ETH – Ch 92

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 92

Anyway, this kid is going to be a prisoner and will enter into his cell soon. Even he’s only a high school student, cases related to hunters like this is treated as a special crime, and the punishment is huge.

In addition, when you get older, you will be sent from the juvenile prison to the general prison. Well, you don’t have to worry about the food.

I left the police station after a quick interview as a witness.

The other kids didn’t say anything, scared that they may get involved in the case, so they just quietly left.

Soo Ah suddenly spoke.

“Now let’s go and eat.”

“Eat? Is it important to eat now?”

“Then what’s more important than that?”

“If you’re going to eat, then go. I need to go somewhere.”

“Tch. But you said we’re eating together.”

“Where are you going?”

Yeonkyoung spoke. Oh yeah. We’re with her.

“At the park, if that kid is not lying, then there would be something I need to find out.”

“Do you really need to go there? I mean, the police will investigate anyway.”

“I have to check it first. And also that kind of item is quite alarming.”

“Why? Is there something special in that item?”

“It’s a new item. I haven’t seen it before.”

“Woah. Then why would a new item be there?”

“I don’t know. If it’s an old item, then I think that’s an item that someone used to kill an irregular there.”

There is a possibility that a level 1 irregular appeared. But could that happen without me?

The bottom line is that there might be another person who has the same ability as me.

I need to check it first before concluding.

“There might be another user of the new system, not only me.”

“That can’t be.”

“I’m just starting, but now there’s another competitor.”

“We’re not sure yet. Anyway, let’s go now before the police arrive.”

After Soo Ah finished the bread that she bought at a convenience store, Yeonkyoung followed her but she seems struggling. Her level as a hunter is high but her stamina is still at the normal level.

Soo Ah looked back and spoke.

“Don’t you have some items related to physical ability?”

“I’m still looking at it right now. I’ll be ready before our next battle. ”


Yeonkyoung spoke as she wipe her sweat on her forehead.


Because of the midsummer weather, her shirt became wet from sweating too much.


Hmm. She’s wearing white.


Yeonkyoung suddenly hit my head.


“Ouch. What?”


“Did you just stare on my breast?!”


“… stupid. Why would I stare, I can’t even see anything there.”


“You can just say no!”




“Oh~ Now you’re good at lying too. ” Soo Ah is said and gave a dazzling look to me.


But I’m really innocent. I did not stare, I just saw it, accidentally.

We arrived at the park. Unexpectedly, there were a lot of people.

I wondered what kind of strange aura I might felt here, but it’s not different from usual.

“There’s nothing to look at here.”

“Yeah. I don’t know where to start searching.”

I thought that I would feel something suspicious even if it’s not as visible as the dungeon entrance.

“Let’s just look around carefully. If there’s really nothing here then that will be a relief.”

Yeonkyoung said. As she says. It’s the best if nothing happens.

In the park there were many people who came, especially families. It’s a weekend, and the outside of the city is dangerous.

There were camping tents in various places. In the past, camping has been done on beaches and valleys, but nowadays it is hardly a sight to see except for some places that are eviscerated as resorts.

Since those places are quite expensive, I wonder if I can go there about once a year or so.
I walked around the whole park.

“Hmm… I don’t see anything strange here. If there’s a monster here, there wouldn’t be many people like this.”

“Yeah it’s true but the new system. Do you think there are any cemeteries nearby?”

“This is a park but there might be a place like that nearby.”

“No, not now. In the past. Is there any cemetery nearby here in the past?”

“Hmm… nothing.”

Soo Ah hit her smartphone and turned her head.
Nogosan Park has been a downtown area since very long so it will be hard to find like that nearby.

“Then why did the item fell off in this place?”

“Maybe someone dropped it and left it here.”

“No way.”

No stupid hunter will drop and leave an item whether it’s an old item or a new item.


I heard a sound from a stomach asking for food. It’s not me.

“Are you hungry?”

“I’m not.”

Soo Ah shook her head. I automatically turned my head on the side.

Yeonkyoung laughed slowly and leaned her head and lifted her hands.
“It’s… it’s me.”

“Hmm… well this is the time for eating. Let’s go to a nearby restaurant. ”

“But you ignored me when I asked you to go and eat.”

“That was earlier, not now.”

“Let’s eat this.” We looked at the shopping bag that Yeonkyoung brought.

I thought it’s side dishes, but it was sandwiches.

Soo Ah was the first to bite and spoke immediately.

“Wow, this is delicious.”

“Eat all what is in your mouth before you speak. It’s splashing everywhere.”

I tasted the sandwich and spoke immediately too.

“Oh… it’s delicious.”
“You did it also. Tch.” Soo Ah grumbled.

