ETH – Ch 95

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ETH – Chapter 95

“No. We cannot do anything about it, anyway.”

“That’s a relief, then.”

“Anyway, you’re a traitor, aren’t you? There’s someone who wants to kill you, besides me. Take care of yourself.”


“Well then. Bye.”

I stepped on the dancing sword. I don’t need a guy who doesn’t cooperate properly. In addition, the time and energy to consume to a level 1 monster is also a waste.

“Wait….. wait a minute!”

I heard the voice of him behind me. Well, one thing that changed my mind. He screamed, hurriedly clutching behind me.

“I’ll tell you! Damn it!”




“So, if a vampire is in the form of shadow, I have to use a magic that can go for wide areas?” Because the shadows can separate.

“Magic that brings damage to the enemy.”

“It’s not so difficult.”

But the problem is I don’t know how to use magic.

“Can I use other? Not magic? There are also equipment that can use for wide areas.”

“Well… I don’t know that.”

The Toyul hammer is a weapon that can strike a wide enough range. In addition, I think that I will be able to make damage similar to the magic because I apply electric shock to a wide range.

The problem is that it will only cause damage if the target is on the ground. These vampires can easily fly in the form of shadow bats. Toyul hammer is not enough.

“Ha.. earlier that guy, I already cut his neck but still he didn’t die, perhaps are you like that too?”

“Well that’s… It’s possible for him since he’s Count Draca. High-level vampires have the ability to recover from death.”

“Then how would I kill that guy?”

“You can kill him until he dies.”

“Only that ….? ”

“Just because he’s a high-level vampire, that doesn’t mean that he can survive always. The number of times he can recover from a fatal blow is limited. In Count Draca’s case … maybe about three times. That’s the limitation. ”

“But you’re still saying that there might be more. Is there any way I can kill him besides that? ”

“Burn him on fire or hit a trunnel on his chest.”

“Tch. What a classic way.”

It’s a story that comes out in a vampire novel. Well, it is a well-known fact that vampires are vulnerable to water or fire. It is not easy to burn a vampire like Draca.

The flame magic that can damage him must be at least level 4. It’s impossible to go out and buy it right now, and the items sold in the Delta Store are all up to level 3 only.

He was so annoying that I have no choice but to just cut his neck.

I asked the question that I should’ve asked earlier.

“Tell me about the disaster he was saying.”

“Umm… … That’s… ”

Edward hesitated and looked into my eyes. So far he answered all the questions, but this one seems to be that he’s unwilling to answer it.

“……you don’t need to hide it away. ”

Edward slowly opened his mouth. His story was somewhat shocking.

“So you’re saying that the monsters in this red dungeon escape out?”

“In conclusion, that’s right.”

“And the reason is?”

“Because it’s too hot.”

“….. that is somewhat a convincing reason.”

In fact, this place is filled with tremendous heat. If I am not wearing a cloak right now that will maintain my body temperature, then I will not last for a while. This guy is breathing well in such a place. Edward spoke again.

“It’s actually a joke.”


This punk is going to die.

“I don’t know the exact reason. The only certainty is that there is a lord command. ”


“It means the ruler of the clan. Let’s just call it the Vampire lord …. It would be easier to understand.”

“That sounds a little uncomfortable.”

Count Draca.

So the level of the Count of Vampires is 5. Above all, there are many enemies. It is impossible to kill all of them and clear them.

“How to stop it?”

“…there’s no way to stop it.”

“Your heart is beating fast. What are you thinking?”

“To be honest, it’s not that there’s no way to stop it. But it’s almost impossible if you’ll try to stop it.”

“What is it then?”

“Destroy the portal.”


It would not be a portal site.

Edward continued speaking.

The explanation is long, but in summary it is simple.

In the middle of this dungeon, there is a huge gate. The gate is going to be strong enough to pass the clan, and the gate is not nearly finished. If I can destroy that door, I can stop the vampire clan from coming to our world.

But I have one question.

“If that gate is the way to go out here, and you didn’t pass there, then how did you get out of this dungeon?”

“Barras used the power that flows on the portal. I was able to get out of it because I used that power that is not much left.”

“So it’s hard to get out of here.”

