ETH – Ch 91

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 91

“I’m still thinking about it. I don’t think I need to fight with the Chungho group anymore. There is only one place to hunt right now.”

Level 3 monsters also appear in the wetlands. However, it is true that the number is smaller than that of the great forests. The average level of our party now, except me, is level 5.

That’s enough to hunt level 3 or level 4 monsters.

“Isn’t that better? The government said they would send hunters. If they fought with the Chungho group, we could just glean from behind.”
“Actually, that’s the best.”

For now, the only place that can be found in the north, except for the Great Forest, are the highlands. There are many entrance, and it is difficult to the control entrance or the hunting ground because it is wide.

However, it was dominated by the ‘Galaxy Extreme’, a raid team affiliated with large corporations. It is a raid team with history and tradition that cannot even compare with the Ezekiel group. Their power is also very strong.

“Are we walking?” Soo Ah said.

“Then what?”

“Let’s ride the van.”

“What van?”

“We have that. The newly bought van.”

“If we ride that, it will look like a zoo monkey being dragged away. It has no license plate, too.”

Above all, it is a vehicle big enough to fill the lane. Just like dragging a large truck into the city.
“Well, then let’s take a taxi.”

“We’re just going to eat, what taxi are you saying. If it’s far away, then let’s just eat at a Chinese restaurant nearby.”

“I’m going to pay for it so let’s just go. Now you can save money for eating.”

“Well.. yeah.”

Even if I will eat three meals a day at a hotel, I made enough money to not scratch my account.

However, I haven’t used it properly even though I have money. My spending habits haven’t changed much from that of Porter.

Oh! But I didn’t ate three meals of ramen a day. Of course I’ll not eat only ramen the whole day with that much money.

We arrived.

“Where are you going, though?”


VIP… but that’s just a franchise buffet restaurant.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Soo Ah asked me.

“No… I mean… ah whatever. I was just surprised.”

“I really wanted to go there.”

“You’ve never been there?”

“How about you, Sunbeh oppa, you’ve been there?”


I can’t eat all kinds of foods on places that there are a lot of foods anyway. I never had a girlfriend too so I have nothing to do there.


I heard someone screamed. That voice is familiar.

We ran to where the scream is coming from. When we looked inside the alley where we arrived, Soo Ah spoke.

“Huh? Isn’t that Yeonkyoung? ” Definitely it’s Yeonkyoung.

She is surrounded by students wearing uniforms. She looks like she’s having hard time. I wondered why she’s here, then suddenly I knew it just by looking at the side dishes.

“Sheez. She’s very popular.”

“Are you envious of her?”

I tried to go to Yeonkyoung but suddenly Soo Ah stepped forward.

“I’ll fix it. Stay here.”

“No, let’s go together.”

I don’t know what will going to happen if I’m going to leave it alone to this guy.

She rushed behind her and entered the alleyway.

Soo Ah spoke first.

“Hey, Yeonkyoung.”

“Ah… Soo Ah.”

“Hey old lady, would you mind if you just leave?” Someone said to Soo Ah

“Old lady?” She’s annoyed.

I stepped forward.

“Oh you–” A guy pointed at me.


I saw a familiar face. I’m trying to think of where I saw him, then suddenly I remembered about a fight in the park.

I don’t know if his name is Kim Hansol or Lee Hansol.

“Fuck—we’re screwed.”

“You’re still not on your right mind, huh?” I said to him.

“Hey! Let’s run!”

When the guy screamed, the other guys spoke while being puzzled.

“What? Is this jerk a cop?”

“I don’t know. Ah fuck. Let’s just run.”

“What run.”

I blow the dancing sword and block the alley.

Lee Hansol became speculative and sat down on the floor.

In fact, this is a normal reaction for an average person.

Suddenly, he took a knife out of his arms and wielded it.


The dancing sword bounced it back. It does not have a stellar blow, but it’s not something you can do with a normal weapon. I was amazed and saw the knife he was holding.

Dark Knight’s Knife (1): Allows the user to feel no fear.

“Where did you get that?”

“You don’t need to know. Search it if you want.”

Lee Hansol said.

“Ha! Sheez. No matter how many items are released … ”
He’s not even a hunter. Is that a dirt he bought at a cheap price?

Can this guy afford to buy those items using his allowance? Well that’s impossible.

“Die!” He tried attacking me.

I simply grabbed his wrist and twisted it.


“It’s dangerous to carry around with this thing.”

When I got the knife from his hand, Lee Hansol shivered.

“Uh, what should I do…”

“Where did you get this?”

“Sunbeh oppa. What are you doing?”

When the others tried to run, Soo Ah chased them and all the rest of the three people have been knocked down and dragged on.

They were all 4, including Lee Hansol. I’m still wondering what to do with these guys when Yeonkyoung spoke.

“Just let them go. They’re still kids.”

“If you have done wrong, you should be punished.”

“We don’t know how to punish them, anyway.”

Well yeah.

