ETH – Ch 83

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Evolution theory of the hunter

Chapter 83

“I’m ok.”

“Are you out of your mind?! That seemed really dangerous …”

“I didn’t mean to be careless. But the strength of the enemies just exceeded my expectations. ”

I didn’t expect him to use two skills in a row. The normal hunter skills cannot be used continuously because the cool time is different depending on the skill used.

This guy had the ability. Anyway, if that’s all of it, I will not let it happen twice.

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

Jong Sawon said. I tried to protect them. In the first place, Jong Sawon doesn’t care a lot about life. Just following me to catch monster is dangerous. I don’t want him to die in the battle.

There are items that can be sold at a fairly high price even if it is a wound healing potion.
Is there a potion that can cure diseases like cancer? I think I might be able to get some more high-level items.

I spoke.
“Please follow my words now.”

The first strike was definitely over. It’s time for me to counterattack. My turn.

I once again hit the Toyul Hammer. The ground exploded and electricity ran on the floor.

The men followed Wee Woongbei’s order and spread out. I ran toward the nearest enemy.

He is holding a spear. I remember this guy, Ryu Gaushin. I ran at a speed that exceeded his expectations and replaced the Toyul hammer with a long sword of Kangta.

Fast weapon swap is another advantage of the manual.


Ryu Gaushin’s body was pushed backwards. I didn’t use a level 5 weapon but I think it caused a considerable damage.
I rushed to him quickly but Wee Woongbei blocked me, trying to protect Ryu Gaushin.

Oh. The attacker and the defender swapped their positions, and this guy has no defender. Even his armor is only level 1.

I wielded the sword like a lightning bolt. I was thinking to cut off his arm at once.


Wee Woongbei’s sword attacked my sword and struck my arm like a snake. I hurriedly moved my body. That could cut my arm if I didn’t move quickly.

“You mudfish!”

As soon as I stepped off, the long iron bar fell over my head, luckily I immediately moved. It’s the attack of one of Wee Woongbei’s guy. As I stepped back, the rod that hit the ground rotated. It swept my legs.

The iron bar went under my leg, the spear of Ryu Gaushin pierced me in a straight line from behind. This is difficult to avoid.


The spear struck my body, but he didn’t put a lot of force in it.


While he is concentrating on me, the dancing sword attacked his temple (T/N: the flat part of either side of the head between the forehead and the ear.). Ryu Gaushin fell on the floor, spitting blood. In an unprotected situation, the attack was enough to kill him.

Soo Ah and Jong Sawon rushed to the guy with the iron bars. If it is 1 on 1 fight, it is impossible, but 2 to 1? This two can win against that guy.

I jumped to the top of Wee Woongbei with the dancing sword in escort mode.

“Falling meteor!”

Wee Woongbei said.

It’s the same technique, but this time it’s a bunch of swords that shoot up from above.
Immediately before it hit my body, I put the dancing sword on my right.
At that moment, I saw him smirked. A cold sensation tickled the back of my head.


The light flashed to me. It’s nothing at first, but the pain came later. I rolled to the floor with a stinging feeling. It was so fast that I didn’t even know what hit me.
“Sunbeh oppa!”


I heard Soo Ah and Jong Sawon’s voices. Did they able to handle the guy holding the iron rods?

The manual revealed the name of the weapon he used.


Palgra Hatchel (7): A strong proximity weapon that radiates a charged force in a straight line. The speed cannot be avoided with the eyes. It has a 24-hour cool time.

It is an item that is not revealed in the manual earlier. Even if it is in the body, not all will be visible except the items or equipment.

The problem is that that is not an old item. None of the items I remember have anything like that. I don’t know where he got it, but it must have been an item from the new system.

I heard Wee Woongbei spoke.

“I can only use that attack once a day. Even if you are wearing an armor, you will not be able to survive. ”

That’s right. The power of Palgra Hatchel is so dangerous that it would kill me in a moment. The strength of that weapon is impressive. I nodded and got up from the ground.

“Yeah, right. I was really surprised. ”

“What…? ”

Wee Woongbei looked at me like he saw a ghost. Surprised that I’m still alive, huh? I looked down at my chest and looked at my armor. Surprisingly, my armor was fine. It seemed that Palgra Hatchel will hurt only the person inside the armor.

“I want to take that weapon. Give it to me.”
“How did you … ”

“You don’t need to know.”

I swung a sword towards Wee Woongbei. Although he turned a little bit, he didn’t avoid getting his right arm cut off. Blood flew out of his elbows like a fountain, and a palm-sized lightbulb floated into the air. I brought it to my list of items using the dancing sword. It’s disappointing that this weapon can only be used once a day (because its cool time is 24 hours), but I think it’s too good to use a last resort in a battle.

“Sunbeh oppa, how did you ….. ”
Soo Ah ran late, paused and spoke.

Of course I used immortal skill again. I have already used this skill once, and the cool time is still going on. It does not make sense that you are still alive after being attacked to death. But there’s nothing strange.

“You know the ventilation potion.”

I answered.


I ate one of the two ventilation potion I had.

“I did a cool time reset. I didn’t know that I could use it for immortality. ”

I used the long sword of Kangta to attacked Wee Woongbei. I stared at him. He was staring at me with his distorted face, holding his clipped arm. All the three men who followed him already fell down.

“How dare you… ”

His lips twisted. He can’t defeat all the three of us alone. It’s hard to beat me in the first place.

Bang! Bang!

Boom! Shing!

Klang! Shiiik!


Chungho group continued to attack the warehouse. Cho Youngoo’s defense is too good and powerful; otherwise the main entrance would have been left open.


In the end, the wall of the warehouse where Chungho group is attacking began to collapse.

It is only a matter of time before the wall collapses.

“Oh damn.”

Above all, it is better to guard the warehouse than to kill Wee Woongbei.

“I have to leave that guy to Ezekiel.”

I turned my back on him. Soo Ah and Jung Sawon, along with me, began to shoot down the guys who attacked the warehouse.



The other enemies were killed by the two. However, a lot of people clung to the warehouse, and the number was increasing. Soo Ah and Jong Sawon can’t handle them alone. I let the dancing sword flew to help the two, and once again I hit the Toyul hammer against the Chungho group running to the warehouse.

Bang! Bang!

The attack was carried out with all the power, and the floor collapsed. It swallowed up the Chungho group that was trying to attack us.

I cannot do this without the special skill of just hitting the ground. I was able to destroy the power of six-level items.

However, even though Wee Woongbei has only one arm, it took a considerable amount of time to take an item from Wee Woongbei, a 6th level hunter.

Well, it’s better than leaving the warehouse open. Still, the number of Chungho group is not easy for us.

“I think it’s time.”

I went up to the roof of the warehouse and looked at the enemies.

The Toyul hammer had a little damage on the Ezekiel group because they were staying at the back of the Chungho group.

We entered the warehouse through a hole in the ceiling.

Sohn Aram spoke.

“Uh, what happened?”

“I think this is going to be tough. Even if we were able to block the Chungho group, it’s too hard to deal with the Ezekiel group.”

“Then what should we do? Are we going to die here?”

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  1. The amount of cliché villains that Mc leaving alive is going to bite his ass later on, Mark my word its going to be bitch when Mc find out that the villain he didn’t kill murdered a team member of him.

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