ETH – Ch 99

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ETH- Chapter 99


I watched the Ansan Dungeon slowly becoming more and more visible. And the moment it becomes 99 percent…

… a blue screen appeared on my computer monitor.

A blue screen…..?

“Oh… The computer stopped.”

“At the most important moment ….. ”

I ran the computer again. But after the blue screen, the computer was not fully bootable.

“Wow… what a timing. You don’t have a choice but to buy a new one. Let’s buy a new one tomorrow.” Soo Ah said.

“I’ll go with you, too. We’re on the same party.” Yeonkyoung raised her hand.

I looked blankly at the computer that stopped working. All the materials I collected over the years are gone now. Actually it’s ok since the other information are in my head now, but there’s no way to find the precious ones.

No. That’s not what matters now. I need to make sure that the program will work properly.

“Well, I think there’s no way for that to know how the program works.”
Soo Ah pointed at the USB and spoke.

“We need to go to a computer shop.”

“Then what if it stopped again?”

“We’ll just think about it if that happened again. For now I need to check it out.”

I couldn’t give up just simply because it’s a waste of money.

“The sun will rise sooner though …”

Soo Ah pointed at Edward.

“Ah. Right.”

He is a vampire. Barras died and an item was dropped because he was exposed to sunlight, I think it’s hard for him to survive.

Edward spoke.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“The sun will rise sooner. You need to stay at a coffin.”


“Vampires are lying down and sleeping on a coffin, right?”

“Do you think I will just stay and stuck in a narrow place all day?”

“If you don’t want to die then you must do it.”

“Hmm…. the sun.”

There’s no sun in the dungeon, so he never experienced such inconvenience. It’s also unwise to put this guy in the house all day. First he’s a vampire. He can’t even attack human beings.

I need to take him to prepare for such a situation, but I couldn’t leave him alone if I had to go back to the West Sea again soon.

“I think he can wear this.”

Soo Ah’s looking at the smartphone. In the item column of Hunter Market, I saw the item she searched.


Sunscreen Coat (1): This is a coat to block the sunlight. No sunscreen needed.


“Ah. But that’s a piece of clothing that older lady wears.”


Once he wore it, he can completely protect himself from ultraviolet rays. Because it protects all the parts that are not covered with clothes, it’s a coat used by the older ladies who are interested in beauty.

Although it’s a beauty related item, it’s less expensive than other goods. I remember most of the equipment and the abilities of most of the equipment, but I couldn’t remember all of the beauty related items.

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“But he will still going to be exposed under the sunlight. I think it’s not ok.”


“Well, we should try it first. If it doesn’t work then I’ll just sell it.”


Hunter Market Sinchon Head Office is open 24 hours.

I think it would be better for us to get there before the sun comes up.

I’m curious how to create a dungeon, but I think I should solve this problem first.


Phone ringing.

Who will call at this time?

I feel something.


I answered the phone.



[This is Sangmin, right?]

“Yes, what’s the matter? Did a dungeon showed up? ”

[Yeah. Did you saw it on the news?]

“Yes, but where’s the location? Was it Ansan? ”

[Huh? It’s not…]

“Then where?”

[How should I say this… it’s just that all the dungeons disappeared have been recreated.]

I searched for the news on my smartphone.

Soo Ah, this punk has been staring on her smartphone all day long, so I don’t know if she’s just slow that Han Joon-seok saw the news first.


“Wow. It was real, dungeons were created nationwide. Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all in the same place. ”

There’s only one Ansan dungeon created through ‘Mystics Dungeon’. But all were recreated again. It doesn’t matter whether it is an error in the program or just a computer crash.

There’s more important problem than that.

The entrances of the dungeons are all red. Of course, I can’t help but to think of the vampire dungeon I entered.

“No way… ”

The new system has been consistently favorable to me. Every time I fell into crisis, it will drop good items and skills, and through it I am stronger than anyone else. So I deleted the old system dungeon and created a new system dungeon.

If I increase my proficiency and skill, then the dungeons above level 5 will disappear. And that place will be replaced by a red dungeon.

I wonder what will happen in the end? The old system will lose its meaning and the new system may become a new order.
Maybe this is a new system eating the old system. And maybe I’m part of it.

