ETH – Ch 88

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 88

Soo Ah, who was watching from afar earlier suddenly went near and approached me.

“Why are you here? Why did you go down?”

“The battle is over, right? We have to get the equipment.” Soo Ah said, pointing to the bag on her back.

It seems like she went down here to the battlefield to get all the shattered items and equipment on the dead hunters.

“Kelby will be eating a lot today.”

“Speaking of that guy, where did he go?”

Soo Ah turned her head and found Kelby. We saw him move between the grasses.



Kelby, who grew up like a calf, ran towards our side. Soo Ah stroked his neck and spoke.


“How much will this guy eat ….his stomach is a no joke.”


Kelby’s stomach is inflated like a balloon. It looks like he swallowed everything he saw. I don’t know whether he is a pig or not.


I checked the information of Kelby through the manual, and in short time, the growth rate was over 30.

He ate more than 10 items.
The growth rate is low compared to the items he ate, so there will be more items in his stomach that haven’t yet been digested. He has the ability to chew and digest one by one.


The forces of the Ezekiel and Chungho group were struggling with the other Gragorion. The irregular is also spewing electricity. As we saw him began to produce electricity, we went to the nearby corpse. I picked up and collected about 30 ores and about 10 items.

The bloody battlefield was quickly cleared up.

“Oh, what is this?” Soo Ah picked an item on the ground.

It looks like just a common ring.


Gold Ring (0): You can summon a monster depending on the level of an item. The generated monster only follows the caster’s command. It drops items that have been inadvertently or accidentally sacrificed. Summoned monsters are treated as items.

Soo Ah carefully spoke when he saw my strange reaction.

“Is it a poor item?”

“It’s the opposite”


“It could be more than that.”

Being able to summon a monster is a sure way to fill in the scarcity of Team Delta, which has absolutely insufficient number of members.
The monster is summoned according to the level of the item used, so its efficiency is not that bad either.

So if you sacrifice 1st level equipment, you will get a 1st level monster, and if you sacrifice 4th level equipment, you will get a 4th level monster.

Soo Ah was surprised when she heard the explanation of the item.

“Then it’s possible to fight monsters against the monster. Does that mean we can seat and watch them fight but we can still make money?”

“I was thinking if–”

“–Sheez. Is playing and eating not a hunter’s best romance?”

“That’s the romance of everyone.”

I thought I was running out of power anyway. The right item came out.

Monsters are not difficult to manage. You don’t have to pay the damages if it gets hurt or die. There is no need to worry about the working environment including eating and drinking.

If there is only one problem, it is the people’s perception about monsters. No matter how friendly you are, there will be no one to look good at people who carry monster troops. But let’s just solve that problem later. Nobody cares if I have this kind of power here.

“Make one.”

“Even if you don’t say so.”

As a test, I took out a level 1 of a non-standard equipment. There are more than 500 items in the item list. Others might think that it’s just throwing away.

I wore the pure gold ring and held the item. When I put the item in the summon window next to the combination category, and selected the approval, a goblin popped out immediately with black smoke in front of me.


He looked around and looked at me and clapped his hands as he jumped up and down. I don’t know what he is trying to say, but I know that he likes me.

“Can’t he speak?”

“I think not because it’s still on a 1st level.”

I commanded him a simple command like ‘sit down’ and ‘stand up’. He seemed to be confused, but he soon followed my instructions faithfully.

I didn’t have to worry about him not being able to talk.

Soo Ah poked the goblin. He jumped and run back and forth. There was no aggression.

“It looks weak.”

“It’s because he’s only level 1. But if we will have a lot of this goblin, they will be quite usable.”

I put the goblin into the item list.

I checked the goblin and it really enters in the item list like the other items. If I’ll enter the same monster, I think that part of the item list will overlap.

Well there are great abilities in many ways. But still I can’t summon and choose a monster if it’s a bit of a helpless.

“Hmm, I guess it’s going to be over.” Soo Ah said.

The Gragorion is falling down with the attack of the Ezekiel group and Chungho group.

“I’ll be back. Just stay beside Kelby.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Dragon wave!”

Energy was made when Han Jeongho stretched his hand. Screaming out such technical name is not cool, anyway. It’s dangerous to activate the voice signals. There are a lot of cases in making mistakes while shouting the technical name of the technique.