When Edward first opened the dungeon, he forcibly opened it, a not so wide gap. If that is true, then there’s some evidence… that destroying the portal can prevent them from invading.

“But why is this guy named Barras trying to get out?”

“Because it’s too hot to live here.”


“I… I’m serious.”

I am beginning to seriously worry about where to believe this guy.




The way to the portal is quite far away. Considering Edward’s slow foot, it took us few hours. He is so slow that I just left him and ran at full speed. Edward’s panting too hard when he’s near me.

“Why are you panting, it makes me feel unpleasant.”

When we arrived at the destination, he was totally depressed and sat on the ground, panting hardly.

“You.. You…hooo.. did you really…haaa…are you …”

“Breathe first before you talk to me. It’s painful just by listening to you.”

I feel so strange because he is panting like a woman. He also looks like a woman. Ha. I definitely like women. Soo Ah’s slender body is also good and I like Yeonkyoung’s big boobs.




Why am I even saying this….?

“Hoo …. I think I can breathe now. Oh, that feels better… Hoo! You… How can you run like that? I never saw someone that strong. Maybe it’s not even possible.”

“Vampires are generally weak.”

“Is the human being the strongest species?”

“No, this is special to me.”

There aren’t many people who can run over me if I will only consider it with simple endurance.

“By the way, that thing… is that what you’re saying?” Edward nodded as I pointed to the giant gate below the hill.

Although it is a gate, from a distance, two large stones support one stone. So it looks like Stonehenge. (T/N: Stonehenge is the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world.)

“Hmm. If you’re going to look at it, I think it’s easy to finish that.”

“What matters is not the appearance, but the power to open the path to connect with this world. In order to collect the power, you can drag the power to the sky for a long time. ”

“Is that what you’re talking about over there?”

The sky was still burning. If I’m going to think about it, it doesn’t really matter. If that’s the case then it’s normal to have a vampire and everything to be ashes.

“Right. It is impossible to create a gap in the world without such enormous power.”

“Suddenly, I felt so hard to try understanding such huge story.”

It’s a gap in the world. Well I don’t need to understand those, I am just thinking of smashing that gate. It’s not too late to understand that later after solving this problem first.


Near Stonehenge (?), there were about a hundred monsters. Some are familiar and others are not. The number of vampires was not as good as ten as I thought. Only the vampires seemed certain to manage the monsters. It seems that the vampire is forming a ruling class here and there are some other monsters under it.

“I just need to smash that, right?”

“Are you really going to do it?”

“Why would I come here if I will just watch.”

“Yes, but … ”

“You just watch. Don’t disturb me.”

“I don’t want to say this to you but …… There is a fact that has not been yet revealed.”

Edward hesitantly opened his mouth.

“What is it.”

“You cannot get out of here if you will destroy the portal.”

“As expected.”

“Don’t you know what this means…”

“I know. I have no way to go out.”

“How can you be so calm? If you destroy the portal, you will become the enemy of all the clans here. How long do you think you can protect your life in this narrow world?”

“…. I think it will be difficult to deal with them until I’m sure you’re not going to disturb me.”

“Then… ”

I took out a piece of Escape from the list. Edward ‘s expression turned strange.

“What is this? A scroll?”

“It’s similar. Use it.”

“I don’t know what it is and you want me to use it?”

“It’s a scroll to get out of this dungeon. You didn’t really want to be here, so you were going to come out and just leave, right?”

“… I just went out looking for Barras.”

“I don’t want to say this but… he’s dead.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“There was an item dropped. Oh, you don’t know them.”

I’m curious at how this monster would accept the fact that if he dies, an item will fall. Surprisingly, however, he’s calm.

“I see… What happened to the relic?

“So you call it relic …. Well, it’s in the evidence room at the police station now.”

“I don’t know where it is, but I must go find it.”

Edward accepted the Escape. As soon as he tore the Escape, he disappeared. This confirmed that this place is a dungeon. I’m going to tear the Escape too and run away if my situation will be dangerous.

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  1. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure in some other series I’ve seen a translator say that the Korean spelling for Road and Lord is the same, and Vampire Lord would make more sense…

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. PFFFT! Just think about trying to explain a person that when he die’s a item will drop! x’DDD

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