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Hello dear readers! Madsnail here! Because of RL problems of the previous translator we couldn’t get a reply to our message (but a member of their team replied to us) so it took us a time to go through all the chapters to identify the problem. Actually the previous translator had divided some chapters into two parts but have published them as numbered chapters. That’s why the previous chapters 103 and 104 we had translated were far too ahead. Now, she had left at half of the chapter 78 so I present you second half of chapter 78 right now. We will be publishing full translated chapters so expect chapter 79 to be up in few days.


Evolution Theory of the Hunter – Chapter 78 Part 2

The arrow, which was blown by Han Joon-seok, was fired at Wee Woongbi with a scary aura.


He felt an instinctive sense of crisis and turned his body.
The arrow went past his cheek.

It was a bit disappointing that it didn’t hit him, but it was enough to catch his attention.

“There are enemies hiding somewhere. Everyone, be careful! ”
They checked where we are, but it looks like they could not figure out exactly who we are or how many are we.

Even if Ezekiel group were pretending not to be frightened, Chungho group were a bit hesitant and had to step back a little.

“Ha! Geez. I can’t believe there’s a moment in my life that I helped Ezekiel.”
Cho Young Goo said. It is time to fight for each other’s lives.

“You didn’t help, to be honest.”
Han Joon Suk, who caught the bow, said with a poor voice.

It seemed that he thought that he could cause serious damage to Wee Woongbi with his inner dragon killer.

It would have been a rather shocking result if the enemy was attacking in a totally alert state but missed.

I opened my mouth.
“It is not only how to use a sword, but also how to deal with the body. It may have been caused a little damage if you we’re fighting with groups by sniping. Strictly speaking, Dragon Killer is not used for sniping. ”
“I’m just not used to the equipment yet.”

Han Joon Seok said to hide his regret.

Fortunately, both sides seemed unable to move aggressively while paying attention to our existence.
Since the two groups were taking time to cross each other, we turned around the back of Ezekiel and moved to the warehouse.

While they still do not know who we are and what our purpose is, we are going to have to breathe and disappear.

Dug, Dug. Dug.

We were moving near the warehouse and we saw Kelby dug near the ground.

I never saw him doing this kind of thing.

When YeonKyeong called him, he stopped digging the land and came over.

“I think this guy snuck out the items.”

Soo Ah, who looked at the pit, opened her mouth. When I got there, I could see the items piled up inside.
The number is about twenty. Considering that the total number of items expected is about 500, it seems to be that these 20 items are part of the 500 items.

Yeonkyoung stroked Kelby’s head lightly.

I approached him and opened my mouth.
“You didn’t steal secretly, right?”

“… … ”

It looks like he picked up a few of them because he is avoiding my eyes.

I checked the growth value.


Hellkeeper Cerberus (0)

Growth Rate: 19

Special Abilities: Grows by feeding items. The higher the level of the item, the more he grows. It does not die.

The growth rate is 19. This is about two levels of one level or two levels to pick up a degree. It is surprisingly conscientiously stolen.

With his shape right now, this is the effect of training him to eat anything.
“By the way, there is a hunter guarding the warehouse, how did he steal it?”

Soo Ah opened her mouth. I also wondered about that part.

“Once you go, you’ll know.”
The party headed to the warehouse alongside Kelby. Everyone was breathing and waiting to see how he could steal items from the warehouse.

He carefully took his nose to the floor and took a smell and suddenly disappeared into the ground.

“Kelby is gone!”

Soo Ah opened her mouth with a surprised voice. However, Han Joon-seok, who has good eyesight, understood the situation.

“He went into the ground.”

He digs the tunnel like a mole and enters the warehouse through the floor. He is not a normal puppy, and there is nothing wrong with doing this. The ability to dig the land was not difficult if he is doing it with a dog’s body, and Kelby had an overwhelming stamina and strength compared to regular puppies.We waited quietly. Beyond the forest, Ezekiel and Chungho are in the midst of staring at each other while confronting.

In the meantime, we were going to get some items here from Kelby.

