ETH – Ch 86

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(T/N: Hey~ I want to apologize for being silent for how many weeks and days because I was busy preparing for my final exam and since it was finals, projects and requirements were also included. But now finally! I just finished my last exam today so expect a lot of chapters being published starting next week! Thank you for being patient and enjoy reading~)

When another monster appeared, the battlefield became like an ambush scene. Ezekiel, who was slowly pressuring the Chungho group, was hit the hardest. It was because the monster who appeared this time jumped into Ezekiel’s encirclement around the Chungho group.

The situation now is not where Han Jeongho is trying to block Wee Woongbei, but this time, the two irregulars began to slaughter five hundred hunters on both groups.



Three or four hunters were killed in Gragorion’s blow. Looking at this scene, it feels like I’m watching a movie.

“This –” Soo Ah said.

“—is not good. I think it’s very impossible to catch even one monster.” I interrupted.

“Then what should we do? Do you think you should help them now?”

“No, let’s wait …”

The Chungho group and Ezekiel are also an organization that will do everything for their own gain. Now that they are in such a situation, there is no reason to feel sorry and pity for them.
But still I can’t catch the two monsters alone. One monster had to deal with me, and the other had to deal with the Chungho and Ezekiel group.

I will wait for the Chungho group and the Ezekiel group to decrease its current alive hunters into half. I think I can defeat that number. Why? As I have said earlier, these two groups will do anything for their own benefit. They’re still my enemies. I don’t know what they’re planning.

I quietly waited.

It took only ten minutes for them to be half. However, it seems that Ezekiel and Chungho group were in agreement with each other to fight against these irregulars.
Now it is slowly rushing to the final chapter for the complete destruction.

“Why don’t they just run away?”

“Of course they can’t do that. The monsters are also instinctively working to defeat their opponents. First of all, Chungho group is dying. It’s going to be a little bit of a challenge for them.”

“But there are only two monsters! If they run away, they will be able to escape the complete destruction they are about to face, well if not all of them, at least some will survive.”

“There must be a reason for that.”

I couldn’t see clearly what’s currently happening. I think I should enter now the battlefield.

“Wait for me here.”


Soo Ah nodded. I was surprised because she answered too sincerely.

“You’re not going to ask me why?”

“I’m afraid I will just going to be in trouble and get in the way if I’ll come to you.” She explained.

“Oh. So you’re not a fool anymore, huh?”

“Tch. I hasten to inform you that.”

“Don’t worry, I know you can’t do anything about it anyway. I’ll just give you a good signal from the situation. ”
“It’s because I’m afraid you’ll hurt yourself. ”

“Are you now pretending to be worried?”

“Yes.” She answered without hesitation.

My face suddenly felt so hot after she answered. I quickly turned my head and looked over the battlefield for her not to notice.

I was just about to run, but I felt a soft touch on my back. It was a little creepy.

“What are you doing?” I asked. Why is this girl touching me?!

“Umm. I think the atmosphere should be this way.”

“Don’t do as you please.”

I was going to forcibly remove her hand from me but she just stayed like that and spoke.


“What again?”

“The potion.”


“Drink the potion first before you go.”

“But I only have one left.”

The potion is not sold in the Delta store yet.

“I won’t let you go unless you’ll drink the potion.”

I felt her arms holding me with a tremendous force.
Is she forcing me now to drink the potion? I sighed lightly and nodded.

“Alright, alright. I’ll drink it so please remove your hands off of me.”

I want to show off and boast by not drinking a potion, but she has a point. Those are powerful monsters, and there are still few Ezekiel and Chungho group, my enemies.

“Well then, come back safely.”

She pushed my back lightly. I rushed into the scattered battlefield.

Gragorion’s powerful punch hit the ground.

One hunter was unable to escape by the attack and died, unable to scream. I hit the monster’s fist with the long sword of Kangta.


The long sword of Kangta was thrown out. The 4th level equipment didn’t even caused the metallic exoskeleton to have a scratch. Well, he’s a 7th level monster.

“You… you…”

One of the Chungho hunters were surprised to saw me and stepped back.
“Leave this monster to me and just help the others defeat the other one.”

I pointed out the Gragorion who’s attacking the Ezekiel’s side, he was flustered and stepped back.

Wee Woongbei spoke as soon as he saw me.

“This son of a bitch! What are you up to, huh?!”

Klang! Klang!

I have no time to answer him. Gragorion came to me as he noticed my presence and pushed his fist down on the ground.


The wind pressure alone makes my face tingling. I huddled and dodged the attack, then jumped to the ground again and ran towards him.
If this level 7 monster is going to eat me, I will entrust my life to the Toyul hammer. I quickly swapped my weapon.

