ETH – Ch 79

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 79

The warehouse is located at the end of the area controlled by the Chungho group.

Nearby is a hunter with a gun. He has level 3 skill and he’s holding firearms.

And although we can only see few hunters, I could sense the presence of more hunters nearby.

However, even though this is like going to be a tough pass, it did not stop the dog’s head from digging the ground.


Kelby came out of the ground with his head, he carefully approached me and opened his mouth wide.

Three or four items from the dog’s stomach came out.

I thought he was just eating it, but I didn’t know that he has the ability to store it in his stomach.
“He’s a pretty handy guy.”

“I guess he should just repeat doing like that and bring it here.”

I nodded at Soo Ah’s words. We will just let Ezekiel and Chungho fight each other so we can just take the equipment in the warehouse.

In the meantime, if the two teams were tired and exhausted, it could not be better.
Taking all the equipment will take some time, but if things go as expected, I could get huge benefits by taking it all without any risk.

If only as expected.

I could see the grass moving in my peripheral view.

The sun shining through the branches was reflected by the reflection of something.

Metallic rod of black bundle.

It’s a gun.

I can’t think carefully. I hurriedly embraced Soo Ah.

“Su… sunbeh …… ? ”


The gunshout sound.
Luckily, this time I was hit on my shoulder that was protected by armor. I was able to see the hunters moving bustling with gunfire.

“This way! There are hiding ones! ”

The guy who fired the gun jumped out of his seat and shouted out loud.
Then the hunters who guarded the warehouse spread out and ran toward us with guns.

All the enemies are seven. Everyone was dressed in different ways, but their bodies are similar.

That is, these hunters are not just ordinary hunters, they were trained to handle firearms.
They were all pointing at us a semi-automatic rifle capable of sniping.

“I think they are an Ezekiel.”

“And if not?”

“It does not matter. Maybe they’re one of the assholes out there. ”
The guy who looked like the leader among them said.

His name is Ian. Skill level and equipment level 3. If we’ll fight one-on-one, I can knock him down with just one finger.

But I was concerned about the gun he was holding. They don’t toughly use it, but they are well trained.

One can be killed if there’s no armor protecting.
I sighed and opened my mouth.

“How did you know we were here?”

“If a lot of people move and just a little ‘careful’ is done, anyone will know. I want to ask you the other way around, did you think we would not even notice you? ”
“Well, I admit that we’re not careful enough.”

There is nothing but Park Han-bum that has the proper ability to be cautious.

In fact, he is still hiding in the grass, and we are not worried about him at all. They haven’t found him.

“Then go this way. Put all your equipment down on the ground. ”

“You’re not thinking that a sword will stop a hunter’s gun, right?” (So I think I can just bring my sword and do not put it down.)

“It depends. I can assure you that before I can use all the bullets, I can kill the half of your group. ”


He changed the safety device of automatic rifle to a revolver (a pistol with revolving chambers enabling several shots to be fired without reloading). He moved the muzzle (the open end of the barrel of a firearm) to support the movement.
“All of you, move this way!”

Ian screamed.

Soo Ah looked at me and asked.

“What should we do?”

“Let’s do what should be done.”

I smirked. It is true that the gun is scary. Especially, if we are a fixed target like now, we can just defend our body with armor.
But the answer is simple.

We can do a preemptive attack.

“I have to kill all of them.”

I heard my right hand. Park Han-bum, who was right next to them, jumped out of the grass and used the Hand Cannon.



Two people suddenly disappeared by the explosion.

Hand Cannon is a new level 5 equipment purchased by Park Han-bum, something like a small catapult that could be of a shorter range than the crossbow or bow, but could cause considerable damage.

The bullet itself is a piece of metal or a stone.


The weapon itself had an explosive option, which would automatically explode if hit once and hit the target.


“What the… what is this!”
Ian hurriedly turned the muzzle toward Park Han-bum, but Park Han-bum was hiding in the grass again.

Bae Yeonkyoung, wearing a brown visor, put her hands on her back and picked up four arrows from the quiver.





Arrows flying at great speed hit different targets. It is an arrow that has been fed to the 1st level enchant.

Even if it did not meet the urgency, they had to suffer considerable damage.
Even if it is so, the accuracy rate is a nonsense level. But thanks to the visor she was using.

It was not a match for her to throw an arrow from 50 meters away, but this item definitely helped and corrects the shortcomings of Bae Yeonkyoung, which was a matter of accuracy.
They were confused by the rain of arrows continuously hitting the ground.

I immediately moved forward with a long sword.

This one, which was the only sane person, pulled the trigger toward me. I kept on guarding my head with my sword.

The bullet fired and I heard a knocking sound.

There is no pain. All the bullets were deflected by the armor.

I did not move to the left or right, but I ran with power.
“Shit! Die!”

Ian’s evil voice was heard.

He went near me, in a challenge to use all the bullets of his gun as he promised.
At that moment, the guy who defended himself with a gun (Ian) flew a few meters in the air. The gun he carried was shattered and scattered in the air, I threw the bloodysword toward the fleeting fellow.


I saw the sword stuck in his forehead and ran to the guy on the right side.


Guns are perfect weapons. Near or far.

But if the subject is a hunter, the story is different.
He received a bullet in his body and I kicked his gun at his feet.

The gun scattered in to pieces and sprinkled debris into the air.



An arrow fired by Han Joon-seok pierced his neck. This is not possible without experience. Again, masterpieces are better rather than firepower.


Kelby dug out the ground and Manager Kim is casting a sleep spell.

“You’re acting too late.”

“Shut up, you guys are too fast.”

He tried his best as fast as he could, but all the enemies were down even before his sleep spell had an effect.

