ETH – Ch 93

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter

Chapter 93

Soo Ah was surprised. I quickly summoned the black plate armor and held the long sword of Kangta.

The white hand pulled the red light into the air. In a flash, the range of light widened and a similar mass of light, like a dungeon, was created.

The difference is that this dungeon is red.

“Sunbeh oppa… this is..”

“Yes. It’s a dungeon.”

I patiently waited. I can’t enter without knowing what’s inside. The hand came out gradually, the arms, and shoulders. Finally, the head came out and the whole body. ‘He’ looks like a vampire, seeing that he has red eyes and well groomed hair, dressed in a suit that seemed to pop out of the middle ages.

“We’re not hallucinating.”

I looked at him quietly. Soon after he got out of the red dungeon, he took a deep breath and slowly looked around the place.


Vampire (1): It is a monster that uses human blood as a stock. When it see the sunlight, it burns away.


The manual responded. Certainly this guy is a vampire. The manual cannot be mistaken. But why is he here?

A summoned monster? No. I doubt. The ability to summon monsters requires an item sacrifice. There was no item that disappeared. If that’s the case, then what’s this?

“He looks handsome.”

“This is not the right time for such nonsense, Soo Ah.”

“But still, Sunbeh Oppa is cooler than him.”

I give up. I can’t stop this girl.

The vampire’s gaze turned to me. They can talk. Among the monsters, they were the closest ones to human beings.

“Wouldn’t you get rid of that knife?” Referring to the long sword of Kangta. Ha!

“That’s quite difficult to do since you’re a monster.”

“Well …”

He showed his fangs or canine. It looks scary but he is just a level 1 vampire. He is just the same as the regular goblin.


He fell on the floor and knelt. He is clearly weak that he can’t even get up in spite of trying. I bowed and whispered into his ear.

“I’ll ask you some questions. If you do not answer correctly, you will die here. ”

“Wha… what are you talking about…”

“This red dungeon where you came from, what kind of dungeon is this?”

“Do you think I will tell you?”


I gently spank the back of his head. His head was stuck on the floor.

“Uhh…. ”

“Answer me.”

“Tha… that’s…. ”

“Wait… Sunbeh oppa.” Soo Ah interrupted.


“People are staring.”


I looked around. The sudden red dungeon was enough to attract people’s attention. It’s natural that there are a lot of spectators gathering when they saw a violence happening in front of them.

Someone already called the police.” Soo Ah said.

“Ahhh… I’m in trouble. ”

I have this vampire with me, and when the Dungeon Management Team arrives, I have no chance to look inside this red dungeon. I need to come in before that happens.

“Hey, Soo Ah. You and Yeonkyoung should pretend to be close to the people around so you don’t get involved here.”

“What about you?”

“I need to look what’s inside this dungeon, with this guy.”

“But it looks dangerous …”

“Just by looking at this guy, I don’t think it’s that dangerous. ”

Of course, it’s only my speculation. I still don’t know what’s inside unless I enter.


The vampire suddenly burst into laughter while his head is still on the floor.

“What was that?” What’s wrong with this guy suddenly laughing.

“Going in there, you said? Do you think you can survive?”

“Yeah. That’s a dungeon.”

“Dungeon … Yeah, in your eyes, it’s like a pitiful dungeon. But…”

“But… .?” Everyone’s gaze was focused on him. His eyes turned red. This is something …..

A red aura was spread around him. The expression of the people who were concentrating on him suddenly became a blank expression and slowly moved towards us slowly.

“What… what’s this?”

“Eh? You still don’t get it?” The vampire said.

“What did you just do?”

“It’s not that big of a deal. I just made them my servants.”


“Yes, they follow my commands faithfully. I wonder what will happen if the same person will attack me.” He’s referring to me.

A vampire is a vampire even if it’s a level 1. The physical ability may be low, but it has still specialty.

“Oh, I see. But you know what?”


“The cast will remove from them when the caster dies.”

I grabbed his neck.


He grabbed my hand holding his neck, trying to remove it, but with his power, he cannot defeat me.

“Goodbye. You should be born a little smarter next time.”


The moment I put a lot of force on my hand holding his neck, his body was scattered all over. There were bat-shaped shadows. This is why vampires are hard to deal with. They can escape using that technique.

“Soo Ah, calm the people down.”