Yeonkyoung is a 20-year old girl who looks like a superstar, but she is actually a level 4 hunter who hit monsters.
I just couldn’t knock it down. He’s carrying a hunter equipment.

“Where did you get this?”

I approached Lee Hansol. Unexpectedly, he answered.

“I picked it up.”

“Pick it up? The item?”

“Is this an item?”

He stared with his eyes rolled up like a circle. What’s this… he doesn’t have an idea that he’s holding an item?
“Well, it’s not a problem if you’re holding something you don’t know. But you know what happens if you hand it over to the police, right? No matter how much money your parents have, they will not let you go that easily.”

“I…I really didn’t know. I’m serious. Oh, fuck … ”

I hit his head.

“Ahh! Why did you… hit me.”

“It’s because I’m angry.”

“Wow, what a real adult.”

“Is there any reason why an adult should be patient? Shut up and tell me straight from where it came from.”

“I’m serious. I picked it up in the park.”


“Yes, there. The last time we fought.”
“I think he’s not lying.” Soo Ah spoke.

Certainly, it’s not a lie.

“Would you mind if I picked up something like this too, in the first place?”

“What the. Hyung, you’re a real dog, you know that?”

(T/N: In South Korea, ‘Hyung’ is what a guy calls to an older guy.)

I hit him again.


“Why are you talking to me inappropriately?”

“Ouch damn it. If you’re done hitting me, please let me go now.”

I sent him to the police as he wished. In the end, I had to go to the Mapo Police Station as a witness.

“You’re here again. And you’re with that boy again.”

Park Sun-kyeong said. He was the first cop who’s in charge of me.

“How are you?”

“As always, I’m doing good. By the way, this is quite a big case, huh? You fought for a hunter equipment.”

“Not me. It’s that guy who did it.”

“Well, after a while, the lieutenant will be here.”

As soon as Park Sun-kyeong left the room, someone shouted with a bang sound.

“Who’s that jerk! Someone reported my son to the police!”

“It’s me.”

When I raised my hand, Lee Hansol’s father ran towards me. None of this man has changed.

I think I passed well last time, but this time will be different.

“This bastard!”

He walked with a stealthy approach, ready to attack me, but I dodged and avoided it.
“You should exercise more, sir.”

“This … This bastard child—-”

“—This kid is here again. Are you going to stay in the jail again?”

What a good timing. The lieutenant entered the room.

“No… Not like that. This son of bitch just–!”

“–What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Ha! This time it’s real! Ahhh I’m so frustrated!”

“This is not the right time for that. I won’t let this go this time. You should prepare about your son to be on jail. ”

“Huh? What are you talking about? Kids could make mistakes!”

“Your son attacked a person with a hunter’s equipment so I won’t let it go that easily.”

“Wha… what are you talking about? Hunter’s equipment?”

“Your son attacked a passerby with a level 1 item. You know that this kind of case is a bid deal, right? It will be hard to escape this time.”

“Ite… item? What are you talking about?”

“I know right. How would an ordinary high school student have an equipment …”

This lieutenant is also curious. Although Lee Hansol’s house is well-established and they look quite rich, it is not enough to buy a 100 million item.
“Ha, well we can have an agreement.”

“Agreement is useless with a criminal cases like this. So please make your son a good kid.”

“…. Actually! The hunter equipment! That’s what I bought! Yeah! It’s my fault that I bought it! I mean, can’t I just get in instead of my son?”

“Haaaa…. You must really love your son that much.”

The officer sighed and shook his head. I spoke towards the crouching Hansol in one corner.

“Don’t you realize the things base on what you see?”

“What now? I’m pretending to be nice to others to look good.”

“Well… that’s none of my business.”

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  1. Etc has been one of my fav Korean novels for a long time. Keep up the good translations. I was super excited to see the chapters released today.

  2. I have to ask, what is ‘Poink’? I haven’t the slightest clue on what’s supposed to make a sound like that. From the context (which is a bit difficult to read) I imagine that it’s the sound of the MC hitting the guy on his head with his fist, but the sound effect ‘Poink’ only makes me think a pig suddenly got hit or something; all in all it’s confusing.

    1. Hahahaha! I’m really sorry if it’s confusing. I actually don’t know how will I put the sound effect in words because the sound effect in the original Korean book is quite inappropriate if I just copied it here. I would find something more appropriate in the near future!

  3. Hey, thx for translating but what happend to the prices of items? in this chapter a lvl1 item costs 100million? in earlier chapters that was around 50k. Same thing happend in the last chapter where the money amounts went back to billions. Did you correct the prices earlier from won to dollar?

    1. Right really blowing my mind when suddenly they were taking about the car being 10b over and over, the lvl 1 items are at most 100k. And then there talked about getting 60b for 400 items??? What….

  4. This is suppused to be the author trying to be funny with the dialogs? Be the time i ended reading the chapter I almos got a stroke… Or an ACV.. I kind of want to drop this…

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