ETH – Ch 90

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 90



“I used it in the US military. It looks different, but the appearance is similar to the top.”

Manager Kim looked around the car and came back to the driver’s seat and spoke.

“But where did you stole this? Does the Chungho group have these kind of cars? ”

“Stole? I bought it with money.”

“What? Where did you bought it? ”

“There’s this thing we can get this vehicle. Get in the back seat. ”
“If we will ride this van, what are we going to do with the other vehicle?”

Manager Kim pointed to the ATV they used.

I operated the switch to open the rear door of the vehicle. The brakes were completely open and the tilt plate came down. It was the equipment that was installed in order to be able to come in heavy load lamp. All you have to do is push up the ATV with this ramp.

“Please help me put the ATV inside the van.”

“What are you talking about. Where is there to put this ATV in that van…”

“Oh…? What is this?”

Cho Young-go, who was in the back, spoke.

Cho Young-go was curious about the open rear door.


“I mean… Come here. This is too wide.”

Cho Young-go carefully walked around in the back seat. The interior of the vehicle, which is too wide, that even your head will not reach the ceiling.

I can see Soo Ah giggling.

“This van… It’s an item.” I said.

Han Joon-seok entered the car along with Cho Young-go and spoke.

“An item?”

“It doesn’t make sense. It’s just too wide, that’s all. There’s no way that this is an item. ”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard that a car is an item.”

“Well, this is not the first time that we knew something for the first time.”

“It’s a strange sentence, but I know what you mean.”

Cho Young-go looked at me and nodded. Not only once or twice that the party members experienced something new with me. Not only Cho Young-go nodded but also the other party members.

“Wow. I want to experience this in my life.”
Park Han-bum first took the bike and went up to the back seat. All of the rest helped to put the ATV inside the van and pushed it in.

Sohn Aram shook his head and sighed.

“This is really … I think I need to work so much to understand what is happening.”

“I hope you won’t put this on your report.”

“I will really not. This situation has nothing to do with my report. ”

“Are you going to drive, Sangmin?”

Cho Young-go looked at me but with a strange expression. His expression is saying that ‘I would like to try it myself’.


I got out of the driver seat and took a seat at the back.

“I’ll be careful and drive slowly.”


“No, just drive normally. There are dozens of wooden hammocks on the way. ”


“So the durability is good, too? May I ask you a few questions? ”


“It costs 10 billion.”


“Haha…. you’re good at kidding too.”


“Uh, I’m serious.”


“Rea…. really?”


After Soo Ah nodded, Cho Young-gu’s eyes grew bigger. He felt a lot of nervous tension all of a sudden.


His hand holding the handle is trembling.

“Actually it’s not true.”

“Ri… right? It’s not true, right?”

“Unless the items are distributed between 100 million and 200 million, a more accurate calculation would be about 13 billion.”

They were all shocked.

“I am sorry to purchase an expensive car without the consent of the party members. The cost of the car will be deducted from my share at the time of distribution.”

“No no. I was just surprised at the amount. I think there would be enough merit and advantages with that kind price.”

Han Joon-seok slightly pushed Manager Kim’s side. He was surprised and immediately agreed and spoke.
“Ah.. yeah that’s true.”

The road to West coast is quite long. I used the smartphone to connect to the market.

The boards were blazing with the story about the removal of the dungeons and the appearance of monsters in the West coast.


– This is why there’s a connection between the dungeons and the West coast.

– It’s not clear and sure yet. It could be a coincidence.

– What coincidence. The level 2 dungeon disappearing and the West coast. At that time, everyone thought it was just a coincidence, but now, I’m sure about this.

– Really? I didn’t know that.

– That’s why I was talking about that from the beginning.

– What’s the reason?

– Do you think I know that? Why don’t the government investigation team tell us why?

– By the way, where are the 3rd and 4th level monsters appearing?

– Up to level 3 in the wetlands, and up to level 4 in the desert, valley and highlands. They said that the teams who crossed there are struggling.

– Are they screwed….?

-Well those teams have a lot of high level hunters, so they were not harmed.

-The pro teams are different. A level 4 monster is attacking them but they said they liked it.

-Well people like us will have to wait for the price to fall by releasing a lot of items.

-It seems that item prices are fluctuating already.

-It’s not even a stock …

-It’s even more unusual to be treated as safety assets.

In fact, items sold at Hunter Market have long been considered as investment targets. In the past, if companies bought for tax purposes, after the appearance of monsters, expensive items became targets.

However, as the 3rd and 4th level monsters are released on the west coast, a huge amount of items are expected to be poured out. It is predicted that the items that have been stocked in the warehouse will be poured out.

This will reduce the price of the first and second level items.I think I need to sell quickly before it’s too late.
As soon as we arrive in the west coast, I will sell out the items at the Hunter Market.