A blue dragon escapes from the Gragorion’s body and soared to the sky. Now that his body has reached the limit, the exoskeleton begins to crack. If they will give him a few more attacks, I think the monster will shatter and break down.

The final attack is the falling meteor of Wee Woongbei. It was enough to crack the Gragorion’s exoskeleton.

Eventually, the second Gragorion also fell on the floor. The irregular slowly evaporated like a liquid.

I felt that the two groups looked at each other. Obviously they will not hand over to each other the drop item that this level 7 monster will produce. Only one group will get the dropped item.

I spoke as I slowly walk towards them.

“You did all your best.”

When I approached, the reactions of the two groups were different. The Chungho group, who was terribly struck by me, stepped back.Wee Woongbei is also aware of what I am trying to do. He seemed to give up on killing me.

Ezekiel’s side looks like they’re ready to attack me if I slightly provoke them. Han Jeongho, the representative of the Ezekiel group, spoke first.

“Team Delta. Jeon Sangmin, right?”

“Am I that famous?”

His expression changed. As if he’s annoyed.

“Let’s pretend we never met.”

“It’s not a very attractive proposal, though.”

“What a cheeky bastard.”

He made a single step and stretched his fist. An invisible energy flew towards me. I took out Wee Woongbei’s long sword and cut off the energy in the air.

The energy disappeared just like that.

“Why don’t you make your attack much stronger and harder to avoid if you want to fight with me?”

“This cub… ”

But that was it. Han Jeongho didn’t attack me anymore.

Currently, the Ezekiel’s power is stronger than the Chungho group. If I’m not going to interfere them, Ezekiel can take the level 7 items smoothly.

Wee Woongbei, who watched the situation, spoke to me.

“What the hell are you going to do now?” Wee Woongbei is already exhausted.

Except for his other arm cut off, and damages he received, he gained nothing.

Either he would be kicked out or killed in the Chungho group. It would be impossible for him to find his place in the organization, and he should expect that already.

So looking at the situation, he’s the one who needs to get the items than anyone else who’s here. I threw the long sword at his feet instead of answering.
The tip of the sword stuck in the ground.

Wee Woongbei looked at me strangely.

It’s a bit of a hassle and shame to hand over what I had taken away from him.

“What are you trying to do now?”

“I’m just trying to balance.”

“… are you giving me the chance to fight and kill?”

“Wasn’t that supposed to be that way?”

“Why should I listen to you?”

“If you don’t want it then don’t. Since I gave it back to you, if you survived, I’ll go and find you.”

I waved my hand once and walked away.
The reason for returning the long sword is simple. I want to catch Ezekiel’s ankle even a little bit. In this way, Ezekiel will sweep away the Chungho group in an instant, and the Ezekiel group who’s frustrated to catch me will surely chase after us.

I’ve got everything I can get, and I don’t have to interfere in this fight anymore. And finally, the other level 7 Gragorion that they killed.

Gragorion’s Shadow (7): It’s the shadow that Gragorion created. Has the same ability, but is low in physical strength. It doesn’t drop items.


Soo Ah and I moved out from the battlefield and went to our own ATV.I will just leave the Ezekiel group and the Chungho group to confirm it. They will soon realize that there are no dropped items anyway.

Now the West Coast is extremely dangerous. Soo Ah spoke as if she had thought of something.

“Umm… Sunbeh oppa, are you proficient now?”

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“This… ”

She pointed to the Redemption Necklace hanging on her neck.

“I see.”

“Then in that case, the level 3 dungeon will disappear.”

“Up to level 4.”

“OMG. Is it dangerous? ”

“Yeah it is.” I nodded.

“Any precautions?”

“There’s nothing.”

“Oh my.. shouldn’t we warn the other hunters?”

“It’s already late. But still I think it would be okay to get to the wetlands.”

“What do you mean?”

I explained to her my thoughts.

Almost all of the monsters at the starting point on the west coast are level 1.When it enters the wetlands, the 2nd level monsters will increase in number. And in the Great Forest, almost all monsters are of the second level, and the number of monster is greatly reduced.

“Perhaps I think that the level distribution of monsters in each region in the West coast is different. For me, I will not do much damage to low-level hunters. But if you go to the Great Forest or the north side, it will be quite bothering. Well, there are a lot of high-level hunters there so it doesn’t matter that much.”

“Hmm… Well we can check it out. That kind of news will come up soon. “

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