ETH – Ch 87

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 87

He came back again with a sword. His sword is a high level item. The sword is quite threatening, to be honest.

He swung his sword near the Toyul hammer but the Gragorion hit his fist to the ground.

I lost my balance and stepped back a little because of the impact on the land that the monster created, but Wee Woongbei was hit hard by the impact.

He’s bleeding now, but he still managed to look at me with a dingy face. The eye that wants to kill me. How would you kill this guy? Is there even a REAL way?

I spoke towards him.

“Are you going to kill all your men?!”

Why don’t he just help everybody to kill the monsters so the remaining Chungho group can still survive?!

Wee Woongbei, who is supporting his body with his sword, smirked.

By looking at his expression, I’m not liking it. I can picture now how Wee Woongbei will be treated in the Chungho group in the future.

If he will just use his brain, even a little, it’s wise to stop his obsession with me and just catch the second monster with the Ezekiel group and the remaining Chungho survivors.

But as always, everything is going differently than I expected.


He ran with his sword. Trying to kill me with his body that cannot even run normally.

I lightly jumped back and avoided him. I turned my head and looked back towards Wee Woongbei with my glancing eyes.

I saw the Gragorion’s huge hand landing on Wee Woongbei’s head.

Wee Woongbei managed to escape but he was thrown towards me because of the shock wave.

I grabbed Wee Woongbei’s collar and threw him at the monster. When the Gragorion saw that Wee Woongbei is coming towards him, he opened his big mouth.

Wee Woongbei barely avoided the monster’s teeth. At least he avoided.

It’s my habit. I’m going to destroy everything.

“If you don’t want to die, go and kill that other monster. If you killed him, then let’s fight again.”

I said towards Wee Woongbei.

He screamed as if he failed to win. But he moved to the other Gragorion, the one that Ezekiel is dealing with, along with the surviving Chungho group, who thought they could no longer win against me.

Ezekiel was no longer in a position to care about how they will defeat the Chungho group because looking at how Wee Woongbei started to cooperate and help them defeat the other Gragorion is enough for them to just help each other.

I turned my gaze to the monster in front of me. Now the one-on-one has become possible.


He moved his body and made a big jump.

I quickly escaped from his expected landing. As soon as he landed on the ground, I was assaulted. His attack is not comparable to that of Woongbei’s falling meteor. I tried to avoid the monster’s dash.

Gragorion pushed his left arm to the ground as he pass on my side. He swung his big arms.

He looks like a ‘Big Iron Bar trying to fly’.

It was too late to still avoid the attack so I pushed the ground also like the Gragorion did and swung the Toyul hammer instead.

Strength versus strength.

The attack of a huge monster over 10 meters versus the attack of a human less than 2 meters hit him.

His hands were torn and blood splashed. But the collision didn’t end at once.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of sparks popped out everywhere. However, the electric field did not hit him the hardest. Rather, he was a having a stimulant. Oh no.

While I’m thinking what to do next, a golden light hits my head.

Soo Ah’s buff. This will help me with the timing.

I took off myself not too late from the ground. The monster recovered and his fist hit the ground again, but the dancing sword supported me and I flew towards him.

I made a couple more leaps (forceful jump) and jumped over the monster’s head. He gestured with both hands as if he is trying to kill a fly.

He burst into a roar.

I lost my balance. This is annoying. I shook the Toyul hammer. My goal is his crown. (T/N: Not a literal crown but the part of the head which we call ‘crown’)

The hammer ran past his thorn, not the crown.


He shook his head around. I rode the dancing sword and immediately stepped on the ground.

Electricity sprang from the horns. Did the hammer’s electric field have been activated?


There’s something strange.


Electricity continued to bounce off his horn but this is not one of the hammer’s ability.


At that time, the top of the manual blinked and a message appeared in the corner of the view.

Gragorion (7): Converts part of the damage to electric current.


What an electric eel.


The current began to stretch all the way from the horn.


I reflexively held the hammer and block it. The Toyul hammer began to draw all the electricity that spread out in all directions.

