiger; they were even able to crush a boulder or a stone column. Cultivators were originally only mortals before they opened their immortal meridians. They usually practice martial arts to improve their physical strength and prevent their body from deteriorating from sitting too long in meditation. Thus, their early cultivation path was then supplemented with practicing martial arts, of which would strengthen their physical body.

This Profound Mnemonics Convention. Although it was literally a text interpretation-based competition, that was truly only a pretext. Cultivators were not scholars! Various Heavenly Sects’ cultivators were used to robbing other’s elixirs, pills, and other resources, which would then lead to brutal murders and killing each other in fights.

These kinds of fights were deemed as normal occurrences in the cultivation world. So, every time this convention was being held, comparing martial arts prowess and fighting usually occurred much more than deducing a text’s contention.

But, many elite disciples despised this method and disregarded these kinds of acts. Because after one successfully opened their immortal meridians, they could learn superior laws such as controlling flying swords to pierce the opponent’s head or even transform their flesh into a steel-like body.

A cultivator’s powers were mostly embodied and manifested through enchanted weapons and flying swords. With this in mind, only a few cultivators took the path of refining the body and learning physical martial arts.

However, if one did not originate from an ancient family, they could not even obtain the lowest grade of compounded pills easily. Much less mentioning those enchanted weapons or flying swords. This led ordinary cultivators only improve their cultivation by refining their own body. Therefore, because of this, many people still held importance in learning martial arts.

Zhang Yan showed a faint smile, “You may pick the one you’re most suited in.”

Liang Dong’s spirit was aroused as he impatiently shouted, “Then let’s have a duel!”

He was not from an ancient family, nor had he any achievement in interpreting the text. How would he dare to interpret the text? His novice disciple status at this convention could only give him a chance to gain fame through his martial arts. Therefore, he immediately chose to duel without hesitation.

Liang Dong was quite confident about his martial arts prowess. In order to collect the Five Elements Divine Sand, he often explored the great lake in the mountains and fought against tigers and groups of wolves along the way. He might be inferior in interpreting the Eclipse codes in comparison to his other fellow disciples, but he felt that coping with this unknown novice disciple from the Blue Ocean Sect should not pose a problem for him.

But when Zhang Yan directly jumped down from the boulder, Liang Dong’s confidence was greatly shaken. He couldn’t help but cry out in surprise, “This Zhang Yan, his tall body seems strong and well-proportioned.”

Zhang Yan stood in front of these disciples. His height was far taller than an average person. His imposing aura in particular, really made people not underestimate him.

However, Liang Dong was quite smart and could utilize the opportunity well. His eyes became fierce as he rushed and punched at Zhang Yan without even greeting him first. He took the advantage from Zhang Yan’s unsteady stance after he jumped down, and attempted to attack Zhang Yan in surprise.

With his keen sense, Zhang Yan could feel that Liang Dong would suddenly attack him. Liang Dong’s toe, shoulders, and arm movements, obviously gave signs that he would attack him. Moreover, Zhang Yan could also predict Liang Dong’s fist’s direction and his fist’s strength, by judging the fist’s angle. He didn’t even try to parry Liang Dong’s punch as he quickly swayed his body to the side and shouted to counterpunch Liang Dong’s attack. A loud “boom” suddenly exploded. His fist strike was faster, thus, he hit Liang Dong’s face first.

Liang Dong never expected Zhang Yan to suddenly shout and counterattack him. His fist moved first, but Zhang Yan’s fist countered his lightning fast. His mind trembled. He could only feel a powerful punch hit him and heard a “bang” sound afterward. Zhang Yan’s fist powerfully hit his nose, and his body was then sent flying upwards.

As he fell to the ground, his face was covered with blood. He had thoroughly lost consciousness.

Zhang Yan took out a white handkerchief and wiped the blood on his fist. His face was calm and didn’t have the slightest change. He then turned his sight to the remaining three people.

Those disciples were frozen in place and hesitated to come forward. However, they were also unwilling to retreat and only stood frozen there.

Zhang Yan laughed, “All of you, come together!”

These Vast Origin Sect’s disciples glanced at each other and nodded their heads. Fighting in a group was also within the scope of permission in this challenge, as long as the opposite party technically agreed with that. Three years ago, Chen Feng had faced numerous disciples. If there wasn’t this custom, even if he did not give his consent to face a group fight, those disciples would still have ganged up on him back then.

Those three disciples exchanged several glances and finally decided to surround Zhang Yan from the left, center, and right.

Zhang Yan stood motionless. He only looked at the person in the middle and ignored the other two from the other directions.

The disciple who was directly facing Zhang Yan didn’t dare to underestimate him. He had seen Zhang Yan’s powerful punch before. He suddenly moved a step forward in accordance with their plan and punched out with his fist first. With this move, he played the major role in distracting Zhang Yan and attracted his attention, as he created an opportunity for his 2 companions to attack.

Who would have thought that Zhang Yan would also simultaneously move a step forward and directly punch him in the face.

This disciple had long been prepared to parry and block Zhang Yan’s fist, but he never thought that even if he had blocked the fist, the force behind Zhang Yan’s fist would be so powerful. Zhang Yan focused all of his body’s strength into this fist and collapsed the disciple’s blocking arms. He could only helplessly see Zhang Yan’s fist quickly hit his face. A loud ‘bang’ sound sounded again. Teeth were scattered all over, and blood sprayed out from his mouth, while his body was sent spinning backward.

The other two disciples from the sides didn’t even get to attack him yet, but Zhang Yan had seized the momentum and made one of them fall. Zhang Yan swiftly turned his body and rushed to the side of the disciple on his left. This person did not have time to respond, as Zhang Yan’s palm then powerfully hit his neck and made him stagger backward for several steps. Then ‘bang’, he fell to the ground, having fainted.

