ETH – Ch 96

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ETH – Chapter 96


I don’t intend to go straight down. Among the 100 monsters with vampires, going down without any preparation is a reckless act, suicide attempt.

In the meantime, I need to raise my power to the highest level.

I took out Kelby.

I quickly caught his snout before he barked.

“Be quiet, okay?”
He looked at me and nodded.

He breathed deeply and looked around.

“I’m alone now.” I said to him.

He bowed his head like he was very disappointed. He’s a little hurt.

I checked his status through the manual. The amount of items that he ate is quite a lot so there’s probably a change in growth rate. It was in the list of items and all the things in his stomach were digested.


Hell Keeper Cerberus (0)

Growth: 41

Special Abilities: Eat items to grow. The higher the level of the item, the more it grows. It cannot die. Gain additional abilities by growing.

Additional abilities: It can eat monsters.


This guy’s skill is always focused on eating. Actually, he might be a pig, not a dog.

The items that he ate were already digested, and these and other abilities will be attached. It is not listed in the manual, but I believed that he knew it well and will use it.

Next up is the upgrading of the dancing sword. I put it off for a while. The upgrade of the dancing sword, which initially required 50 ore, now requires 500. I now have about 700 ore left.


– Would you like to upgrade your Blunt Dancing Sword (0)?


A green message appeared in the manual, I chose ‘Accept’ and waited for the work to finish.


10% ….. 15% ……


It will take a little longer this time than I thought. In the meantime, I watched the monsters carefully. It’s easy to distinguish the vampire base from their exceptional appearance.


According to the manual, there are:


  • Level 1 (five monsters)
  • Level 2 (two monsters)
  • Level 3 (two monsters)
  • Level 5 (one monster)



Other monsters were mixed from level 1 to level 4. I didn’t saw any monster higher than level 5 that can defeat the level of the Count vampires. Maybe there are not here, or maybe they don’t exist.


Now, let’s plan on how I should fight them.


At present, I think that my level of skills, including equipment, goes beyond level 7. But that doesn’t mean that I can easily deal with 100 monsters below level 5.


The counts are mixed with other vampires, and many monsters are unknown. Without knowing exactly what the enemy is capable of, the battle will only prompts the opponent.

I will hit the weakest part and break the portal and escape immediately. This operation is possible since I have the Escape. I don’t need to worry about being surrounded and killed.

The next question is how to break the portal made of that stone.

On the surface, it looks like a brick stone, but the rectangular shaped passage has a vast amount of magic waving in red.It’s not difficult to break it down if the structure itself that gives the power is damaged. If I am going to hit it with the Toyul hammer, I have to think about how the aftermath will be to me. The only way for now is to believe on the black plate armor.

At this time, I think I need a modern weapon. If I had a missile, I can definitely blow it away.

I suddenly remember Soo Ah’s face.

If she’s here, she might just suggest to push it using the 10-person Van.


– The Blunt Dancing Sword (0) has been upgraded to a Heavy Blunt Dancing Sword (0).


The upgrade of the dancing sword is over. I feel like I’m stuck with something that is useless, but I wasn’t disappointed and looked at the item through the manual.

Heavy Blunt Dancing Sword (0): Stays around the user and attacking or defending the target. Depending on your settings, you can use a variety of attack methods. It is very heavy.


“Is it really all this?”

I invested 500 ores…. Is this all? It’s a waste of investment simply because it gets heavy.

I picked up the floating dancing sword in the air. I was thinking of seeing how heavy it is.



Wow! I can lose my shoulder with this! If there’s no Soo Ah’s buff on my strength, it can weigh about 300 kilograms with one hand.

This weight itself becomes a weapon. The speed is still the same, but it weighs more than ten times the original weight. That means that the destructive power of the dancing sword itself has increased ten times also.

I like it very much.

The only disadvantage of a dancing sword is its weakness. It’s difficult to deal with the enemy unless it was aimed at the enemy’s carelessness or he was completely unprepared.




I stepped on the axle roughly. The huge wheel of Humvee (as Manager Kim said, the 10-person van is almost look like a Humvee) began to fiercely accelerate on the hill, rough ground.

“Raaaarff!” At the same time, Kelby began to disturb the enemy on the other side.

Certainly, I used this kind of method not because of Soo Ah. I just think that this is the most efficient way to use for now.


It took 100 kilometers per hour in just 10 seconds from full accelerator. It gives me this speed in this messed up land. 10 billion is really worth it.

The monsters noticed me.

“Oh?! What’s… what’s that!”

“Count Kryubal!”

“I don’t know what that is, but we should stop it! Don’t save your life!”

“I will inform the specter!”

I would like to praise the fact that the man named Kryubal has a fallacy in this urgent situation. It’s already late.

There is a large portal in front of me.


The monsters guarding the portal immediately rushed to me. I put the ‘advanced Humvee’ (10-Person Van) into the item list and wielded the Toyul hammer with electric power.

Hundreds of thousands of volts of electric power spread out on the ground with a huge shock wave.

It hit the monsters who approached me.




… … …


The reward score came up. Looking roughly, there are more than ten monsters. But there are still many of them. Twelve of the twenty monsters fell to their knees and ran.

I hit the hammer again, and this time five died. It’s not enough to break the portal but it’s enough to get rid of the monsters surrounding it. Now is the chance to test the power of the upgraded dancing sword.

After summoning a dancing sword, the portal was designated as an attack target immediately. I don’t know how great it will be. But now all I have to do is hang on and wait.


It sounds different from the past. The dancing sword flew to the support of the portal with a dreadful force which is my goal to attack.



A deafening roar echoed. All nearby monsters screamed and twisted their bodies.

The incandescence started to spread like a spider web around the dancing sword embedded in the support.

Now it’s time. I ran to the portal while the monsters were confused.

I hit the ground with the Toyul hammer with all my power.


The dancing sword dug to the handle on the rock support, and a part of the gate was destroyed.

“…. What’s this.”

But what I was expecting did not happen. As I said, the portal looks like Stonehenge. It looks like a giant doorframe 10 meters high with two stone supports and a single nod stone up. There, when one support collapses, the whole gate collapses naturally.

However, the portal was still in its shape, with only the broken part disappeared.

I mean, the Toyul hammer caused only a crack. The support that I hit was still attached on the gate.

It seemed that it will support the gate if the center part is disappeared and the top and bottom part will only be left.

“What the …… ”

Is there anything in this place that doesn’t die even if it was killed, and that it doesn’t break even when it damages. I don’t think there’s any place like this.

Once I got out of here, I won’t be entering this red dungeon again.

A shadow covered my body. When I looked up, I saw a lizard standing on a shape of a bow.


Suddenly, the giant lizard’s waist was bent. The dancing sword is stuck on his ribs. I was surprised to find out the reward score that followed.


400 points…

A monstrous 4th-level monster has been killed in a single strike of a dancing sword. A weapon that moves itself is equipped with destructive power.

The perfect weapon. This is one of the things that can’t be bought even with a few billion won.


On the other side, Kelby is rooting around the crowd of monsters. There’s already a monster he ate about 2 meters in high. Kelby’s mouth is full of blood.

It’s unbelievable that this was the dog that’s usually carried around by Yeonkyoung.

“Haha….. ”

A laugh came out.

There are lots of enemies.

However, because of the terrifying power and wildness of the Cerberus and the unbelievable power of the dancing sword, the number of monsters began to decrease rapidly.

Well, I can’t just watch here.

I carried weapons in both hands and threw myself into the battlefield.

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