ETH – Ch 89

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 89

Soo Ah pulled out her smartphone and started searching.

“Hmm. There’s a news that the 3rd and 4th level dungeons have disappeared.”


“But there is no sign that monsters appeared.”

“Huh? What do you mean by that? ”

“I’m not sure.”

“I’m getting nervous.”

Dungeons are removed when the skill level is increased. That’s exactly the rules we’ve been following up to now.
And the monsters of the dungeon that disappeared will surely appear on the west coast. But if that’s not the case, we cannot predict what will happen again.

“Oh my…”



I looked at where Soo Ah is looking. Our ATV is broken.

“What the… Who broke this?”

“I think that creature.”

There’s something moving on the nearby tree. It’s an insect-type monster with a lot of legs, but it’s pretty big.

“I think it’s a spider type.”

“Why would a spider bite it?”

“Well, I guess he thought it was edible.”

“But this could also be a trap.”

Soo Ah picked up the stone from the floor and threw it at the ATV. Then the stone stood on something invisible. It stood on the air.


I watched closely where the stone stopped. When I got close, I could see that it was covered with a web.I almost walked on a spider web.

I pulled out a level 1 long sword from the manual and cut the web.

Even though it was a thin web that is almost invisible to the naked eye, it was still caught up on the sword.

I already knew the monster that uses this kind of web.

It’s a monster who came out from a level 3 dungeon.

“It’s an Ebony spider. I think it’s the effect of removing a level 3 dungeon.”

“Why didn’t it got out on the news?”

“The news will go out later. By the way, it’s broken. It’s quite far if we’ll walk.”

“There’s a way.”

“What is it?”

“If Sunbeh oppa will run with me then–”

I hit her head gently.


“Your useless words are coming again.”
“Uh … That’s the most realistic way. It’s fast.”

“It’s better to leave the fish to the cat.”

“I will not.”

“… whatever, Soo Ah.”

I sighed. It’s better to just embrace her idea than to give a lift. So she won’t do anything weird again.

“Or buy it. That.”


“The van. I mean, we need transportation.”

“Hey, stupid. That price –”

“–You have a lot of items anyway. That will not matter too much. ”

Soo Ah started poking me in my ribs. I felt a little nervous.

Vehicles are things you can keep using if you have them. Since it’s an item, we don’t need to repair it. If you’re going to think about it, yeah it’s good.

But still!

Don’t forget that the van costs 100EP. Even if I try not to think about it, the figure of 10 billion is floating in my head.

Even if I only put level 1 items, that amount pops out. Is it really worth investing in this vehicle?

But frankly speaking, I’m curious.

“Hmm… ”

Maybe there is another ability that I don’t know as it is an item.
Above all, the van is a level 0 item. As with most level 0 items, it is likely to be a growth type item.

If so, I don’t know if there’s a room for further improvement through modification or enhancement. If this can be a moving fort to defend us against the enemies, then it can be a safe haven for us from the monsters in the West coast.


“Are you going to buy it? You will buy it, right? ”
“Hang on. Why do you want to buy such thing?”

“I want to ride on an expensive vehicle.”

“You sound crap, but it does not look like something special. Does it have to be expensive in the first place? It’s not even Stotzka. It’s not cool either. ”
“I just want to satisfy myself. You can be proud of having that vehicle by taking pictures!”

“No. Someone will just try to steal it.”

“You will put it on the list of items so who will steal it?”

“Well, that’s true…”

Certainly I don’t need to worry about it being stolen. In the first place, there’s no need to worry about the parking. Oh well, let’s just buy it.

Anyway, I can get again the items (through other battle) that will be lost. I had earned close to 100 billion, but I thought I would have a problem because I am going to spend about 10 billion won.


I raised my hand on the purchase approval button of the van with a trembling hand.


As soon as it got the approval, I can see already that the ’10 passenger van’ ‘is added to the list of items.

“You bought it?” Instead of answering, I just nodded my head.

I pulled the van up in the manual and put it down in front of me. I had never summoned such a big thing, so that feels quite good. The car appeared in front of me, and it looks like a ‘lie’. Like what?

The appearance resembled a military jeep. The size is twice as large as that of a regular jeep.
I think it would be a big joke if I ran this on a public highway. By the way, it looks like 10 people couldn’t ride at the same time.



That idea disappeared as soon as I opened the door of the driver’s seat. The inner part is wider than the outside. As I can see in the item description, it is enough for 10 people. The driver’s seat was placed vertically like a chair, and there was enough space in the center to place several ATVs.

“Afterwards, it’s more than what I imagined. What the hell is this?”

Soo Ah, lying down on the chair, spoke.

