ETH – Ch 81

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 81

MadSnail here! Hey fellow readers. BlissNoona is having exams and its been 10 days or so that she has been concentrating on studies. She will be focusing on her on-coming exams for the next 1 week. Afterwards we will have a blast! Wish her good luck!

Next thing that we need to do is to combine the ability of the items into the manual. For example, I can take the translator items I currently have into the manual and combine into this glass. In that case, if I will wear this glass, I will be able to interpret Chinese.

In other words, the ability of multiple items is given to one item. Unfortunately, it is limited and it is possible to combine only one at a time. But I think it’s better than nothing.

It is also expected that the slot will increase later as the manual is upgrading.

There’s another disadvantage in combining the ability of the items. The item cannot be used by anyone else.

I am currently wearing an interpreter hat as well as Sohn Aram, but after the combination, I am the only one who can use it.
It was not a big problem because it was decided after considering the convenience and efficiency. To be honest, if I have hundred millions of dollars in cash, I might as well combine the interpreter hat on an item so that I will not spend time wearing it separately. The hat design is incredibly embarrassing in the first place.

I took a deep breath. The remaining two are now the core of this upgrade: admin mode and Delta store connections.

At that time, Han Joon-seok looked outside to see what’s happening.

“It’s crowded outside.”

All the party members took a deep breath.


The door crashed with a loud noise.

As soon as the door broke, Cho Young-gu pushed those who are trying to enter using his shield.

What he is holding is still a 2nd level shield but its standard is not a 5th level skill shield.

Expand station field.
It is a technique that improves and expands the skill of the shield. Because it is a skill that spreads through a shield, the level of the shield is affected to some extent.

The shield’s current level is only 3, but it’s ok since most of the hunters gathering are low-level hunters.

However, there’s a disadvantage. The movement speed will slow down to about half while using this technique. But it’s not a big problem because this place is not that big.


The enemies didn’t attack only through the main door.



Han Joon-seok moaned. It is a bullet shot through the window.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s not that serious. Don’t worry about me and just stop those hunters from coming in! ”

Han Joon-seok loaded the dragon killer with arrows. A sniper is a good striker, but a dragon killer takes a range of 5 meters in radius around the target area. If he will add Bae Yeonkyoung’s 1st level enchant to it, he can make the damage worse. This can be said to be much better when dealing with most of the enemies.

The arrow fired from the dragon killer flew away with a distorted atmosphere. I felt intense heat.


Nearby enemies rolled in flames. The main door was lit by Cho Young-gu. Next to him is Jong Sawon who helped and killed the enemies who were about to enter.

I moved at the middle of the warehouse. The enemies are about 200. I’m sure they will find other ways to enter the warehouse.

I started thinking from the enemy’s perspective or point of view. If I am the leader of the enemy’s group, what will I do to take over this warehouse? Entering through the front door is hard. It is difficult to enter through the window either. It is because the size of the wooden window is so small that only one person can pass by.
Will they enter through the wall? A warehouse made of thick wood over 50cm in radius was not broken by a few attacks. They must have at least level 4 equipment and should hit the wall continuously to be able to break it. It’s possible, but there’s a risk for the warehouse to collapse if they’ll do it.

We all know that Chungho group will not allow that to happen.

There’s another way to enter without destroying the whole warehouse. I lifted my head. The ceiling or roof of the warehouse is made up with much thinner woods than the walls because if the weight of the ceiling is too heavy, there’s a possibility for the wall to collapse.
The ceiling will break, but it does not hinder the role of the barrier.

If I am them, I will break the ceiling and come in.
Step. Step. Step.

The other enemies went to the roof, I can hear their footsteps. If they will create a hole to the ceiling for them to enter, the barrier will break down.

“I’ll just go up to the ceiling for a while.”

Soo Ah asked.

At that moment the ceiling crashed and a hunter jumped. I was ready beforehand, and I attacked him before he knew.


Blood splashed and the reward score came in. Whenever I see this number, I get a feeling of numbness in my head.
It’s because I feel like I’m in a monster state rather than killing people.