He stretched out his fist briefly and shrugged. Even with his strong exoskeleton, his hand is still similar to human beings.

I lightly stepped on the dancing sword and turned it on. It’s a 10-meter monster. He is so big so I need to ride the dancing sword to reach him.

The problem is the armor in his body. It is a powerful armor that had sprung up all over his body except for his hands, feet, and head.

Instead of hitting the monster’s body, I threw the Toyul hammer into his thorns. Although the area of ​​the strike was so small that the electric field was not created, the thorns were slightly broken.

As soon as the dancing sword lowered me near the ground, the monster’s hand shook up on his thorns.


He stretched his big hand. I stepped out from the dancing sword to avoid the attack. The dancing sword avoided it too. His attack wasn’t successful.

“Are you pissed off?” I teased him.

“Kraaaaar!” He reacted angrily.

Oh. I didn’t know he can understand what I just said. Does he understand the human language?

If that’s the case, then he understands my provocation. I attacked the Gragorion using the Toyul hammer.

“Come here! You jerk!” I teased him again.

“Moon Wind!”

Wee Woongbei answered instead with an attack.

“Not you!”

I hurriedly bowed my head and avoided the sword of Wee Woongbei. It hit the monster’s head instead, and caused a little damage.

I barely managed to get out of the attack. I saw Wee Woongbei running towards me again as if he’s ready to kill me.

“Shouldn’t we defeat these monsters first?!” I said.

“Shut up! You son of a bitch! If I cannot kill you, your ancestors will resent you! ”

Obviously, this guy has come off the hook. Even though he lost his arm, he’s ready to attack since he didn’t got the items from us.


It’s my mistake to think that it would be easy to catch the monster first before these hunters. I should’ve waited for them to be killed by the monster before entering the battlefield.

Another thing! This guy swears too much. Or is it a translation problem?



“Falling meteor—! ”




Wee Woongbei who was about to attack me using the meteor swords suddenly flew away about a dozen meters to the ground. The monster kicked him. Even though he didn’t die with that attack, it will cause him a tremendous damage.


As I look at the Gragorion, he doesn’t have serious damage yet. Now I could see now why these guys can’t run away. Even if they try to attack these monsters with all their strengths for them to be able to escape, it’s still not enough. I avoided the monster’s attack. The remaining Chungho hunters seemed to be trying to run away desperately.However, their situation is that it looks like there’s an invisible wall around the area and they can’t get out of it. I quickly ran to the place where they were, and when I checked, I could feel a strong power that is preventing me from going out of a certain place.
It was like the so-called ‘Once you get in, you can’t leave’. I heard that level 9 or higher are spreading like this, but I think that it is different from the irregulars or definitely different.

I removed Kelby from the manual and placed him on the ground. I wanted to see if he could dig a tunnel and get out of this place.

He was already under the ground, but suddenly the ground turned upside down. His head popped out from the ground. So it’s not easy to dig a tunnel, huh? This guy, seriously. Is he hungry?

I gave him a simple command instead of putting him back in the manual.

“I know you’re rolling under the ground, go and eat first. Come back if you’re done.”


Kelby’s current growth is 19. I don’t think he would eat anything because of the price of the item. Only the fragments of the broken items allowed him to grow up. There are many items rolling on the ground.

After he ate, I let him entered the battle against Gragorion.

He attacked the monster. It is fast, but it is enough to see and avoid.

I stepped on the dancing sword and continued to avoid the attack. It is a powerful level 7 monster, but eventually I have to dodge the attack to knock my opponent down.
The fact that this 10 meter-high monster cannot move fast enough, it’s impossible for me to fit in with such slow attack. Well he’s fast compared to other monsters, but not fast enough.

Suddenly, a sword came out.

My hair was cut off a little.

“… !”

That was really surprising. It was Wee Woongbei.

“Did you avoid that?”

“What a psycho… I was surprised.”

He is a great man in many ways. He wears nothing but a level 1 armor.

It can’t protect him from this level 7 monster.Somehow, Wee Woongbei looks terribly injured. The color of his face is not good. It would be better if he pretended to be dead, but he didn’t give up and still attacked. “Die!”

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  1. Wait, so this is like 100% back? Or is it only until you go back to school in the fall?

    Also, what will the schedule be like? 3-5 chapters a week? 1-2 chapters a week?

    1. This is a 100% back to translating. I want to apologize for not updating for too long since I didn’t expect that the past few weeks will be very busy for me. I’m going to translate a lot of chapters next week to fill those missed weeks I didn’t updated but the regular update is minimum of 2 chapters per week. Thank you for patiently waiting 🙂

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