“It will be cool in ten minutes so you do not have to think too nervously.”

“They heard the gunshots, but you’re saying that they still think it’s peaceful here? We still don’t know how many more hunters will come.”
“Uh, yeah, you’re right. Then I think we have to move quickly, right?”

“Once you get what you’ve got, just take what you can. Be alert. If any enemies come in, please tell me immediately. ”

I didn’t notice anything until I removed all the hunter guards. I quickly headed to the warehouse. There are 80 vacancies in my item list now.
If I have the same item, I can put it as a duplicate, but even if I put it as much as possible, I cannot put about 120 pieces.

But I will take everything I could take.


As soon as I opened the door, someone inside shouted at me and shook my sword.

Today’s lesson.

If you’re surprised, never shout.

A sense of swinging with power struck his sword and it was half-broken. It was a natural result because it was hit by the power of a 4th level strike by a 2 level long sword.

It would have had the same result even if it had been covered with an armor.

I took care of him and picked the broken sword and other equipment.

I cannot use it as an item, but it is fine as Kelby’s food.

Once I looked at things inside the warehouse. There were dozens of items piled up in the box. There were twenty such boxes.
In addition, one corner of the warehouse is full of ore up to the ceiling. Even if it is roughly three, it is over a thousand.

I took the Geiger counter out of my backpack. Fortunately, we did not exceed natural radioactivity.

The minerals of boric sulphonite ore, which radiate radioactivity, are separated.
“May I have a look?”

I stepped inside the warehouse and opened my mouth.


“You’ll get it all. I think it’ll be quick if I will help. How can you get all of these, alone. ”

“I’ll get the ore first. Item later.”

Currently I have 676 ore in total.

Since 1,000 manual upgrades are possible, I will fit only one thousand. It was to increase the space of the item list.

If I am lucky, I can get all the items in the warehouse.
But we needed a process to get hundreds of ore pieces.

No matter how fast I move, it will still take a few minutes. If the Chungho group attacked with the gun, it might not be in time.

I should also worry about the time. I reached out the ore.

Then a green message came to my mind.

Would you invest all in the manual? There are a total of 1,082 ore.


“Oh wow.”

I was amazed enough to follow Soo Ah’s words without even knowing it. As I nodded my head, a huge amount of ores piled up in front of me disappeared in no time.

It feels like it did not exist there from the beginning.

“How did that…. ”
“Save your curiosity for later. I do not have time to explain everything.”


As a result, the number of ores exceeded 1,700 points in an instant. I was asked if I should upgrade to over a thousand points.

I nodded.

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  1. Thanks for the char list btw can u make a story recap of the arc if possible or Im just asking too much lol~

    Still thanks for the chap~

    1. Again, I can do that since I had to re-read previous chapters as well:
      When Jeon Sangmin’s Effort skill proficiency reached 10, all level 1 dungeons disappeared from the world. But when his skill proficiency reached 20 and all level 2 dungeons disappeared as well he knew: HE was the reason for it. At the same time, a massive new land appeared in what used to be the Yellow Sea, tying China and Korea closer together. It turns out this new land is one HUGE dungeon. Dungeons can be used for speed farming fruits and vegetables, so when all the level 1 &2 dungeons disappeared China lost major food production resources. After some political wrangling it was decided that hunters would be allowed into this new land with the option of laying a claim and eventually owning their own territory.
      A massive invasion of hunters is currently underway but a problem surfaced immediately: Team Ezekiel is using massive numbers of people to try to lay claim to almost all of the land right off the bat. Jeon Sangmin’s Team Delta (with help from Manager Kim) gathered an army of its own and smashed through one of the gates, allowing hunters to finally start exploring and putting Team Delta front and center in the eyes of the world. With all the fighting and deaths it’s only a matter of time before people realize that not just monsters, but humans as well leave loot drops when they die here. So: kill a monster, get loot. Kill a human, get everything he was wearing AND loot.
      Tapped by her superiors to investigate the area (read: thrown to the wolves), Lieutenant Sohn Aram asks Team Delta to escort her. While doing so Jeon Sangmin is immediately shot dead (he got better) by a Chinese sniper. Turns out that China sent in a black ops team called “Chungho” to quietly grab as much land and loot as possible, and Team Ezekiel “just happens” to have a great deal of both right now.
      While Team Delta was blithering about Jeon Sangmin being dead and all (although he DID get better) someone stole their truck. Good thing they have an EXCELLENT equipment tracker named Kelby who enthusiastically bounds off… leaving them behind.
      After a small skirmish between Team Ezekiel and Chungho, Jeon Sangmin’s Team Delta took care of the victors and got a new vehicle. Following the road, they found an all-out war going on, and Kelby nowhere to be seen.

    1. He is a new character that will appear on the next following chapters. Please read the explanation on Chapter 78 part 2. 🙂

  2. Sorry but it feels like some grammar mistakes appeared with this chapter. And the next one. Is this because of the new translator? Maybe it would be enough to just look through the text once to check for mistakes. Or it might be good to have an editor, or any other person to give a second opinion.

    Sorry to rain on your parade and all. I’m really grateful for these translations and will continue to be so even if more mistakes appear.

  3. He could give the excess of items that buff the party or drops to kelby… The accumulate of all the buff items he is going to get in the future, is probably going to be quite terrifying

  4. Why do people say “thanks for the chapter” when this is such a garbage translation, one must suspect it was just Google Translate? Seriously, some sentences don’t even have proper gramma, even if vaguely understandable. What a shameful work!

  5. The translation quality suddenly got really worse. I was enjoying the story so far but now I’m worried. Idk if I can enjoy the story if I have to deal with such translations.

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