Electric current shed on my body. The muscles of my whole body were tense. My eyes were glowed and my hair was stiff.It’s not unbearable but I should. The hammer itself is a weapon that boasts a current.The ability to defend users against electrical attacks is a basic option.Rather, a strong electric field was created across the Toyul hammer.I took the hammer and put it down on the floor.
The ground split with tremendous force and the electric field stretched towards the Gragorion. He was struggling to escape, and the current’s speed is too fast.

At last, a strong electric current ran through his body and the damage sustained by his own injury was condensed into his horns again.

“Huh…..? ”


The electric current sent to him flew towards me again.
I once again held the Toyul hammer and received the current that he had sent.

“Sunbeh oppa!”

I heard Soo Ah’s voice from afar. It looks dangerous even you’re looking from outside the battlefield. Sparks sprang from his mouth. It was also the first time that the current had an effect to him. But it’s still worth it.

My arm which holds the Toyul hammer started to tremble. I held the Toyul with my both hands and ran towards the Gragorion. I am going to do a damage where I’m very near to him.

“Let’s see if you can still hang on to this!”

As I ran, I stepped on the dancing sword and flew towards him.Again, he tried to hit me in the air, but this time I ducked into his legs, avoiding the shock waves created.I hit the Toyul hammer into the ground. The thunder-banging sound and cumulative currents filled the Gragorion’s legs.

He could not even scream and shook his whole body. Sparks sprang from the thorns sprouting all over, and he screamed silently with his mouth wide open.

In the meantime, I was able to see a strong current flow through the horn. If I let it go this way, he might get up again and blow out the current. Now that he cannot move, I can hit the Toyul hammer on his head.


His upper body was shrouded but it’s not enough. I continued to hit the hammer, but the defense level of the level 7 exoskeleton monster is beyond my imagination.
The whole body is made of a hard metallic material, so the Toyul hammer has not been able to do enough damage. I want to touch the thorn but I can’t because I am going to be electrocuted.

I could see his broken leg. It is a remarkable recovery rate. If he recovers again, I need to deal with him again.

In this case, there is the best weapon to use. I inserted the Bloody Sword into his eyes, the only weak part of the body.

When the sword pinched his eyes, he bumped his body everywhere because of the tremendous and unbearable pain.

Although he moved his hand to the sword, it’s not difficult to use a 50cm sword to attack a 10-meter monster.

He put his finger in his eye and wiped the whole eyeball. He removed the sword stuck into his eyeball.

“What a monster.”
I felt that I should no longer give him more time. At the moment, there’s no way to kill him. Not the Toyul hammer or the Bloody sword.

I poured all the reward points I had into my stats.

– Used 69,000 points out of 70,100 reward points.

– Proficiency increased from 29 to 46.

– Power increases from 300 to 550.

– Endurance increases from 350 to 500.

– Reflexes increases from 300 to 450.

– The main force increases from 250 to 400.


Suddenly, the stats rose more than 1.5 times. In addition, Soo Ah’s buff suffered 50%, but still we have a power of 825. It is a power that weighs 2.5 tons.
If this is the strength I have earlier, I will be able to kill him immediately.

I gripped the handle of the hammer strongly. The Toyul hammer hit Gragorion’s head as he struggled with pain.

The head of the monster was split into two.

“Raaaar …”

Unlike his other screams so far, a deep groaning melancholy leaked from his mouth.
The monster, who was unable to clench his body, fell down on the floor with a loud noise.


“Hooo… ” I supported my body with the Toyul hammer. Though I wasn’t hiding myself, but my mental fatigue overpowered me.

“What a disgusting jerk he is.”

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    1. Oh my mistake. Yeah it’s 300. I just checked it on the original book. Sorry and thank you for correcting me. <3

  1. Argh, what a waste of level 3 dungeons that haven’t been milked. And with his level 500, even the level 4 dungeons are out. Well, maybe the Earth will change some more with new lands emerging. When the Yellow Sea disappeared because the land beneath it rose, didn’t that cause the water levels elsewhere on the planet to rise up? Miami, Florida should be underwater if the Yellow Sea is gone. The rise of the water level might even cause more ice at the poles to melt because now water sloshes up over the tops of ice shelves that formerly weren’t underwater.

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