Vol. 1: Chapter 7 – Short Journey to DC: Overture

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Translated by Tianic

This novel was being updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

Thanks to Tyrant from Liberspark, who acted as unreasonable as his name.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

Ancient winds, carry my heart, fly!” Flynn floated into the air after he chanted the spell.

Wrath of fire, I summon you, attack!” Sparks erupted from Carey’s fingertip, the flame was getting bigger and making its way towards us.

“Shit… No!!! We’re not ready!” Jack ran while screaming.

“I’m coming!” Wilder rushed towards them and swung his big wooden sword to the fireball, “Rager chop!”

Marfa shot a badly-aimed arrow toward Flynn, then instantly laid a water shield around him.

Fireball incoming.

Couldn’t run away, and unable to fight back, I had no choice. I shielded myself with – Moya.

(Apologies, Moya.)

He was apparently trying to fight it by using his sword like Wilder.


The fireball was destroyed by Wilder’s ranger chop. But the around sparks set his hair and clothes on fire.

Jack ran away for good, but he got tied up by Flynn’s wind bondage.

“Boss, why?” Moya turned to me and asked, his face was darkly smoked, “I could have gotten that fireball like Wilder…”

“Err… don’t you think protecting your boss is a bit more important?”

“Shit, Wilder, your outfit! Ya got a spare to change?” Poor Marfa who was tied up on the ground said.

Flynn did this to him.

“Haha, you are not a big deal, right sister?” It was the voice of the devilish Carey again!

“Don’t act surprise, this is the spell I learned today. Impressed?” Flynn walked off and said softly, “That was the first time I tried it!”

“You two did it again!!!” Bald Wilder said very energetically, “for once, warn us before you do your trial! My clothes!”

“Well, if we tell you beforehand then, I doubt you can still avoid it.” Carey said, “Come on, you have a couple of holes on your jacket, that’s all.”

“By t he way, Cohen,” Carey asked while she healed Moya’s face, “Why did you come so late today?”

“Oh, about that, I was talking with my families.” I looked at Moya’s face slowly to recover with great curiosity, “Tomorrow will be my 12th birthday, I’d like to invite you all to my party!”

“Oh, my! Boss’ birthday!” Jack said excitedly, “Would it be fun, boss?”

“I guess. I would like to show you all to my parents and brothers, no other guests.”

“What? To see the Viceroy? Flynn, can I have your red dress?”

“OK, well, I’ll wear the blue. And I think we should put on the hair band of those colors as well.”

Wilder cried and looked at the sisters who were talking about their dresses, “Boss, what about us. I don’t have any spare clothes.”

I looked at the holes on him, “Don’t worry, I’ve had the clothes store to make robes for each of you. They are of the same style!”

“Are you? Really?”

“Yeah! In fact, we are going to fetch them now.”

“Then let’s hurry! Boss, I feel like losing something when other girls see through my clothes.”

“Don’t worry, Wilder, you can charge them for looking!”

“Marfa is spoiled by money…”

“Let’s mess him up!”

“Alright stop! Take Flynn and Carey with us!”

Seven kids walked out from the clothing store.

“Sister, look at them, what a bunch of triumphant boys!”

“Milady Carey, it’s my new outfit, alright!” Marfa looked a bit cocky as well.

“Hmmm, Cohen, Wilder, and Moya look fine to me. As for you and Jack… eww!!!” Carey twitched her mouth, “You guys should have eaten more.”

“Hey!!! Carey! Leave me out of this!” Said Jack, “You and your fireballs did this!”

“Sister, let’s stop talking. It’s time to go back.”

“OK, wow look! A lot of people down there!”

“Indeed, let’s take a look!”

Under the tall and big gate of Darkmoon city, I was shocked for the first time in my tiny life!

An endless flow of people was pouring into the city, men and women, the old and young. Everybody looked tired and sick. Their bodies were full of dirty, some of them were with wounds. The strong ones have struggled to the square in the city, the weak ones just stopped down the gate’s wall.

“Hey, dude, what’s going on?” I asked an orc who was half lying on the ground.

“Water… I need water…” The orc said, his face looked pale and eyes dull.

“Jack! Fetch me some water.” Carey shouted at Jack before I could say something.

“War… war…” Having wetted his cracked lips, the orc said gravely, “Rivalz and Porta, war…”

“We are from Porta. Days ago, the Rivalzian troops attacked my village. All people ran away, but on our way here, the landlords wouldn’t let us into the cities, said they can’t protect us commoners. The temple… they wouldn’t offer any help… not even a blessing spell for us…”

“We had no choice, we had to run across the border… Some of us died of hunger… exhaustion… sickness… bodies became marks for the people that followed… My wife… my child! My child, he was too young to eat barks… all I had was dirt! He ate dirt, and his belly winded up like a ball… I didn’t even have the strength to bury him! God! Why! I’ve been so devoted! Why I have to suffer!

Hearing this, we were astonished…

“Boss, can I have some money?” Moya murmured, “There’re some starved people…”

I unfastened my pocket and offered all my money. I was choked. Tears filled my eyes…

“Sister, come here! That lady is in pain!”

“Right! Marfa, get me a big pot!”

“Wilder, get some food from the rice shop!”

“Moya, take off your clothes for this kid.”

“Carey, find grandpa, only he knows how to heal such a wound.”

When I carried a pile of firewood half naked back to the refugees, I saw my father, Visual Kheda. He was not showing any everyday smile. Seeing me with the wood in my hands, he said nothing but nodded.

More people poured into the city, and by sunset, every Dark City’s empty space was full. All individuals who lived in Darkmoon came to help with food, clothes, medicines. Darkmoon City was doing its best to help those homeless people.

When the stars were gazing upon the city, the seven of us had already fallen asleep.

Under the wall, accompanied the refugees, and showered by the first beam of morning sunlight, I, Cohen Kheda was 12!


…Saint Calendar

June 2227

The June War burst out between Rivalz and Porta. It was originated by an incident which a princess of Porta was harassed by a Rivalzian prince, who was carrying his diplomatic duty. During four months of the war, both empires had wins and losses. In the same year, the war ended with Rivalz’s apology. Since the damage of this war was minor, they made peace by marrying Porta’s princess to the Rivalzian second princess. The marriage was well blessed and with happiness…

Peace Continent Chronicle

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