ETH – Prologue

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Volume 1 Chapter Prologue

What is more important than effort? Items. Duh. Have you ever played games before? If I buy a super crazy deluxe protect me forever armor and fight against you, I’d probably have an advantage right? Right. In this damn world, you can buy abilities if you fork up the right amount of dough. Everyone and everything has a price. Even if I practiced for a million years, a loser like me would have a hard time passing even level 1. But you know what, those spoiled and rich snot-nosed brats somehow end up at level 10 from the very beginning every time.

So what did I do, you ask? You serious, bro? I fought like crazy at level 0. And so I became the master of that level 0.

Damn. I can feel tears coming out. Kind of like being the master at picking your nose. Who needs that.

And so it begins.

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