ETH – Ch 98

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ETH – Chapter 98

I’m still confused but he didn’t care and proceeded to do what he wanted to.

I held my hand like a student who couldn’t keep up with the class.



“You’re a vampire lord. I am an ordinary human being. How come you know me, and you have something to give to me, you said?”

[I opened the portal to meet you.]


[Yes, I am a Delta agent. I’m trying to send the message that Master had said to me. I’m glad that I can do less hard work because you showed yourself directly in front of me.]


That is the name of the system in the manual. I thought it was just a model name, but is it something supernatural that I didn’t know?

What’s going on…. Even I can’t handle this situation.


“Fine. Give me what you want to give. ”

[Take this.]


Something flashing in the hands of the vampire lord, it flies and falls into my hand. When I checked what is it, I had no choice but to doubt what I am seeing.

On my hand it’s a USB, nothing else. It’s an 8-gigabyte USB.

“A vampire… uses USB?”

[Is there a problem?]

“Nothing, but… I mean… this needs a computer, isn’t it? I don’t think there’s a computer shop here.”

[He chose the easiest way of communicating information to you. He said it was the easiest way to deliver massive data.]

“Yeah… of course, USB is easy.”

It’s only an 8 gigabyte USB but it can be used without any problem if it meets only the specification. In fact, the level of technology in the world has been stopped 50 years before the monsters appeared. Even now, the capacity of USB in general is limited to about 500 gigabytes.

[Since I did all I need to do, I’ll go back now.]

“Wait… wait a minute.”

[What is it?]

“Is this all? You’re not going to invade or something? ”

[Do you want me to invade, then?]

“No… no, that’s not what I mean… ”

I feel uneasy since I don’t know how strong this guy is. I think it will not be easy to win against him.

[We will meet again, soon. Don’t hurry.]

“What are you talking about … ”

[Let’s both go.]

“Huh?” As the vampire lord paused, his body began to be sucked into the portal.

Kelby stuck his claws on the ground so he cannot be sucked inside the portal too. Despite doing that, however, one man, one dog, and a dancing sword were sucked into the red portal.

We came out from the red dungeon.

“Oh, you came out.”

I heard Soo Ah’s voice. I looked around, it’s still night.

I grabbed Soo Ah’s hand and she helped me got up from sitting on the ground and shaved off the dirt on my pants.

“How much time have already passed?”

“Hmm…. About an hour? ”

“An hour? Here? I think 3 hours passed, though.”

The time difference between the earth and that red dungeon which is called an illusion is extremely severe. Even if it’s not 3 hours, then certainly at least 2 hours have passed.

Anyway, it’s quiet here.

“How about the police officers?”

“They came and just left. You entered the dungeon and the entrance disappeared. The dungeon management team did not come either. They think it’s fake.”

“Well … These days, they will not have enough manpower. ”

The number of dungeons managed by the dungeon management team has increased that’s why the need of manpower has increased too. In that case, all of the people in the West Sea have entered the management team. If the police didn’t find the traces of the dungeon, then there’s no reason for them to come.

Oh right, there’s one more to check.

“Didn’t you saw a vampire came out?” I asked Soo Ah.

But someone answered.

“I’m hiding nearby. The police came too but I’m afraid they will have me. You know, I look handsome.”

He jumped close to me. It’s Edward.

He spoke right next to me.

“It’s a relief that you’re alive. Did you really destroy the portal?”

“No, not like that.”

“Well then, sooner or later the clans will crossover.”

“I think they will not.”

“…. I don’t understand. Can I ask for some explanation?”

I just simply explained what happened inside the dungeon.

Soo Ah, Yeonkyoung and Edward are surprised. Of course their surprised points are different.


“You used the vehicle, you said? That’s a little bit …..”

-Soo Ah


“Is Kelby okay?”



“Did you mean the lor… the lord wants to meet you?”



No one talks about the most important, the USB.

“I checked and the vehicle would be repaired with an investment of ore, and I put Kelby in the list of items before leaving. And the lord …. I don’t know. Let’s go home and find out. ”

Wait… I wonder what will I do with Edward. First, he is a monster who speak and doesn’t particularly harm human beings. There’s no way I can kill him.

Oh wait… There’s something I need to check before that.

“Don’t you drink human blood?”

“There’s no human being on where I lived.”

“Hmm? Then what do you drink?”

“I only drink the blood of the slaves.”

“You mean monsters?”

Edward nodded.




