ETH – Ch 84

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Evolution theory of the hunter

Chapter 84

The voice of Sohn Aram is surprisingly cool. To what extent does this person have already been prepared to die from this place? Or is she originally that brave?

“No, we have to run away. We have time to do that. ”

“Run away? The back of this warehouse is also surrounded by the Chungho group. ”

“We can’t just go through the door.”

“We should think another way….. ”


While Sohn Aram is thinking of other way, a giant Cerberus rose from the ground.

It’s Kelby.

Everyone was surprised and looked at him. As he looked around, he immediately ran to Yoenkyoung. She patted Kelby’s head.

“Somehow I didn’t saw him.” Manager Kim spoke.

“He dug up an underground tunnel.”

Sohn Aram looked at the ground from which Kelby had return. There’s a hole of enough size for one to pass. Everyone ducked into the hole that Kelby had dug. But the party members needed someone who will guard while they are escaping.

Soo Ah left. The reason she left is to use the cobweb (Archne Leather Armor) to block the entrance and the window so no one can enter the warehouse while we are escaping.

“It’s too dangerous so after you finish your work, go in the tunnel immediately.”

“But I can fight well, too.”
“You’re worse compared to me.”

“Sunbeh oppa, you can now become immortal. I will just stick around next to you.”

“Well …”

There is still one more potion left. It will be a waste to consume more potions here because we should only use it while fighting with strong opponents like Wee Woongbei. We were done fighting with him. But I can’t say such thing to her.

Soo Ah shot a cobweb on the front door and the window frame and closed it tightly. As it is the ability of a level 3 item, the low-level hunters will take some time to break through the warehouse.

She jumped through the ceiling.

After Soo Ah completely shut up to the ceiling, we went into the tunnel. We have a lot of time to escape.

We started moving cautiously and carefully away from the battlefield. Anyway, I’ve got all the items, so the only thing they can only recover are the bodies, but well, I think they can’t even recover the bodies.
I felt that the winning side would benefit greatly from winning the battle.

But now I did not want to jump in that mess and sort things out. The winners get to enjoy the glory of victory, and we can get away with just what we get.

“Is it really okay?”

Han Joon-seok asked.


“Your face… full of regrets.”

“… is that so? ”

“Well, I can’t say no.”
“Hard work is enough. We don’t need to sacrifice our lives anymore.”

If you do not know the concept of satisfaction, you’ll end up spoiling yourself and just do whatever you want to do.

If we sell out all of the items now, it is enough to make a lot of money.

“Haaa… Being a hunter is a terrible job.”

Sohn Aram sighs with her head down. She saw the scene of death and killing each other.

“It is not usually like this. We just had a bad luck. ”

“Is that so?”

The reactions of the party members were strange. Soo Ah asked me.

“Our party is not always like this?”

“Well, if you think about it, I guess it happened every time.” Manager Kim said.

“I used to think that ordinary hunters were originally like this.”

“No way. Originally, it’s much safer. Don’t you know the 3 percent mortality? Originally that’s it. No matter how ordinary the hunter is.”

“You just heard it from manager Kim.”

“Still, it makes a lot of money.”

“That’s admitted.”

They were all started at level one and two, and the accomplishments they have achieved are the accomplishments of a faster period than any previous hunter.

That’s the same with me. I didn’t even imagine that I’m going to be like this a few months ago.

It feels like yesterday that I paid for 100,000 won.

“Anyway, I’d like to see the faces of the Chungho group, but I feel sorry.”

Manager Kim said as if he was sorry. I wonder what they will look like if they find out that all of the items they have stored in the warehouse have disappeared.
Wee Woongbei, who sacrificed his men and lost one arm of his own, might be so pissed off knowing that we escaped with their items.

But it does not end here. The Chungho group is only a part of it. There are about 3,000 members of Chungho group in the whole forest, and it is impossible to sweep them alone, including the power of the Ezekiel group.

After all, the government must step forward and put hunters in place. In order to do so, the role of Sohn Aram is important.

I spoke to her.

“Is the evidence sufficient?”

“I think this is enough. At least nobody else would ignore this, unless he or she is stupid.”

