ETH – Ch 53

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“What is that?”

“Whether this is it …or if it’s just the beginning. Maybe this is an evolution of the dungeon.”

Lee Wheeseung came to mind all of a sudden. When he came on the scene, the dungeon raids had evolved for the first time.

He had changed the raid system when he came upon the first skillbook. And he greatly profited from it.

A selfish part of me thought, ‘What if I become like him?’

As the 38 corpses evaporated, items began to drop. It seemed the dropped items were based on the level of the dead people.


“Wow, what is this? It’s an escape scroll! Like the one you just pulled out earlier!”

“There’s some equipment drops here too. Not sure what kind they are though.”

I looked at the item Han Joonseok handed to me. It was a glove. I looked it up in my manual.


[Selfish Hunter’s Glove(1)]

Option: Increase item drop probability by 10%


This only affirmed my conviction of a new system. This was a never before seen item. Again. And this was also a never before heard of option.

But there were more items that were of equally amazing quality.

Escape (0) 10 sheets: Takes the user directly outside the dungeon

Selfish hunter’s glove (1): Increase item drop probability by 10%

Strider’s Red Boots (1): Increase speed by 30%

Optical Ruby Ring (1): Enhance vision by 30%. Night vision enabled

Chongmal Garter Belt (1): Enhance muscle strength by 30%. Increases jump skill

Skill, Enchant (1): Adds attack property to a weapon. 10 Minute cooltime

On top of that, we came up on 4 monazites, 5 bastnazitees, 2 blisolnites, and 1 ansilite.

“….holy shit.”

“Are they any good?”

Jung Sooah asked. Since they were all items I could only check with my manual, no one besides me knew their worth.

“Definitely. They’re all level 1 items but almost all of them seem to increase your ability or skill so we could use them. Man….”

“Wow. How much do you think they’ll be if we sold them?”

“We have to think about that.”


“Since they’re all new things and haven’t been inspected thoroughly, we wouldn’t be able to sell them for much. If that’s the case, it’s better for us to just use it ourselves instead of selling it.”

“Then how are we going to distribute them?”

That was the issue at hand. All the items probably had varying levels of usefulness. But because they were all new, we didn’t have a market value to go by.

“For now, everyone just take whatever they want.”

“Are you sure? We don’t mind if you did it through contribution distribution.”

Han Joonseok said as he looked to me. Manager Kim nodded his head in agreement.

“It’s fine. Let’s chalk it up to me taking these glasses and all of you taking something too.”

I tapped my glasses. The manual was something you couldn’t buy with all the money in the world. Since I had taken this, it was only fair they take something too.

“I’ll also take the ores. In trade for the items, there won’t be any payouts this raid. Is that ok with everyone?”

“I have no issues with that.”

“Me neither.”

“I’m good too.”

“Same here.”

“Yep me too.”

“I’m just fine with this.”

Jong Sawon said as he tapped his rubicon sword.

“Ok. Then everyone aside from Mr. Jong Sawon, please choose one item for keeps. If there is something that more than one person would like to have, I will choose which person said item will best suit.”

Everyone started to pick an item one by one.

“I want this one. I won’t really have to do anything but can still contribute to the team.”

Jung Sooah chose the glove. Well, I did have to agree. Since she was the last person we would expect to ever help in an actual fight, that item suited her the most.

Cho Youngoo chose the red boots, Han Joonseok chose the ruby ring, and glasses girl chose the skill.

Manager Kim picked up the remaining garter belt item and wrinkled his face.

“So you’re telling me to pick this…?”

“Garter belts originated for use by men. And because it serves as a support, it duals to assist your lower body.”

“Then you wear it.”

I guess that won’t work, huh? I looked to Jung Sooah and said,

“Why don’t you change with him?”

“You…you’re asking me to wear that?”

“That has a power buff so it suits a porter.”

“I guesss but…”

She snuck a look at the garter belt that manager Kim was holding up. Was she embarrassed to put on a black lace garter belt?

Designwise…it was a problem. Who in their right mind would wear something like that without a problem?

“Ms. Jung Sooah.”


“One moment…”

Han Joonseok strode up to her to whisper something into her ear. She nodded her head in a serious fashion and said to me.

“I’ll wear it.”

“Good. That’s good. What were you guys talking about just now?”

“SunbehOppa, that’s none of your business.”

Jung Sooah handed the glove over to Manager Kim and took the garter belt.

“Now, there is one last thing.”

“Huh? There’s more?”

“The thing that manager Kim is hiding behind his back.”

“…I guess I got caught.”

Manager Kim made a silly smile and brought out the cane.

“How much will you buy it for?”

I cut right to the chase since there wasn’t anyone besides Manager Kim who would buy it. Seeing his face, I slowly raised 1 finger.

100,000? Since Han Joonseok bought the stalker at 100,000 dollars, he might make that his first offer.

“1 thousand…?”

“Ok let’s put it up on the market. Everyone in agreement?”


Everyone nodded their heads. Manager Kim hurriedly countered with 150,000 dollars and I accepted.

When I started to do the contribution split, Jong Sawon refused his share.

Ultimately, we agreed that if a good item came up, he would get first pick.

Since I could still use the item and get it into my item fusion book before giving it to him, it was not a bad deal for me either.

There was a tax incurred when we put up our items for auction. Then there’s also global income tax later on. These government guys. As if they do anything for us.

At this rate, I was a little afraid of just how much taxes I would have to pay next year. But that was a problem for later.

After this and that, like selling the fusion bloodysword and from the share of Manager Kim’s payment, I had a total of about 500,000 to my name.

I also had 3 blisolnites and 2 ansilites.

I used the blisolnites to create one more bloodysword and sold it for 350,000.

So I was able to raise my savings to 750,000 after taxes and such. With this much, it was enough to buy my own small apartment now.

Just kidding. But it was true.

My own house….something I wasn’t able to fathom just two months ago was now within reach.

“But not yet.”

If I just had one more ansilite, I could create a level 3 equipment.

I could create a Honcheon sword or a rubicon sword.

Between the two, the Honcheon sword was more expensive but since the items used to create it cost more…the value of the two were pretty much the same.

I could make so much more money, I couldn’t stop now.

I needed to get ready to go into a level 3 dungeon.

A month and a half had passed since the level 1 dungeons had disappeared.

Things had been quiet since then but no one knew if and when the level 2 dungeons might also disappear.

I had to be prepared for that eventuality. If it was ever going to come.

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    1. I agree… Rather bummed that wasn’t how it worked out… But hey, that skill seems pretty useful too. If she can get a hit, the target will take more damage. Maybe it’ll actually be able to pierce some armor or something…

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