We came home and I turned on my computer. I was most interested in checking the USB.

“Ahooo… Sunbeh oppa, can’t you just buy an air conditioner now? I’m going to die because of hotness.”

“Is it hot? I’m cold though.”

“If you’re not feeling hot now then you’re not a human.”

“Doesn’t a vampire live in heat?”

There were four people in this narrow room. I think I should move to a bigger house soon.

It’s annoying to clean a big house though, but if Soo Ah has a conscience, she will help cleaning up

“Everybody keep quiet. I have to check this out.”

“But if it’s only 8 gig then you can only put one or two movies, then that’s it. What’s inside that USB?”

“I still don’t know. This guy called the Delta’s master want to give me something, I guess it’s like an information. If it’s a text file, it can contain huge amount of information even if it’s only 8 gigabytes.”

However, I am worried if the files in this USB are compatible with the format I have in my computer.

When the computer boots, I plugged the USB. Immediately a message appeared indicating that an external storage device is connected.


-Would you like to browse the new drive?


A familiar OS is displayed. When I clicked OK, a folder is opened. There was an application called ‘INSTALL.EXE’ with unidentified files.


“This is an… Installation program. ”

“Click on it.”

“Do you know what is this? What would you do if there’s a virus? ”

“You can format it.”

“There are a lot of precious files in this computer … ”

“What files?”

Soo Ah asked me with her eyes shining brightly and looking suspicious to me. I tried to avoid her eyes and spoke.

“Dungeon data or … Items or ….. ”

“Porn videos, right?”

“I don’t watch those kind of videos.”

“A healthy adult man can watch that kind of videos. Don’t be shy and make a backup storage for those. I’ll wait. ”

“I’m not.”

I casually double-clicked the install icon. Then the installation program worked. There was no need to press OK a few times or specify a folder to install normally.

The fans of the computer began to pound violently. This is the first time since I bought this computer.

“Aish. Stupid computer.” Soo Ah complained.

“Hey, this is 200,000 won.”

“Change it to the latest version. You have a lot of money. ”

“Don’t talk like you’re the one who’ll buy.”

“Yeah. I’ll buy it for you as a birthday present. When is your birthday?”

“It already happened. About a month ago.”

“Gosh. Then we already met that time. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“What will you do if I told you? Besides it’s just a birthday. What’s special by simply getting older.”

Since I went to Seoul, I’m used to being alone during my birthdays so I really don’t care about it.

“That’s not right. I’ll buy you a computer as a gift. ”

“No thanks. It’s expensive. This computer is enough. ”

I knocked at the computer, making a loud noise.

I saved the money and bought it during my porter’s life. It’s still working very well these past few years so I still haven’t replaced it yet.

The installation was soon done. The monitor suddenly flashes, and something titled [Mystics Dungeon] comes up on the screen.

“Hmm…. It’s like … ”

“I think it’s a game.” Soo Ah said.

Suddenly, a large map surfaced throughout the screen.

It’s not a map with contour lines that we are familiar with but it’s a world map. And on the map there are blue dots. The map can zoom in and out.

I dragged the mouse and looked at the map of Korea. When I zoomed in on the screen, I could see the position of the blue dots more accurately. What is unusual is that the West Sea is marked on the map and there’s no blue dot.

Why is there no dot in the West Sea? I thought that this might indicate the location of the dungeon.

I don’t know all the dungeons over level 5, but the location of the blue dots and the location of the dungeons I knew were similar.

Does this program tell you the location of the dungeon around the world? Of course this is an amazing program but it’s so easy to understand this without figuring it out so hard.

Now the dungeon information is also displayed on the Internet map. I right-clicked the mouse on the map.

A pop-up window appeared. There are choices.


  • Create Dungeon
  • Delete Dungeon
  • Edit Dungeon


I chose to create a dungeon as if it was something I was hired to do. Then a level 1 dungeon and a point to activate that dungeon blinked. I chose the nearest Ansan dungeon here. It was the place where Song Hansol had trouble and where Soo Ah was relieved.

“What are you doing?”

“Ah… .. just wondering.”

Soo Ah’s question stuck on my head. What am I doing?

I wonder if it would really be a program to create a dungeon. No matter what program the vampire lord gave me, I don’t think I would pass the ability to manipulate it at will.

But what if this really works ……?


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  1. Oh man, another korean dungeon explorer novel going the dungeon master route…. I really hoped it wont go that way

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