It was embarrassing, but seriously, as soon as I ate, I can’t stop myself and had to say that it’s really delicious.

It was a simple sandwich with tomatoes, bacon, cheese and fresh lettuce, but it felt like it’s my first time to eat that kind of food.

“Did you make it yourself?”

“No, I bought it.”

“Ah… ”


Soo Ah burst into laughter. That’s quite embarrassing.

“I tried to make it myself but I failed … ”

“I wish you brought it too.”
Soo Ah who finished eating all her sandwich, looked at me in silence.

“What now? Are you a pig?”

“Wow, how can you talk to me like that.”

“I actually brought it with me.”

She took out one more airtight container.

“You should’ve bring it out earlier!”

Soo Ah immediately opened the container lid and picked up a sandwich.

It doesn’t look a lot different from the sandwich you can buy at the store.

Soo Ah took a sandwich and spoke.

“Wow, this looks good!”
“Tell me how it is after you eat.”

I took a sandwich also and tasted it.

Something subtle and juicy spread on my mouth. A lettuce, the sandwich has too many onions. The meat is slightly uncooked. The biggest problem is the sauce she used. What is this one with a salty smell?

“I put anchovies in the sauce, although I didn’t put much.”

“Yeah it’s anchovies. It’s a bit chewy but, well, at least it’s edible. ” Soo Ah said as she finished eating all the sandwiches.
Yeonkyoung brought something unusual this time.

She spoke when she saw my expression, able to read my thoughts.

“I don’t have time to practice cooking these days.”

I don’t think it’s a matter of practice. Well, I didn’t want to complain because it was made with care.

Anyway, as Soo Ah said, at least it’s edible.

“And I thought that even if it was a failure, Soo Ah would still eat it.”
“And how did you know that where at that restaurant?”

“I called Soo Ah.”

I turned my head towards Soo Ah. She turned her head and whistled awkwardly. Is she pretending not to know anything?

“Did you ask me to go out because you know that Yeonkyoung will be there?”

“Ahehe. We’ll just meet with her so what’s the problem…”

“…. Hey Yeonkyoung, from now on, call me instead of Soo Ah.”


Yeonkyoung smiled awkwardly. This guy is also cheerful. If I’m her I would’ve been angry.

I relaxed and enjoyed my leisure time. The sun started to set.
The sun was over the mountains, and the nearby buildings started to lit up the lights.

“Let’s get up now. I don’t think we can find out more here.”

“How about we wait here until night?”

Soo Ah said.

It’s not a bad idea.

Soon, the sun fell completely and the darkness appeared. The streetlights shone brightly.

“I should’ve brought a mosquito repellent.”

Under the LED night light and summer night, there are many lights around the place.

Protecting a fragile skin from mosquito is difficult.

I realized that I had never been bitten by a mosquito recently.

Oh, is this because of my defense?

My defense is currently 400 percent. That means that my skin is more than five times stronger compared to average person. My skin can’t even get hurt.

A knife can’t even scratch my skin. Mosquitoes cannot penetrate my skin.

“If you’ll copy my defense, mosquitos will not bite you.”

I spoke towards Yeongkyoung.

“Oh, that’s a good defense.”

“You’re the only one who’ll suffer here.”

“There are not much mosquitos biting me, anyway.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“I’m serious.”

She showed me her white arm. There is really no mosquito bite. It is normal that there are about one or two bites in the summer.

“Are you sick?”

“I think my blood smells bad.”

“Is that possible?”

If this is really true, there might be a new way to save the humanity from mosquitos.

While I am thinking such a brilliant idea, I saw a red light on Soo Ah’s face. To be precise, it’s not exactly on her face but the light is just reflecting on her face, the actual light is on the other side. I could confirm that clear red light leaks between the bulbs of the streetlights.

“Uh, what is that?”

“I don’t know either.”
We carefully moved to the light.

There are still many people here. Because of the hot weather nights, people prefer to stay outside of their houses.

If a monster will come here, it could lead to a big accident.

If possible, it would be best to handle it in my hands before it happened.

“Hey you two. Just back off a little. We have no equipment. In case of emergency, Soo Ah, you stay with Yeonkyoung, and set the redemption necklace.”

“Ok.” Soo Ah nodded. The red light became brighter as we got closer.

And a white hand sprang out between the lights.


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  1. Oh my god he doesn’t have equipment!!! Fak how about your storage then? Dimwit. Thanks for the chapter.

    1. He means that they don’t have armor or defense like his so they should be more cautious. It’s one thing if he has weapons to lend him, but armor is another story I imagine.

  2. Can anyone make a glossary? I’m back reading this novel but i always forget who is who. A glossary with the characters will be helpful.

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