ETH – Ch 97

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ETH – Chapter 97


I swung the sword. I joined Kelby and attacked the monsters with the dancing sword. No injuries or anything dangerous happened, but saving my physical strength is quite struggling.



I felt the vampires’ movements.

Count Kryubal, who had been watching so far, is approaching me slowly. His eyes looked red like a sunset. He is using a powerful method of mental domination to control the monsters around him.

An intense light shone behind his head. I felt something. The desire to kneel and worship him.

But then…

“Oh come on.”

If I will combine all of my equipment and skills, it will amount to two hundred billion won in cash.

Is this a joke?

I was awakened by the thought of it.

Count Kryubal’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t say anything but he looks so pissed that he won’t be able to control me.

Soon after, he pointed at me.

The monsters started to move towards me. They are being controlled by this Count.


A level 3 Grizzly Bear attacked my face. I moved quickly and stabbed him. The bear’s claws struck my body.



The claws bounced out of my armor, and blood came out of his chest.

I cut him using the sword from his chest to his groin. It was as easily cut as if it was a tofu. Beast-type monster is no threat to me now.

The Desert Lobster wielded its claws. The dancing sword was able to break the shell.

Beast-type monsters will deal with the long sword of Kangta, and those who are non- beast-type monsters will deal with the Toyul hammer. I’m well skilled enough to change my weapons while attacking.

The vampires didn’t interfere in the battle but they just continued commanding the monsters to attack us. I think that they just don’t want to join the other type monsters in attacking us, no other reason.

The vampire itself is not a monster with a strong power attack, so there’s probably no difference even if they join these other monsters. Unlike other monsters, these vampires keep their own social identities. Besides, their nonsensical survival power is a bonus.


I breathe hard. Even if my endurance is superior, the continuous battle has devastated my stamina to serious level.

I can run all day long and will not be tired, I’m confident about that. But this battle is different. In a situation where my adrenaline rises like a storm, even if I try breathing deeply, I will still lose my physical strength. However, I got not that much problem because Kelby and the dancing sword are helping and dealing with the rough monsters.

There are hundreds of monsters earlier but now, I can count them by hands.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Count Kryubal clapped his white, long hand.

Is he watching a movie? This punk, just wait, the rest of you will die.

“The guy who is protecting the portal and shouting to the monsters, controlling them.” I said.

I can’t control myself without saying a word.

“Yeah. I was like that.” He answered.

“Are you talking like it happened a long time ago? It was just earlier, though.”

“Who are you?”

“Don’t change the subject.  And shouldn’t you attack first before asking that question?”

“You’re obviously a human, and if you know anything about the portal, then there must be someone who told you….. is it Barras?”

“No. But similar to him.”

“It’s Edward, then.”

“You got it right. No prizes, though.”

As I was talking, I turned the dancing sword towards the portal. The portal is still not broken. But soon, Edward’s words came to my mind. Even if it’s a vampire, it can also die if I continuously kills it. In other words, the portal will break down until it is destroyed.

There’s no other way, so I think I can do that way, then.

Let’s do this!

“Count Kryubal!” One of the vampires shouted at the dancing sword’s movement.

Count Kryubal looked so angry. He shook his hand hastily. Red aura and the dancing sword met. I know the power of that attack. It’s not enough to beat the dancing sword.

But it seems that the trajectory or path towards the target changed slightly. The dancing sword’s trajectory was shaken by the Count Kryubal’s attack. The dancing sword cannot solve everything.

“What a useless attack.” He spoke with a smirk.

Behind Count Kryubal, Kelby opened his huge mouth.

I was surprised to see him. Since when did he go there?

He bite the Count’s head.

The head of Count Kryubal was torn and his body just stumbled.

Even Kelby looks horrified and dismayed by eating the Count’s head, he still continued chewing it. He looked so funny but then if I am at his place, I don’t know if I can do that.

Count Kryubal’s body stood still on the ground even if he lost his head. What a horror film-like scenery.


His body trembled and something from his neck came out. It was then, like a bird lays an egg, Count Kryubal’s head comes out of his neck.

Kelby spit out the count’s chewy head. Good thing he doesn’t seem to have any feelings of fear.

If he is a human, and something like this happened in front of his eyes, then he might run away. That scenery where the head comes out from his neck was like a scene from a zombie novel.

After the count’s head is recovered, he spoke.

“You really want to kill me, huh?”

I took weapons in both hands instead of answering him. The dancing sword is placed in escort mode.

There are few remaining monsters. Kill them, break through the vampires, then break the portal. That’s all.


I ran and shouted. Count Kryubal attacked. The monsters we’re thrown away by the Toyul hammer. I left the other monsters to Kelby and the dancing sword.

For blocking any attacks to me, Kelby stayed on the left, and the dancing sword on the right. I ran and focused to the front.

Count Kryubal’s eyes are wide open. I began to get used on how to deal with vampires. Their attacks are simple. Attacks using their long hands, the commanding, that’s all. Their gullible canine is not even half of the size of a thick armor. In the end, they will just die or turn into shadows.

Count Kryubal is transformed into shadow. I kept running without worrying about him and just headed to the portal.

Another vampire ran in front of me. However, I attacked him and I know he cannot avoid it because even Count Kryubal can’t avoid that attack, what more with this low level vampire.

These vampires turned into shadows while dealing with the long sword of Kangta and the Toyul hammer.

One of them had to face a disgrace that his head was caught and his skull is split into two.

But he’s not dead. Dirty bastards.

Finally I arrived in front of the Portal. On the path I passed, there are monsters and the vampires who became shadows. I put the dancing sword and hit the Toyul hammer.


And at that moment my feet exploded with enormous momentum.

“What’s this again?!”

Fortunately, a lot of damage was done to the black plate armor.

I felt so frustrated that I was there in front of the portal but then… I’m far again.

[What is going on here!]

I heard a heavy voice thundered the whole dungeon. But the voice had a clear direction.

I landed on the floor and turned my head towards the voice.

There was a small guy there.

“Is that …. the lord?”

But I know it is the lord. A strong aura is visible around him.

It felt like even if he just move his hand, everything in this place would disappear like dust.

“Hoo … ” I took a deep breath.

I was thinking if this is a sort of mental domination too, like trying to control. Well, vampires are enemies. There’s no reason to be scared before fighting with them. I checked first the ability of this guy in the manual.


Vampire lord (??): Monarch of the vampire.


His level… question mark? This is the first time. So far, no matter how strong you are, the manual can measure your level, unlike now. I felt something unbelievable.

Then the guy, the vampire lord, looked into my eyes.

[Are you…….?] His expression was strange.

In this situation, of course he will be angry.

The reason why the portal is created and being protected is because of the order of this lord, and there’s me who is trying to break the portal.

He slowly approached me. Kelby growled at him but he didn’t even bother.


Kelby pushed his teeth towards him. He doesn’t look really scared. However, the arm part of the lord that Kelby was trying to bite turned into a shadow. Surprisingly, he had this ability to turn selectively the part of his body into shadow.

I couldn’t stay still anymore.

“Do you need anything?”

[There is something I need to tell you.]

“To me?”

This is so unexpected that I can’t even imagine it would happen.

“Why? You don’t even know me.”

[I know you.]

“… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I can’t tell the identity of this guy who is considered a vampire lord. But he said that he knows me.

[There is something I need to give to you.]

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  1. This is novel is getting worst really fast… The dialogs are bad… Like the people are very retarded. .. MC included… Although I don’t really liked the novel even in the initial chapters for the same reason, I keep reading with a distant view so this crap doesn’t affect my mood… But this is very likely one of the worst novels I know for sure…

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