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  1. Sir can you do a character list cauz I kind of start to get confused of the names*shameldssly accuses patterned korean name* cauz the only char. I can properly is the kawaii kelbi-chan~

    Oh and I ask politely a story recap of w*f is gking on where the old TL team left it *tries to blink eyes cutely(lol)*
    Still thanks for the chapter~

    1. I’ll do it, since I needed to make a character list myself now that this series is back up.
      Note: Korean names are in a Lastname Firstname format, like how it is with Japanese names.
      Team Delta:
      Jeon Sangmin: Vanguard and leader of Team Delta. A former baggage carrier who became a full-time hunter after getting the skill book “Effort”. Plays a vanguard role on the team. Thanks to his purchased Immortality skill, he can come back from the dead once per day. Has the typical Main Character Denseness when it comes to love but also thinks it’s a bad idea to even consider dating within the team, so he’s been trying (and failing somewhat) to keep things professional.
      Jung Sooah: Baggage carrier and flanker. A tall, friendly, and sexually-aggressive athletic girl who is desperately trying to escape Sangmin’s ‘Friendzone’. She has his computer’s password and now knows his fetishes, so there’s still hope for her. Currently dressed QUITE provocatively because a) equipment bonuses, and b) Sangmin can’t help checking her out when she wears it.
      Bae Yeonkyoung: Archer. Meek big breasted glasses girl. She is totally in love with Sangmin and is also totally his type. If she came at him seriously he wouldn’t have a chance, but lacks the self-confidence to do so. Not very accurate with her bow, but her firing speed is excellent.
      Kelby: A Cerberus, a type of dog monster that eats equipment and steals any enchantments on that equipment for itself. Technically immortal, since killing it will only cause it to lose all enchantment bonuses and respawn later. Also technically an item, since it can be placed in inventory. Forcibly adopted by Bae Yeonkyoung.
      Manager Kim: Caster. An egotistical coward. Even so, his networking skills and drinking ability are nothing to sneeze at. Uses a Sleep spell to thin numbers during a fight.
      Han Joonseok: Archer. Doesn’t talk much, but when he does it’s important. VERY accurate with a bow.
      Park Hanbum: Scout Archer. Can shoot while riding a motorcycle. Can sneak attack from stealth.
      Cho Youngoo: Tank. A gearhead who LOOOOVES his vehicles.
      Jong Sawon (aka Helmet Guy): Vanguard. Currently dying of cancer and wants to spend his final days killing monsters. Completely loyal to Sangmin.

      Other Characters:
      Song Minhan: Jeon Sangmin’s broker from his porter days. A surprisingly decent guy.
      Lieutenant Sohn Aram: Attractive police officer who is kinda a mascot (as in she’s the face the public sees on TV making statements) and kinda a scapegoat (as in how her superiors want to use her if anything goes wrong). Interested in Sangmin, but not seriously yet. Can identify people with skills. Currently in WAY over her head.
      Team Ezekiel: An extremely greedy mercenary group infamous for not being above killing other hunters (including their own) for their loot and for using “Zerg rush” tactics.
      Chungho: Chinese black ops who are out hunting hunters and trying to grab as much land and loot for China, which is facing a severe food shortage due to losing most of its dungeon farms.

  2. LOL They cut up chapters and posted parts as separate whole ones? I feel sorry for the ppl who paid. Thanks for clearing this up.

  3. Im confused, can you explain it? Did this chapter 78-2 was a missing part of chapter 78 or something? does that mean that chapter 103 for example is not chapter 103 but like chapter 69???

    1. He means that what is listed as chapter 102 (English) on the previous website is actually only the first half of chapter 78 (Korean). Today’s chapter is the second half, so cut & paste this onto chapter 102 and rename it 78. Chapter 103 (English) is chapter 103 (Korean), that’s why everybody got so confused.
      Hopefully somebody will present us with a revised chapter list.

  4. Ch.103 was ch.103. These translators got confused because the old translators on “light novel cafe” translated each chapter in two parts and treated each part as a chapter. So the last chapter they did was 102 but because of their screwed up numbering their number 102 was actually 78 part 1. Because of that the new translators thought the series was translated up to 102 so they translated 103. But when they found out about the old translators screwed up number they had to go back to translate the second half of 78 in order to continue the story. Now “Treyon” any other questions.

    1. The end of Chapter 77 is the same as the end of chapter 122
      “I said as I pointed to Wee Woongbi. His armor was weak. Though the Dragon Killer wouldn’t be sufficient enough to take him out, it would still deal a good amount of damage.”

      So,um, where is the first part of ch 78 that you r talking about? Im sorry, im just trying to make an epub for this series and im so confused right now.

  5. Translation quality is awful now. I see this was picked up by a new translator. I read to 82, stopped, went to novelreads and found a comprehendible alternative translation on “thedecktranslations”. Hope you read this and switch before giving up on the series due to incorrect tense, poor choice of adjectives and repetitive dialogue tags.

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