ETH – Ch 85

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter

Chapter 85

It seems like the ‘Hunter Market’ is not being run by a specific company, but I was wondering who would manage such a huge variety of items.

But how do we buy these items?

“Hmmm… ”

The currency of the store is called EP. And 1EP is the amount you could get when you changed one item. It was irrelevant even to the level. Whether you change 1 level or change 10 levels, it is equal to 1EP.

The excitement sank. In any case, it is extremely expensive. The cheapest item costs 5EP, 5 pieces of Escape, or one bottle of wound healing potion. For the equipment, they cost more than 10EP per piece. It is difficult to see the item by changing 10 items. The good thing about the system is that the new system is more versatile than the old system. There are also things that can be used in everyday life as well as weapons.

For example…

10-Person Van (2): A rugged design van. A total of 10 people can be boarded. The inner space is wider more than what is visible outside.


The price is 100EP. It’s incredibly expensive, but on the other hand, it’s an item. In other words, it can be stored in the manual. Moreover, it is not affected by physical force. It’s a complete bulletproof vehicle, and even if it will be on an accident, it would not hurt anyone who is inside it.

Considering these advantages, the price of 100EP is not as expensive as it is ….. but it’s incredibly expensive!

It’s 100EP! That’s 100 items!


I sighed.

If you sell it in the market, you can get at least $10 billion.

The money can buy dozens of cars that are much better. It is a foolish thing to spend $10 billion on transportation unless you really have a lot of money.


“Why do you suddenly sighed?”
“Oh, it’s nothing. I have to think for a while. ”

“Is there nothing else besides that?”

“There is.”

“What is it?”

“Uh well… that’s… ”

I was interested in explaining the shop. I explained it to her.

“Oh~ I think it’s ok.”

“Yeah it’s okay. It’s 100EP. Are you crazy? ”

“It’s a lot of money anyway. If you think it’s an investment, it’s not that bad.”

“You’re getting lost in the sense of reality.”
After a while, the bodies were completely reduced. The numbers were about 100 items that the body was equipped with, and about 10 items were dropped. We settle it for a while then we both decided to go back to the party members.

While we’re heading back…

“Huh… ?”

Soo Ah suddenly lift her head and looked around as if it is strange.

What’s wrong with this guy, all of a sudden?

(T/N: I don’t know if this is not the first time that Jeon Sangmin called Soo Ah a “guy”, but I double checked it in the original book, the MC really called Soo Ah a “guy”, so don’t be confused whether Soo Ah is a girl or a boy. Maybe it’s just the author’s way of showing that these two characters are really close xD )

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“There’s that loud sound earlier, but I can’t hear it now.”

“Sound? What are you talking about?”

“The battle has stopped.”

“Ah… ”

I just realized it now. The battle place became so quiet.
Is the battle over?

At that moment, I felt cold. The battle is not over. Ezekiel and the Chungho is not the only silent one, but the whole forest.

“What’s this … ”


An uncomfortable sensation, the strong aura shivered. Overwhelming hatred, as if it should catch all that is alive. And flesh.

A loud roar. Just nearby. It is on the warehouse area where the battle is taking place. In the end, there’s a loud scream everywhere.

“This… it was that, right?”

Soo Ah asked with a firm look.

I nodded.

“Yeah it is. He’s also very powerful.”

The monster is summoned in the middle of the battlefield. He is at least a level 6 monster, or maybe more than level 7. I came across the Palgra Hatchel that I got from Wee Woongbei. It may already gained these kind of experience.

I couldn’t get a new level 7 item. He is powerful. And with that fact, something continued to whirl over my head.

What kind of items will I get if I catch this monster?

“I just do not feel like running away.” Soo Ah said.

We moved carefully to the place where the irregular appeared.

(T/N: They call the monster “irregular”.)

Again I heard a roar coming from the forest. It sounds like he’s so strong. I moved my neck to loosen the tense on my muscles and checked the position of the monster.

“Oh my gosh…”

Soo Ah said without knowing it. It was a huge monster that was raging there in a completely outfitted warehouse.
Nearly 10 meters in height. A powerful exoskeleton that covers his whole body. On top of it is a sharp stinging bone like thorn.