She nodded and answered.

There are also Chungho group’s photos, video clips, and our Chinese prisoners who will testify decisively.Now it’s time to return safely with the evidence.I arrived at the place where the ATV is parked with the party members beside on it. I let the rest of them ride on the vehicle first, except Soo Ah.

“Go ahead first. We have something to finish for a moment.” I said to the party members.

“Oh, then we will just wait the two of you at the bridge.”

Han Joon-seok answered first. This guy is really quick to notice the situation happening around him.

When all the party members rode in the vehicle, Soo Ah spoke with a confused face.

“Uh… Why are we left?”

I talked to Han Joon-seok who is in the vehicle already instead of answering her.

“Han Joon-seok, just please follow my words.”

“This oppa is acting strange. How do you know what that Sunbeh oppa is trying to do?”

Soo Ah asked to Han Joon-seok.

… Well that guy is a little too quick to notice. I answered Soo Ah instead.

“There’s a reason. I don’t want them to do it, it’s a dirty job.”

Han Joon-seok really believes me that whatever I do, he’ll always be on my side.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Once you follow, you’ll know.”

We left the party members and started to move.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


I heard the sound of the Ezekiel group and the Chungho group fighting. I and Soo Ah moved slowly. After a while, we arrived at the destination.

“This place is the….? ” Soo Ah frowned and spoke.

There were dozens of dead bodies around her. This is where the two groups were fighting before they moved to the warehouse.
Soo Ah suddenly spoke as if she had something.

“No way, these body … everything … ”

“Yes, I’ll give it a lift.”

I will take all the benefits that I could get. However, if Sohn Aram sees this, it may have a problem. That’s why I sent her first with the other party members so I can do my work.

Soo Ah pulled out a pair of gloves from her pocket. It is a functional glove that porters really love. Originally, it is used for the recovery of ores, but we’ll just use this because we do not want to touch the dead bodies directly.

“Uh …. this is something I don’t want to do. ”

“You don’t have to touch it with your hands.”

“Don’t you have to touch it yourself?”

“Because of the upgrade, it changed a bit.”

“And what is it?”

I briefly explained it. I don’t need to hurry up to explain. If I can’t trust Soo Ah, I can’t trust anyone. And as much as possible, it’s better to have fewer secrets. The more we hide, the less we will have to trust each other.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”


“I wonder why I wear this glass every day.”

“Is it a punishment?”

“No, I feel sexy if I look intellect and smart.”

She spoke sexily. Is she kidding and trying to kill me with her joke?

“……You’re the only one who thinks that.”

“Is that so?”

“Uh.. yeah?”

“Well, whatever. Anyway, what kind of reduction will you make with these bodies?”

“Just make a simple choice.”

I said that and opened the manager mode of the manual. This is a new feature in the Delta Store.
There’s a setting that will allow the reduction function to be switched off. An option is given to make a simple choice with a button, such as when you acquire an item or an ore.

The rest of the manager mode is still locked. Other than that, it was unnecessary to put the frequency in glasses or to change the color of the manual text. The function that can be used at the mean time is the function of reduction.


When I clicked on the virtual button, the bodies began to disassemble themselves. When Soo Ah saw all the blood from the body spilled into the air, she just opened her mouth in disbelief.

“But how is the human body reduced to items?”

“Now I have to ask you … Is it the first thing to ask from the beginning, how is the monsters reduced to items in the first place?”

“Well, that’s also strange.”

While waiting for the body to return, I looked at the Delta store. In fact, it was the most important item in this upgrade. When I entered the store, I got a list of items. The most gorgeous item, it’s called Escape, and a wound healing potion first stood out.

In addition, several low-level items were shown. Some of the items are new for me and I saw them for the first time, but some of them are familiar. It means these are all the items of the new system. I can buy it!


“What is it?”

“Hold on a second.”

I stared at the store with my eyes wide open. There are a lot of items. Although there are only level 1 and level 2 items, there are a lot of options that I’ve never seen before. It could be useful depending on the situation. All in all, it was a good idea to have a new system version of the ‘Hunter Market’.

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