I erased unnecessary thoughts and jumped up over the ceiling. I saw an enemy who is planning to come down from the roof to enter the warehouse. Our eyes met.

I swung the sword.

The long sword of Kangta is level 4. No other equipment below its level can afford this attack.

There were three more hunters on the roof and ten more who came from below outside the warehouse.

An arrow hit on his shoulder exploded. His hair is burning. Oh dang. My thoughts are wrong. It’s not just one.

Arrows are pouring like raindrops. I can possibly get hit by these arrows. Don’t they know how valuable each hunter is?

“Dancing Sword!”
I raised my hand. Voice commands are the best in times of emergency.

The dancing sword that helped me earlier came flying through the window.

Ting Ting Ting!

The pouring arrows bounced out everywhere. I didn’t put much attention about the arrows, but focused only on the enemies pushing the sword.

These are the hunters who have already seen blood in the battle with Ezekiel.


An additional sword stabs me hard. However, they cannot defeat me and my blackplate armor with their attack levels. I trusted the armor I am wearing, moved forward and attacked them.


The two enemies were rattled by the attack.



Two swords came out through the air. I’m wearing a level 6 armor. As long as it’s not Wei Woongbei, these things can not hurt me.

I threw the long sword of Kangta horizontally.



A number of wild birds came up in the air.

Meanwhile, dozens of hunters rushed over the roof. My job is to prevent them from breaking into the roof. I just have to stop them.

If I’ll use a lot of power here, they will not be able to jump into the warehouse easily.

I put my long sword into my manual and threw the throwable weapons as soon as I got them.
Shuuu! Shuuu!

I stepped forward, spin and threw another one.

And again, and again.

I threw a total of ten weapons. Level 1, Level 2, each of the damage was different, but the power and speed of the weapons caused a disastrous effect to the enemies.


There is no immediate death, but it’s a damage that is hard to fight at all. I couldn’t believe it. I just dropped ten people with a breath. I’m much stronger than I thought. My head rose up.

I jumped from the roof and entered the warehouse. I hit the back of the enemies who attacked Cho Young-gu and knocked them all down.

“Jeon Sangmin, at your back—! ”

Ting ting ting!

Cho Young-gu tried to warn me. The dancing sword prevented an arrow from hitting my back.

He sighed in relief.

“Ha, that’s really good, though.”

I turned around and faced the enemies.





Wee Woongbei’s expression hardened when he saw that the first group of hunters he sent was defeated in an instant. Unlike his prediction, he would have realized that the resistance of our team is strong and that he is being pushed to the edge.

There are two choices left to him.

He should put a lot of power and beat our team to occupy this warehouse then build a connection with Ezekiel. Or just escape. If I were him, I would just run away, but Wei Woongbei doesn’t think like that.

He raised his voice and shouted to other hunters.
“Whatever happens, take the warehouse and get the equipment! We are the Chungho group! Chungho group doesn’t back down!”

It is like telling them to sacrifice their lives just to take the warehouse and equipment. Fraud. Scam.

For me, I can never command such orders. Of course I like money, too. There are many things I can do with money, but they shouldn’t be mistreated and they don’t have to deal with unfair things.

I do not intend to get an item as my life goes on. Once I’m alive, I can do anything.  I can’t afford to sacrifice the party members for my wealth.

But these guys of Chungho group are different. They were used at following orders even if sometimes it’s insane to still follow.

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  1. Woo! thanks! I also have some crazy exams, I’ve been treating myself with a chapter everytime I score 70%+ Hope the exams went well!

  2. uhm he did give the order to take the warehouse to get the items so he could get richer, knowing the danger.. the chinese is just doing the same.. but i guess the mc gotta morally defend his decision and badmouth the enemy anyhue.. even tough as i said.. both groups had the same reasoning..

    1. Yeah, but there’s a difference. Bad guy suffered tens of lives because he underestimated his enemy, and he still doesn’t back down and follows his greed. If MC’s people even feel like they’re not “feeling well” he backs out because they may get hurt.

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