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Evolution Theory of the Hunter

Chapter 94

I looked around. It is definitely different from the other existing dungeons.

Not only the width and the area, but also the atmosphere is quite different. It feels like the world itself is somewhere else.

The sky is burning, the rivers are boiling. What is surprising is that there are fishes. In the first place, life is not what we know. I feel like I’m entering the hell.

The primary objective or goal is to clear this place.

I don’t know how to do it yet, but basically I thought it wouldn’t be much different from the existing dungeons because this is also a dungeon.

So, we’re dealing with all monsters.

The problem is that this dungeon is too wide. There are more monsters existing here.

“How big is this place?”

“If you walk from end to end, maybe you need to walk for a day or more.”

“It’s wide. But it’s too little to say that this is another world.”

It is about 30 kilometers a day walking distance. It is bigger than one city.

“How many monsters do exist here?”

“Not monsters.”


As I pulled out the sword, he smiled awkwardly.

“There are about a thousand.”

“Is it all a vampire?”

“Not all, it’s all mixed up.”

“Hmm… It’s quite a lot.”

Thousand monsters in a dungeon. It takes a month to catch it all.

If so, I think there would be a different way to clear this dungeon.


I heard something moving.

I threw the dancing sword.

In the space where there was nothing, something came in and it repelled the dancing sword.

“What’s that?”

Edward sighed deeply.

A human figure appeared in a shaded shadow.

He was a tall man with sharp features and white hair.

I can see that he’s the same race as Edward.

“Where did you go? Did you asked a human being?”


Edward ‘s attitude is discreet.

“You know him?” I asked Edward.

“He is Count Draca. He is….. my supervisor.”

The ‘Count Draca’ spoke to Edward again.

“Do you know that if you leave this place, you’re breaking the rules?”

“I was just looking for Barras.”

“You mean that stupid guy? So, is this human being brought in instead of Barras?”

This guy who called Count Draca, has revealed himself. If he won’t open his mouth, he will look like a younger, good-looking guy.


“Barras?” I asked Edward again.

“…. He’s my friend. I went out to find him but I met you first outside.”

Well, other than this guy, I think another vampire came out. Then the item that were in the park is likely a result of the death of the deceased.

“Anyway, that Count Draca you called or something like that, he’s in a pretty high position, isn’t it?”

“…… ”

Edward didn’t say anything. “Well, you don’t have to answer. I can ask him directly.”

I changed my gaze.

“You’re Count Draca, right? You should cooperate with me.”

“Cooperate… Why should I?”

“Because you have to.”

In my words, Draca laughed.

“This man doesn’t know about the sword.”


Count Vampire (5): It is a powerful vampire. It can steer or control another vampire and make it its own servant.

The level of this guy has already paved through the manual. It is true that it’s overwhelmingly stronger than Edward.

But the level doesn’t lie. It may be tricky to deal with the nature of vampires, but he is weaker than me.


I ran towards him, staring at him. It looks like his face is firm. I cut off only his cloak in a breathtaking way. But this blow completely destroyed him.

The result is obvious when I attacked him not being cautious. A dancing sword dug in from behind him.


His right arm flew in the air. At the same time, his body popped out and scattered into dozens of shadows everywhere.

That ability is a common form of vampires.

[It’s a strong human being.]

“This annoying punk.”

It came back to the shape of a bat. Even his arms were restored.

Draca spoke. It’s an angry face.

“I will deal with you sincerely.”

“Do it right.”

I took out the Toyul hammer instead of the long sword of Kangta. It is always the best weapon to take out because it is heavier compare to the long sword of Kangta. I hit the ground, ran towards him. I can’t believe that he can fly his body quickly in the air. Draca laughed as he jumped into the sky.

“Do you think your human body can deal with this body that is flying?”

He waved his hands forward. The red energy poured down to me.

I jumped and rode the dancing sword to escape the two-legged aura that flies toward me.

Draca was amazed.


I wielded the Toyul hammer.