“Ha. No way.”

“What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing”

It’s meaningless to talk about what is not clear yet.

We stopped at the Hunter Market to buy the coat with Edward. I could buy it for 60 million won. It’s fairly cheap but there’s a reason for that.

He spoke with his face looking troubled and embarrassed.


“You mean, I will wear this?”

“What’s wrong? It looks cool.”

It’s not easy to make an expression which is different from what is on my mind. It’s slightly different in person compared to what we saw on Soo Ah’s smartphone.

Edward’s coat is a thick fur coat. Just by looking at it makes me feel hot, and it’s an ‘eye catcher’. He can grab attention easily. Luckily he doesn’t look really horrible with the coat, thanks to his handsome appearance.

“Wearing this kind of coat, I am so ashamed before dying on the sunlight.”

“I’m giving it for free and you’re still complaining?”

“Tch. Strictly speaking, it’s not free.”

“Where’s your useless ability, then?”


“What an arrogant human.”

“If you don’t like it then don’t wear it.”

“Who said I don’t like it?”

“You said it though.”

“I don’t remember.”

Liar. He’s acting like a politician.

The coat worked well.


Even under the sun, he’s fine. He tried to take off his coat and took a swipe at the sunlight. It’s funny to see him wearing back his coat very fast because he burned himself a little.


The next thing we did was to go to a computer shop and plug in the USB again on the computer. Suddenly the computer was broken that I had to pay close to a million won for the damage. After all, I had to spend money and return home without gaining anything.

“I don’t know what the problem is.”

“Isn’t it supposed to have specifications?”

“Maybe I should invest some money.”


The money in my current account is about 203 billion won. I can buy super computer with that money. However, rather than buying expensive things, I need first a computer that will make the program run. If I could make it work properly, I can immediately manipulate a red dungeon.

I hope I can solve this problem before we go to the West Sea.

A new dungeon doesn’t mean that the merits of the West Sea will fall. I still have the opportunity to beat a bunch of monsters at once.
We went to Yongsan and used a high-end computer which costs almost 10 million won. Again I opened the Mystics Dungeon. A map popped up, I right-clicked and a selection window appeared, such as creating a dungeon, again.


– You have chosen to edit the dungeon. You can choose the type and level of monsters in the level 1 Ansan Dungeon.

First, level 1, then it went up to level 2.


  • Changed to level 2.



This time, it worked. There’s a money reward.

Once I realized that the execution was smooth, I looked at the things that I could manipulate. This time, it was easy to create and delete dungeons. It’s like turning it on and off. However, there’s a limit on modifying dungeon. I can only raise the level of the dungeon that is currently open. So, I can modify up to level 4 only. I can choose the kind of monster in the dungeon.

“If you only do great then you can make money, right?”

Soo Ah spoke. She watched me manipulate the program.

I agree with her. This program can manipulate dungeons around the world, change the kinds of monsters there, and even the kinds of monsters that come out of them.

The term ‘changing monster’ means that I can manipulate certain items to come out well because the type of dropped item depends on the type of monster. I can make a lot of money if I’ll focus on making monsters that will drop expensive items.

But still there’s a problem. The dungeon itself is under the dungeon management team. No matter how often I try to clear the dungeon, once a day, a two hour limit is unavoidable. In that case, I can make expensive items in unpopular dungeons.

“How about putting pressure on the government with these weapons?”

“Are you crazy? The fact that there is such a thing, we’re doomed. Do you think the government will stay still?”

“But you’re strong.”

“I’m not stronger than Lee Hwe Seung.”

No one knows how many of his forces are hunters. Level 10 is the limit for both dungeon and item levels, but for Mr. Lee Hwe Seung, he has money. There may be hundreds of skill slots filled with level 10 skills. So even if they’re the same level 10, there’s still difference. Level is not only the basis on how strong a person is.

I spoke to the people and to the vampire squatting on a narrow room.

“This is all a secret. Got it?”

“How about the other party members?”

“I think it’s ok to tell to Han Joon-seok since he looks like he can be trusted. But it’s still a secret to others. They might reveal it accidentally. ”

“Ok. We understand.”

Soo Ah answered.


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