ETH – Ch 29

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter (ETH)
Volume 1 Chapter 29

Everyone waited for Park Jungbeh to respond with bated breath. I wonder how much time passed. He finally said.

“Ok…but if you make it out alive, I’m going to get it back.”

“I can’t promise that.”


“I’m risking my life to do this. I would only consider doing it with something like that in return.”

“This bastard…”


Park Jungbeh grabbed a hold of my collar. When I stared back at him as if I didn’t have a care in the world, his stare wavered a bit.

“This bastard. You bastard. Do you really want to die? Should I kill you right here and now?”

“I guess that’s one option. But if I die right now, who’s going to be your bait?”

I pointed my chin at everyone. Everyone was staring at Park Jungbeh. If I die, then I’m sure they would all kill Park Jungbeh for ruining their only hope of survival. I was sure that their relationship was just as superficial as the one he had with Song Hansol. This meant that they would do what was best for themselves. They could care less about even Park Jungbeh if it meant they could live.


The hand that was holding my collar began to shake. His other hand was wavering near his scabbard. I’m sure he wanted to stab and kill me right then and there. Of course I wouldn’t be still if he really did draw his sword but I highly doubt he would do something like that with his life in the balance.

Then he finally let me go.

Luckily he wasn’t a total idiot.


He took off his armor and handed it over to me. Seeing how his hand was still shaking quite a bit, he must have hated having to do this. I don’t blame him. It’s the same as just givinng away 500,000 dollars.

“Satisfied? Hurry up and do your thing now.”

As soon as I put it on, Park Jungbeh got up and started poking me to hurry up. I only made a big smile and said.

“But I’m not done yet.”


“If I have to fight it, Lord forbid, won’t I need a weapon?”

“You little shit! What the hell are you saying!”

Park Jungbeh couldn’t take any more and was screaming at the top of his lungs. It was getting dangerous. At this noise level, the wolf was sure to hear.

This time I got mad for real and said.

“Do you all want to die? Is that it? What are you trying to do by yelling so loud?”

“Shit. What else do you need?”

“Didn’t I just tell you?”

I pointed to the sword that Park Jungbeh was holding. From the looks of it, it didn’t seem like anything special. Compared to the bloodysword, it was really just a general 1 level sword. But it was still worth over 100,000. Park Jungbeh’s face became red. Really red.

“This…this too?”

“Yes. It’s necessary.”

“Hey. Just hand it over. It’s better than dying right?”

Seeing the situation being drawn out, his party tried to have him comply asap.

“These bastards…just because it’s not happening to you guys…”

“What will it be?”

I urged him. Then finally, as if he had given up on it all, he handed over his sword.

“You better make it. You piece of shit.”

I could hear that he meant it.

I took the sword and pulled out my phone.

“What is it now.”

“I just want to record some things.”

I had zero faith in his “word”. I needed evidence.


“Until the wolf enters the left trail, do NOT come out. No matter what sounds you hear, ignore it. Do you understand?”

“Yeh. We get it.”

After I had Park Jungbeh and his party go into the right trail, I handed over my specialty bomb made up of a mix of red and black peppers.

“What is this?”

“Pepper bomb. This is for you since you gave me your armor and weapon. If I happen to mess up, this peppper bomb will save your life.

“Shit. If you run away or something then I’m going to get you. Got it?”

“How can I run away when it’s blocking the exit?”

When I made an exasperated face, everyone else in the party tried to put in a word to appease me.

“Yeh. Don’t be so suspicious. That bastard is putting his life on the line right?”

“Later when we all get out, I’ll reward you big time. If portering is too hard for you, I can even hire you at our company. Just ask. If you want it, I can make you a manager…no a director even.”

“Well, I’ll just give you your own company. Is there anything else you need? I’ll get you anything you want.”

Must be nice. To have so much money.

“Don’t worry. I will do my best and bait it so you can get out safely.”