I turned my head and shouted at Soo Ah. Yeonkyoung and Soo Ah are both over level 4. Level 1 vampire skills cannot be beat easily just because you’re in a high level and you have equipment.

“You mean hit them, right?”

“Do it right. Don’t hurt them.”


One by one, the people came near Soo Ah. She’s moderately doing it to calm them. I chased the shadows.

Although they are scattered all over the place, they cannot stay like that in such a long time. There’s a limitation. Even if he’s a low level monster, he’s quite difficult to handle. Do these guys always appear in red dungeons?

I chased the shadows. They desperately trying to escape and go to dark places to avoid me. But the whole park is bright like daylight due to LED street lights. No matter how much they tried to find dark, there’s nothing, even just a shadow of a tree or shade of a building, there’s nothing.

In less than a minute, the shadow gathered and made a human figure. He’s back.

I attacked him.

“AAHH! Damn, what are you doing to move that fast?!”

“I’m doing it slowly, though.”

Actually I just moved a little faster. It would be hard for him if I really moved fast.


“If you’ve had enough, die now.”

The long sword of Kangta was good. It is a weapon that deals additional damage to beast-type monsters. It is not different from a normal one, but it gives a lethal damage to level 2 monsters.

“Wai… wait.”

“I don’t have any intention to give you some more time.”

“Are… Aren’t you curious? I can guide you.”

“I’m not going to do some sightseeing, what kind of guide do I need inside the dungeon?”

“The interior is very spacious. More than what you think. If you’ll go alone, you might get lost, I’m sure you will need me. ”

He is sweating too much while looking at me. He doesn’t want to die, so I can see the struggle on his face. An ordinary monster does not grant its multi-value to its survival. But he’s different.

“Do you have any reason for me to believe you?”

“Once we entered, and you prove that I’m wrong, you can just kill me there easily, isn’t it?”

He is right.

I put back the sword in the manual. He took a sigh of relief.

“If you run away or try to get away, I will not give you a second chance.”

“Don’t worry. I don’t have a personality that speaks only on mouth.”

I thought I should trust the words of this monster, but it is also true that I am a bit curious. Not about the dungeon but a curiosity about this vampire itself. It’s my first time meeting a monster like this.

“…you’re a very unusual guy. ”

“I often hear that.”


The vampire’s name is Edward. When I went back to where the dungeon was, I saw Soo Ah tied the people’s arm and gather them together using webs.

That’s the ability to have the Archne armor.

“What did you do?”

“I could only tie their hands using the web.” She showed me her equipment.

Soo Ah spoke towards Edward.

“Can I release your servants now?”


Edward stretched both his hands to the sky. The red light rose and bloomed among the people surrounded by the web. Soo Ah let everyone escape from the web. The people stared at each other with a puzzled face. They couldn’t remember what had happened.

“I’m going to enter the dungeon with this guy so explain the situation roughly when the dungeon management team comes.”

“Is it ok if we won’t stop them?”

“They won’t be able to come in anyway. The authorities will only give me the approval to enter the next morning. I have to find out everything I can find out now, we have no time to waste. We can just clear out the evidences. Oh yeah….. we cannot control the public.”


Let’s just think about how to solve that later.

I looked at Edward.

“Let’s go inside. Do you have any warnings before we go in?”

“It’s a little hot so you need to find a way to keep your body temperature maintained.”


I took out a level 1 cloak from the manual. It is possible to store it in the manual, so it’s fair to say that we didn’t sell all the usable equipment. This is one of them, which makes it possible to set the proper temperature in any environment. Even if you wear it alone, you can survive in an extreme environment.

As a result, there is a demand about this equipment among people living in cold or hot regions. This equipment is not only for monster hunting but also for everyday use.


I hooked up and felt hot air. Does this mean it’s too hard to maintain the stamina here?

The first thing I saw inside the dungeon was the burning sky. Fortunately, it was possible to breathe with or without oxygen.

“Hooo… The hotness on the earth is nothing compared to this, right?” Edward asked.

“How do you live in such place like this?”

“You can endure it once you get used to it. Haha.”

Edward, who was inspired by the hot weather, laughed.

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    1. Edward. Hahaha. At last! The mysterious guy came out. I feel bad though that some of you already saw those future chapters. No thrill 🙁 But still, stay tuned!

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