The last person, seeing that the situation was very bad, tactfully retreated and immediately shouted, “I admit defeat!”

Zhang Yan lightly cupped his hands at him.

The man was relieved and quickly called out to several servants to carry his fellow fainted disciples from the ground.

Although their faces were covered with blood and looked terrible, Zhang Yan had no intention to throw out a heavy hand and be merciless. Besides, these cultivators had a tough body, he only made them injured. Liang Dong and his fellow disciples wouldn’t die because of this injury and would only be unable to fight for a short while.

Zhang Yan shook his head. In his view, their moves and techniques were appalling and horrible to look at; they only had strength but were clueless in how to fully utilize it.

His past life before the apocalypse, due to the lack of firearms and ammunition, he could only use simple weapons to fight against the mutant beasts. There was no one he could trust back then, and every day was simply a living hell. In order to get drinking water, some people would fight and then die on the street. Living in such a world, even when he was sleeping, he had to be careful and always be on alert to not to fall into someone’s black hands.

He was an elite member of the survivor’s battalion, and his fighting techniques were mainly to quickly kill his opponents in the most efficient way. There wasn’t any beautiful, tricky, or any unnecessary movements. Which made his fighting moves extremely simple – all his moves were only intended to end the fight in the shortest time.

This was his first fight since arriving in this world. He could feel that his body was very comfortable, as his mood was greatly calmed now. His fighting sense gradually awakened after being dormant for such a long time.

At this time, Ai Zhongwen who was just passing through the gate couldn’t help but look at Zhang Yan several times, amazed. “I never thought that Senior Brother Zhang is also an expert in martial arts, I really worried for nothing previously.”

Zhang Yan shook his head, “The martial arts path, the enchanted weapons, and the flying swords, are only tools to kill.”

Ai Zhongwen nodded, then he immediately reminded, “The Vast Origin Sect is well known to excel at incantation and charms. This time, I fear that they have come here well prepared. Senior Brother Zhang Yan, you must be careful.”

The Vast Origin Sect’s charms and incantations were very profound and mysterious, they could enhance one’s strength by several folds in an instant. However, using these charms were not easy, and was usually never to be used by the Sect’s Lower Courts disciples. But, after being humiliated by Chen Feng at the previous Dao Convention, it cannot be guaranteed that the Lower Court’s disciples were forbidden to use it now.

Zhang Yan, however, was only smiling, “It’s alright. I’m ready to cope with everything they will throw at me, whatever it is. Also, I have Senior Brother Ai to stop the remaining opponents that I might miss, so why should I be afraid?”

Although Ai Zhongwen was born from an ancient family, he was righteous and had a heroic warrior’s heart. Otherwise, Zhang Yan would not warmly say those words to make him spirited and prevent the two sects’ disciples together. After listening to these words, Ai Zhongwen’s spirit surged up, as he immediately nodded.


However, it certainly was not because he believed in Zhang Yan’s personal ability, but rather, he believed in the power behind Zhang Yan’s origins. Therefore, he inexplicably had great confidence in Zhang Yan.

He didn’t know that Zhang Yan’s true reason for choosing to blocking the two Sects’ disciples was absolutely neither for their sect’s honor nor for raising his martial art’s reputation. Zhang Yan had never had such good intentions all along, he was just executing his previous plan.

Zhang Yan simply wanted to learn from Chen Feng’s experience at the Daoist Convention three years ago. He was well aware that he and the Chen Feng from 3 years ago, had almost the same cultivation level. He suspected that Chen Feng’s true intention was to borrow the last convention event to temper himself. That was why he repeatedly inquired about Chen Feng’s behavior that day from Ai Zhongwen and learned all the tiny details about his actions.

Ai Zhongwen, on the other hand, thought that Zhang Yan was admiring Chen Feng’s demeanor, as he then patiently informed him about Chen Feng’s actions, one by one, in detail.

After listening, Zhang Yan felt that his judgment was probably correct.

Analyzing Chen Feng’s behavior the day where he was sent to the convention at the Great Southern Sect 3 years ago, he had never slept or had rest for 7 days. He continually challenged and fought for 7 days, until he was exhausted and became weak in both mind and body. It became even difficult to support himself. However, during those 7 days, his life force and Qi essence gradually became more pure and powerful, as he braved himself to fight more. Then finally, instead of collapsing, he triumphed and burst with vigor and vitality. Becoming more powerful by several folds.

Looking at his change a month later, it could simply be explained, that he had transformed with some mysterious method.

But Zhang Yan also noted that after Chen Feng returned back to Cangwu Mountain, it only took a short time for him to open his immortal meridian and enter the Upper Court. He unexpectedly broke through from the Primordial Qi Establishment Realm into the next realm in one shot. Therefore, Zhang Yan boldly concluded that Chen Feng certainly obtained a huge harvest after his endeavor, which made his cultivation leap within only a month, and straightly let him enter the Upper Court.

However, Chen Feng had his own method and path. It was impossible to imitate his way completely, much less Zhang Yan, as he was clueless about the details and many other subtle matters. However, with the piece of jade in his hand, he didn’t need to have the fear of not being able to discover the correct methods and laws to temper his life force and Qi. If he failed once, he could try it again a second time. If he failed again, he could try a third time. Even if three times was insufficient, he could try ten times more, until he discovered the true method for his cultivation.

He was now just waiting there. Liang Dong and his fellow disciples have been carried out to the first gate. Suddenly, the gloomy and discouraged disciples from the various sects became excited. They felt that some great show would soon unfold on stage. The news quickly reached the two sects’ disciples who were waiting at the mountain foot. This made those previously heroic-spirited disciples fall into sudden anxiousness and dismay.

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