“It looks like it has features like space expansion … I’ve never seen a car like this.”

The concept of space expansion magic is not so unfamiliar to the hunters.

The bag that Soo Ah holds right now is a thing with space expansion and weight reduction option. However, it is a conventional wisdom that living creatures cannot enter such an extended space. It was much harder to imagine a person walking inside a car and getting on in it.

“It’s worth the investment, right?” Soo Ah smiled and spoke.

As she says. In this case, it can accommodate the party members even with a lot of luggage. It’s much more efficient than carrying a truck.

When I encountered the horn, I could put it in the list of items.

This van is expensive….. but it’s worth the money.

When I started the engine, I heard a heavy exhaust sound. There’s no need for a key. Just sitting in the driver’s seat and stepping on the accelerator, it took a start and moved forward.

The interesting thing is that the fuel is ore. You can put it directly, but the default is integrated in the manual and was set automatically. I REALLY like the fact that the fuel is not free. I REALLY liked that.

“Oppa, let’s go!” Soo Ah opened the window and yelled.

I am glad there are no people nearby.

“Uh.” I stopped the van. A Kadaran tree is blocking the road. I thought it was too narrow.

“What are we going to do?” I asked.

“Just push that away.” Soo Ah suggested a very, very cool solution. Seriously?

I sighed.

“How ignorant do you think you can do that?” I spoke as I watched a 10 meter tree standing in front of us.

“I think this van can do it.”

“What are you saying…”

“This is an item, right? And it said that the people inside this vehicle will not get hurt even if it will encounter an accident, like passing on that tree.”

“No matter how it is….”

“Besides, it’s also good for shock absorption. I can’t feel any shaking when we rode this on our way.”

“Hmm… ” I wanted to refute what she said, but she’s right. If I’m going to think about it, it makes sense.

As Soo Ah says, this is not an ordinary vehicle, but an ‘item’ so it does not affect the general physical force. Even if the nuclear weapon is dropped here, we can survive if we are inside the vehicle.

I position the vehicle towards the tree and stepped on the accelerator.


It seemed that the tree is shaking just with the sound of the vehicle.

“Wow.. I think it’s real.”

“We still don’t know yet.”

I stepped on the accelerator as much as possible.

Yes, the tree really started to move slowly backwards. It’s an unbelievable sight to see with my own eyes.

The tree collapsed with a loud noise, and the vehicle ran on. The shock absorber was great, but it has slight shaking.

Still! No matter how much this item is, I would want this to be as good as the Opaque car. I mean, of course, 10 billion.
“Don’t you think we made a good decision to buy it?”

Soo Ah was proud and spoke. I had no choice but to nod.

If she just didn’t requested it, I would never buy such expensive things.

“Your ignorance seems to have helped me.”

“Oh yeah! It sounds like a praise.”

This guy’s positive way of thinking is respectable.


I drove the car and kept on running.
At first, I think I am careless if I will just bump it but there’s almost no impact delivered inside the vehicle.


The monsters attacked our vehicle as we pass through the forest. A 3 meter long-armed giant gorilla pounded the car with his fist.
A normal car would have been twisted like a paper, but this car didn’t even felt an effect. I just stepped on the accelerator and drove off the car. Monsters continued attacking. But unexpectedly, the car had little damage.

Is it a little scratch? I could see that the structure itself is strong, basically. It’s just that a lot of monsters are attacking. Maybe dozens of them.

I’m a little worried about the party members waiting for us near the bridge.

“Hey, Soo Ah. Call the party members.”


“We should warn them that monsters appeared.”

“Oh, I already sent them a message earlier.”

“Any reply?”

“They said it’s ok and there’s nothing wrong and strange with the wetlands. They crossed the bridge safely.”

What a relief, then. I’m still not sure, but if there are level 3 monsters in the wetlands, then hunter’s number might decrease.

It took us about thirty minutes to arrive at the destination.

I crossed the bridge and parked the vehicle in front of the party members.

“Woah~ Is this a Humvee?”

Manager Kim spoke with admiration.

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  1. Shouldnt it be 10 million? 10 billion seems too absurd. None of them had more than 20 million tops before this. And I remember they sold like 130 items for 27 million or something because there were slme more than lvl 1. So 100 lvl1 items shluld only amount to 10 million at the most.

    1. I think this translator just let the number like they were in the original so that mean’s 10 billion won not dollar.

  2. No one in their right mind will *voluntarily* drive into a tree just because it probably could.

  3. If it takes such a huge amount of damage to make dents appear in the van’s body, doesn’t that also mean it takes a huge amount of force to repair the dent? Or is this a self-repairing car?

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