Vol. 1: Chapter 09 – Dagger and Blood

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Translated by Tianic

This novel was being updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

Thanks to Tyrant from Liberspark, who acted as unreasonable as his name.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

Father was doing his business about the hunters in his pavilion. As for now, they were all lousy and claimed to be private mercenaries for some noblemen. Eventually, they confessed after being beaten up by father’s guards.

Well, I could have done better, flowers looked fun.

“Uncle Maiza!” I raised a water bag, “How sweaty are you! Here’s some water!”

“Thank you, Cohen!” Uncle Maiza took my water and spoke loudly.

“Uncle Maiza,” I looked at the cages behind him, “I want to take a look at them.”

“Well, OK, but keep your distance.”

“Why?” I asked, “Closer makes I see clearly.”

“No way!” Uncle Maiza stopped at one of the cages and said, “Look, Cohen, this is a dwarf kid. He’s extremely strong and dangerous.”

“And this is a young elf, she might use her spells against you. This is a wingman, this is a sandman… and this little vampire girl looks sick!?” With a solid look, he promptly paced into my father’s pavilion.

Sick? I leaned forward with my hands over the bar and looked at that vampire girl curiously.

She looked apparently pale and weak. Her born golden hair has lost its glossy radiant. Under the youthful eyebrow was her folded eyes that shivered constantly.

“Please… save her… please… save her… I can serve you… I can be your slave…” A weakened voiced came across from the other side.

I adjusted my look then found the owner of that voice. It was the little elf. Seeing me reacted to her voice, she struggled to her knees and crawled closer.

“Please, save her… little Windsor is dying! Save her, please! She’s a vampire, but she’s never done anything bad…” Tears welled her eyes and eventually they fell, she talked while sobbing her cheeks. Her face was deformed by the narrow bars though she kept on trying to reach toward me.

I disregarded Uncle Maiza’s warning and gripped her tiny hands involuntarily.

“What can I do? I don’t know spells. I can’t cure her.” I hate myself for being a no-magic.

Eyes flickered, the elf said, “You don’t need to… Please find me a dagger and a container.”

“What are you hoping to achieve? I don’t understand.”

“Little Windsor needs blood…” She lowered her head, “She is… please hurry up… please.”

“No!!!” Another sore voice sounded, “You can’t lose any more blood! Winslet! You’ve been giving her blood for days! You’ll die! Let me feed her!”

I looked at the sandman, “What is going on with you?”

“Please!! I will be your servant!! Please give me a dagger!”

“No, Dimmock! You are wounded…”

“I…can’t… if only wingman were warm-blooded!”

I straightened the elf’s hand andraised her sleeves. There I was shocked by several scaring knife cuts. Then I peeked the crying wingman and the bruised little sandman. I walked into father’s pavilion.

“Father, I need a dagger.” I spoke peacefully.

“Sure, one second. Wait, did you say something?” Father glared at me with surprise.

“I said I need a dagger, father.” I repeated, “The girl in the cage is dying. Only blood can save her.”

“Are you sure? I would give you a dagger but considering your hostility towards weapons plus…” Father rubbed his forehead, which indicated that he was going through struggling, “… whose blood do you want?”

“My blood, father.”

“No way!” Maiza shouted, “My blood!”

I shook my head, “Uncle Maiza, my father is the viceroy, and he has his duties. As for you, uncle Maiza, you are in charge of his security. So you have your duty, too. Your duty requires that your bodies are intact. I can’t let my choice to influence yours. One more thing…” I looked at my father and said firmly, “It’s my choice!”

“Maiza, give your dagger to him.” Father finally came through. He stopped Maiza who wanted to say more, “Look at him, don’t let our young hero die for that cute little girl.

Choked back my rising detest, I took over uncle Maiza’s dagger and walked out. Guards opened the cage and took the trembling girl out.

“Let me assist you,” Maiza grabbed my hand, “You don’t know how deep it goes.”

“Get ready.” Uncle Maiza shouted at the guards, “If you miss a drop of Lord Cohen’s blood I’ll send you a one-way ticket to the latrine!!!”

The little elf, wingman, sandman and the dwarf stared at me, muddled. Uncle Maiza’s clutching hands got tighter. Then my wrist, first cold, then warm, then came my blood.

“Take it!” Maize shouted again as if it was his blood that’s spilling.

“His kind and saint power…” Looking at the half-full bowl, a mage started to chant, “…cure and heal!” The mage’s fingers moved, and the wound on my wrist was closed…

“Right! I merely forgot!” I said to the mage guard, “Can you take a look at their wounds? They look really severe!”

“As you wish, Young Lord. In a moment.” The mage did not go away, he muttered something instead, then pointed my head with his finger. My head… I felt dizzy… I fell asleep…

“My Lord, how could you not stop Young Lord?”

“Maiza, you are aware that my Cohen does not like weapons.”

“Yes, I’m conscious of that.”

“When he was asking for a dagger, my amaze was beyond comprehension.”

“I don’t understand, My Lord.”

“My friend, this kid is very different from other children in many ways, mart, kind, without magic power. You can’t find any worship of violence, which is the nature of boys, from this boy. His mother and I were a bit concerned about his grown-up life, considering this is a world of uncertainties.

“Then why today… Cohen… the Young Lord…”

“I have been observing. Cohen refuses to touch any weapons because of his hatred to killing. I don’t know his reasons. Though today, he had this great chance to understand that the arms could be used to save people. Would you refuse him, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah!!! Cohen looked very… determined! Anyone had to say yes!”

“This is the first time you call him master, Maiza.”

“I want to do that! Cohen has won our respect, with his bravery and kindness!

“Hahahahahaha, Maiza, I’m very pleased you feel the same way. How about a drink, what do you say?”

“I’m sorry, My Lord. I’m on duty today.”

“Oh, right! I forgot that. How’s Cohen doing now?”

“He’s okay. He lost a bit of blood and is sleeping under spells. Should be up by tomorrow.”

“Sounds good. By the way, lock the hunters in their cage! Do anything like they did to those kids! No food, only a bit of water.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

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