As if making me director wasn’t enough…they were even offering to give me my own company…how generous of them. Ha. There are so many good people in the world…so why is it such a shithole? As if.

I shouldered my backpack and carefully walked towards the exit where the wolf was. Luckily, the wolf wasn’t aware of us even after Park Jungbeh had screamed so many time. I could now see its head. I hid behind a nearby boulder, put down my back, and took inventory of my new equipment.

Level 2 armor and a weapon. One level 1 weapon. Two pepper bombs. Special high-strength 30 meter chain. This chain was used as a snow chain on the tires of vehicles over 1 ton. Unlike normal chains, it was relatively light and much stronger.

I carefully unwound the chain and started to tie it on the stalactites. Since the last raid, I had prepared a scenario in case something like it ever happened again. I thought to myself…is there another way to take care of the wolf without having to run around like a crazy person?

My solution was in the wolf’s hugeness. It was two times the size of a normal human. I probably came up to its shoulder and it was probably 3 meters and 50 centimeters in length. Taking into account its sheer size, I could probably tie up the chains in a way to prevent it from being able to get out of a certain area. Of course it could be strong enough to just break the chains.

So I took that into account too. Its strength mainly comes from it being so big and heavy. The heaviest wolf is the Alaskan Tundra wolf that weights about 47 kilograms. If I were to use that as my reference point, then I’d have to say this boss wolf didn’t weigh more than 200 kilograms.

This chain should be enough.


I dusted my hands off. I had cobwebbed the chains to block off the passage way. The biggest hole was probably about 1 meters. Because the chain was short, I couldn’t do anything about that but this would work. It was just big enough for me to easily slip through while it would be hard for the wolf to do so.

I set my backpack behind the chains, put on the armor, and picked up Park Jungbeh’s sword. It was just your run of the mill longsword. But it was sharper than any manmade sword so if you even placed a finger on it…you would have to go straight to the hospital.


I made a light sigh and walked to the wolf.

The wolf quickly got up from where it was layinig and stared at me. I could see an almost madness in its red eyes. Its grey fur was almost standing straight up.

Since I wasn’t here to talk to a monster, I’ll stop my observation of it here.

“Hey you! Eat this!”

I yelled out and threw my pepper bomb at it.

As soon as it was in the air, the wolf immediately bit at it ouf of reflex.

The bomb exploded in its mouth. I could see peppery smoke coming out of its mouth and nose. Seeing as how it was almost tripping over its own legs, I could call that phase a success.

A moment later, after getting a hold of itself, it stepped out of the smoke. When I saw that it was in pounce position, I turned around and started running like hell.

It was fast. It caught up right behind me in mere moments. But I wasn’t slow either. In this terrain, the monster’s speed and my speed were almost the same. I would make it to the area I had crisscrossed the chains at. When I looked back, I saw that it was only about 10 meters behind me now.

I threw my body through the 1 meter hole. Luckily, I didn’t get hung up and passed through safely without a hiccup.

But the wolf, which was twice my size, didn’t have the same luck. It got snagged in the cobweb of chains and could not untangle it self. Only its head was able to pass through the hole…and it’s shoulder was stuck. It started putting all its weight into trying to get unstuck.

Though I did tie it up as tightly as I could, you never know what could happen if the monster kept shaking around like it was doing. I pulled out my bloodysword from my hip and slowly approached it.

The dungeon boss bared its fangs and tried to bite at me. A barking dog isn’t to be feared. Ah. Was that not it? Oh well.



The wolf’s cry could be heard ringing throughout the entire dungeon. You don’t supposes everyone’ll come running here after hearing that noise…do you? Because that would ruin everything…

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  1. Lol so brillaint! Gets a 1000 points plus possiblilty of another skill book AND decent armor for himself and a sword for the porter chick.

  2. [Since I wasn’t here to talk to a monster, I’ll stop my observation of it here.

    “Hey you! Eat this!”]


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