The body itself is slimmer than the taller ones. That is even worse.

For normal monsters, the bigger and stronger the monster is, the slower the speed is. However, this guy is attacking the Chungho group, moving at a faster speed compared to that of the hunters.

Long arms and long legs. The body of the exoskeleton with the thorn is a powerful weapon by itself. His name came up in the manual. Oh, it became impossible to view it after the second upgrade.

Gragoion (7)

It was only the name and the level without explanation, but it was the information that came out from nothing in terms of being able to measure the enemy’s ability.


“Shit! Run away!”

The situation of the Chungho group was the worst because they faced an irregular without any preparation. Even if they try to run away, there is no way to go if the Ezekiel group is around them.



Some of the Chungho members ran but died miserably. The Ezekiel group no longer blocked the Chungho group, but they did not let them escape.

“That… Can we catch him?” Soo Ah suddenly asked.

“I think it’s going to be hard.”

I shook my head.

Wee Woongbei lost an arm so it will be very hard for him to fight properly. The rest of them had no choice but to fight and die with this monster.

What would I do in this situation if I were them? No matter how I think, there is no answer.

I never dreamed that this would happen.

While Chungho group is fighting, Gragoion hit them.



“Help me!”

“Shit! What are we going to do?!”

The number of Chungho group decreased to almost 200 in a short period of time. All that left should escape. Wee Woongbei also gave a loud command, having the same idea as mine.

“Escape to the east!”

Chungho group moved to the place following the order of Wee Woongbei. It looked like reckless, but there is hope at last.It is the personal ability of Woongbei.

Hunter is different from martial arts. Even if there are serious injuries, the ability to maintain combat strength can be maintained if only the equipment is in place.

“Falling meteor!”

“Get out of here!”

He lost his other arm but he exerted a powerful strength unlike any other. The hunters of Ezekiel, who were within the area, were amazed and excited.

However, some of the slower feet were caught and got hit by the meteors, at the same time, they disappeared without even a trace.

The Ezekiel group gathered in circle again that’s why the Chungho group stopped. Wee Woongbei spoke with a fox look. I did not hear what he was saying, but I could see how angry he was.


Soon afterwards, a falling meteor hit the scene again. It seemed ridiculous to see how surprised he was and hurriedly stepped back.

“How long will he wait to re-use the falling meteor?”

“I’m not sure… That guy, he was stronger than I thought.”

I can say that it’s just a coincidence to defeat Wee Woongbei, because now, I can see him, that despite of having his one arm clipped, he still fought against Han Jeongho, Ezekiel’s leader. But eventually Ezekiel won. Han Jeongho took the back of the Chungho group, who escaped, and they’re struggling to win the battle against Ezekiel.

“I think the battle is over.”

“So now, will the Ezekiel catch that monster?”


“Aren’t you gonna catch it? We’re not here just to watch.”

“We have to get in at the right time.”

We do not need to catch this irregular in greed. If I’ll kill a level 7 monster anyway, the score I’ll receive is only 700 points.

I watched the battle slowly with Soo Ah. It was then.

Suddenly, Gragoion hit his head and started to roar loudly. This is not simply the excitement of the battle. It feels like wolves calling colleagues. I looked around the battlefield.

It was noticeable that the black energy was coming out from the dead hunters of the Chungho group.

“What is that?”

I asked.


“Don’t you see that? What’s getting out of the bodies? ”

“I’m not sure…?”

When Soo Ah shook her head, I took off her glasses and looked at the battlefield again. When she wore the glasses again, I could confirm that the black light I just saw was gradually coming to one.It gradually formed a clear shape, and soon it produced one thing.

“Woah, his wife appeared.”Soo Ah said.

“How do you know if it’s a female?”

“Women’s instinct.”

“…… whatever.”

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  1. Intending to read the series from the start, but the host for the start of the series seems to be down, and they seem to have been so every time i’ve checked…so i’m starting to wonder if they are down for good. any ideas where i can read the first 70 or so chapters?

  2. When Soo Ah shook her head, I took my glasses off and looked at the battlefield again. Then I put my glasses back on, I could confirm that the black light I just saw was gradually becoming one. It started to form a clear shape, and soon it produced one thing.

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