Vol. 1: Prologue part 3 – Betrayal

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Translated by Tianic

Edited by LtBeefy

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This novel was being updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

“I..I’m telling the truth, FBI wants 100 million for a reason, because of my work!” Westley was known for his extortive confession skills. Even for Monster Geek, he can’t help sweating, “The reason I’m here today, is to receive a pre-historical artifact. I suspect it is of alien origin… It’ll help my study, and it is over there on the desk! I created this organization merely to fund my research!”

One of my people walked towards the desk and fetched a locket. Westley took a look at the style, put it in his pocket, and coldly looked back.

He told the team to leave the room

“Yo…you can’t kill me!” Geek trembled, “I can give you a lot of things if money is not enough!”

“Anything is less than the harm you’ve done to this world,” Westley answered, then he took out a small metal cylinder-shaped thing and put it near Geek’s ear. A robotic voice, which has an effective hearing range of ten centimeters, was speaking coldly, “This artifact is held by an FBI agent, according to ACT 77945, the subject is sentenced to death, to be carried immediately.”

“You…” Monster Geek looked pale, but turned calm moments after, “You are right, I’m a bad guy, but you know, it’s always relative between good and evil. Think it through, if there’s no evil, there won’t be justice. They must co-exist.”

“Sorry, I don’t like philosophy.” Westley shook his head and pulled the trigger.

Put the gun back to the holster, Westley walked while looked at the locket: metal, frame with old figures, a crystal was attacked in the center. Was this science or quack?

He walked, then felt an explosion from above. The ground was shaking. Westley tried to steady himself by holding the wall.

“Boss, we are surrounded!” Rat’s voice came, “It’s the Marines, cannons, and choppers, we can’t hold them for long!”

A noise came through the com, Westley was stunned. He hurried to the ground and saw the dock once again in chaos. Choppers were flying in the sky with incoming missiles. There was fire everywhere. Cannon shells were shooting like rainfall, destroying everything visible.

They ambushed us.

Confirmed to be the military’s operation, Westley looked pale on his face. If the government was turning against him, then his boss must’ve known. And if he was not notified, there would be only one reason. Monster Geek’s last words came to him.

“Listen, break it through in teams!” Westley felt hatred, his face turned red and shouted orders loudly. He was clear that with the manpower he had, there were little things they could do. And they were not trained for this, but he can’t do anything.

After neutralizing two choppers, three tanks, Westley, Rat and two more brothers were all that’s left. The three men gathered around him carefully like it’s worth something.

“Regrets?” Westley looked at his brothers’ bloodstained face, sadly, and said something confused, “Regret to follow me?”

“Boss, what are you talking about.”

“No regrets!”

“No regrets until death!”

“Don’t call me boss!” Westley felt deeply hurt, sounds of gun shooting came nearer, he said, “I’m not your boss, I’m a coverup, I’m a government officer, a tool for the government to kill.”

Surprised, though, Rat shook his head and said, “We don’t care, you will always be our boss! We will not betray you!”

The other two men said nothing but shaking heads.

“Is that so?” Westley looked frustrated, “Look at outside, those people, they can’t let me go. If I’m right, they are here to kill me.”

“Why? Aren’t you one of them?

“Not surprisingly, maybe I know too much they want my silence.”

“Boss, let’s break out! If death is all it takes.”

“Alright, let’s go. Let’s die like a man.” Westley suddenly felt thousand strength in his heart, looked at the warehouse, “take the rear door!”

Right after we got out, several tiny cylinder-shaped objects flew towards us.


That thought came and gone fast. They got shot. Westley felt pain on his leg, then lose balance and fell. He tried to retaliate, got shot again on his shoulder. The pain forced him to let go his rifle. One of the bullets was on his chest blocked that strange locket, forcing the locked embedded into the skin, stained with blood.

When Westley regained his consciousness, he was surrounded by soldiers. Rat and two other brothers were dead, not far from him.

A soldier kicked off his rifle, and then a familiar figure walked around. Not surprisingly, tt’s his supervisor.

“Westley, how’s your holiday?” he seemed to be in a good mood, “I never thought I have to kill you one day.”

“Damn you, do I have that much of your attention?” Westley could feel life is going away from his body, at this very moment, he was filled with rage and regret.

“You have done enough, time to retire. Your job will be taken over.”

“Is it all my fault?”

“Please don’t blame me. Your identity is causing suspicion by other parties. This one is on you, why can’t you keep it low huh? Those gangsters you killed can be rationalized, but the government officials that you assassinated..that I’m unable to explain to my super. I need to keep the Internal Affair, and myself, clean. I have to abandon you.”

“You scum! That you order…!”

“Indeed, now since you are dying,” man in the suit smiled, “today’s operation, I lost something too. But it all seemed worthy of killing you.”

“Worth it? Not for,” Westley shook his head, slowly reached a cold object from his left pocket, pressed the button on it, “At least you shall die with me.”

The silver metal object fell on the ground. A red dot was blinking fast. Small as it was, it caused a new round of chaos.

“Air grenade!”

“Get out!”

“That’s the FAE! Get out!“

“Kill him!”

“Not enough time!”

A massive explosion occurred, a fire filled all around in the several square meters area. Quakes passed through the ground miles away.

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  1. This was pretty sad. I feat a little emotional. Be it any government or organization, your still a slave towards their will

  2. ahhhh ahhh the fate of the common folks, the lowly servant, the people, the civilians or the cannon fodders, their lives are at he mercy of their bosses or masters or even their gods tsk

    btw thanks and liked!

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