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Evolution Theory of the Hunter

Chapter 80

Shhhhhhh —–!

Green rain-like is flowing inside the surface of warehouse.

I was not surprised because I have already seen this happened once. As I looked around slowly, I saw a group of people moving outside the warehouse. A green line descended along their silhouette (T/N: the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light).

Like a shadow in the bright sun, a human figure was seen.
I saw dozens of them gathering outside.

It looks like the Chungho group sent some of their hunters here.

There was an explosion outside the warehouse. It was the Hand Cannon of Park Han-bum. I heard the sound of gunshots.

Soo Ah is planning to escape so she went to the back of the warehouse. The upgrade is just over 90%. It’s a waste if we’ll stop here. We decided to wait and just trusted what the party members can do. After a minute of waiting that feels like endless, the upgrade is completed.
– Upgrade completed.

– The list of items is updated to 1,000.

– Able to integrate the ability of the item into the manual.

– Deactivate administrator mode. You can manipulate the settings.

– You can access the Delta store.
A lot has changed than I expected. Well, I will just think about it later.

As soon as the upgrade was over, I placed all the items into the item list.
Like the ore, I could put it in one at a time.

– You have acquired a total of 512 items.

Just a few minutes ago, the warehouse was full of ore and items, now it’s empty.
It will be very frustrating on the side of the Chungho group, but it was not theirs either because they earned it without the permission from the other land.


As soon as all the items were packed, the Chungho hunters opened the door, the arrows and bullets were shot.

Han Joon-seok hurriedly closed the door.

“It seems that we’re surrounded by hunters.”


The warehouse, even though it’s just temporary, was made up of thick logs and well maintained in weapons such as arrows and bullets.


Of course, if we have a combination of high-level skills and items, we can knock down all of them.


However, because they know that there are items and ore in the warehouse, they are attacking with a lot of power that the warehouse would collapse anytime.


Looking through the window, the number of the hunter is increasing.
The Chungho group gave up on Ezekiel and moved to secure the warehouse.

After that, it seemed that the Ezekiel’s leader followed them while shouting to continue the battle.
In other words, the warehouse is surrounded by the Chungho group while the Chungho group is being surrounded by the Ezekiel group.

No one can predict that this situation would happen. I didn’t even think that they would come here until they give up to the Ezekiel group.

“We are currently surrounded by the two enemies. It’s hard to get out of here. ”

Han Joon-seok sighed as he said those words. I looked at the party members and talked.

“The situation is not as bad as I think. Because they know there are valuables inside, they will be forced not to destroy the warehouse. Ezekiels are there, and if that’s the case, they will never be able to cross the entrance of this warehouse. ”


There are also hunters in our group who exert a lot of power during a battle besides me. Cho Youngoo and Jong Sawon.
Cho Youngoo’s defense is not easy to penetrate even if it’s Wee Woongbei. Jong Sawon prefers to kill with strike, so there’s nothing to worry about.
There is also Soo Ah who can copy my reaction speed. It is almost impossible for the Ezekiel group and Chungho group to overtake us because there are three powerful ones in our group even if we are separated.

However, if the Chungho group wants to catch us, they need to destroy the warehouse using a powerful ranged weapon, but their valuables inside can also be destroyed.

I think they will try to avoid such dangerous gambling as much as possible. “But we cannot do anything if we’re trapped here.” “I’m sure that Chungho and Ezekiel will fight outside. Besides, we don’t have to go out right now. ”

“What do you mean?”

“I know it’s kinda funny. Us, Chungho and Ezekiel are all enemies. ”

“You’re trying to confuse the Chungho group to whom are they going to attack first.”

Han Joonseok said.

He is always the fastest one to understand what I mean. I nodded and continued.

“Chungho group came to this place because they’re thinking that we took the items and ores. If we immediately gave up on this situation, they will eventually take over the warehouse and then try to make a final battle with the Ezekiel group. But what if we do not give up, what do you think will happen? ”

The warehouse is large in size and provided enough space for Chungho group to hide. If there is no bomb, Ezekiel’s force will not be enough to knock out the Chungho group that is hidden inside the warehouse.

But now, we’re the one who is secured inside this warehouse instead of the Chungho group.
If we stay here and do not retreat, the Chungho group will target us.

In the end, they will be destroyed if they don’t make a choice between us and the Ezekiel.

