ETH – Ch 14

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter (ETH)
Volume 1 Chapter 14



Two more arrows flew into the air and one hit its mark.

The wolves racing toward us were reduced to just 3. The one that had been hit in its shoulder lay on the ground whimpering.


One more arrow flew out. When I turned back, I saw that while the two archers were reloading their weapon glasses girl had quickly shot out an arrow. Did she abandon accuracy for speed?

Right before they were on us, a three footed arrow flew out.


One wolf was shot through the head and shoulder this time. Two left.

“Come at me!”

Eum Hyunjoon yelled out while pounding his chest and jumping to the front. Helmet guy pulled out his sword and went forward as well.

I just stuck to Eum Hyunjoon’s rear. I didn’t have hunter level armor so I needed to be careful. I planned to make my move while Eum Hyunjoon had their attention.

“Keep your distance!”

Eum Hyunjoon yelled out this time. Understanding his meaning, helmet and I immediately jumped next to him to flank both his sides. We stood about 3 steps apart from one another. This was the perfect distance for the archers to still make their attack but not enough where the wolves could pass through us.

The wolves jumped at Eum Hyunjoon before being knocked back by his shield. It seemed that while one wolf was aiming for his neck, the other focused on aiming as his body.

Eum Hyunjoon lowered into an almost crouch to minimize his exposure to their teeth. He covered his lower body with his shield and protected his upper body with his mace.

The two crossbow wielders finished loading their weapons and let fly their arrows. The arrows had hit their mark. The 30 cm bolt had imbedded themselves deeply into the monsters. They began to throw up blood as they tried to retreat but got caught in the three wolves that had been hit before.

One of them jumped up to bite Eum Hyunjoon’s shoulder. And the other chomped down on his leg, while still the third wolf ran to bit at his head.

“Mr. Eum!”

Helmet guy yelled out as he slashed out with his sword.

A white glow emerged from the sword. It seemed he had activated a skill. I pulled out my bloodysword to swipe at the wolf on his shoulder.

I could hear the sound as my sword stabbed into one wolf’s butt. And the second sound was helmet guy cutting into another wolf’s waist.

The wolves cried out and let go of Mr. Eum. Now that he was free to move, he slammed down at the third wolf’s head with his shield. The wolf snarled out as he let go as well. Eum Hyunjoon yelled out once again.


A hunter in training gear who had been standing back with the archers stomped heavily with his feet.

The ground began to shake loudly and a shockwave shook the area where the wolves were. They collapsed where they stood and rolled around as the ground kept shaking uncontrollably.

One wolf tumbled in my direction. I used all my strength to stab down at the wolf and twisted my sword. I could see the wound appear immediately and the blood spewing out soon after.

As the wolf tried to struggle, I stomped down on its head and yelled.

“Stay still you bastard!”

It’s insides spilled out with the blood this time.


As soon as I saw the green digits appear again, I headed towards my next objective. The stun time was a total of 10 seconds. My bloodysword was still only half red. It needed more blood.

I didn’t hesitate as I sliced through the second wolf’s neck. Another sprout of blood, and then I heard the screaming of a goblin behind me.


The sleep had completely come undone.

This goblin had the special ability of being able to command the wolves. Wolves who are under the goblin’s command do not feel fear or dread death. This made them several hundred times harder to fight.

I had killed two wolves and helmet and Mr. Eum had killed two wolves. The last wolf was running toward Eun Hyunjoon and helmet was too far away to be of any help to me.

Now the three sleeping wolves had awoken and dashed towards me. Shit. What. The. Hell. Their lengths were almost as long as I was tall, and seeing them running at me made me almost want to shit my pants.

Ping! Some arrow flew out and barely missed me.

Thought the arrows kept flying at them, they never hesitated or slowed down.

Should I run?

For some reason, I felt like I could do something…

“Run! You crazy man!”

I jumped out of the way after hearing the manager’s shouting. The wolf bit at the air.

“Why is this psycho jumping in this direction…”

I could see the manager. I had instinctively jumped where I heard the voice. I landed behind the boulder he was hiding at.

The wolves padded toward us while growling menacingly. Each of the three wolves were as big as I was. Strength, speed, reflexes…they were all better than mine.

There was no hope.

Just then a shower of arrows landed where the wolves stood. One wolf evaded the arrows and headed towards the archers.

There was no time to think. I threw the bloodysword I had been holding.

Well what do you know. It landed right on the butt of one wolf. And right after, another flurry of arrows

flew out – one of it piercing that wolf right in its eye.

“That’s it!”

“What do you mean that’s it! How can you throw away your weapon like that!”

The manager yelled out in aggravation. The last two wolves again started running towards us.

Helmet had finally arrived to help and bumped into the racing wolves.

“Are you ok?”

Shit. Why are you the one stealing all the glory and being cool!

It wasn’t over yet. But it would take too long for me to try and retrieve my bloodysword. I looked around to see if there was anything else I could use as a weapon. I looked at the boulder the manager had been hiding behind. It looked like it would weigh about 300 kg.

I pushed the manager aside and grabbed onto the bottom part of the boulder.


The boulder moved a bit but that was it.

“Are you crazy? What the hell are you doing?!”

The manager was looking like he might just flip any second now. I guess it was pretty crazy.

But…I mean.

It felt like it would work.


I heard a weird sound coming from my back. Wait. Did I break something?

And in that instant, I picked up the enormous boulder.

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