Shadows scattered everywhere with foggy smoke. Damn, I’m killing a new one,.When he landed on the floor, he showed up again in the air.

“Huh… .? ”


At that time, a green exclamation mark blinked in the corner of my sight. This is a description of this guy’s skill.


Shadow splitting: A vampire can etherize or anesthetize his body and divide it into shadows. Entities can stay in the way they penetrate into the gaps of the dimension, and they can always come back in a way that leaves the shadow in reality. Note that the maintenance time differs for each object.


It seems like it would be difficult to just hit him with a weapon, and like Edward, I have to wait till the end of the maintenance time. But it’ll not going to be easy because I don’t know how long will he stay like that.

If the level 1 Edward took 1 minute, then Draca who is in 5th level will last for about 5 minutes. Besides, he can fly in the sky. It’s difficult to catch him in many ways.

“Hahaha, you. You really make me angry.” He said.

“We’re having a serious fight, right? If you’re going to run like that, don’t be too loud.”

There is a wave of impatience coming.

“Are you holding your anger?” I teased him.

“You punk!”


When he waved his hand, he flew dozen meters and a shock wave came.

How should I say this? Is this what it is called aggression?

I swung the Toyul hammer, and attacked him.

Once again, his shadows spread with foggy dust. It seems that there is no limit on the number of times he can use that technique and the duration seems to be quite long.

‘I’ landed on the floor. He spoke with a shadowy body.

[Foolish guy. Do you think you can catch me that way?]

“….. ”

I waited for him to gather back together.

He slowly lifted his hands above.

“It will not be easy this time. I will attack you sincerely.” Draca said.

His two hands were slowly gathering red energy. It is a powerful aura even to the illusion that the yellow flame falling on the sky is being pushed by his hand.


The attack that he launched has swept the ground. I was on the spot and I disappeared without a trace. The real me is actually above him watching the situation.

I used the abiotic ability of the black plate armor to set a false body to the ground. I jumped on the dancing sword in the air while he was attacking the fake me on the ground.

“Hahaha! Foolish and weak human! ”

“Who is stupid?” I said.

“Huh?”He was so shocked.

I came down from the air and took the Toyul hammer down. It was done properly because it hit him before he transform to shadow.

“That’s… that’s amazing. You killed the Count Draca in a blow.” Edward said.

“I was just a little annoyed. He wasn’t such a difficult opponent.”

It seemed that the head was half-destroyed. It would be hard to see if this is still alive. However, in order to kill him surely, I cut his throat using the long sword. His head rolled on the ground.

“Now I’m sure he’s dead.”

Even if he is a vampire, if his head is cut off, it will be hard to survive.

I saw Edward staring at me strangely.

“Why? That face..”

“Nothing.” It looks like something is hidden.I turned around to look at Draca. The lifeless body of a vampire, with his head cut off and lost his blood, had completely vanished.

“No way.”

Someone escaped using the shadow transformation. Wow, this is too much. I did this and that, and still it didn’t die.

A voice of a guy came from somewhere.

[I will not forget this disgrace. I’ll give you revenge.]

“Ha! The survivor. He’s still alive.”

[… I will let you enjoy the moment’s victory. Because there will be disasters that you cannot imagine. And Edward. I will not forget your betrayal.]

“Disaster?” I feel something is not very good.

We didn’t hear the voice anymore. Eventually, a situation where we were left alone, Edward sighed and spoke.

“Thanks to you, I became a traitor.”

“Why don’t you just cooperate with me in earnest? Then I will spare your life.”

“Is that a guilt with threat, or just one of them?”

“Which one do you like?”

“Hoo… whatever.” He took a deep sigh.

“But there is one thing that he said.” I felt Edward jarring at me. I really think something is strange.

“That. The disaster that will come soon. What the hell is he talking about?” I asked him.

“I don’t know.”

“Well, we can’t help it.”

I held the dancing sword. His face turned white.

“You’re…. you’re not thinking of killing me, right…..?”

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  1. Can’t help but feel that somewhere the Mc changed from being a greedy bastard to a mass murderer

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