Of course it’s good if they will choose the Ezekiel, and if that happens, we will have the opportunity to escape. Chungho group should decide depending on the situation.

“For a while, an alliance formed between us and Ezekiel.”

Park Han-bum said and nodded.

I looked at the party members and spoke.

“We will stay in this place for a while and stop the Chungho group from entering the warehouse and whatever happens, Ezekiel group will take care of the rest.”

“Damn, then let’s try it!”

Cho Youngoo shouted loudly and took the shield.

Cho Youngoo went to the main entrance to guard. Jong Sawon stood beside the window to prevent the enemies from coming in.
“I think I’m the only one who doesn’t have anything to do.”

Sohn Aram said. She was leaning in the corner with Manager Kim.

I gave her a 2nd level shield. It was a big shield enough to cover her whole small body.

Though she’s using leather armor, I think it’s better to have one more shield to protect herself.

“This…… ? ”

“I’m lending it. Hide behind the shield until the situation is over. ”

Poke poke.
Manager Kim poked me.


“Aren’t you gonna give something for me, too?”

“Do you need something?”

There are more than 500 items. It would not matter if it will be used as a tool for survival.

“I would like to have an item related to stealth.”
“Even if you have it, it will be difficult to get out.”

The equipment is usually level 1 and 2 items. It is difficult to escape and hide from the state of being surrounded by so many hunters with such level.

Some of the hunters have good eyesight, and some of them have detecting skills.

I think the other one is better so they couldn’t hit him easily.

“It’s okay. Give me one of those, the one that Han-bum has. ”

It is a level 2 shaped like a feather. Looking back at the list, there were two. I took out one of them and handed it over.
“Again, it is suicide to just run away.”

Manager Kim’s expression changed when he heard my words. I don’t know what he means with that expression, I sighed and spoke to him.

“Don’t you believe me?”

“I don’t take someone who doesn’t trust their party members.”

I cannot do anything if he doesn’t believe me, but I trust him.
Sometimes I try to grumble and make a bad habit, but at least I rarely have problems in this party.

“Well, then…..”

Manager Kim turned away in silence. In any case, there is not much that Manager Kim can do in this battle.
It a relief that Sohn Aram is hiding safely.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

Although they haven’t started attacking intensely, the arrows entered through the window.

“Be careful!”

I held the flying arrow. My reaction speed was not that bad.

However, I cannot catch all the arrows during the battle. I picked out a ‘blunt sword’ in the list of items, a dancing sword.

I set it to ‘defense’ mode by letting it float in the air. Then I moved and started to block the arrows.


“Woah, are you blocking the arrows?”

“Yeah, the bullets are so hard to block. ”

The speed of the bullet goes beyond the speed of sound. It is impossible for the dancing sword to react. But now I am wearing an interpreter cap on my head.

In order to block the rest, I wore a level 1 ‘obsolete bandana’. It is a large cloth that could be attached or worn to the neck or head.

The bandana that cowboys use to cover their faces is this Bandana.

It is not an ability, but it is an item that slightly increase tolerance to poison.
“What is that? Are you going to robber a bank? ”

“It’s called Bandana …this is like an accessory. I only have this to block the bullets. ”

It is not necessary to always use armor to prevent bullets. We can use a hat or anything.

The cap that Bae Youngkyoung is wearing (the exact name is the Goggle of Clarity) only blocks the bullet.

“Can’t you give me that one too?”

“I will not but take this one.”

I pulled out the equipment on my head.
Party members put the right equipment on their heads. It seemed that they wouldn’t be hit by a bullet.

Soo Ah doesn’t have a Bandana, but she covered her face with a mask. She is like the main character of a hero movie.

Everyone is nervously waiting for the enemy in case they enter.
I confirmed the functionality of the upgraded manual.

There are four new updates.

  • Item list expansion
  • ability to integrate items into the manual
  • manager mode hack
  • delta store

It’s not difficult to use the items. It has grown from the existing 100 to 1,000.

The space increased ten times. For old items, there are about 2,000 kinds in total and I could get almost half of them.

This means that I can carry almost any item I can get.

But there are also new items, so we can even won in this battle.

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  1. “But there are also new items, so we can even won in this battle.”
    i think its supposed to say: but there are also new items, so you can even say we won in this battle

    1. “But there are also new items, so we can even won in this battle.”

      > But there are also new items, so we can even WIN in this battle.

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