ETH – Ch 82

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Evolution theory of the hunter

Chapter 82

Enemies attacked with arrows and blew sling shots. They are running like crazy aiming to hit us. Hundreds of hunters glared at me. To be honest, I’m quite afraid, but we can’t back out here. I need to defeat first the other enemies, since the scammer, Wee Woongbei is more powerful than me.

I went to the rooftop and jumped off the ground. Enemies who went near the warehouse saw me. Arrows and bullets flew toward me. I ignored all those attacks and lifted the Toyul hammer over my head. I flew for almost 3 meters. I inserted all the power I have in my body and hit the hammer to the ground.



The ground exploded, electricity flowed along the broken floor.



The radially extending magnetic field caused some enemies nearby to become electrically charged. A lot of them lost their mind and were very shocked by what they saw. Some of them were trapped, partly because the floor was destroyed and they couldn’t get out of it.


“What the… what’s that ….? ”

The enemies who were able to escape from the attacks of the Toyul hammer were shocked by seeing what happened to their comrades. Even Wee Woongbei was surprised and couldn’t close his mouth.

It is true that the Toyul hammer is a level 5 equipment, but the damage increases and will cause destructive damage depending on the force inserted by the user.

“What is this …”

The Toyul hammer showed sufficient strength to defeat the enemies.
The enemies who were not afraid to die earlier were now reluctant and hesitating to come to the warehouse.

The Ezekiel group began to hit the back of the Chungho group.
Wee Woongbei screamed like a thunderbolt to his men.

“If you step back from here, you’re all dead! We still can enter through the front door!”

“But … ”

“That bastard is too strong!”

“Lead the way Wee Woongbei, please ….. ”
He did not respond immediately. This is an evidence that they are not perfectly trained. Wee Woongbei’s face flashed red.

“Fine! I will move first then follow me! ”

Wee Woongbei pulled out his sword and jumped up through the air. There were three men who followed him closely. Through the manual, I saw that they are all level 5 of top-level hunters.

In terms of equipment and skill, they are better compared to Cho Young-gu and Jong Sawon. However, if we will consider combat experience, we are still better than them.

I need to stop Wee Woongbei and his enemies from entering the warehouse.

I only hit the ground for once by the Toyul hammer but the damage distance is 10 meters.
Wee Woongbei went near the damaged ground. He bent his body like a bow. I remember this technique when I fought against Han Jeongho.

Falling meteor.

A technique that pours hundreds of swords in a wide area or places.

If I will suddenly encounter that technique without prior knowledge, I might have been helpless. But I already know this technique.

The glowing swords poured like stars. The power of each meteor is enough to break a rock.

I started hitting the pouring swords one by one using the long sword of Kangta.

Klang! Klang! Klang! Boom!

Every single sword bounced off everywhere and exploded.


“Ow! That surprised me! Wait…. Is this a hole?!!!”


I heard Cho Young-gu screamed from inside.


Some of the meteor swords bounced at Cho Young-gu’s force field shield, and there’s a big hole in it.

The fact that it created a hole on Cho Young-gu’s shield, which is concentrated on defense despite its wide-range status, means that those swords has a tremendous destructive power.


It seemed to be because of the ‘100% increase in the damage skill’, and it was Wee Woongbei who knew the power well.

Wee Woongbei smirked. Of course I thought I would get hit by those scary pouring swords. But I know that I will not fight alone. As I approached him, I grabbed the sword horizontally towards Wee Woongbei.

I wonder if the agitation was severe. Wee Woongbei didn’t even notice that I was approaching, but good for him, he were able to prevent my attack. He stepped back with his astonished face. I chased him and attacked in a row, attacking from both sides. My enemy is not only Wee Woongbei. The other 3 enemy tried to stab me at my neck.

They attacked at the same time in three directions. It caused a perfect defense enough to be able to prevent the disastrous damages.

There was a certain confidence in their face that their attack will be successful. But they’re wrong.

At that time, Wee Woongbei screamed.


“Stay back!”


It’s already late. These guys came too near. Instead of dodging, I grab my long sword.

First, I cut off the chain linking to the flail-like weapon. It is a combination of a long rod made of iron and a relatively short metal rod connected to a chain.

I let go of the chain between them, and the flail part was caught in the sword and tightly bounded to the sword.

The only weapon we have is sealed by the enemy using this guy who have the iron rod as his weapon. But there is something they don’t know. My strength is over three times than theirs. I removed the iron rod sealing our weapon and attacked the guy near me.



“What the….”

The other two men were surprised and recovered their weapons.

“This jerk!”


“It’s not just you guys. We will attack together. ”

Wee Woongbei said. Now they’re only three since I killed the other one. They moved with their weapons. If it’s a one-on-one fight, I can still deal with it, but it will be difficult if I have to fight three people at once.

Behind them were all the forces of Chungho group running like crazy. It seemed that Ezekiel followed closely.

I wanted to run away right now, but I shouldn’t. I am alone to fight with them, with Wee Woongbei as their leader, so I’m quite worried what will going to happen. I needed someone who could keep up with me and be able to deal with them.

Soo Ah and the Jong Sawon went up. Cho Young-gu is needed to play the role of guarding the front door and protecting the other party members.

“Who am I to take?” Soo Ah said.

“It is dangerous to deal with them. I’ll just fight against these three, just move to the corner.”

“Tch. Ok.”


Jong Sawon also nodded. He knows he can’t fight with these hunters. Honestly speaking, Wee Woongbei’s men are stronger than these two in terms of both skill and equipment.

If they’ll do a one-on-one fight, the enemies can win in an instant.

Leisurely Walk.

Of course, there is a little difference from the legendary scene in the martial arts.

It’s just a level that makes it possible to jump up and down in the air.

However, thanks to the added jump, there is an advantage that the air maneuvre (T/N: move skillfully or carefully.) is free and the attack can be three-dimensional. And all his skills are wide. It is useful to use two-step jump because he should pour out the technique once and fall off.


“Falling meteor!”

“That again?”

Another technique of his is called the “Moon wind”, which blows a big circle.

Nevertheless, it is true that the Falling meteor is a powerful attack. I swung my sword calmly and the swords pouring begun to bounce everywhere.

Klang! Klang! Klang!

“Moon Wind!”


He attacked me with no delay following a percussion meteor. I didn’t expect that he would use two skills in a row. I panicked and ran into the back, but I didn’t get rid of the black rock star.



Luckily, it is not a big damage in my armor, but there’s a stinging pain in my eyes. Pain, by itself, causes stiffness in my body that made me fall.

He rushed towards me as if he had never missed a chance of losing his grip. Two of his men ran at the same time.

Soo Ah shouted out loud.

“Be careful—! ”

I can’t get up from the floor. I reached out to the air and pulled out the Toyul hammer.

I can’t put a lot of force in hitting the floor by the Toyul hammer, but I succeeded in slowing down the struggling guys from running. I stepped back.

“Sunbeh oppa! Are you okay?”

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  1. This translation is sooo bad … this series was so good and now this… no wonder it was dropped by you…

    1. I wouldn’t say the translation is BAD exactly, it’s just hard to go from native English to slightly awkward grammar. But it’s a lot more readable than a lot of series

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