The total amount of 400 items is about 60 billion. It is 30% less profit than I expected, but it’s ok.

At any rate, Hunter Market’s ability to mobilize 60 billion won in cash is really scary. I will collect 20 billion, which is 1/3, and will divide the rest. Originally my quota is a limit on the price of the van in half.

“I’ll see you next time.” Sohn Aram bowed her head.

Since she made an impossible mission, it will be reflected on her performance. If she will be promoted soon then that’s not bad. It’s just that the police officer made a mess of it. Well she’s still a police officer so I think she will be promoted fast.

Our party decided to withdraw from going to the West coast. We’re too exhausted from the subsequent battles, and we earned quite a lot of income anyways.

After the removal of the dungeon and the appearance of the 3rd and 4th level monsters, I will just wait until the situation stabilized to some extent.


I have been resting at home for a long time after I have been hanging around.

“In China, they remain silent about the hunters in the Great Forest area. There are various interpretations about this. What do you think about this case?”

“Well, now the border of the West coast is somewhat exposed. But was that the Chungho group? If they officially admit the existence of that organization, this tacit promise will fall apart. If you think about the damage that occurs there, it seems to me that it’s advantageous to cut off the tail in the future. ”

“There is a lot of theories that the border is intentionally infiltrated into the Chungho group in China.”

“They are being careful in that part. There are some interpretations here.”

“What interpretations?”

“First of all, I think they intentionally tried to swallow the entire west coast. I don’t need to explain this. Second, analysts say that the current central government is not taking sufficient control of local warlords. ”

“That’s pretty interesting.”

“As you know, China is a state where the local military forces are systematically producing and organizing hunters. The land is so big that there is no way to control it effectively. The emergence of the military forces that does not go through fire is a big threat to the central party.”

“Are you saying that this is an extension of the phenomenon?”

“This is a business that is being conducted under the leadership of the central party in the West coast. So, it is a situation that local warlords want to intervene in this business. From their perspective, I think there might have been an intention to invest in the Great forest.”

“Well that’s an interesting interpretation. For the time being, it is likely that there was an intention to eat the whole of the West coast with the Great Forest as their base.”

“Well, it’s still speculation, but if you look at how the Chinese government will move in the future, I think you’ll know the bottom line.”

At HTV, which mainly deals with Hunter-related news, the day-to-day business was being discussed. The government report made by Sohn Aram was exposed to the media through an official press conference, and the Republic of Korea was seriously dealing with the incident.

If there was a plan that was prepared in advance, there would have been action whatsoever at this point. This just means that they cannot cope with the situation properly.

“Wow, isn’t that a real war?”

Soo Ah spoke as she eat the chips. There are a lot of snacks on her side and the wraps are all around her.
It’s amazing how she can be able to eat like that.

“… Are you planning on living here? Go to your own house, not other people’s house.”

“Why are you doing this to me? I even brought you something to eat.”

“But it’s just an instant food.”

“Then shall we go out and eat? There’s a nice buffet nearby. The price is a little high, though.”

“You’re just going to destroy the store.”

Soo Ah’s gluttony is really amazing. She can almost eat twice as much as I eat, and I can see that she eats a lot more than ordinary people. I can almost say that she’s in the food fighter level.

“Well, people who exercise eats a lot too.”

“Well in your case, you eat like you’re preparing for a wrestling championship.”

“So you’re not going?”

“….Let’s go. I’m tired of eating instant food.”

“Anyway, where will we go next? Great Forest? “

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    1. If you’re referring to the MC calling Soo Ah a ‘guy’, then I think I already explained that somewhere on the previous chapters that I double-checked it in the original Korean book, and the MC actually called Soo Ah a ‘guy’, maybe just the way of the author on showing how close Soo Ah and MC are. For me, as much as possible, as I translate the story, I don’t want to change anything or remove something from the original book. And for Sohn Aram, I know she’s a girl, I just noticed my mistake and put ‘his’. I want to apologize because I was translating at 2am in my country. Anyways thank you for correcting me. I’ll work harder on editing next time! 🙂

      1. Noona, it should be her not his: (Sohn Aram shook “her” head and sighed.)
        And isn’t the korean “guy” also the same word for “person”? or that “fellow” “thing” “being” and even “bastard”?
        The mc seem’s just to be rude if you ask me.
        And I think “fellow” would be the best out of this cast, and sentence wise.
        And by the way:
        Thank you, very much for the chapter Noona.
        If you decide to someday pick this series back up I would like to help as a editor? proof reader? Hm… well just write wuxia people~

    2. you need to chill your tities, the author put it that way you ignorant dumb sack of shit.

  2. Ty for the chapter, glad to see you back, just started reading again after awhile, was in the 80s 😛

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